Slick Popup Pro

Slick Popup Pro

Wordpress Responsive Popup Plugin

Slick Popup Pro is a lightweight WordPress popup plugin which converts any form created with Contact Form 7 plugin to create a popup. It uses the form and converts it into a slick, beautiful and perfectly responsive popup.

  • Create popup for any Contact Form 7 form
  • Use different popups for different pages
  • 5 pre-built color schemes for popup
  • One-click import for demo forms
  • 2 pre-built Contact Form 7 forms
  • Options to style the side button
  • Options to style the submit button

The overall appeal of the plugin can be selected as per the color scheme of your website with just few clicks. Try it and you will never uninstall it from your website.

The pop-up form has multiple uses

  • Enquiry Form
  • Contact Form
  • Signup Popup
  • Get a Quote Form
  • Suggestion/Complaint Form


  • Slick and Beautiful – The overall appeal of the popup is quite slick and beautiful.
  • Multiple color schemes – 6 in-built color schemes for easy choice and options to choose your custom colors that go with your theme or logo.
  • 100% Responsive – The popup is perfectly responsive on all screen sizes and works well on all devices.
  • Lightweight and Fast – The code quality is awesome which makes it very lightweight and lightning fast.
  • Easy to Configure – Easy to configure options makes it your last choice once you try it.
  • User Friendly – When it loads, a user finds it very easy to fill-up the form and enquiries increase.
  • Automatic Updates – The Automatic updates in the plugin makes it easy for you to download updates as soon as they are released.
  • Robust Option Panel – A robust options panel that has several options to configure the plugin as per your requirement.
  • Browser Compatible – Thoroughly tested with all major browsers and their widely used versions.


Version 1.4.1 | 3 February 2017
    * Added: New filter for changing layout on the go
    * Added: New Layout - Full Page Popup
    * Added: New Layout - Fixed To Side (Fixed Left, Fixed Right)
    * Tested with WP 4.7.2 and CF7 4.6.1
Version 1.4.0 | A major Update | 29 December 2016
    * Added: Animation features (5 animations)
    * Added: Options to change "Form Background" Styles
    * Added: Options to change "Side Button" Styles
    * Added: Options to change "Submit Button" Styles
    * Added: Import Demos Section added to options panel
    * Added: 2 Pre-built Contact Form 7 forms to import
    * Improved: Error messages (not-valid-tip) of Contact Form 7 
    * Improved: Ability to create single color popup
    * Improved: Ajax Loader of the popup
    * Tested with WP 4.7 and CF7 4.6
    * Ajax Loader updated for compatibility with CF7 4.6
Version 1.3.6
    Minor fixes and PHP notice on Search page
Version 1.3.5
    Minor fixes and improved code structure
Version 1.3.4
    Fixed: On-exit popup fixed
    Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce products    
Version 1.3.3
    Fixed: Side button position issue fixed  
Version 1.3.2
    Fixed: Options panel overriding issue fixed  
Version 1.3.1
    Fixed: Issue with on page exit popup
    Added: Plugin settings override in WooCommerce products  
Version 1.3 | A major release many new features enabled
    Added: Popup Activation Modes (manually, auto-popup, on-scroll popup, popup on page exit)
    Added: Popup Animation Effects
    Added: onLoad Effects (fadeIn, fadeInLeft, fadeInRight, fadeInUp, fadeInDown, zoomIn, rotateIn)
    Added: unLoad Effects (fadeOut, fadeOutLeft, fadeOutRight, fadeOutUp, fadeOutDown, zoomOut, rotateOut)
Version 1.2
    Feature: Choose a different form for any page
    Feature: Choose a different side button text
    Feature: Choose a different popup heading
    Feature: Choose a different call to action text
    Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_cf7_id' added
    Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_side_button_text' added
    Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_popup_heading' added
    Update:  Filter 'sppro_dollar_cta_text' added
Version 1.1
    Feature: Automatic Updates with purchase /strong
    Update: Filter 'sppro_dollar_show' added
    Update: Improved coding quality
    Others: Testing and improvisations
Version 1.0
Improved features, Pre-built Color schemes, Side Button Position options
Version 0.1
First release

Support & Queries

You can contact us directly via the comments section of the plugin or mail us on