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Hi, the script is working great. But is there any line I can add to enable it to auto pop up?


Thanks for purchasing Slick Popup Pro and your valuable feedback. We have this feature queued in our coming updates and will be available soon.


Please update the plugin to enable auto-popup for your site. You can also choose to have a different popup for different pages.


presale question, does it only use contact form 7?


Yes, the current version only supports Contact Form 7 plugin. May I know with which form plugin do you want to use?

I would be interested in buying if it had the auto popup with Contact Form 7

Hello MonsoonMarketing

Auto-popup releasing on this Thursday and more updates in coming weeks. Stay tuned for future updates.


Hello, auto pop-up feature will be available in our next update which will be automatic. Please download the updated Version 1.1 and enable automatic updates.

Hello DesertDJ,

Auto-popup is available in the plugin now, please update and check for Activation Mode options.

Feel free to email at for any issues.


Hi. I just bought the plugin, but I have a problem. I want to use the plugin for products of Woocommerce, but I don’t see the option to show it only on those pages, there is no option to select only those pages. Any solution? Thanks

Hello Jose,

Until we get you an option for choosing the post types for the display of popup, you can try placing this code in your functions.php file:

add_action( 'wp_footer', 'show_on_woocommerce_only' ); function show_on_woocommerce_only() { if( !is_woocommerce() ) { echo '<style>.sppro_side-enquiry { display: none; }</style>'; } }


Hello, can you help me to generate a url onclick who open the form when we click on it, i would like to add this url in the menu who will open the pop-up directly…


Hello Jessy,

Yes, possible.

Add onclick=’loadpopupbox();’ to any HTML tag or add class “sppro-showpopup” to activate pop-up.

If, it is an anchor tag then href=’#’ should be used.


Examples are:

With onclick event

<div onclick="unloadPopupBox();">Get a quote</div>

Using the class

<div class="sppro-showpopup">Contact Us</div>

Using class on Anchor tag

<a href="#" class="sppro-showpopup">Get a Quote</a>

Let us know if it helped you.

Ok, super, can you please help me ? Can you mail me :

Just want to ask if this will work for what i need on my site… I need a contact form for my (user role Teacher on each of their profile) and If a student will message a teacher they will receive and reply to it.

Hello Shane,

Yes, it can be used that way. You will some kind of integration on your site to achieve this. For custom support, you can mail us at:


Hello Fellas, we are not lost but just were busy in creating an awesome feature to take off your hassle of manually updating our awesome plugin.

Slick Popup Pro now allows automatic updates which can be activated with your Code canyon Purchase code. Just put it in the configuration settings and enjoy the automatic updates. We are aimed to provide you with a plugin that fulfill your needs of popups, opt-ins and enquiry forms, so this automatic update is a treat before we make you run longer with awesome features of the plugin.

Please feel to ask us ,if you have any problem..


Presale Question: Currently Im using Formidable Forms on my site. Ideally id like to use your popup because on the preview you load a form. It works nicely. However, when I signed up to try out your plugin and installed the popup and formidable forms, it loads fine except for when I hit submit. The page reloads producing a fadein but the form seems to update showing the correct errors. I guess I wont be able to use formidable and thats ok. So what forms are you using that it works nicely? Thanks!

Never mind I see you use Contact form 7


Did it help you? Let us know if you face any issues at email:


We used your lite version we love your plugin but the Contact form 7 would not send emails. We have an issue as your plugin is dependent on CF7, is there any other forms that we could use? We are interested in pro if we could get this working.

We used your lite version we love your plugin but the Contact form 7 would not send emails. We have an issue as your plugin is dependent on CF7, is there any other forms that we could use? We are interested in pro if we could get this working.

Hello, thanks for your comments.

Plugin’s current version only uses the CF7 form to create the Popup. We have plans to use other form Plugins, let me know which one are you willing to use?

Contact form 7 itself is quite nice of a plugin, there should be something else that is blocking the emails in your setup.

If you would like us to debug the issue with your setup then please send the details at


ash247 Purchased

Hello, I’m sorry if I already emailed you about this but I’ve recently bought lots of plugins and have lost track of what emails I have sent.

I need to use this plugin on click for several contact 7 forms I have but I do not understand how to make the form pop up on button click.

I also do not understand how I can use this for more than one form as the configuration panel says ‘important’ form to use.

If I want form 1 on the home page and form 1 and 2 on the buy page how do I do this.

Sorry to ask so many questions but I’d like to be able to set this up properly. Thankyou


ash247 Purchased

Hello OmAkSols, any update on my query, I sent you login details. Thank you

Hello ash247, it was done on Friday, please check your email and Product page for i43 to see the working of popup on clicking on a text link. The email has screenshots to explain how it is done. Let me know if it helps. Thanks.


ash247 Purchased

Hello OmAkSols, thank you I will explore with the settings you gave, really appreciate your help.


hooohn Purchased

Function “when visitor exits page” does not work – which is why I bought this plugin. Any ideas?

Hello, please forward the details to We have found that it is a plugin’s bug which will be fixed in next update. For the time being, I will fix this code in your install. Next update will be released very soon.

Hello Sir,I have found your plugin for my site and it is awesome & working nicely but had float button with popup for everypage.Can I add different floating custom contact forms for different pages.If so I want to buy this Plugin.Please reply ASAP SIR.Like enquiry form button on homepage,contact form button on contact page and custom form button for other pages.Please reply sir.If so I wanted to see the demo sir.Please allow me to see the demo for my query

Hello Lavilove, that is all possible with this plugin. You can easily choose a different contact form, side button text, form heading or call to action text above form. If you face any issues, we are all available.

looking for a popup plugin that can be scheduled.. e.g. we live broadcast for 90 minutes every sunday night at 6:30pm.. can your plugin be scheduled?

Hello, currently the plugin does not provide any scheduling. Please explain your requirement in a mail to:: and we will try to suggest something. Thanks.

before to buy, in the form can I upload a file ? thanks

hello, I bougth the plugin. but I can Not install the Plugin it is the message Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

I tried via plugin and via ftp and it does not work

Hello Xavier,

Please send the details at Please include site URL and wp-admin details.

solved ¡¡¡ thanks

hi, is it possible to have a different popups according to user role ?

Hello, yes it is possible. We have versatile action_hooks with plugin which can let you have different popup for different user roles.

Most important for me is – use a certain popup for user who are not signed in.

That is also possible.

okay – buying it now :-)

Great, Send us an email when you need help:


ash247 Purchased

Hello, I received notification that this plugin had an update, I have downloaded the latest file and it is still showing as version 1.3.6 even though your changelog says major update 1.4. Please can you advise how I can get the latest 1.4 download.

Thank you

Hello ash247,

Please wait for my next comment. We have contacted the support and the latest download will be available soon.

Hello ash247,

The new package is now available.

Feel free to email at for any issues.


I’m using the plugin Slick Popup Lite and It’s working fine; but i have a query. I have created 1- a menu quotation and 2- a page where there is a link to go to the quotation request.

For both i would like to add a link so that onclick, the popup will display as the original botton.

Dear Alex, Yes, that is perfectly possible with the plugin. The plugin converts one Contact Form 7 on a page into a popup, which then can be shown using any of the activation method: onclick, autopopup or onscroll.

Thank You using Slick Popup. Have a great Day

But where to add this codes and how?

Hi, You just need to add a class to the anchor tag: sppro-showpopup and use href=”#” Check support page: Let us know if that does not suffice your query or you need any other assistance. Regards

Hello, i need to understand if your plugin can be usefull for me. I need to do the following things:
1. I need to show, only when an user click a button, a popup with a Contact Form 7 inside. I need to manage all this things by template .php file, so in the .php file i will generate the button linked to the popup and the popup code where i have to print do_shortcode(“[contact-form-7 id=’CUSTOMID’ title=’‘]”)
2. I need to show, both to scroll and click on a button, an HTML popup with a custom content. Can i do this things with your plugin?

Hello rospo,

Point 1: Its very much possible to customize how popup will behave using the PHP file/template, but using a different approach and not the do_shortcode() function.

Point 2: Are you willing to show only HTML content in the popup and not the Contact Form 7 itself? Or are you willing to use a completely different HTML and not the included template? Please reply so we can assist you more.

Thank You for showing interest in Slick Popup Pro. Have a great Day

Hello and thanks for the reply.
About question 2, i need to print in different page of the site different popup. In an area of the site i need a CF7 popup, but in another page i need a custom HTML code to be printed.
Thanks again

Yes, you can have a different popup on different page (or all page templates or post types) and have a custom HTML popup for a different page.

The custom HTML popup – is not an integrated feature, so you will need to follow a work around.

1. Create a contact form 7 – with no field (just empty body) 2. Create/choose the page you want to show the HTML popup 3. Select the newly created Contact Form 7 form from page options (in edit page screen)

All done.

You may also need to add in some extra CSS to style your HTML content and popup frame.