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Hi, the popup options on the individual popup page seem to be broken. When I check the checkbox to enable the options, nothing appears. I do however, saw in the html code that there are options available, which are just hidden. Could you please fix this error?

Thanks a lot :)

Please share the details in the email at

Can I easily put tags to track conversions of Adwords campaigns ?

Hi Yoorz,

Yes, it is possible but not without doing some code work. We are working on a site to implement this, if it worked we will integrate the feature with in the plugin.

Please share what you want to achieve in an e-mail to and I will try to help you set it up.


I am having an issue with the popup’s shifting content on website, sent you an email regarding this, did you receive it?


Hi, yes. I have responded to the e-mail. Let us connect there to share the details.


Please can you supply a detailed tutorial on how to activate the pop up from an image click.

Thank you


Popup on image click is easy. Just provide a class: sppro-showpopup to any image to activate the popup.

<img src="..." class="sppro-showpoppup" />

Above will activate the global popup form.

To use a multiple popup form you will need to provide the ID of the popup as ID attribute on the image.

<img src="..." class="sppro-showpoppup" id="ID-of-the-popup" />

If you have a page builder in your theme, then you can provide these classes with the available options in the builder to give a class and ID to the element.

Let me know when you have it set up.

Thank you.


After I have submitted the form, my email doesn’t show page title though i have this mail tag in contact form [_post_title]


These mail tags do not work in the popup because the output of the popup is sent in the footer to make them available on all pages without affecting the HTML of the page/post.

These are only available when the contact form is used in page/post content and not even in the sidebar.

What to use then? Please install “Contact Form 7 Dynamic Text Extension” plugin, and use this extra hidden field in your contact form:

[dynamichidden post_title "CF7_get_post_var key='title'"]

Then you can use [post_title] in the e-mail body.

Let me know if it worked.

Hello. I’m trying to use your Slick Popup on my Wordpress site. I just bought it today. I want the popup to be the first thing to load on the page, and to force the user to fill the form in before accessing the page. I have set it up to force the user to access it, but I can’t seem to get it to popup automatically. How can I do this?

Hello, russelpollard

To set a pop-up to automatically be activated please find pop-up effects in plug-in options and choose automatic popup. Set time frame to 1 or 0 seconds.

Let me know if it works.

I have tried this, but it doesn’t seem to work. How do I choose which page it should appear on? The lite version had a dropdown to choose this, but I can’t see it now. I need to force the user to fill it in as well. Thanks Russell.

Russell please say a Hi at and we will take it from there.

I wondering if you have access to more indepth explanation of how to use this plugin with buttons? I can see you code examples from other users questions but still cannot figure out how to use those codes to get a button working and looking the way I would like it to look. 1) where does the code go ? 2) How do I change the Text of the button so it doesn’t just read click here ? 3) What I would really like to be able to do is insert the pop up in a button creator/plug in word press ?

email sent :)

Hi there, I have sent you the video demonstrating the two-step process to add the Slick Popup form to button created with Visual Composer.

Hi where did you send the video ? I have not received anything

Hi Pop up when it loads from the bottom goes off screen at the top and sticks with just the bottom showing on some pages then sometimes it drops on its own to the center of screen but mainly sticks at the top this is on mamp not live yet

Can we use a theme button to fire it and not display the contact us button? Thanks

Hello Chris,

Share your details and query at

When we open the popup we get the background overlayer but not the popup itself. when you scale the browser then it appears. Also happens on smaller screens. Popup only appears when resizing the browers

Hello Winkinsight, Share your details and query at

I got it working. had to adjust the height and width. Is there a way to make Visual Composer buttons working with popup? I tried embedding the shortcode into vc shortcodes but with no luck. any suggestions?

Hello Winkinsight,

That’s great it’s working. yes, you can use the popup with Visual Composer also, please say a Hi at and we will take it from there.

Hi guys, it seems my pop up is not appearing when I click on the right side button, the page just refreshes, I’ve sent you an email with a little more details.

Thank you!

please say a Hi at and we will take it from there.

what are your times (pacific) that you are online to address issues?

There is a feature of your plugin,call Re-ask After , if my visitor click cancel then it will not appear after certain “days” , its a disadvantage and not flexible, any idea to overcome this? And i found that after install your plugin, the website seem very slow and server down was occurred …please advice

please say a Hi at and we will take it from there.

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Hello, I love this plug in.. However I need to configure it to open when a button is pressed. I see your instructions to use class: Contact Us ..... But I have no idea how to implement that. Do you have a more step by step instructions for beginners?


Hello BrightDesignsNM,

Thanks for using Pro version of Popup. Follow these steps:

How to activate popup with the button?

Using the class

< <div class="sppro-showpopup">Contact Us</div>
Using class on Anchor tag
 <a href="#" class="sppro-showpopup">Get a Quote</a>


I bought the plugin and it doesn’t work… Once you press the button it sends you to the same page but finished with /#

Tried to reach by email but no response, so let’s try this way…


I am sorry, for some reason your email was still unseen. I have just replied to the email.


AMGill Purchased

Hello I purchased Slick Pop up and have tried loading normally and through File Manager and still receive Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Please help.


AMGill Purchased

One more thing. Here is a more detailed error: Fatal error: Class ‘Redux’ not found in /home/robertrh/public_html/wp-content/plugins/slick-popup-pro/libs/admin/redux-extensions/extensions-init.php on line 4

This error occurs is related to options panel of the he plugin, which uses Redux Framework. This should simply work without this error.

Please create an admin user for for us to inspect this error. Also send an email to share information.


AMGill Purchased

Ok I sent you Admin credentials for the site. The fatal error occurs when I try and Activate the plugin.