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How to activate popup with button ?

Using the class

<div class="sppro-showpopup">Contact Us</div>

Using class on Anchor tag

<a href="#" class="sppro-showpopup">Get a Quote</a>

How to activate Popup with onclick event ?

With onclick event

<div onclick="unloadPopupBox();">Get a quote</div>

Does popup look the same in every theme?

We tried to prepare HTML / CSS code to work regardless of the theme, but if you have a problem on your website, please contact us for assistance.

How can I modify the appearance of popup?

You can do this while adding / editing popup in plugin panel, we have many options for customizing the appearance of the popup.

Is it possible to enable popup only for a selected page?

Yes, you can do it in Plugin settings, just check for the “Where to show” options in the settings.

Plugin make JS conflicts in my theme?

In case the plugin is conflicting with ‘js’ In your theme please send us an email at :grin:

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