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Looking for a plugin that will allow users/teachers to post links to my site preferably via the front end. Once a link is submitted, another user cannot delete that link. Then I need a page showing all posted links. Is this possible with this plugin?

Automated front end link submission is currently not supported. However, we have plans to add this feature in near future. Thanks!

Want to add that if you are in a hurry, we can do it as a custom job for relatively small cost. Let us know if you are interested.


Let’s say we have a main category called Design and sub category called (Web Design – Graphic Design -Design Tools User Experience – Game Design – Design Thinking -3D & Animation ) how you address this scenario with SLD if the URLS will be linked the sub categorys.

Thanks, ibnoman

SLD does not support sub category. Each list can belong to one or more categories and you can show all lists under a category on a page.

I want to leave a suggestion: Would it be possible to create a footer or a space for an html code below the lists? It would be interesting to be able to by a porpaganda below one list or another.

Sounds like a good idea. We will think about it. Always welcome new suggestions to make it better.

Please add advertising blocks so we can add Adsense in there!! This will add value to the plugin too

Noted. Will discuss with the team.


Hi, Pre-sale question, is the image used for a link coming automatically from the favicon of a site or do you have to make the images/thumbnails yourself for each link you add ? Regards, Eric

Hi Eric, Sorry for the delay in replying because of the weekends. The image and links need to be added manually by you. Favicons are always too small to look good and there is no way to establish a general pattern to retrieve logo image from a website. However, we are releasing a new version this weekend with a NEW feature to use Font Awesome icons instead of Image. So you can create lists more easily now!

Hi, one more pre-sale question. Your plugin is really nice, one of the best as i see it. Couple days ago I tried free version however template css (heading styles) completely messed up SLD plugin styles (Too big letters, list bullets showing up and similar things). Is there a way to prevent it easily and fast?

Thanks for the nice words. We tried our best to be compatible with all themes and avoid conflicts. But sounds like the CSS is still somehow conflicting with your theme. Can you possibly install the free version again and send us a link so we can see the source of conflict? If you want, you can use email for confidentiality: quantumcloud@gmail.com .

Hi. I have a little problem. After I’ve upgraded to the new version, I can not write a new item from a list or change the ones that are already there. What should I do ?

Glad to hear the issue is resolved! Please revert those changes and delete the user you created for us. Let us know if anything else we can help you with. Please consider leaving a review – encourages us to add new features :) . Also check out our other new plugin – iList. Thanks!

Hi QuantumCloud

Once again you were right. It was even the setting on the limit of fields in the apache form. If you have problems writing and changing items with a list of more than 50 items, then you need to edit your php.ini as follows:

Max_input_vars = 5000

By default apache limits to 1000 and sometimes is not enough.

Thanks for your help one more time.

You are most welcome :)

Hi. In the directory, is it possible to link to an internal page and not to target blank to the website? Thanks

Yes, both are possible. You have to paste the full http link and it can be anything – including a page on your website and you can select to open in same window with each link. Thanks


diwono Purchased

Hello! how can i automatically display Category Title above my links like in de preview. Cifnet.it is the website. Greetings, Diwono

Hi. Sorry, the question is not quite clear to me. But as I understand – when you call a category with short code – it shows all the Lists you assigned to that category. There is no option to show a Category Title because you can just easily write the title before the short code in your page editor. Hope that answers your question. Please explain a little more if not.


Hi It´s possible ti have order Items by up-votes?


Is there a recommendation for the maximum number of words or chars for the sub-title? can this be increased if it is too small for requirements?


Just realized I made a whole bunch of typos writing from phone. Glad that you got the gist of my reply :)

You know I never even noticed!!