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Hi – maybe I missed this but is there an option to make lists collapse so you can easily navigate through? As well, I’m assuming there is an option to not make the thumbs-up icons appear? thanks

Hi, No, collapse option. Instead we have the filter option to show only the list you want to see quickly and also live, instant search. Please see example of a quite a large number of lists on one page: http://www.dna88.com/ultimate-list-of-php-web-development-tools-resources/ . Yes, thumbs up is optional. You can turn it on or off from the short code: upvote=”off” . Thanks

Do you plan to make Design WP Theme look like plugin theme??

You mean like a Directory theme using this plugin and similar features?

Not exactly but i want to use for post titles as rss aggregator like newsnow.co.uk divide by locations and categories

Post titles can be anything. The system is flexible. You create different types of Link Lists, assign them to List categories and call them using short code to any Post or Page. Then it is a matter of how you organize the WordPress Posts on home page.

hi ! is it possible to sort the lists based on like counter? thank you

Hi Dennis, Yes, it is possible to sort by up-vote.

Love it and need it! Any change of auto submission upon paying a small fee? Like Paypal or something?

Oh and maybe a featured link option? sticky on top even without the highest votes?

Thanks for your feedback! Featured links is a good idea and can be implemented with less effort. We will definitely look into it. Payment for link will take quite significant effort. Not sure how many people will need such a feature. If you want I think you can use some other plugin just as easily to collect PayPal payment and submit their link. Then you verify the payment and add the link manually.

Okido great!

Do you have pagination or load more items? It would be great to add this.

No pagination or load more yet. But hope to add this feature soon after CSV import.

Thank you for your reply. I will use so many links and pagination is necessary for me. I will wait for that. When is your estimate time to add this feature?

It may take 2-3 weeks. May I suggest instead of putting too many lists under one list, you create different lists under one category and show them all in one page? Also with style certain templates can display 20-30 links under one list nicely. See this link for an example: http://www.dna88.com/ultimate-list-of-php-web-development-tools-resources/ . This single page has over 300 links under multiple lists. The combination of lists easily provide ways to show 100-300 links easily in one page. This may give you some ideas :)

Hi, I purchased the simple link directory plugin and whenever I install it it crashes my site. My site is using the Zephyr theme.

Hi, Is it possible for you to send us the WP admin log in? Please email to quantumcloud@gmail.com if you can. We will investigate and fix the issue asap.


Pre-Sales question. What WordPress Theme does your Demo use?

You mean on dna88.com? It’s just slightly customized Divi theme.

hi i have couple of questions: 1. can you only have the live search on and remove the filters. 2. can you bulk upload elements, i know you can do so for category and lists, but not for elements. because users cannot upload links directly, i was looking for a way to upload many links at once.


queaks Purchased

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queaks Purchased

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Got it. Will add that feature unless there is any serious technical issue.

Hello, this is just what I was looking for. Ask before you buy.

-Do you plan to make a template for that plugin in the future? I mean a special template for links.

- Can you add an RSS? -Also see the statistics of the most polular links


1. The question is not clear. We regularly release new templates and all templates are based around ways to show links creatively. We are open to new ideas from people who use our product. Can you give us an example of what kind of template you are looking for?

2. We will see if RSS feed is possible.

3. In the latest version of the Plugin we added integration with Google analytics. So you can view all kind of statistics for outbound link clicks directly from your analytics account.

Happy new year 2017!

Ohh perfect thank you very much. One more question, it would be possible for the same people to aggregate their url themselves. That is, who wants to add their website using a form

Most welcome. I believe what you are asking for is Front end link submission? We thought about this but it is not a priority in our to do list because this kind of features get abused a lot if your site is busy or not get used at all. Currently the plugin has option for you to activate a Submit button that will be linked to any page you want. It can be a simple contact form. See the Add new item button in http://www.dna88.com/ultimate-list-php-web-development-tools-resources/ which leads to another page with a simple contact form. I suggest you try that to begin with. If you get a lot of responses, let us know. We will consider adding Front end submission feature.


johndiep Purchased

Hey there,

I had just purchased your plugin, and I am trying to get the look like your ‘default’ page, but unable to figure this out. (http://dev.quantumcloud.com/sld/).

Please give me some tips on how this works …


Hi John,

This should be easy as that is the default template. Can you please post the short code you are using? Also you need to create multiple lists to make it look like that. Create many different lists->Add the relevant lists to a single category and then call that category with short code. Hope that makes sense. Let us know if you have more questions.

Thanks and Happy new year 2017!

Hi there,

We would like to build an A to Z index links with [Simple Link Directory Pro] where it will be the most important points as follows :
1- Able to add collapsible sublist to the main index listing.
2- Able to show the number of listing plus the number of each sublist.
3- Able to change index color in the sublist or the main list.
4- Able to add icons before or after the index listing.
5- Able to change the template with index styles like:
6- Advanced search engine to display dynamically certain fields entries.
7- Able to change any index style with visual CSS style editor.
How can we do this with Simple Link Directory Pro to achieve A to Z index listing as shown in the attached picture. http://i62.tinypic.com/2ltfpk6.jpg

Thanks, ibnoman

Hi ibnoman, Thanks for your interest. These will be custom features that we will need to add with additional coding. Please email quantumcloud@gmail.com if you are interested about a custom quote for these.

Hello, I like this plugin but i am having a problem with upvotes registering on click

I have upvote=”on” in the shortcode but when you click on the thumbs up icon, it just takes you to the link instead of up voting.

this is the shortcode used:

[qcopd-directory mode=”all” style=”simple” column=”2” search=”true” category=”” upvote=”on” item_count=”on” orderby=”date” order=”DESC” item_orderby=”title”]

Can you help me out with this.

Thank you


Could be a javascript conflict. Could you send us the link please? You can email the page’s link to quantumcloud@gmail.com should you want.


I installed the plugin in a normal goodaddy hosting and I have about 20 lists with 360 links and what happens is that the site started to have many errors 503 and the page of links did not load and it was all white. Now I’ve moved the site to a VPS and it happens the same and this time many 500 errors. What can this be?

The very latest version – which got released only a few hours ago is 2.0. If you are not using that, please try that. It has some bug fixes for certain type of installs. Hopefully, it will be OK. If not, please email quantumcloud@gmail.com a list of plugins you are using so we can investigate thoroughly. Thanks.

Another problem. Now the plugin no longer wants to open the links in another tab even with the “Open Link in a New Tab” option

Sorry to hear about the issue. Can you upgrade to the very latest version which was released yesterday and try that?

When will be available the new version because I just downloaded and is the same one that is available

If you have version 2.0 – that is the latest. So it seems like the problem may be something else than what I thought. Can you please send the link where the problem is happening? You can email to quantumcloud@gmail.com if you would prefer privacy. Thanks

Hi, how can I translate the strings?

Can you give us couple of examples for which strings you want to translate? We can give you specific instructions then. Thanks

Sure, for example: “Show All”, “Live Search Items”, “Add New Item”.

Thanks. We just checked and these are all most easily translateable with WPML. But since you are not using that, this plugin may help: https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/ . To tell the truth, we have not gotten to the Translation part yet.

Hello I really like this plugin. I’m working on it and so far it’s just spectacular. I was wondering if anyone gives me a hint on how to do the filters in a dropdown menu. Is that possible? Thank you

Thanks! Yes, that is a great idea and already we have plans for it :)