Discussion on Simple Link Directory Pro

Discussion on Simple Link Directory Pro

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I cant suddenly add packages after updating Wordpress and all old packages are gone. What is wrong?

Please open a support ticket from so our technical team can help you.


Please i am seeing this for the first time .I dont understand the product ,can you give me a layman explanation of what it does? I read all you wrote but could not understand

hi, this plug works well but tag filter and list filter on mobile, when I click one tag or one list, no any changes and no filter results show. Can you help with this?


Please open a support ticket from and include the page link so our technical team can help you.


it works now. thank you for the excellent service:)

Before purchasing this plugin, can you tell me if it is possible to use style 3 with the main click pop-up?


Yes, possible.


Thank you. One last question Does this plugin have a bookmark feature that requires visitors to log in to make their bookmarks?

Yes, logged in users can add list items to a Favorite list.


Hi, just a quick question, I’m using your plugin dowloaded from my envato elements account. Is neccesary to add some purchase code in order to use it? Thanks in advance

Not necessary.

Thanks Please agree to my request, I can’t fit in my theme, my theme uses 7b2 theme, it uses alipay and wechat payment.

And the way your plugin uses and the login method cannot be used in the Chinese theme.


I want to know if this plugin can help me AUTOMATICALLY collate the list of external links used in a post and the anchor texts just like it is on this sample page below.

Please see the list in the sample URL under the heading “Sources used for this article:”


This feature is currently not supported. But seems like a good idea. We will try to incorporate this into our plugin in the future.



a question about using Simple Link Directory Pro for Holland, I want to use i with Dutch payment providers (Ideal / Mollie etc) Is that possible?

With kind regards,

Chris Olie

Ideal/Mollie is not supported yet. We will add Mollie support soon.

Thank you


tagoo Purchased

Hi, there: I got two problems, please help me fix it. After plugin install and activated, I unable to login and access to /wp-admin/ page. Also, /wp-admin/users.php page open take long time, and all user lists disappear. Please Help. Thanks.


These sound quite unusual to happen because of our plugin. Please open a support ticket from and include the WP admin login, so our technical team can look into it.



tagoo Purchased

also, after install and activation, website slow down. very slow.

Please open a support ticket from and include the WP admin login, so our technical team can look into it.

Thank you

Hi, how can I change font size for the list title? I want to have the title a bit smaller. Thanks.

Please open a support ticket from . Our technical team will help you. No worries.

Thank you!


Valli Purchased

Hi, I want to reward those who submit a listing, so I was wondering if you guys would be willing to consider building a reward system into the plugin where the person who contributes content would get paid X% once someone claims the link/directory entry (assuming I can have the person/company pay for claiming the listing). Thank you for your time.


This is a good idea. We will try to implement such a feature in the future.

Thank you so much!

I never find out what new versions of your plugin do. Could you please please update the change log with new releases and have a more consistent way to publish it: there’s Wordpress Plugins / your website / Envato… Terrible. I’m trying to maintain my website in a professional way so this change log is essential before I update.


Thank you


The Google-URL favicons seem to slow down the site significantly. What would be the fastest way to display favicons?

You can use font awesome icons or upload your own image. There is no other way to display favicons. You can also try using a caching plugin, if you are not already.

For further support, kindly open a ticket from

Thank you!

Hello, I have been facing an issue while uploading image from backend the upload image button is not working and showing an error of undefined container while click on the button.

I have tried it too many time but it is showing 503 Service Unavailable

Ticksy is also an Envato service. We are also waiting for it to be back up. I will let you know here when it is up.

Thanks is now up. Thank you for your patience.


I tried to install this: “Support for Simple Link Directory Pro” - codecanyon-HpVxI5bB-simple-link-directory-pro-wordpress-plugin - codecanyon-ROLm1Opr-simple-link-directory-pro

I receive the following error messages.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme does not have a style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

Would you please help me?

Looking forward to your response. Thank you in advance.



This is a plugin. Not a theme.

Download the main Zip package on your computer. Unzip and find the file. Go to Plugins->Install->Upload and upload the zip file.


Thank you al lot!

Why does the category title not show and instead shows the list item as the heading?

Never mind

Hello. Great plugin! There are three clarifying questions.

1. What performance does it have without reloading the page (number of notations)? (1000, 10000, 100000) and whether it is possible to fill in all the necessary settings for large lists via data import (via the WP All Import extension, for example), considering that setting them manually when there are thousands of them is unrealistic.

2. Can these notations be numbered (in the form of a rating) and given out with icons of the occupied place? (as they do on hostings review)

3. In the examples, I see a selection by two filter slices (thematic category and refinement group). Is it possible to create another third … fourth … and so on selection slice? (either as an additional subcategory above the search bar, or as another subgroup below the search bar)? Yeah, I see what else is possible through tags, but I don’t quite understand their connection with the groups below. Thank you!


These requirements are not suitable for our plugin.

Thank you

Hi, I’m checking the directories listing plugins. I am thinking creating a brand db list. I don’t see clearly the options on the plugin demo.

Brands names are all over the world and we only want to configure some table topics to display, not all of them. I intended to link brands with categories or hashtags (not so focus on local map or location search). So I have some questions:

1. Is it possible to remove the location search field or any other field we don’t need?

2. Is it possible to display a table view for those “brands”? (Just the Old Fashion layout display, it’s easier, simple and faster… The table view, we should be able to set up and select the columns topics we need. Also to set up the number of fields, by page (20, 50, 100, 200)

3. In these listings is there a possibility to add categories or hashtags for topics related to that brand list? (so people will find product type tag or category according to what they search and not the location)

4. Is there a possibility to create a annual voting, for each brand? And at the same time have a global cumulative vote (of all the years).

5. Also to implement a field inside each brand page “where to buy?” .. just inside a list of places to people that need something can buy in that website list (according to country)

6. Would be interesting if, in some way, we can connect to those brands official social networks to check the Number of Fans / Followers by each brand. So we also can rank them.

Maybe you don’t have these options… so I hope can be developed because will be new ideas :) Please let me know if you will have these options, PM/Poke me!

Thank you


Most of these options are currently not available. We will consider adding some of them. Thank you for your valuable feedback.


Can clients on my website use this plugin to exchange links?

So why am I already logged in on my site, but it still asks to register and log in?

It should not. Please open a support ticket from and include the page link so we can check.


I’m trying

How can I make a Video playback in the same page without popping up, or redirecting to youtube? ( just like a common emdedding )


It is currently not possible and no sure how this will work as there is no space to show a full video frame without a lightbox.

Thank you


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