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Is there a way to move a link from one list to another? Is there a way to create a backend management system that looks like the CSV to very fast change any of the settings for any link?


Sorry, no. That’s because Lists are the main focus of SLD, not individual links. Here is a more thorough explanation: https://www.quantumcloud.com/products/faq/im-trouble-grasping-use-categories-seems-like-can-assigned-list-rather-specific-link/


fatal error on activation… would love to try this but i can not activate it, gives fatal error and will not activate after installing

That’s stange. 5.4.x should work fine. Do you happen to have a copy of the error? Could be a conflict with another plugin or theme.

We just pushed an update for the free version to make it compatible with the lower version of PHP. Feel free to try that again. On the other hand, please look into upgrading the PHP version on your server any way if possible because 5.4.x ended life cycle a long time ago. 7.x is the latest.

I upgraded to php 7 thanks … and bought the pro since activation worked now. but when i insert generated code, the content area goes blank

Hello, can I see an RTL version of this? Thank you

Hi, We just overhauled all templates and changed a lot of coding. RTL support is kind of problematic with some templates at the moment. I will let you know once RTL support is fully implemented across all template. If you want to use only a specific template, we can fix that first and release an update quicker for you.

Let me know. Thanks

Hi there. What is the shortcode parameter to rearrange the tabs in Category Tab mode? Don’t think this bit is covered in the documentation.

There is no option for this yet. Category mode is a very new feature added in the last version only. We will think of a way to provide order option for that.

every time I use the shortcode my content goes missing, what would cause that?

Not sure what the issue is. You can turn off front end submission from SLD settings.

would love to see this on my site working http://dev.quantumcloud.com/sld/style-3/ ;)

What is your site link?

I observed that when managing the list items in Chrome, clicking/editing on Item Link text field will auto replace whatever content that is in Favicon / External Image / Direct Image Link text field with “https://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain=”. Doing lots of manual entries here to update affiliate links so it would be nice if the assigned image link is retained. Perhaps replace this auto feature by putting a hint below the text field suggesting to use “https://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain=” if want to auto-fetch favicon?

Thanks for your feedback. We are checking what is the best way to handle it.

It would be so awesome if we could have those category slugs working. I know it is only made more 1 page directories.

For example: https://www.site.nl/sld_cat/subcategoryA/ or https://www.site.nl/sld/categoryA/

Would that be possible?


It will be. But may take a while before we implement it.

Activate this Plugin Simple Link Directory – Pro. Mail from Contact Form (using smtp) can not be sent. Request a fix

Can you please email us a List of your active plugins to quantumcloud@gmail.com ? Thanks


i have bought your theme 20 minutes ago and tryed to install it in wordpress.

I have got an error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the stylesheet style.css.” I have only installed da “qc-simple-link-directory” zip-file.

My Purchase code is 1f565053-1189-4121-a6db-50f73c444957 – 20

Please help me Sir, regards Matthias

Hi, This is a plugin, not a theme. Unzip the main package and find the plugin zip file inside installable-plugin folder. Go to Plugins->Add new and install the plugin zip file.



1. Can it handle thousands of list? since I don’t see any pagination there? 2. Does it support latest WP v 4.9? 3. Can I put more details on each list? 4. What the point to has people register, for just build their own favorite list? 5. Is that possible get website screenshot other than just favicon?


In a sense, Lists can be considered as subcategory I guess. Lists can be assigned to Categories and then you can display only Lists under certain Category with shortcode. You can also Show All Categories and Lists in a single page like this: http://dev.quantumcloud.com/sld/all-category-lists/

Here is some more relevant information regarding the concept of categories and lists in Simple Link Directory: https://www.quantumcloud.com/products/faq/link-categories-work-lists/ https://www.quantumcloud.com/products/faq/im-trouble-grasping-use-categories-seems-like-can-assigned-list-rather-specific-link/

The instant Search – searches All link items visible on the page which is determined by your shortcode – Single List, Category of Lists, All Lists.

The category is same as the the category in WP right? my next question, since user can’t go into like WP post, for SEO point of view, even I have thousands of links item, those never will get indexed on search engines?

You mean WP Post Category? In that case, no. SLD has its own custom post category.

Google will index Links that you publish with shortcodes on any page/s or post/s. You can use shortcode to display single list, all lists, single category or all categories with all links in tab mode.


piknika Purchased

Hi I just bought your app and I think it’s awesome! Will definitely rate it and recommend it to others! I had a few questions about the product.

1. How can you manually add or remove as many upvotes as you want for a certain link?

2. You mentioned you are using mobious theme with minimal customization. Can you say what these customizations are? I want the site to look like the product I’m buying :)

3. There’s no “boxes” around my filter text… How to fix this? This worked in another template but not in the current one.

4. There’s a gap between the title and the lists, how to fix this?

Thanks for any support!

My site is http://www.geosites.ge and the shortcode I’m using is :

[qcopd-directory mode=”all” style=”simple” column=”4” orderby=”date” filterorderby=”date” order=”ASC” filterorder=”ASC” list_title_font_size=”22px” item_orderby=”” list_title_line_height=”” title_font_size=”” subtitle_font_size=”” title_line_height=”0” subtitle_line_height=”” filter_area=”normal” topspacing=”“]

We can provide you a CSS override for that as well. But favicons are usually small in sizes and forcefully making them bigger will make them look blurry. In the demo, we uploaded some images and used font awesome icons in most cases. Maybe those are looking bigger to you.


piknika Purchased

Okay. Thanks for the quick support!

You are welcome! If you like our work – do leave us a great rating for the plugin. That really encourages our dev team. Thanks!


vidal Purchased

Thanks for the Update. Would there be a way to show the links on a link list ? https://site.com/sld/link-list/ I know you said maybe in new version. Is there a way to do this? Edit a template?

vidal Purchased

Ok but how are the votes counted then? If I add a link to another list, are the votes 0 zero again? So such a simple feature to limit results of a list with a shortcode is a must have :) like > limit=5

A new item will start from zero.

It is not difficult feature to add – just was not done because the usecase was not thought of as important or at all.


vidal Purchased

I my case it’s important that every link that is added, to whatever list that it will keep it’s votes. But the limit feature would be a nice one. :)

Hi vidal,

I seen you are selling a similar product called “Links Directory Toplist” and what is the main difference between yours and this one, I’m trying to choose one to buy.

Links Directory Toplist is not our product.

hi, i cant add more then 33 items to a list? and after importing, i cant edit the list if the list has more then 32 items.

Import only adds data. Use the Export/Import feature. Export in CSV. Add/Edit and Import back.

tnx again, nice work!

You are most welcome. Do consider leaving this plugin a great rating to encourage our dev team. Thanks!

Hi. I’m trying to install qc-simple-link-directory, but the installation crashes my site (https://aktivjobbsoker.no). I deleted the file from my filse server, and tried to upload it directly to my server, but this I get the error-message in wordpress: The plugin: qc-simple-link-directory/qc-op-directory-main.php is deactivated because of errors: The file with the extension doesn’t exist!

Can you help me?

Is it possible to email us the WP admin log in and FTP login to quantumcloud@gmail.com ? We will take a look right away.


The only known reason that this could be happening is either: 1. PHP version is too old. 5.4.x+ recommended, 2. You had some previous version, likely the free version installed while you tried to install pro version as well. Any and all existing version must be deleted from WordPress backend plugin manager before installing the new one.


You got mail:)

when will the next update be released?

We will release some bug fix update soon. Nothing major in the next few weeks. Thanks

Please, I want to know if you have a Spanish translation

Unfortunately, it is not available yet. But you can translate all strings using the Loco Translate plugin which is free. We will be working on Multi language soon. Thanks


I am interested to purchase it, i want to create a serach engine website like google and bing with millions of links. I have notice that all links are shown on one page. Is it possible to shown only 20 links on 1 page please?

2nd Question: Can i import million of links via CSV to my website?

Looking forward to hear from you. Thank You!

Hi, That is a great plan but I think Simple Link Directory is not really suitable for this purpose. The best use case scenario of SLD is to show about 200-300 links on 20-30 lists on the same page. The concept of SLD is basically as a one-page directory. Hope that makes sense. Thanks


Can you please provide admin login details, i also want to check back end dashboard. Thank You!

Here are some screenshots of the admin panel: https://www.quantumcloud.com/products/simple-linik-directory-admin-area/