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Hi do you provide this as a simple php script? I don’t want to use Wordpress however this looks awesome :) Thanks Dan

Aww no problem; if I purchase this Wordpress version am I free to have a go at creating this myself? Looking to build an intranet homepage which is really just a homepage full of website shortcuts :) Let me know if you decide to build the stand alone script anytime soon I would defiantly be first in queue to purchase. Thanks Daniel.

Hi DanielIves, We would prefer you did not try yourself since we do have plans for it. But if you buy the extended license it is something we can consider. I hope you understand. I do appreciate your interest and letting us know. Thanks

No problem; unfortunately I’m not going to pay over $900 dollars for the extended license therefore I will look elsewhere for a suitable product. Thanks agnyway for your help.

I purchased the Link Directory specifically to use style 12, however, that is the only style that will not render the image or text/link.

When I have used other styles, they render. It’s just style 12 that isn’t working and I can’t find the answer anywhere.

Hi Sana, Sorry to hear about the issue. It sounds like may be a CSS conflict. Could you please email us the link with style 12 activated at quantumcloud@gmail.com ? We will find a solution for you. No worries. Thanks

Does anyone have any custom lists to share? ie change color, sub texts , borders

Hi Tania, If you need help with custom templates – you can contact us directly at quantumcloud@gmail.com . Thanks

Private links options?

I can create a category of private links and include it in a private page. Is it possible to create a list of several categories, excluding that private category, for public visibility? Do I have complete control over what is displayed? Is this done through a shortcode? Thanks

You have complete control over which lists to show where. Yes, it is done with short code and there is a powerful short code generator for your convenience too. Screenshot: https://www.quantumcloud.com/products/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/SCGenerator-1.jpg . So, you can create a bunch of Link Lists for public and assign them to one or more categories that you create and show in your public pages by calling only those categories. Assign all the Private Link Lists to another category that you don’t want everyone to see. Then create a logged in area or simply password protect a page and call that private category with shortcode in that private page. Hope that makes sense. Let me know if any other questions. Thanks!

That does it. Thank you

Hi quantumcloud-team,

i just purchased the simple link directory pro plugin a few hours ago. Is it possible to upgrade this to an unlimited domain licence? I just saw this licence on your website :-)



Hi, Thanks for purchasing our item. Envato has two types of licenses – single site and developer license which also lets you use this plugin for other products of your own. Unfortunately, there is no unlimited site license. Not sure how to go about that. You can email us at quantumcloud@gmail.com to discuss more. Thanks.

Is there a way to password protect or privatize some categories?

Not with the plugin itself and that is not necessary. You can select which category to show on which page. So, you can just password protect the Page itself and paste the shortcode for your private category in that page. Hope that makes sense. Thanks

Envato has two types of licenses – single site and developer license which also lets you use this plugin for other products of your own. Unfortunately, there is no unlimited site license.

There is an alternative. I do have a few Best Sellers WP Themes I bought on Envato that have unlimited option.

This item is licensed 100% GPL.

Thanks for the info. As far as I know 100% GPL has many licensing complications. Envato gives a warning about that when we submit a product.

Hello, I am thinking of purchasing this plugin. I would like to use Style 5. Is it possible to change the size/shape of the logo displayed? Most of the logos I have are rectangular and will get off when confined to a small circle. Thanks!

Certainly. Just email us the link after you install and set it up in your site. We will give you a CSS override that you can paste in the backend. Thanks

Thanks for your quick reply. Is it possible to sort the lists alphabetically within each category as well?

Yes. You can order by values: “ID”, “author”, “title”, “name”, “type”, “date”, “modified”, “rand” and “menu_order”.

Hi Author,

I purchased directly from your website 12 days ago, my email is myhoyo@gmail.com, order number is #2059, I just want to know how can I get the updates from you? the link you sent to me is still v3.2.0.

thanks JL

You can log in and download new version from the website. Log in information was sent in your email. Please contact from the website support form or email quantumcloud@gmail.com for any type of questions. Thanks