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Is it not possible to display the listings newest to oldest? I have tried to change ASC to DESC vice versa and nothing changes. I want to show the newest listing on top.

It is certainly possible. Are you looking to order Lists or List items? They do have different shortcode parameters. For Lists it is orderby and List items it is item_orderby. Please confirm if you are using the correct shortcode. If the problem persists, please email to quantumcloud@gmail.com with your WordPress admin login, so we can check. Thanks

Can you provide me with the actual “full” shortcode to display my most recently added list elements. I must be missing something simple. Right now, it displays oldest to newest and I can’t seem to get it to reverse. Thanks.

Please post what you are using a shortcode now – that will help us provide correct shortcode for a single list or all lists or category and also understand what might be missing or if it is a bug.

Generally it the parameter should be something like this: [qcopd-directory mode=”all” style=”style-1” column=”1” orderby=”date” order=”ASC” list_title_font_size=”” item_orderby=”timestamp” list_title_line_height=”” title_font_size=”” subtitle_font_size=”” title_line_height=”” subtitle_line_height=”” filter_area=”normal” topspacing=”“]

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How many items does it take for it to start adding items to the other columns? I have used the 3 column shortcode and have a couple items, but only one column when the page could fit 3. https://www.nikkeo.net/go-directory/

Yes, you can use a single column for the single list only. You can use pagination, sidebar etc. to make this look better. But the best use would be to break the single List into multiples sub-lists based on topic. Thanks

looks like style 2 has multiple columns, is there any way to change it to look more like 3 column style 1?

Possible as custom job.


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Which Themes/Styles support both “Pagination” & “List Items Per Page?”

All templates. We will reply to your email about the issue you are having. Thanks.


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I am having trouble getting the frontend submission working, it just redirects to the same page. how do i fix this? does it need a page associated with it? Demo: http://noooba.stealyoutube.com/5033-2/ Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi, You need to create 4 different pages with shortcodes. The required shortcodes are in SLD Settings->Help. Please try that and let us know. Thanks


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Hi, just purchased, is there a way we can hide the List Title ? I already have a page title, so would be nice if we can hide this, without CSS. thanks


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Ok thanks.

QUOTE “Ok thanks, I managed to translate some parts. But it cannot find ADD LINK” and also the pages for register, dashboard etc, I cannot find those strings too. I want my site fully dutch. Thanks

No problem. We will double check with loco translate and release a patch, if required, right after the weekends. No worries. We also have plans for full multi-language support in near future. We might need your help with some translations then :)


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Sure, I’ll send you my translation files.

i dont like the sidebar on the right in your demo, what theme do you recommend?

Agreed. We don’t like it much either. We put it there mainly for quick navigation convenience for you – to check out the other templates quickly.

This is a Theme feature and any modern theme should have a Full screen template without any sidebar option. Like in our other example site in http://www.wordpresshunt.com/ or http://www.dna88.com/ultimate-list-of-free-web-design-resources/ we are using Divi theme without sidebar. You can almost pick any modern theme from Theme Forest and it would have an option to disable sidebar.


Hi, Nice work.

1. How to add sub catogory?

2. Item catogory on top of the page wanted in a single line rather than in cloud view. Can we do it?


1. In the context of SLD, Lists can be considered as subcategory. 2. You can enable Carousel mode for List filter buttons from Settings

Hi, I have few questions

1. How to create a custom currency. some country not in the List.

2.i need certain individual link to be marked in special color. How to do it?


We replied to your email. Thanks


I have had this error x 2 installs only when I install the Simple List Pro plugin. Suggestions please! Here is a screen shot of the fatal error: https://imgur.com/a/2LZTk

Please email quantumcloud@gmail.com for a quick patch. Thanks


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We are using the embed code to embed the directory into a SharePoint page. We are using the orderby=”menu_order” order=”menu_order” and this works fine in WP and follows the order but it does not seem to work in the embed code.

Can you please help?

Many thanks

The embed mode currently does not support all the parameters. But I will check with the dev team and see if we can make the order parameter to work. Please send us a mail at quantumcloud@gmail.com with your web page link where the directory is displayed. This will help us provide a quicker solution. Thanks


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Thanks so much for sorting this for us and updating the code. We now just add the following to the iframe embed code and it now conforms to the list ordering – orderby=menu_order&order=ASC – It is very much appreciated. Thanks

We want to know followings

1.What is the maximum limited number of site that can be added,is there any limit.

2.We need site text in a little smaller show that it could accommodate more sites on first page,is it possible ? how?

3.The gaps between two consecutive web links also advisable to be reduced it will again helpful to accommodate more sites on first page.Any idea?

4.Site performance seems greatly reduced due to high number of fav link connected into, so is there any way to maximize the performance ?

1. It is only limited by your server max_input_vars directive. Set it to a high value like 10,000 or more 2. Email us your page link 3. Email us your page link 4. Unfortunately no. Favicon works fine in many cases.

Email sent.


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Hi, this dem plugin can be use for recent post list link on wordpress?

Hi, Not exactly clear. Some examples would be great. But SLD has 3 widgets that you can use on your side bar. Look at the right side bar on http://dev.quantumcloud.com/sld/ – after the links.


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Whats thw shortcode for heart and hot ? I have this shortcode [qcopd-directory mode=”all” style=”simple” column=”1” upvote=”on” orderby=”date” order=”ASC” list_title_font_size=”” item_orderby=”” list_title_line_height=”” title_font_size=”” subtitle_font_size=”” title_line_height=”” subtitle_line_height=”” filter_area=”normal” topspacing=”“]

There is no shortcode for that. It is in the global setting page where you can select the icon from. Scroll down a little bit on the settings page. Thanks

On your demo all the “List Items” are displayed as buttons under the search, Is there a possibility for it to display as drop down beside search box?

I am trying to create a similar kind of website: https://www.icoalert.com/

Hi, Under the search we have List filters. We do not have any drop down option but the Filters can be shown on the left instead of top. Example: http://www.wordpresshunt.com/


Is it required to use the user signup/login or is it possible to assign existing users the required user-role? We are using Ultimate Member and can assign users on signup a role, in this case the SLD role… any thoughts on this?

Assigner existing users to the SLD User role should work fine. If you face any problem, let us know. Thanks