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Hello. The scrolling effect scene i created on my page 2 years ago still works. But now when I click edit a scene. it goes to a blank page. When I want to add a new scene… it the same, it goes to a blank page. I tried to download the last version, and update it… but wordpress says that a “folder aldready exist”. I thought about deleting the magic scroll folder on my ftp and upload the new version, but i will lose my scenes. Is thre a way ? Thanks a lot. Clem


You can use this plugin to update all plugins of Envato

By the way, If you delete plugin files, It doesn’t lost your data.

Best, D.N

hi the example file All-Sample-Data.xml no matter the media is it possible to have one working to study the examples?

thank you very much


Please send your ticket in here We will fix all problem for you.

Best, D.N

Hi, is there an option in the pluggin to make an object autorotate while moving on a path, just like on this demo – ?

Best, Adrianna

Yes, we have this option in this plugin.

Best, D.N

Pre sale question: I tested the sample page on my cellphones (android and ios) and they are not moving as they should, links are not responding and when insert the page itself elements overlap or information gets cut, like it doesn’t recognize the width, do i have to create different layouts for different phones and tablets or is this addressed on the latest update? maybe you didn’t noticed that?

as i said the texts goes outside of the window and in the gif section the gifs move under the text, maybe in that section the text should move up and the elements scroll up also after the text in different positions(?)

About “GIFs Ad Campaign” section, you can see pc screen, The text is sticky, and the images are just description. So you see it sticky on mobile.

Best. D.N

I know, in the pc is fine, but think about it this way, first impressions count, if we talk on the street and you tell me i have a plugin, and i check on my cellphone right there, and the experience is broken by that part, a normal person won’t be thinking, maybe i should check that on my personal computer, you might be losing some sales right there, think about it.

Pre-sale question: how is this different from scrolly?

With Scrolly you can drag and drop to build animation, If you are beginer, you should use Scrolly.

Best, D.N

Thanks, I have bookmarked both waiting for your answer

You are welcome!

I updated the plugin and it just plan stopped working. In turn I try to create a new animation and it simply its just one image that doesnt do anything. What is going on here?


Please create a ticket in here We will fix it for you.

Best, D.N

Hi there. I bought this plugin and spent the whole day playing around with it. I need it to make an image sequence like this one… . But nothing I do allows it to be possible. I also see there are a lot of queries about this. Please could you tell me exactly how this can be done and also, Please make better documentation. This plugin shouldn’t be complicated, but it just doesn’t seem to do what it says it does. Please help us with this…

This is so annoying…if this was work I was doing for a client, I would be in hot water because I cannot get your plugin to do what you say it does and you can’t get it to do it either or show me how it gets done…Some of us are running businesses for a living and the last thing we need is to be paying for something, that the seller cannot show that it works. Then you have the audacity to show our ticket conversation here on a public platform. Just refund me and I will remove your plugin, and then I will go to (and pay someone to do this for me), just like I offered you to do.

Please, It’s just images, I use fewer images for this demo so you just watch 4-5 images change. But with they use about 40-50 images, so you watch it’s smooth.

You need try to do it on your website and use more images.

Seems the plugin causes conflict with page builders (Beaver Builder specifically) – cannot open Text editor tab in any text module (only Visual tab). Disabling the plugin fixes the issue.

If you have any problem, please create a ticket in here, We will fix it,

Best, D.N

Hello, pre purchase questions.

1. It is possible to do small vertical scrolling elements? I would like to showcase some emails I have designed, and I want people to scroll through vertical through an image.

2. Does this work with the Flatsome theme?

3. Your ipad and Laundry show demos do not work.

other than that I love the demos.


1, Yes 2, Yes 3, We just disable it on mobile.

I recommend you use this for easier to use

Best, D.N


Thank you for the feedback. I will be purchasing now. Wish me luck!

You are welcome! If you have any problem, just create a ticket in here

Hi! Great plugin! Is it possible to make the page stop scorlling when the animation is in place?

Please create a ticket in here Best, D.N

Hi I just bought and I’m trying to create the first scene, I add the first text element in the timeline, when I try to add another element for example a photo, it is added but the first one is removed. Why is this happening. I see that many elements can be added to your demo in one scene, but I don’t. This is your demo missing features seen in this video. The Preview button is missing, and I can’t increase the size of the pasted image as shown.


You can create a refund request for ScrollMagic and leave the Scrolly’s Purchase code, we will accept it.

Best, D.N

ok i did it

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dennyno Purchased

Hello, I need a refund and ask for scrolly plugin because I cant neither import the demo, thanks. Please also note that your plugin totally break the theme I am using: The error log says missing plugins and the website doesnt load

Please send your ticket in here

Best, D.N

Pre Sales Question – Am using Beaver Builder page builder and theme – I have a transparent menu header at the top of the page – and I want some text to appear and remain as a sticky in the custom menu at the top of the page as the user scrolls down – could this be done with your plugin please ?


Yes, you can do it with ScrollMagic. If you have any problem just create a ticket in here We will support you get it.

Best, D.N