Discussion on RocketWeb | Configurable iOS WebView App Template

Discussion on RocketWeb | Configurable iOS WebView App Template

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Hello There!

I am trying to put internal link but it show error Thread 1: Fatal error: Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value

RocketWeb/HomeViewController.swift:433: Fatal error: Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value

app always craches

main link is file:///index.html

How to fix this?

Thank you

Hi, I have an ebook download site that is build in WordPress using woocommerce. If I buy this templated, can my users able to download directly from the app and open it in iBook’s or any other eBook readers?. my website is Please let me know. thank you

Yes your user can download, but if your website showing popup PDF instance of download then only you have to open the download page in an internal/external browser to handle it.

After buying for free customer support follow this: For support please share your purchase code and follow this:

Hello—Does this app support WebView API for Ads?


Thank you.

AdSence is for website and adMob is for the mobile app. So as per the policy you have to use adMob for mobile app which is available on RocketWeb.


ndebug Purchased

Hi, Xcode displays: “Failed to register bundle identifier” / “The app identifier … cannot be registered to your development team because it is not available.” | “No profiles for “…”.OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension were found

Here is a screenshot:

ndebug Purchased

I have sent an email to you with purchase code, waiting for your reply

(PRE-SALE QUESTIONS) Hello ! I would like to buy many licenses (4) for you template. But before, please i need to know:

1- If i can display a native special bottom menu and header to the app ? So that, my website will juste load inside of them both and look more native.

2- If i can make a splashscrenn with many steps (descriptions) when launching the app for the first time ? Or an animated (gif) splashscreen ?

3- If when i open external links, they will open the link inside the app or in the phone browser ?

4-If deep links are activated ? So that if an user have the app and click on the link, the page will open directly in the app ?

5- If i can use geolocation ?

6- If i can have a list of apps you already published ?


1. RocketWeb don’t have bottom menu. But RokcetWeb has Navigation drawer menu which is native and you can configure it. If you want bottom menu than customisation required.

2. Possible but customisation required.

3. Yes and you can configure it as you want.

4. On deep link app will open but to open any customise link modification required.

5. Yes


For customisation based on your requirement cost will decided. Contract via email for more:

Hello. I sent you an email 5days ago. Fan you answer please ?

We already reply to all of our pending emails. If you still don’t get a replay then please use codecanyon message option:

Hi, i want to order 4 licenses. i Have one question. is there a JavaScript API or any trick to communicate OneSignal player id from native to web?.

Yes it’s possible after buying contract via email.

Firstly, my understanding so far is that your app authenticates the purchase code every time on app launch. Sometimes the connection won’t connect/break that’s why the app crashed and shows a blank screen because of that apple rejected the app in accordance with Guideline 2.1 – Performance – App Completeness. 

Secondly, I don’t see anywhere in the documentation that you implemented a third-party api connection that authenticates the app and according to me it’s a big security risk. 



ndebug Purchased

Hi, I get this error message when archiving;

Signing for “RocketWeb” requires a development team. Select a development team in the Signing & Capabilities editor.

please advise

Auth and fcm user id:

Our webview requires login. Does you template code login the user to fcm for that user? Or should our website be logging in the user to fcm and if this is the case then, will fcm treat the notification as a web push since the website does the fcm login?

Reg deep-linking: Doe the template support handling of universal links?

Logically it’s not possible, you have to customise if you want FCM login.

does this work on ios16?

What if we do not want to add the encrypted code by codecanyon to our app code due to compliance reasons?

Yes it’s support for latest iOS 16

I am following you guide here

But I can add only 1 offline page, I need to add more, how to do that?

How to disable back/left swipe gesture?

Please avoid to ask same question everywhere. Please wait you will get reply to your question via email.

can it play m3u8 file ? (inbuilt player)

As per I know yes it’s will support. After buy for any issue contract via email.

Hi I just bought the IOS version and found many issues and errors, and that makes me wonder if this IOS version is compatible with mac 2020 M1 chip? Please reply with details.

Yes it’s support on M1 mac but as per the guidelines you have open xcode with rosetta. For support please share your purchase code and follow this:

I would like to request a refund of the order. This app requires to add to the code an encrypted file after completing a form, for compliance requirements we can not add this to the application.

It’s secure codecanyon license policy. If you have any issues contact with codecanyon team. And if your refund is eligible you will get it.

Does it support video calling?

It’s will support the video calling but due to it’s a webview if you want receiver device ringing for call that’s not possible, need to implement native calling system.

I submitted the app, but got rejected as it requires Apple sign in. “Your app uses a third-party login service, but does not offer Sign in with Apple”

What is the recomended minimum iOS version?

Due to some latest library dependencies, you can use a minimum of iOS 11.


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