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Hi, i want to buy this, look very good, but i want to test it before buying, can you send me demo apk to my email. muhendis85@hotmail.com

Hi :) , for now only video in description. We don’t send any files for security reasons.

Good news for you :) check offer and have a nice day :)

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :) https://codecanyon.net/user/invedion/portfolio?ref=INVEDION


is there any order alert to let restaurant owner or staff know when some body place an order, is there any beeping system to alert the restaurant staff of the new order or connected to printer to print order so that the staff know right away when order comes

When somebody create reservation he get information that his status is waiting for confirmation. If owner of the restaurant click on reserwation in admin area he see all reservation that was created and can confirm and also send message to user (user also can add message when he is creating reservation). If you want extra confirmation on mail just contact us (by mail or private message) before you buy with our support and we can create it for you :)

whats your skype ID? My skype is ’’ gulraizweb “

Hi, we send you information on skype to contact with us by mail.

Dear Invedion Team,

I’d like to customize this app for a beauty center. I think all the features (food, categories of food, gallery…) are easy to reuse for my purpose. The only concern I have is for the booking engine. I’ll need to select the masseur and show the already taken hours for the selected day. So, I’ll need to customize also the backend software. Could you give me some info about it? (language, frameworks…)

Best Regards,


Hi :) This project use: HTML, PHP with MySQL, js and jQuery. The code is very nice framed so if you only have some knowledge you should not have a problem :) The main core of booking is PHP on server side and JSONP on app side.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask :)

Good news for you :) check offer and have a nice day :)

Hi, we have BIG DROP in all our offer if you are still interested :) https://codecanyon.net/user/invedion/portfolio?ref=INVEDION

Can I get sample app to install it on to my phone for evaluation??

Hi, in future yes we plan publish it in each store but for now only video presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL-DytoTncc We are double winner of Samsung Smart App Challenge so quality of our apps is always on pro level :)

Its almost impossible to purchase app blindly without getting it tested. Waiting for sample app.

Hi, good news check offer if you are still interest of this app :)

Hi, do this app have reservation, take away and delivery option, plus will it shows restaurant location and socialization ? Plus can we used for multi branching restaurants ? Thank you

Hi, this is information and reservation app only, you can easy add location and social media. This app is for single restaurant.

Good news for you :) check offer and have a nice day :)

plugin unsupported: org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser help me

where is the mail ??? i dont recieve …

We send you again on lev**@. The previous mail is most likely to be found in spam so check carefully :)

i got.

I get this error in gallery.php Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\AppServ\www\ira_server\gallery.php on line 36

All support send only to mail from PDF :)

Plugin unsupported: org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser help me

pls help

Check your mail and all support questions always send only by mail not here.

Hello I am looking for a cms for website and apps for ios and android for one restaurant i like the fact that you have both. Id like to put my menu on the website + apps so people can select from the menu and then either select from the two options 1 collection 2 delivery

Is that possible with what youre selling here?please let me know

Hi, please contact us by mail or private message because we need more information.

Hello app is Android studio?

It’s Phonegap Build & Phonegap. Android Studio support Phonegap so you can also us it there :) for more information type only in Google: “how to use phonegap in android studio”