Restaurant App With CMS - Android [ 2020 Edition ]

Restaurant App With CMS - Android [ 2020 Edition ]

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Full HD app presentation:

How to setup server side in any our app engine:

Key features:

  • PhoneGap, PhoneGap Build, Cordova: HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery
  • Compatible platforms: Android (all phones and tablets)
  • TIF layered graphic included – users can modify and create own template
  • Push Notification Ready
  • Full HD support (1920×1080)
  • Easily editable template
  • Unique and beautiful design
  • Support any language
  • Animated elements of the interface – easy to modify
  • External data base (update your app in real time) with administration panel (CMS)
  • Compatible with the requirements of Samsung Apps, LG World, Amazon Apps, Google Play
  • Scalable content
  • PDF – step-by-step guide
  • Tested on real devices – see movie
  • All icons included for andoid + TIF layered files
  • All splash screen included for andoid + TIF layered files
  • There is reservation options with communication client >> restaurant – you can send messages to your mobile users
  • Owner of the restaurant controls in CMS reservation status

Questions and Answers:

  • YES you can use all graphics
  • YES you can modify everything
  • YES you can add your own HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery or jQery Mobile code
  • YES all information are managed from the admin panel
  • YES it’s very easy to use – even for beginners (All the biggest problems we solved: scalable content, communication with server, difference solution for difference platform and market)
  • YES all graphics are TIF layered so you can add and modify anything

iOS version:

Windows Phone version:

Sample client reviews about our products:

Restaurant App With CMS - Android [ 2020 Edition ] - 3

UPDATE 03.06.2020 :

- App update: android catalog:
  - config.xml update
  - html and css code updates
  - support different screen proportions
- New step by step guide

UPDATE 21.11.2017 :

- Support for lates Phonegap version.

UPDATE 30.05.2017 :

- Support for lates Phonegap version:
  - new icon added
  - new splash screen added
- Database update to utf8_unicode_ci (update collation in database) - support any language
- Easy database conntection - everything in one file
- New step by step guide base on video - more information for beginners
- All administration area update:  
  - HTML5 file upload support - mobile and all modern browser friendly 
  - Double protection before deleting an entry
  - Text editor update
- Minimalize code for better performance
- Support for latest Android API

UPDATE 16.07.2014 :

- administration panel fix