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jaduger Purchased

Hey! Love the plugin but I can’t seem to get it to work with the revolution slider. I copy the shortcode and it to the text layer. However, revolution slider throws the following error: “Revolution Slider Error: You have some jquery.js library include that comes after the revolution files js include…”. What’s the proper way of adding this to the slider?



jaduger Purchased

So I went to the files you said and removed the line on both and kept it for ”..anim”. Got the error. I removed it from all three files and the error went away but no animation.

Ok what is your url and if possible your credential login (in private message) ?


jaduger Purchased

I just sent it.


Something odd seems to be happening, with the animated SVG displaying twice. The second one the text is vertically mis-aligned. Can you take a look at this screenshot? http://s24.postimg.org/osxz3rykl/anitext_odd_display.png

It seems problem come from your browser. This script is not for wordpress. You have bought the PHP version. The wordpress version is pratically the same but is better updated because there is more sales.

I was able to check with another browser, and yes, you are correct. There’s something wrong with my chrome install even though it’s the latest version. Sorry for that.

Hello. I cannot seem to get your plugin to work. Nothing shows up in the preview or on the page I’ve put the shortcode. Please advise

problem resolved by private message by removing this line :

<script src=”http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.1.min.js”></script>

of “font-anim.php” file (plugin jquery library).

Thanks for your purchase.

Thank you!!!

Plugin is not working. I’ve installed on my site, with shortcode. It shows in the plugin preview but does nothing on the page i’ve put it on.

no error message, just not showing up. it’s on my gated staging site. I will have to give you login credentials

yes you can give me url and login credentials. You can also try to test with other theme.

PM’d you

Hi when i try to use plugin tru widget it doesn’t work (svg+xml)

Hi, is your website online ? Can you give me the url ?

Hi i was email you yesterday by your plugin doesn’t work from widgets. can you help me please i need to add text to header

I have respond you. Can you give me url of the page ?

http://slavok.online/gem4me/ On footer in home page Thank you

Yes When you insert the shortcode widget you use a text widget ?

Problem come from text widget add “

” tags in javascript code.

See here :


and don’t forget to rate the plugin if you are satisfaid. ;)

If this plugin support any other language… i try Russian don’t work

That depend the font you use. The font I use don’t support russian but if you convert russian font in svg I think it’s good.

how after russian font convertion i add it to plugin,,,ore other simply question if i give you languages to add how much it cost me?

Documentation explain how to add a font to the plugin : Find a Cyrillic compatible font in your case and convert it to svg. And copy svg file in ”/font/” folder in plugin folder.

I can do this for you send me your font by email or email me with private contact form : https://codecanyon.net/user/antoine_rousseau

Hi, just purchased this plugin in to use on a development site and nothing appears when I apply the shortcode.

Furthermore when I go to create the text, I can’t preview and the plugin loads a ton of errors in the sidebar.

Any help? If not I would appreciate a refund as this matter is time sensitive.


Hi, try to disable warning like in production mode and view if it work.

I’ve tried disabling warnings and still seeing errors, can’t use this plugin.

what is the error ?


wolly1 Purchased

How to trigger start of animation when in view??? ( i got viewpoint and jquery ) can i set a class at object, for it to start or something like that???

Hi, you can select in dropdown the mode of apparition when you create the animation :

Animation Play :

Document load, On mouse hover or Parallax Scrolling (that mean on view).

Select “Parallax Scrolling”.

The difficulty is to create a working function that load animation when it is visible. (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/487073/check-if-element-is-visible-after-scrolling/488073#488073)

You can change the file “font_hnim.php” (that is “hover loading” file) for load animation when the element is visible or when the scroll is greater than a value of pixels.. And you can define manually the value.

Hi Antoine, I cannot figure out how to get rid of the massive space above the text. Tried to change the Height parameter in font_anim.php from ‘height’ => 600 to less, but that doesn´t change anything. The bigger the font size, the bigger the height of the snippet. If I reduce the height in the backend the text disappears to the bottom and does not show up in the frontend either. Can you please help? Thank you!

Hi, Yes you have a “vertical” parameter for that in options.

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Hello, does anyone know if this plugin works on WP 4.8.1?

yes. it works.

Hi, I just purchased the plugin but I am not able to install it. I just copied the content to the WP plugins directory, but when I go to plugins dashboard in WP, it does not appear there.

I tried to install it uploading the plugin in zip format from the WP dashboard but I got this error: “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.”

I am working in local (MAMP) with WP 4.8.1.


Sorry, I copied the wrong directory. Now it is working.

Hello, I have 2 queries:

1. I would like to know how I should configure the animation so that the text does not appear first outlined and then it is filled, but it appears fill from the beginning, that is written fill.

2. How can I reduce the height of the animation, because although it took the controller to the minimum it still leaves white space down and up, by default the minimum is 200px as I see, I need to be smaller the height keeping the same width.

I am very attentive

1. You can try to change timeout directly in files. I think wordpress dashboard don’t allow that.

2. Use css for that.

1. How do I change the timeout in the files, in which file? Can you be more specific please we do not know the files of the plugin because we do not develop it so we come to you.

2. What specific CSS style should we modify to change this?

1. If you use onload animation (not onhover or onscroll) change line 381 of “font_anim.php” :

 }, ( i * transition ));

to :

 }, ( i * transition +1000 ));

and first line (not filled) start 1s later (become invisible)

Or line 400 you can change the fadein time effect

 jQuery(el).delay(i * transition +transition2).fadeIn(1000);

to :

 jQuery(el).delay(i * transition +transition2).fadeIn(100);

But filled text doesn’t appear progressivly. That is for that I combine the two effects.

2. In “font_index.php” file, line 36 you have a “min” parameter. The value is 100. Change it to 0 to allow to choose a value less than 0.

Hi, having problems with your plugin. I keep getting ‘406 Not Acceptable’ error when I attempt to save.

answered privately

Wondering if there is an update coming to make compatible with WP 4.9