Discussion on Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin

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Unfortunately in the mobile version the “Center Mode” doesn’t work correctly, it gets cut off at the bottom and doesn’t show about 20% of the slider. I saw the same thing in your example after the purchase. It’s the same error, so I’m assuming it’s a plugin error.

Hi, it is scheduled to be released by 23rd March.

aoewebseo Purchased


Please download the latest version (14.1) and install it. Clear the cache of the slider page, it should fix this issue.


I want my refund NOW

Hi, your refund is approved.

Are you going to take care of my request? Else please refund me.

Hi, please respond to the ticket agent and they will resolve the issue.


No solution provided. Refund please. Thanks.

Hi it is possible to loop play on the slider???

update: I find it thank you

That’s great!

Hi, Just purchased your plugin and all working except the following 2 items i cannot change.

1. Title size is not changing

2. on hover – it is showing date of project, I havn’t selected this and don’t want any meta or description to show when hover is activated.

If you can help, that would be great, but can’t use otherwise.

i am using template Style 36

Hi, Please open a ticket here and we will resolve these for you


Hi, Just opened Ticket.

purchase code ec035090-b673-40d1-8085-85e0293b7012

So i have sorted all the problems previously in my messages: removing the date and setting the carousel up onto my homepage so i no longer need your video of how to get started. However i still cannot find how to make one of the carousel items a video stream from vimeo, how can this be done please ?

Hi, are those videos in the post content or you want to link them directly?

i’d like to link them directly.

Hi, Please open a ticket here and we will assist you accordingly.


i am not clear how to add the new carousel onto my home page. Perhaps this is made clear in the “how to use” video which no longer is available in your documentation ?

Additionally: 1. i would like to remove the dates from all my carousel items. How do i do this. 2. i would like some of the carousel items to be videos playing from vimeo whilst others are photos. How do i do this ?

my purchase code from envato is ec035090-b673-40d1-8085-85e0293b7012

Hi, Please open a ticket here and we will guide you accordingly.


purchase code – ec035090-b673-40d1-8085-85e0293b7012

the documentation lists an article named ‘how to use’ which is a video in youtube. however your youtube account no longer exists. Please email me a copy of this video or send me a link for where i can view it. thanks.

When using “center mode” the title and other text is getting cropped out at the bottom when viewed on mobile devices. Any way to fix this? Thanks


Hi, Please open a ticket here and we will assist you accordingly.


Hi, on Style 14 how do you remove the black overlay on the images? All the post images are showing as black and white, while I’d like them to be regular full color with no overlay. Thanks for any help!

Hi, Please paste the following code in the custom CSS box

.rpc-style-14 img { filter: none !important; opacity: 1 !important; }


I have just purchased the Responsive Posts Carousel plugin and have tried to customise it for the site I am building, however the arrows are not showing, nor are any of the colours matter what settings I choose. I have also tried different layouts, and different colours

I am using Divi as my theme and builder I have set the overlay as red – its showing as the default colour still – and no arrows are showing at all

Please assist

Hi, we will assist you soon.


I just bought your slider and i want it to look exactly like this:

But i cant get it to work. COuld you send me all the settings i have to set in the menu(Carousels -> All Carousels)

I cant give you access to the site since it is on a protected server which the access from outside is forbidden.


Hi, Can you please open a ticket here and we will guide you accordingly?


Hello how are you?

I’m having problems with the plugin. I intend to use the same model as the following demo:

However, I’m only having access to “Contents” inside “Settings”. The “Slider”, “Appearance”, “Arrows”, and “Advanced” menus are not working.

Can you help me?

Okay. I opened a ticket there. Thanks

Can you help me there?

Hi, we will assist you today.

I have two outstanding issues with support tickets #7436 and #7442. Initially you were helpful but there are still problems and I have been awaiting a response for over a week now. Can you help or have I reached the end of your support for this item? My account shows I have 5 months of support left. Thank you for your assistance.

Hi, is it resolved?


I do not know! The Responsive Posts Carousel Pro seems to be working properly on the test site BUT you installed a new plugin (Theme Editor) that I do not want. And also you reconfigured our logo in the header so it does not display correctly on desktop and mobile. And you also deactivated our Custom Scrollbar plugin.

I will take the updated Responsive Posts Carousel Pro plugin code and install it on my live site to see if it will work without these other changes that you made.

Are there any changes to my website that are required other than simply replacing the old Responsive Posts Carousel Pro plugin with the new Responsive Posts Carousel Pro?

Thanks. Your support answered my questions. I will test on the live site and report back here.

Your support is extremely frustrating!

I click Support at Envato and get a form to fill out so I do it.

But then you reply that I should open a ticket to get support.

Then I try to open a ticket but your ticket system then asks me what product and wants me to choose from 4 products none of which is this product!!!

So, instead, I send you a detailed email with my Envato purchase code and screenshots and URL of the problems.

And you reply with “open a ticket”!

How do I get support for this product???

Hi, apologize for the inconvenience, I have forwarded your email to the support assistant directly and he will assist you soon.


Thank you.

I am now having problems with how this displays on mobile and on some desktops. On mobile it tries to show 4 across even though I set mobile to be 1 across. I sent details to you in an email.

Hi, Please open a ticket here and we will see/fix all those issues on your end. Regards

I am having a lot of trouble getting this plugin to display a grid properly.

If I go to Advanced tab and set Rows to 2 and Slides Per Row to 2 I would expect a 2×2 grid but I get only 1 item per row.

If I set Rows to 2 and Slides Per Row to 3 I then get 2 items per row but they are shrunk and do not fill the row space.

I am using Style 35 and loading posts, by category, with featured images.

Does this product work as advertised to create a grid?. Can you help me get this working? Thanks in advance.

That’s great. Thanks

However, as soon as I changed this top 6 rows by 3 columns if does not work again! Can you please help? I sent you an email with details.

Hi, Please open a ticket here and we will see/fix all those issues on your end.


Hi, I would like to ask how can I replace the old version 5.4 to the one I just purchased? Right now, the old version is running on my live website. Please help. Thank you.

Just deactivate the previous version and install and activate the new version.

Quick question. I have purchased the Responsive Carousel WordPress Plugin (Purchase code: 6ee85f71-5d1e-47ee-91b0-0875da6a8778). I really like the way the Center Mode Demo looks at Is there info anywhere for the settings to allow me to replicate this? Specifically, the way that the tile in the center is about 10-15% larger than the ones to the left and right. Thanks in advance.

Hi, Please open a ticket here and we will guide you accordingly


Hi There

I have just purchased the plugin however its not what I need for my project, please can you process a refund?

thank you.


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