Repairer - Repair/Workshop Management System 1.3

Repairer - Repair/Workshop Management System 1.3

Repairer – Repair/Workshop Management System is carefully developed for easy management of any type of repairshop/workshop. It’s actually an innovative, simple and powerful management tool, designed and developed for you. It’s just your trusty employee. It’s a web based system where you can manage reparations, clients, inventory, purchases etc.


Password: password

Quick Installation Guide

Download .zip package
Upload it to your server
Extract the package
Run the uploaded url via browser (EXAMPLE.COM/RMS/INSTALL). Here you have to provide the settings for RMS:
  • Hostname : database host name / IP
  • Database Name : create a mysql database for RMS on your host and write that name here
  • Database username : username of the created database (if applicable)
  • Database password : password of the created database

Backend – Admin:

  1. Dashboard (graphical report)
  2. General settings (system customization)
  3. Client management
  4. Reparation management
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Purchases Managment
  7. Taxes, Models, Categories etc.
  8. Graphical Reports ( Stock & Finance )


  • Reparation Status
  • Login

Notification/ Alert System

Notify clients with their reparation status via E-Mail or SMS


Want to know more about Repairer? Please read our Documentation

How to Update

Update – v1.2 to v1.3
  1. Download v1.3
  2. Backup your current rms_application files (v1.2) and export current database as sql (as pre-caution).
  3. Delete v1.2 rms_application files and extract v1.3 as replacement
  4. Restore rms_application/assets/uploads folder from v1.2 (Delete current rms_application/assets/uploads folder and paste v1.2’s rms_application/assets/uploads as replacement from backup.)
  5. Restore rms_application/application/config/config.php, rms_application/application/config/database.php files from v1.2
  6. Go to phpMyAdmin , select your database and run the following SQL:
ALTER TABLE `reparation` ADD `imei` TEXT NOT NULL AFTER `date_closing`; ALTER TABLE `settings` ADD `model_based_search` BOOLEAN NOT NULL AFTER `version`; UPDATE `settings` SET `version` = '1.30' WHERE `settings`.`id` = 1;

Change Log 1.30

Quantity Increase Bug Fixed
delete confirmation added
added IMEI field
fixed Responsive Tables 
Front Page Translation added
Russian Translation added
Menu Translation added
Import/Export Feature added
Repair create without adding defective items 
Alert Quantity added
And Much More.