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Croone Purchased

Hi !

I have buy you’re panel and this is very great ! Could I have the list of all the files with English text so that I can fully translate the panel into French and offer it to you ?

Yup. for sure. :) just goto application/languages/english. these are all the files you need to change. :)

goto application/languages and clone english folder and rename it to “russian”. and change the phrases accordingly.

I have created the database and username and password but were do I input these as the instructions don’t say the error I get when I go to url is A Database Error Occurred Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: third_party/MX/Base.php

Line Number: 55 H

have you installed using the installation script? here is the guide: Download .zip package Upload it to your server Extract the package Run the uploaded url via browser (EXAMPLE.COM/RMS/INSTALL). Here you have to provide the settings for RMS:
    Hostname : database host name / IP
    Database Name : create a mysql database for RMS on your host and write that name here
    Database username : username of the created database (if applicable)
    Database password : password of the created database

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, Please email me at uskhan099@gmail.com whatever problem you are having.


hi, after install the script can’t login there is no panel folder http://www.casati-tech.it/rep//panel

Hi, in the rep folder of your hosting. where you have installed repairer. create a new file named ”.htaccess” and copy the following:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
# Rewrite all other URLs to index.php/URL
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?url=$1 [PT,L]
ErrorDocument 404 index.php

then save the file. :)

The path to css file for the Print Report/Invoice is wrong. I did edit report_template.php and point to the right css file (“assets/dist/css/CUSTOM/invoice.css” not “assets/dist/css/invoice.css”), but i can’t get that print button to work :(. Can you help with that, and repair the script for future downloads? :D

Have a nice day.

Hi, please email your FTP credentials. i will fix it for you.


any update? :)

Fixed. :)


ifixdk Purchased

Hey man, so far i love the product, but i’m curious, i can only export products, i can’t import them? is there a way to do that?


Thanks for the compliment. :D yes, you can’t import products. :( however, we will add this feature in the next update. :)


ifixdk Purchased

Thank you for that Otsglobal. When do you expect next update? because if its coming shortly there is no point in me adding all products manually.

i suppose till 1st March. :)

Hello, We need some help with installation.. we have tried for four times the instalation but no reation from the script are appear. First the installation dont create the tables on the database then we have imported the sql from file “Repairer\install\cache” then a blank screen appear are displayed.

The website are https://rp.pchomecare.pt

Any ideia what happen?

this is wierd. please email me your cPanel OR FTP credentials at uskhan099@gmail.com. i will check it.



hannijkl Purchased

Hello, I purchased the product a few days ago, installed it, working fine but email seems not to be working. When i send an email via quick email, responds: email not sent. what could be wrong?

are you able to send reparation notifications? and please send your FTP credentials. i will fix it for you. :)

Why does not it appear on the list in the demo version after adding the repair?

i tried adding. it works. :) please try again. maybe you are missing something.

Oh gosh! I had Adblock turned on. It turned out that he turned off the list of repairs! :about


Maybe in that case, it’s worth working on it so that Adblock does not block it?

Thank you and best regards

i tried with adblock but it shows the entries.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Why do users see options to which they do not have permission? Is this a mistake?

When I disable user access to users, this tab is still visible in their account, but it can not be accessed. This is also the case with other functions. This is annoying. I would prefer that users do not see options that they do not have access to.

Hi, okay, sure. we will add this feature in the next update.