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i have put three tickets into the report place that you have showed me. any change you can sort that? thanks

We will sort out and let you know accordingly but i am very sorry; due to some circumstances i will not be able to give the update till 6th June.

Hi, Site is down. Thanks

Fixed. :) Sorry for the inconvenience


How to make it work with new versions of PHP

Thank you

Please send me your LINK and FTP Credentials so i can trace the error.

I can not change to PHP version because I can not see anything is left blank.

Please send me your WEB Address AND FTP Credentials. i cannot help you out otherwise; :) My email is uskhan099@gmail.com

Hello, I would like to know where else I have to change for the translation, I created a portuguese directory and I translated the 3 files of this directory and still do not change in the repairer, if I change the name of portuguese to english it translates to the system. I’m sorry for my English.

Thank you.

Thank you problem solved ….

Thank you problem solved ….

u should make POS system inside. maybe repair shop also selling other physical thing like accessories etc.

i interest with your code. maybe you can add new feature or you can add other features as plugins. please check it, your sistem is good. a few things more. so check this out cellstore.co & https://busybench.com both of them looks like your system but i think more feature you need.

Yeah! Sure.
We will consider Simple POS system in the next update. :)

Hi, Before buying I just want to get answer for following. It it possible to ad custom fields. Is it possible to add option in product, from which supplier buyed. Is it possible to integrate this with POS actuality extension. Please let me know so I will buy.. Or any update you are releasing when and what date.

1. Yes, You can add custom fields.
2. Not available at the moment. but We will add this option in the next update.
3. No, We don’t support integration with “POS actuality extension”. However, if you are interested. please email your idea to us at uskhan099@gmail.com. We can offer customization services for that.


you should add bulksms provider

Yeah! Sure. We will add in the next update. :)

Hi friend, the search engine in inventory does not work. Entering a word does not filter, does not filter or search for anything.


I will fix it in the next update. for now open RMS/application/modules/panel/views/inventory/index.php. On line 11 change ‘bServerSide’: true, TO ‘bServerSide’: false,

It will fix your problem.


It has been solved successfully, thank you very much.

Good morning, I bought your code installed and everything is working except for the user panel whenever I try to see the users or create it gives an error “You must be an administrator to view this page.” How can I fix the access permission? I have seen in phpmyadmin but I have not found anything that gave admin permissions to admin@admin.com Regards


Maybe, you have messed up with the groups. To solve this issue, goto phymyadmin. open groups table. copy the “id” for admin group. goto users table and copy “id” for ‘administrator’ user. go to user_groups. see for admin id. replace the corresponding group_id with the admin group id you previously copied. i hope this helps you. :)

Hi, i logged in using admin@admin.com but while going to users list i get this error “You must be an administrator to view this page.” How can i fix this. Thanks

Got it, in the database > groups table > first row the name must be “admin” not “Admin” please fix this in the setup script.

Thanks for reporting. We will fix this issue in the next update. :)

HI, A PRE-SALES QUESTION: Can I change the status of services? Or add more ?, and two: can I send e-mail notifications to the client instead of SMS? For example to advise you of the quote and to accept the service. Thank you.

No, You can only change the name of the Service.
No, for now email notifications are not available.


I have install the script and it is online.

I have one isseu when i place a service order the customer do not get a email as a status update. Can you support me with this issue

Please support.


Basically, email is not sent when you create/complete an order, only sms is sent. :)

If you need to implement email notifications, we can customize it for you. if you are interested, email me at uskhan099@gmail.com


osm work, just update tax invoice as new gst rule. thanks

Sure! next update will be with invoice and tax, gst rules…


hi buy a licence and install is ok!

when i go to admin page give me error http://gestao.flash-keeper.com//panel

need help

solved httacess


i can’t login using admin@admin.com / password

i read all coments and change on phpmyadmin on groups from Admin to admin and its the same


Solved. :)

it was PHP version problem.


chinopr Purchased


An Error Was Encountered You must be an administrator to view this page.

I will solve this problem in the next update. :)

for now. please open phpMyAdmin. goto repairer database. open groups table. here change Admin to admin.

Hi, My name is leonard, from Tanzania. I bought your repair shop management system. The system is working very fine.

I need your support on automatic sms sending option after reparation has been added. I need that sms to include reparation code.

This will make easy for client to track his/her order easily because link and reparation code will be already provided through sms.

Here is what i need Hello customer , your order/repair for model was opened by businessname . Check the state of repair anytime on site_url by using this reparation code code

Now quering that reparation code and send it together with other details via sms is what i have failed, i need ur support.

Okay thanks, atleast give me option to include reparation code. How can i obtain it? I will use my own custom sms to fit 1 sms.

to do this. remove unnecessary text from the message. make it short.

something like this: Hello customer, Check the state of repair anytime on site_url by using this code