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i have some problems with the workshop, i have installed it correctly and the start page ist also working but when i click on login i get the message Not Found (this is the link http://localhost/test/files/Repairer//panel) what should i do can you please help me. Because i dont have extended experience with the mvc pattern.

kind regards abiweinmann

Probably ’.htaccess’ file is missing. In the installation zip it isthere. Please extract and show hidden files. Copy it to your installation.

Hi, the demo not work, i try password and admin@admin.com and not works

Sorry for the inconvenience. The credentials are fixed. Thanks


jochems Purchased

Hi, i just installed this and logged in but when i want to edit/create a user I get the message: You must be an administrator to view this page. (i’m logged in with admin@admin.com)


jochems Purchased

Hi, while working on it, I’ve found some other things:

- Max char in textarea at status notifications
- Need to use html tag br to break line in status notification.
- Dutch language (I would like to help on this)
- Status updates notifications: Can’t edit subject: Subject is now “Subject”
- Status update/new repair: Yes/No Option to send email when creating/updating a repair.
- Status update: No email update when status is closed (only @ SMS section)
- Status update: Short name for product which can be used as variable in text customizer. Now the client receives: “Hi clientname, you iMac 27” A1311 EMC2429 is being repaired right now.

With a product shortname it could be i.e: Hi clientname, you iMac is now being repaired.

- I have a lot of non-business clients, but the business name is required when creating a new client.

Thats all for now ;)

Thanks for the suggestions. the update has been approved and some of the things you mentioned are already done in this update. :) We will add the other things in the next update.


Hi, I still having problems with adding stock/inventory. When I click the add button, I’m referred to the same page.

Hello! tell me please, we have some filials and i want to send goods from one place to another in your program can i?

No, Sir. but if you are interested we can customize it for you. email me at uskhan099@gmail.com


Hi, I wanted to ask if I should buy this package at $ 34 could you add any changes or are they apart? The changes would be -Italian language -Getting invoices (handle all invoices and create invoices even without repair) Thanks for the attention Matts

Replied to your mail. :)

Thanks. :)