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uguronur Purchased

Hi, after add reparation I am getting “Not Found” messagge. what could have happened?

Hi, Please send your repairer panel url and credentials at uskhan099@gmail.com.

We will have a look into it. Thanks

Good afternoon. In Finance does not leave on the 31st Thank you.

Can you please explain what exactly you mean? Thanks

why in new version when adding new repair after getting a screen “not found” ? please see in your demo

The version on the demo was not updated. please try again. :)

Hello, when the imei is entered, and the imei already exists, load the client’s data. And when the client is entered and the client already exists, the equipment that the client entered appears.

okay, i understand the first part but please elaborate the second part.


jochems Purchased

Hi, when i delete a repair, the wrong repair is deleted.

Please email me at uskhan099@gmail.com. i will send you the solution. thanks

Hi, the plugin does not work, because there is no panel-folder.

PS. System works on nGinx

Hi, yeah, the panel folder is not there. your server maybe doesn’t support url rewrites or you have not placed the hidden ”.htaccess” file in the root folder of rms.

if you want us to install it for you, we can offer installation service. Thanks

Good afternoon How do I calculate the VAT, invested exactly? Example: € 45.45 + VAT comes out € 54.45 but it’s wrong. It should be € 55. Thank you

goto rms/assets/dist/js/core.js and change line 46 to:

 return parseFloat(Math.round(x*100)/100);
this will solve your problem.


There seem to be a bug with E-Mails when you add an client, for example if I want to fill in the email max.mustermann@mustermann.de it just saves max.mustermann@mustermann

How can we solve that?

It seems that it only supports 25 chars? Can I increase this amount of chars?

Hi, yes, you can. just go to phpMyAdmin. open repairer database and run the following sql statement: ALTER TABLE `clients` CHANGE `email` `email` VARCHAR ;
let me know if this doesn’t solve your problem.


palhaca Purchased

how can i add the price of the repair on the statuses of repair to be sent by sms or email? i tryed grand_total but no go.

there is no short code for grand total. however, we can customize and add it for you. email me at uskhan099@gmail.com if you are interested.