Reviews for Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin

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for Feature Availability

This plugin is very good, clever and fast ! It has all or even more settings from those that may be needed, and works great. It's probably one of the best of CodeCanyon. Well done to the developers!

for Customer Support

Excellent PDF reader. My clients love this plugin for posting their newsletters online. The customer service was knowledgeable, polite, and responded in a timely fashion.

for Code Quality

This is a great plugin. Super easy to use and creates great flipbooks! Nice work!

for Documentation Quality

Hi. Nice plugin, but no any information about how activate it and nothing in dashboard if plugin that I used is licensed or no. And documentation that come with downloaded package is not working.


Author response

Hi, there is a documentation folder in the download package, you just need to open index.html file in browser. Also online documentation is here

for Customizability

Reactif author who really wants to improve this plugin!
It really a very good FlipBook Plugin working completely on CSS and HTML responsive ! No Flash!
A very good integration in Wordpress pages especially with the extra Plugin "Book-Shelfs" (which has to be baught a part).

There still could be some improvements in my opinion like:

- If for some reasons the thumbnail during the creation of the Flipbook has not been created, you do not find it in the Shelf Booklist when adding a book to a shelf.
- It is difficult do handle a lot of books because there is no possibility to create categories. For example when adding a flipbook to a bookshelf you cannot show just a category of books (eg. vertical books only on one shelf and landscape books on another shelf you have to find them through the list of à lot of books and it take a lot of time to order them)
- On one shelf there is place for only about 6 books. It would be great to have the possibility that if there are more than 6 books that other shelfs are created vertically automatically.
- It would also be great to have the "Screnn option" tab like on pages, posts, categories, etc. to give the possibility to show more than the default of 20 items on one page which is especially usefull when you have more than 30 books.
Apart this lacks the plugin is working great.