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jermstur Purchased

Hi, love the plugin. I’ve finally dialed it in to my liking, but I noticed the right middle shadow doesn’t bring itself to the top. I can see the left shadow just fine, but i can only see the right shadow before the page loads, then it disappears or goes behind the page. can you please provide the code so I can add it to one of the php files? I appreciate your help. thank you.


jermstur Purchased

I received the updated plugin via email, whats the best way to implement this fix without losing my settings and existing flipbooks?


jermstur Purchased

so i uninstalled my current plugin, and installed the provided dropbox version and the results are the same. the Shadow is there, but as soon as the page loads, it pushes the shadow to the background. any thoughts? maybe some custom css?

still no luck with the middle shadow working on my site. you guys on vacation?

I’m seeing a bug in Safari. The flipbooks are great everywhere, but don’t display on Safari, totally blank page…Is that a known bug?

Great plugin, anyone looking for a flipbook plugin, I’ve been using this one for a while, great support and plugin, highly recommended!

Here is the link that doesn’t render on Safari (or mobile gets stuck on gray screen) but works perfect on other browsers:

Safari 10 and MacOS 10

Still having a problem with the flipbook rendering on this page.

The filpbook will only show when I’m logged in (otherwise I get a blank page).

Any idea? Ever seen that?

I wish I could edit this last comment! So the flipbook is back working (that was a JS cache issue about not being logged in). Be careful everyone with JS and CSS minifying plugins as it can break things :)

Safari working too…


Great, I’m happy you like the plugin :) Please rate it on your downloads page :)


Hi there,

Currently when I add the shortcode the thumbnail to open the magazine is displaying as 75×150px. Can you provide a solution how to make this 150×300 pix?


Hi, you can add custom css to lightbox thimbnail so you can put

or you can replace lightbox thumbnail omage with 150×300 inage



Is there a way to make this a standard setting for each flip book which is uploaded? Now I need to adjust all the default settings per upload, would be useful if I can apply this to all new flip books.

Looking forward to your reply.

Is it possible to search the text within a flipbook?

Hi, not yet but text search feature will be added soon.



bantin Purchased

I hate to be a nag (especially since I LOVE this plugin), but I have two issues. First I can’t get the “go to first / last page” buttons to show. And second don’t see the thumbnails for my pages (see prior post)

Hello i having an situation i need an flipbook to use as an scientific catalog, with many files in pdf. but i have an problem is with my hosting service, because of size in disk. Exist a possibility of your path that the component use for processing files be to dropbox or ftp?

Regards. Marcos


poetrypro Purchased

I use to be able to upload a pdf to the plugin but now I don’t see it. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Hello, I will like to know if it is possible to add short video/audio clip into any page of my publication?