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inboxz Purchased error in console

flipbook.min.js?ver=2.35:5 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘img’ of undefined at FLIPBOOK.Main.<anonymous> ( at HTMLImageElement.pages.(anonymous function).img.onload ( (anonymous) @ flipbook.min.js?ver=2.35:5 pages.(anonymous function).img.onload @ flipbook.min.js?ver=2.35:5

Hi, sorry for big delay. I don’t see that error in console, is the issue solved?


I have an error when the page try to open the pdf lightbox. There are many of pdf’s page that don’t load the lightbox, even from the preview into the admin. This is the error I read from the console. Error: Invalid page request pdf.min.js:21:9897

Please help, it’s quite urgent. Regards, Manuel

Sorry for delay, can you please send the link so I can check? You can email me at my profile page.


I’ve sent to you all the details by your profile page. Please let me know ASAP. thanks.

Hi, I just check your link and all lightboxes open fine, hes the issue been solved?


Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to add an audio track to every single page in the pdf or an audio track for the whole pdf file placed at the beginning of the pdf? Many thanks, Ibrahim

Hi, it is possible to add any HTML content to each page so you can also add sound.


Friend, in chrome the image gets duplicated. How to solve?

Hi, sorry for delay, please email me the link at my profile page so I can check.



nitjai91 Purchased

not able to close lightbox if images are from jpeg …please update ..and how to add 500 flipbooks with of default template in one go

Hi, email sent. Cheers

plugin can support pdf with number of pages greater than 200

Yes, you only need to increase max_input_vars in php.ini.


Hi There, does this plugin create flipbooks with keyboard accessibility? I need to find a solution for AODA and to have keyboard navigation. Please let me know if your plugin does such things.

Hi, yes it supports keyboard navigation, you can flip pages with LEFT/RIGHT keys.

Hi There,

I love your flipbook plugin. We need somehting that has accessibility features in mind. Like keyboard accessibility, voice/speech for screenreader. Does this plugin provide those things?

Hi, you can flip pages with LEFT/RIGHT keys and zoom in/out with UP/DOWN keys.


Hi there, I seem to be unable to get the flipbook WordPress plugin (v2.13) to work over SSL. Without, everything is fine. But when I switch to https, only the following scripts are loaded just before the head: pdf.min.js & compatibility.min.js (both are loaded twice, btw). When in http, jquery.touchSwipe.min.js & share.min.js are loaded in addition to the above …

Any idea? I’ll send you a DM with the URL in question …

Best, -martin

Hi, you have mixed content error, page is on HTTPS and pdf is on HTTP, you should have pdf also on HTTP.


You used to be able to change the src url of each page after a pdf was uploaded. With the update this option is no longer available. I need to make sure all my page images and pdfs reflect https urls. How can i edit the url of the image or pdf on the updated plugin?

Hi, in old version pdf was converted to images and images were saved to server so it was essentially a jpg flipbook. Now pages are rendered at runtime with javascript so you cannot change the page url. If you want to change pages individually you need to convert your pdf to images and create jpg flipbook.



kolalis123 Purchased

that is good to know, that the plugin converts the pages to pdf. My main concern tho is its not converting to https urls. the older version would let me go in each page (jpg) and simply add the “s” to make sure my page loads without mixed content. the update took away this ability.


nicola883 Purchased

Hi. I bought and use your good plugin for books with more than 200 pages. In many case I see that after read 50 pages, to go to the next pages it becomes very slow. I have upload pdf files in the section PDF (pdf url). Is there any solutions? You can see an example here: More from here:

Thank you for your help