Discussion on Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin

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Hi, your demos are loading VERY SLOW, its not possible to use. Very bad ux. Is this what I have to expect after buying your plugin? Sorry, but this stops me to buy it…

Hi, for me the loading times on demo page is good. Are you talking about page load time while you flip through pages? It can be improved by using swipe mode or CSS mode instead of default WebGL mode.

Hello, is it possible to access a specific flipbook page by url?

HI, yes it is possible .

1. set custom deep linking prefix for flipbook, for example “book1_” 2. open page 2 by adding #book1_2 at the end of url


Hello, I would like to add tracking to Google Tag Manager/GA4. I’ve added my GA4 Code to „Settings -> Google Analytics“, but there are no events fired e. G. for opening a file in a lightbox. What am I doing wrong? Any help appreciated. Cheers

Any advice?

Hi, currently only Universal Analytics is supported, I will add support for GA4 soon. Cheers


Is there any shortcode to display the last published flipbook? We’re having a magazine that is set in multiple pages and everytime we have to update the shortcode id.

Please advise

Hi, sorry for the delay. 1. create a new category, for example “all”, and add flipbooks to category 2. Use shortcode [real3dflipbook category=”all” num=”1”] to show 1 latest flipbook from category “all”


Thanks for your reply. Is there anyway to have the flipbook in normal mode instead of lightbox?

Currently no, it would require changes in the plugin code.


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Can flipbook access restricted based on user profile?

Hi, it is possible with a third party content restriction plugin.


I see in demo you’re displaying books from particular category.
so my question is if there are 500 books in that particular category so is there any possibility to paginate those data in 50 books per page display or something similar.

I hope you understand me.

waiting for your reply.

Are you still in the business?
I dropped message here and also emailed you from your profile contact form but there is no response after 30 hrs (appx.) gone.
I’m planing to buy this plugin but I hope it isnt the end of its life.

Still waiting for your reply.

Hi, I replied to your email. The book shelf from the demo does not have pagination feature, it is fixed size.


Hi, Thanks for the reply.
I’m talking about this plugin – “Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin” for pagination.

Hello, do we have the ability to make a link to a defined area in the pdf work? For example, I am on a wordpress page and in that page there is an image of a product. I would like that when I click on this image, it launches the pdf viewer and that it opens to the page where the product is located. Is this possible?

Hi, yes it can be done with deep linking.



Is there any way to store the pdf (or in the case of using the PDF Tools Addon the json generated for the pdf) outside the Wordpress database / file system? For example in Azure blobs? Or in a separate application providing these files via API?

I think about it because many times the disk storage on the Wordpress application server is not the cheapest storage for this type of file.


Hi, you can store pdf on amazon s3 or any server that supports CORS, then configure CORS to allow loading of PDF files from your domain.



Right, but what if I use the PDF Tools for Real3D FlipBook plugin to protect the PDF by converting the book to json/image, deleting the PDF afterwards (as suggested by you in some topic). How would that work?

Where would this json/image be stored?



Hi there, a year ago you mentioned “The option to sort flipbooks by name or date will be added soon.”. Has this been added? I can’t find anything about newer shortcode parameters in the documentation, even the ones you did add (like limiting by number). I would like to display only the 2 newest PDF of some category.

Hi, sorry this has not been added yet.


Is it possible to define an img alt tag for the placeholder image? The shortcode delivers this: <img src=”” style=”display:block;”>

I see nothing in the flipbook settings to add alt text; If this isn’t currently available, I’d love to see it on the to-do list for future updates.


Hi, currently there is no option for alt tag but I will add it soon.


Hi There!

Google Analytics 4 is coming in July 2023 and Google Analytics Universal will be disabled.

When will Real3D Flipbook ready for GA4?

Hi, GA4 support will be added soon. Cheers

Sounds good. thnx mate.


when i click the share button in the flipbook i want to be shared the flipbook and not the whole web page. For example, i have a page and i have inside lots of flipbooks. When i click the share button for each one i want to see on facebook for istance the cover of the flipbook and a description that i can add.

Is that possible?

Thank you.

Hi, we have noticed that the images generated to create the flipbook are not in https, how can we change them to https?

Then I wanted to ask if it is possible to search for flipbooks in the front-end, via the name of the flipbook, by inserting a search bar on the page.

Thank you very much Cheers

The http problem occurs in thumb generation in lighbox mode, thank you

I have also written several e-mails to technical support since di verse days, can you answer me. Thank you

I replied to your emails, please check again if you have received my emails. Cheers

Hi, I have tried to contact you through email, but after 5 days I have not received a response. Please help urgently as this is the last issue outstanding before we can launch our website. Thanks.

Hi, I replied to your email. Cheers

I have a peculiar requirement. Will it be used to open the first page from left to right swipe and next page as top swipe and then right and then bottow swipe. IT is for a gift card and we need to open it like we are opening a box on four sides.

Sorry that is not possible with the plugin.


Pre Sale Questions:

1. Can Real3D FlipBook autoload on posts that already have PDF links? 2. If yes to the first question, can we exclude pages so that Real3D FlipBook only auto loads on Blog Posts?

Thank You

Hi, it could be done with some custom coding. Please send me an email at my profile page.


Hello, I just bought this plugin.

Can you tell me how to change the dark-grey background color? Take a look at my capture:

Hi, 1) Settings > UI > Flipbook background 2) currently there is no option for that, I will add it soon


Thanks. Can I change the height of the Flipbook? Where?

Yes, with option General > Container responsive ratio, for example 1.3


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Hello. Can you tell me how can I update the plugin which Is ACTIVE now to the new updated version?

Hi, 1. redownload the plugin from Codecanyon to get the latest version 2. either replace the plugin folder via FTP or deactivate & delete current version and install and activate new version



kwtrade Purchased

ok, Thank you :)


Is it posible to create a Flipbook template and use a dynamic PDF file (different each time) to replace the original one in the flipbook template?

For example: [real3dflipbook pdf=”...xxxx.pdf” id=”1”]

And that .pdf would replace the 1st page of the ID with the 1st PDF page but keeping original added content in their place (a video in 1st page in X position, a HTML content in 2nd page in X position…).

That would be posible even with custom payed work?


Hi, yes it is possible to replace the PDF with [real3dflipbook pdf=”...xxxx.pdf” id=”1”] Yes, the HTML content for the flipbook will remain after changing the PDF through shortcode param.


Hi, I would like to know If this PLugin is compatible with the theme:


Hi, yes it is compatible, plugin can be used in any theme, you can embed flipbooks in posts and pages via shortcodes.



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