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Hello, i have tried your plugin but the demo version does not work with google chrome…. with internet explorer no problem

Hi, which OS? Do you see errors in browser console?


Windows 10 home, simply the file does not load. See the screen:

in my website it works! Another question: is there an option to allow user search a word in the pdf? for ex in a pdf with 300 pages it is very important…

Hi, In the admin section, I cannot see the edit page. I can only see a grey area. Any Ideas? I would like to add some links on the pages. I’m using google chrome.

Other question: How can I see the book in a 3d display like in the demo?

Suggestions: It will be nice if we can have more effects to flip the page.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, please email me at my profile page.


Hi there! I would like to know how to hide the X icon on the top right to where say s “Press Esc to close” I don’t want to have the icon there. Thanks

Hi ! Sorry is it possible ? To hide the X icon on the Top right ??

Hey there, we have a problem with the Real3D WordPress Plugin on some iOS devices, probably iOS 10.3 only. All FlipBooks are shown with a dark overlay. Might be a problem with webgl on iOS?

Looks like this:

Are you aware of any problems? Cheers from Germany, -M

Hi, what are the wp users that can create flipbooks with this plugin, uploading pdf, other than the wordpress administrator?

Hi, users that can edit posts.


Hi! Can i start/stop youtube video when fliping to another page?


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Does not work in Windows 10 / 64bit Chrome. Just get the spinning wheel of death.

Hi, please send the link so I can check.



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Update: I managed to get this to work by swapping from webgl to 3d. That worked for one brochure. Can send you a link but it is confidential so would have to send privately. Note, since fixing the one brochure I have since had another one fail and changing from webgl to 3d to 2d makes no difference.

Hi there! I asked already two times, if its possible to hide or delete the X icon and I haven’t get any answer from you . I appreciate if you could answer my question. Thanks

Hi there , sorry I did it and it still there. What should I do?

Sorry mate ! Can u please help me to fix it ? I added the custom code but it still appearing what should I do to hide it ?

Mate! I really need to hide the icon i did what you said but it didn’t work. Please can you help me with that ?


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  • URGENT * Installed the plugin for wordpress. It’s working in Firefox, but does not show up in Chrome…opens the flipbook window with only the ‘X’ on upper right, nothing else. We are having a launch tomorrow and need all media to be in sync. Please tell me how to resolve ASAP. Also sent an email to item support.

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Also, within Wordpress with Chrome browser, nothing shows up with ‘Preview Flipbook’ ....... Same action in Wordpress/Firefox browser ‘Preview Flipbook’ button brings up catalog.

Hi, please email me the link at my profile page so I can check.


A load time is extremely long. Can i open pages faster?

Hi, does your plugin support bookmarks as well so that a user who returns to my website can continue reading where he left off?

Hi, that is currently not supported but I will add it for next update.



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Hi! When i try close window on iPhone and click X , i see this message: Error:

TypeError: screenfull.exit is not a function. (In ‘screenfull.exit()’, ‘screenfull.exit’ is undefined)


Line Number: 5

Dou You help me?

Thank you!

hi, can i flip through custom post types? for example if i have recipes. thanks!

Hi, I bought your plugine few days ago, I really like it! Please tell me how to show on page all flipbooks ( without loading before click)? I have 30 flipbooks and I can not use sidebar menu as my flipbooks have small text so if I use sidebar the flipbook view would be even smaller..) I tired to put in page TABS with visual composer (not best solution but I tried) but it does not work. Please advise how to show all flipbooks on one page without loading before click. Thanks in advance!

Actually what I’m trying to do is to show al flipbooks like here: and opened flipbook to have look like here: ( great looking icons are here :) Thanks


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Hi…enjoy using your plugin and it does a great job. But I’m having two issues:

1) Click page to flip page – Does not work in Edge, IE11, and Firefox. But it works in Chrome. Your demo has the same issues with those browsers.

2) Semi-transparent background – Does not work, no matter what settings or RGB values I try in the Design & Layout tab of Flipbook. I’ve viewed this in Chrome, Edge, IE11, and Firefox, but the background remains a solid color background. How do I make a semi-transparent background like in your demo?

Thank you.

please update plugin at least for minor bugs and check comparability with woocommerce 3