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Unable to save flipbook settings / unable to add new flipbook

Increase max_input_vars in your php.ini from default 1000 to higher value, for example 3000 and restart server. If you don’t find max_input_vars in your php.ini file then add it like this


save and restart server.

Make sure that max_input_vars in not commented out with semicolon at the beginning of the line like this


Updating to latest version

1. Redownload the plugin from your downloads page 2. Uninstall the current version 3. Install the new version

Plugin installation failed

You uploaded the zip that is not valid WordPress plugin. You need to upload

Can I load a PDF/images from another server (cross domain request)?

By default PDF and images needs to be on the same server. To use resources from another domain you need to add Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to server response, for example to allow http://foo.example to load the resources you need to add header

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: http://foo.example

Flipbook is not working

Please check your browser console for errors. In most cases the problem is that flipbook has no PDF/images specified, or is trying to load PDF/images from another domain. There might also be other javascript errors on the page, coming from another plugin. Try to disable other plugins to see if another plugin is causing the problem.

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