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my Purchase code does not work

Please follow the reply to the support ticket.

my Purchase code does not work

Hi Song,

I have replied the opened ticket the same day

Great plugin! It makes keyword monitoring affordable for many websites. I use it to monitor about 280 keywords. You can make it even better with these suggestions:

1) Option to view all keywords that went up or down on search engines. (Now you have to click on every keyword to see that). 2) Additionally to previous suggestion on every keyword you could have a simple arrow to show the last position change (green arrow up, red arrow down, like the statistics on market shares). 3) When you monitor a lot of keywords after a while you have to split a category to be more specific and renaming a category becomes very usual. 4) You could also give statistics about a keyword category. (that would be very helpful). 5) Multilingual websites would need to check google for not only one country but many. (That would increase requests to google but you can add a setting for less requests, for example check google.de the first week the next week google.fr and so on)

6) Last but not least. Ability to check a list of competitors positions for the same keywords.

7) Also it would help to have different color for keywords that appear in first page!

Hi There,

Thanks for the valuable suggestions. I have noted them for consideration in future versions of the plugin. below are some points that already exists.

- At the reports section, it is possible to see keywords that went up and that went down as well

- Categories at the plugin are named groups where the user can group some keywords or move keywords to a specific group

- At reports section, reports can be returned for a specific group

Regards, Atef

Does this plugin support Arabic language keyword trakcing

Yes the plugin supports all languages including Arabic.

Not displaying all keywords – Hi I have added 10 keywords which is confirmed on the screen as all(10) Manual(10) – the screen also says showing 10 of 10. However, only 5 are being displayed – if I use the search box the others are there but only 5 are shown. Can you help please? Regards


May be there is a filtering option enabled like a specific group or a specific domain

If you think there is an issue with the plugin itself please open a support ticket here so we can check it at your side


Regards, Atef

Hi – I am using the ‘All in One SEO’ plugin and have identified all my keywords by page. Is there a way for your plugin to automatically add those keywords to my Rankin dashboard so I don’t have to add them all manually? I have several hundred identified and it will be time consuming to add them all. Thanks!


Sadly there is no way to do so right now.

Regards, Atef

Love your plugin, but how about Bing and Yahoo?

Thanks, currently it only works on Google. Bing and Yahoo may be integrated with future releases but there is no guarantee or ETA.

Before buying your plugin i have a question: is google.al (country albania) included in your search?

It was not included and I have just added it

If you will purchase the plugin, please send me a PM here for the updated file https://codecanyon.net/user/ValvePress

Hello, unfortunately I’m very disappointed, the ranking of this program shows the wrong results for 4 weeks, compares it with another ranking page, the results are different 400%, please tell me what the problem is


We have a help desk setup for support, please open a support ticket here and provide a case to test including

- Keyword - Domain name - Ranking method set at the settings page - Google site set at the settings page - Expected rank - The wrong rank returned

I will then test it at my side and verify if there is an issue


Regards, Atef

nice plugin

Thanks :)

I have a strange issue. The ranks are not fetched automatically. I need to keep the dashboard page automatically so it’s updated every 6 minutes. Even if the cron started while ago…

open a support ticket here and provide the site URL to check

http://deandev.com/support Regards, Atef

No worries, I’ve managed to fix the issue.

Ok now the keywords are properly updated but the emails are not sent on daily basis.