Reviews for Rankie - Wordpress Rank Tracker Plugin

Reviews for Rankie - Wordpress Rank Tracker Plugin

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This is a great plugin. You will need to get 1 dedicated Google proxy from instant proxies for each installation and authenticate the server ip where your website is located by copying the shared ip address on your server. if it says Google showed a captcha you will need to try a different proxy. If there any other issues the developer will trouble shoot the problem by logging into your Cpanel. I have this now set up on 10 different website with more to go. This will save me years of work of having to look up each keyword ranking by hand when it is time to create a SEO report for my clients and allow me to focus on SEO work instead. Also this is cheaper than paying a lot of money each month to semrush or whatsmyserp to track your keyword rankings. I say give it a go!

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This plugin is brilliant, I wish I had found it earlier. Thank you for the great product.

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En ce qui me concerne le plugin ne tient pas ses promesses.
En effet, j'ai plus de 420 mots clés et l'option « Google directly » est assez rapidement bloquée par un message dans le log indiquant que Google voit notre adresse ip comme suspecte et réclame de lever le Capcha.
L'autre option « Google custom search api » n'autorise que 100 requêtes/jour avant de bloquer. Le concepteur dit de mettre plusieurs clés pour éviter le problème mais la seconde clé n'est pas utilisée par le script ce qui fait qu'après 100 requêtes/jour tout s'arrête !
Bref, cela pose des problèmes pour obtenir la position des mots clés. Je suis obligé d'intervertir tout les 10 heures, les clés Google pour avoir une continuité du monitoring.
De plus, la position de certains mots sont complètement erronés par rapport à ce que je vérifie. Pourquoi, je n'ai pas obtenu de réponse satisfaisante.
Pour terminer, j'ai confié ce qui n'allait pas au concepteur qui ne m'a pas donné de solution et se contente de me renvoyer à ses tutos qui ne règlent pas le problème.
C'est donc bien pour quelques mots clés mais mal foutu pour un suivi sérieux.

Author response


Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience, I understand your concerns while there are things to note

1- I explained clearly on ticket that Google directly method is the best and most accurate method

if this method is not working because your server is already blocked (which you did not mention) then the solution at this case is to use private proxy on the plugin settings page

If you do not want to use a private proxy, you can submit a refund here

having a blocked connection is not the plugin responsibility

2- using Google custom search will not give the most accurate results and this is also not our responsibility. this is how it works and this is what it returns

3- We replied to your ticket but you did not follow up to our latest reply


for Code Quality

Highly recommended. Well written and works perfectly.

for Bugs

I really loved this plug-in. It was just great. For some time now, it no longer works for me. I tried it on a freshly reinstalled WordPress installation, but there are no results anymore. I have PHP 8.x and the latest WordPress version running. I've had this issue for months and I think it's a shame that it's not being fixed. I don't think I'm the only one who has this issue. Normaly I would give 5 stars, but the bug is still there, so I give only 3 stars.

for Other

5 Stars for results/features, customizability and support (we had issues with a server connection that the support could solve).
This plugin is a must-have for every SEO agency and every website owner who seraches for an easy way to monitor website rankings. Bonus: You can also monitor any other website, including your competitors!
Joerg Gastmann, Cologne, Germany

for Customer Support

This app is simple. to the point. super convenient. and the support is amazing. I use this plugin every single day. A must if you're doing seo, backlinks, and tracking your website rankings.

for Flexibility

Doesn't show more than a few weeks of rank history: (I started tracking this keyboard back in Spring).

for Feature Availability

Great plugin. It works fine!
Is there any chance in the future to develop a feature like "research tab" to view traffic volume estimate of a particular keyword?
Like on ubersuggest or on semrush?
Thanks a lot!

for Feature Availability

Simply the best ranking plugin I have used so far. Have been using it for about a year now and am absolutely satisfied. No unnecessary features and the tracking is very accurate. Especially the benefits of the keyword research feature are very useful.

What convinced me the most is the fact that it is not a subscription. Pay once and use it for life. Top!

for Feature Availability

With this plugin you can have a quick presentation of keywords / phrases ranking right in your wordpress admin. It works fine and i think is a handy plugin for SEO.