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I have given this product a 5 star rating as "Other" because their is no option to give a 5 star rating for "Everything" Including the pricing.

What can i say without rambling on. Absolutley the best form and team to work with. I have been using this form for a few uears now and have never been let down by the support team, if and when i needed them. I have the form on both mine and my clients sites. During this time i have never even thought about looking at any other form. You just do not need to. Quform all the way.

I cannot reccomend this form and the people behind it enough.


for Feature Availability

The only one with REGEX Validation - It's a MUST HAVE !
Finally I found it !
This last version is on TOP.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

for Feature Availability

Great plugin. Lots of options, nice designs. And definitely the best value for your money. Most of the other top selling form plugins charge arm and let for add-ons. Everything is included here!

for Other

Convenient functional beautiful plugin! It is pleasant to me! I bought two.

for Flexibility

Great Product, Highly Recommend, Using accross a few websites and am always pleased to use it.

for Customizability

I wanted to try other contact form plugin for wordpress to have better performance, honestly I couldn't find better plugin when it comes to customization and flexibility this plugin always win. my concern about this plugin is styling the submit button, the author should add visual styling map to direct users of the correct way to style the form, in General this plugin is 5/5

for Customer Support

Support is horrible. I have 10 licenses. When you build sites on a temporary domain and move them you'll get a a red "Unlicensed Product" warning on your site. Which is not a problem until you try to find the licenses, unregister the old temporary domain and license the new one. I cannot find a license page (Like WooThemes and ThemePunch's Slider Revolution) Also, not a fan of their "Just make an account and search our blogs for other people that have the same problem." Help me! Now! I have deadlines.

I would recommend purchasing a different form builder until this company gets better at supporting their customers.


Author response


To move a license key you just use it to verify the plugin on the new site, the previous site will become unlicensed after some time and the license key will be associated with the new site.

To check which key is associated with which site, we have a page here, replace YOUR_KEY in the URL with the purchase code. It's a little basic, if the page is blank the key is not associated with a site, otherwise it will display the associated site URL. In the next major update we'll have a new system to manage the keys.

You can contact us through the contact form on our CodeCanyon profile page to get help in the future, I didn't see a message from you beforehand.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards, TC

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