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for Code Quality

Version 2.10 is stable, the developers have made it easy to troubleshoot. If 500 error appears, disable all plugins and enable debug, then one by one go and enable the plugins, you can detect which one is conflicting with Quform.
Support is good but very slow to answer.

for Code Quality

Excelente plugin, actualizaciones en tiempo,funciona siempre, se reciben notificaciones en el backend de wordpress. Sólo le faltaría el conectarse con otros servicios de envío de correos

for Customer Support

Great and fast support. When you buy plugin or theme support is essential because a lot of us are not in programming business. Ally from ThemeCatcher did amazing job to help out. I can highly recommend this plugin.

Not happy with that !
tried to contact the support. no answer


Author response


Sorry, not sure where you tried to contact us from but we didn't receive your message. Could you email us at so we can help?

Regards, TC

for Feature Availability

I have seen a few and worked with a few form plugins... this one is truly the best! So many features and super easy to use!

Looking for the right form plugin? Chances are high, that this one is also the best choice for you!

for Other

Great plugin but desperately needs some new field types like sliders and star ratings. The developer seems reluctant to add new features like field calculations for example. QuForm could be so amazing but falls short in these areas, unfortunately. Having said all of that...I have 4 licences so it's not all that bad...but could be better.

for Design Quality

Un plugin de très grande qualité
Agréable à utiliser
Accessible aux non informaticiens
Nombreuses fonctionnalités
Fonctionnalités Manquantes à mon avis :
- l'affichage des entrées pour un formulaire donné avec sélection des champs à afficher ;
- limitation de choix sur les listes déroulantes, les boutons radio.