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How can I add or edit the CSS to change the style of my form?

There are three ways you can change the CSS in iPhorm depending on how much control you require over the design.

1: For basic and quick CSS changes use the “Add style” option within the form builder Settings and Element Settings.

2: Create a custom.css file to override theme and basic styles. This gives more control. For more info view: Help, FAQ, Styling and Layout, How do I make minor CSS changes to the form?

3: Create you own theme. This is for a fully custom form design. More info can be found here :

Can my form be integrated with MailChimp or Aweber?

We have plans to integrate this fully in a future version. However if you require it sooner we have instructions on our website for MailChimp and Aweber .

My license key is not working?

NOTE: If it fails to verify once, try again a few times.

If the error is “An error occurred verifying your license key, please try again”.

This could be caused by a conflict with another plugin or your theme. Try deactivating all other plugins and verify again. If that doesn’t work try using the default WordPress theme e.g. TwentyEleven and verify again. If that doesn’t work there is probably a communication issue between your web server and our verification server. In some cases your server may not allow outgoing connections from a PHP script, you will need to enable this (check with your host) or you if you are behind a corporate firewall the connection may be being blocked. Ask your host or network admin to enable connections to our verification server with IP on port 80.

If the error is “Invalid license key”

The license key you entered is not correct, double check it. Make sure you are using the license certificate file for Quform and not another product you’ve purchased on CodeCanyon.

If the verify button does nothing, or it reloads the page

There could be a JavaScript error on the page, it could be caused by another plugin. Check the browser console for errors. Try temporarily deactivating all other plugins and using the default WordPress theme e.g. TwentyEleven.

I’m having trouble installing the plugin

Instead of trying to install the plugin by uploading the plugin .zip file, extract the contents of this file on your local computer and upload the folder inside it to the wp-content/plugins directory on your web server.

Can I use a development version without a license?

You can license the plugin while developing the website and when the site becomes live, you can license the plugin again on the live site. You can use the license key any number of times and the license is associated with the last website it was verified on. Your development site will become unlicensed.

We permit you to continue to develop using the unlicensed version, the plugin still has 100% functionality of the licensed version, but you cannot access the help or plugin updates.

Where can I find my license key?

You can find the license key by following the instructions here.

Why is my form wrapped in [raw] [/raw] shortcodes?

In the last version we added code to check if your theme supports this shortcode and we use it automatically. Doing this solves many issues with themes breaking forms.

If you see these shortcodes on the page that means our plugin has wrong detected that it should use them, so we need to force the plugin not to use them. To do that add this code inside your theme functions.php file:

add_filter('iphorm_needs_raw_tag', '__return_false');

How can I make the user send a payment to PayPal?

You can currently redirect to another page after the user sends the form. So you could set up another page on your website with your PayPal buy buttons and redirect to this page when the form is successfully submitted. We will look into fully managing Paypal payments for a future version.

How can I add my own styles to the submit button?

Here is how to reset the CSS on the submit button to allow for restyling.

Inside the form builder click on the Settings tab – then click the Style tab. Locate Global styling – Add a style. Click on Submit button inside span and Submit button inside em. Enter CSS by clicking the CSS button; Now add the flowing CSS to both CSS areas.

background: none;
padding: 0;
color: inherit;
border: none;

Now add your own CSS into Submit button inside em under the above code.

For advanced styling and to use the :hover or :active states you will need to use the custom.css method.

I get this error in WordPress 3.5

Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/p14fptrh/public_html/wp-content/plugins/iphorm-form-builder/admin/admin.php on line 2105 and defined in /home/p14fptrh/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990

Please update to version 1.3.6 via the WP plugins page.

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