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patdundee Purchased

What can i say without rambling on. Absolutley the best form and team to work with. I have been using this form for a few uears now and have never been let down by the support team, if and when i needed them. I have the form on both mine and my clients sites. During this time i have never even thought about looking at any other form. You just do not need to. Quform all the way.

I cannot reccomend this form and the people behind it enough.


Thank you for the kind words :)



Is it possible to add the email address of the person sending the form as the reciever rather than a staic email address I need to insert :

In the field—> Default “From”

This is possible with the contact 7 form plugin, I really dont want to change plugins so I hope there is a simple tag I can add to the field—> Default “From”

I want to reply to the email and it must send directly to the sending and use the field where they inserted their email address


When editing the form, go to Settings – Notifications, and go to the settings for the Admin notification. It’s better for email deliverability if the from address is set to an email address that is associated with the website. You can set a Reply-To address to the submitted email address so that replying to the notification email will reply to the submitter. To do that scroll down to the “Recipient” setting and click “Add recipient”, in the first menu choose “Reply-To”, then choose the Insert variable menu (code tag next to the field) and select the Email Address field.

If you want to set the “From” address to the submitted email address, do the same thing at the “From” address setting.

Regards, TC


revert13 Purchased

In version 2.0.1 where can you set the different recipient emails for individual forms. I have different recipient emails for different forms. I cant seem to find where that is set like previous versions.


When editing the form go to the Settings (cog icon), then the Notifications tab, go to the settings for the Admin Notification and you can set the recipients at the “Recipient” settings.

Regards, TC


immerpower Purchased


how i can download on your site the JOB APPLICATION FORM and import on my site?

thx Dani

Hello, I am interested in buying this, however, I need it to do the following…

1. Allow tablet / mobile users to use their camera to take and insert and image 2. The image they have taken to display upon the form.

E.g. Take a photo of the damaged area: [Click to switch to camera] * Snap – Photo taken* Return back to the form.

Can this be done with this application or do you know of one which can?

Thank you

Hi! How to make display of the field “loading of the file” and the send button to one line?

Now the send button is displayed below the field “loading of the file”.

Good day,

Please advise how many days it takes for a response?

2 days seems quite excessive?


Sorry about the delay, I’ve replied to your comment now.

Regards, TC