Discussion on Puerto Family Tree Builder SAAS

Discussion on Puerto Family Tree Builder SAAS

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good product, but is there an option of locking the family trees or enabling them for only signed up users

Yes there is an option to lock the family tree by password and people who have that password can view it


proshabo Purchased



proshabo Purchased

Why you are so silent?

hi, you can check the change log…if you want the old version of the script I can manage to send it. thanks


proshabo Purchased

YES, I WANT IT please send it.

Any plans of updating and fixing all bugs? Thanks.

yes I’m working on it. thanks

i tryed to open and run a PHP script on an Android device but not working

there is no android app for now


I was so excited to get this script to summarize our family tree and I have hit so many obstacles that I’m at a loss to where to go next . Please Khalid, please help your customers. I am asking the same questions that have gone unanswered for nearly a year now on the Code Canyon comments site for this script.

For starters, I purchased the script today and have version 1.5.3. The install happened pretty flawlessly. But here’s where the challenges happen.

1. When I try to RENAME a tree or CREATE a second tree, I continuously get the following error:

Your number of families that you can add for the plan you have is expired, please upgrade your plan for more!

2. I logged in as ADMIN and I changed the plan to REGULAR for both the user that created the tree as well as ADMIN. But the plan doesn’t stick. It reverts back to BASIC

3. The comments section refer to a control panel. Where is that? Where can I modify what the plan options are?

4. Just to be clear, I purchased a SAAS script. I never intend to sell or charge my family members. This is a personal family project. But It was my understanding that in the future, should I ever want to add a member to create their own tree at my charge, I can do so. I just don’t see where I can do this.

5. Trust me, I have read the docs over and over. NOTHING speaks to the issues I’m having above.

6. I can’t even add a member. The script errors with the message

Your number of members per family that you can add for the plan you have is expired, please upgrade your plan for more!

7. I specifically ordered the script titled:

Puerto Family Tree Builder SAAS

...from this page.

BUT…there is NO SAAS folder in my download purchased from Code Canyon. I have version 1.5.3. Why is this happening?????

Please Khalid, let’s do the right thing for the customer here. We trust you. Please answer the questions above. Please help your customers. We are asking questions n the comments section that are going unanswered for a very long time.

Hi, I will check those issue and get back with update. thanks

it will also be nice if families can have live group chat as well

it would be very nice to have live streaming for families to have online reunions and that they have to pay fir in a package for them to select

The demo website keeps on laoding. can you fix that so I can check the demo before buying

You can check it now thanks

Hello Mr Khaled,

Is there possible to hide the registered user list from a guest visitor?

The notification bar is just a name. Please make it a live, with good design. Including the time and other details.

I can not still understand When you add new words how it works.

Thank you very much.

saas available with regular license?


ecosa Purchased

Please add functions to allow Admin to add more options regarding who these individuals are.

Example: Grand-Father; Great Grand-Father; Grandmother, niece, cousin, etc

The tree needs the ability for us to add any member before and after a user, also instead of partner, we need option to add it like- Wife or Husband

Where we have parent, we need option to add items like- Father, Mother, etc

Also consider a smart match feature that shows you suggestions of added people to your tree that matches another public tree with option to merge them.

Please consider downloading MyHeritage Free Software Tree Builder and look at the basic functions and layouts they have.

It could be a benefit if you slowly add those basic features as a core part of this system.

Just a suggestion that I think will benefit your program


ecosa Purchased

When you add for example a main member and lets say their partner (wife), you are unable to add that partners mother and father to their profile.

Family trees are complicated and you need the ability to add members in any direction for every member created.

Its about showcasing your family in full detail, adding their photos, records you found for them, etc

You want to be able to link your tree with other family members trees and have the option to add details they have in their tree that you might not have.

Like a compare option…showing you what information they have on same created profile that you have missing (that you can import to your tree), or which information added does not match (with option for you to update your details with theirs or ignore certain data being presented).

Please have a look at the supplied software link and extract its features into your script.

[ ]

It will make your system a lot better and your sales will increase 100%

Hi, thank you for your suggestions.. I will check allof them

Hello puertokhalid,

Please fix the mobile view, there is alot of problems on (header – sidebar).

+ When I change the lang to arabic and enter the tree page, I see blank page just (arabic).

Please fix it.

Thank you!

I will check it. thanks


In your Screenshot and video preview, spouses are displayed horizontally. But on your demo, the couples are displayed differently but below.

So if I understood correctly, it was in the old versions? If so, do you sell the old version? because many prefer the display of partners on the same line.

Thank you

Yes you can contact me after buying so I can provide you with the old version. Thanks

Hello!! Do you do custom work ? and what is your rate thank !!


sakima Purchased

Hi, Private tree with password does not work.

Hi, I just test it and it works fine. thanks


sakima Purchased

What do you mean? It’s not working.


Hello, is the tree that is generated just the images or avatars or does it come with a background like this one?

I ask you since I would like to buy it with this feature and that it be interchangeable with different backgrounds for the user, my intention is to make it oriented both to adults and children, thinking about the children’s homework, thanks!!

Hi, as a user you can either use the avatars that comes with the script or you can upload your own image. Thanks

Hey! I see you are constantly working on this code. So I would like to suggest, before buying: seems a bit confusing why a ueer would install many families. It would be better to ORGANIZE FAMIILIES. I mean: users can create ONE family and invite new users to be part of this family for chatting, changing experiences, discovering new cousins, etc. Myheritage and Familytree are all about finding old people, which is aewsome, but I wish to have a place to connect the living ones (through the ancient ones)

Please can you help with redirection? The code points to dashboard?pg=users but the url says dasboard/users and this is causing issues. Thanks

it is url rewriting you can disable it form configs.php -> line 61


1: stripe payment system integration

2: ability to integrate roles with users

3: ability to save images to FTP or wasabi storage

4: Allow Login via Google

5: the integration of an affiliation system

6: Send a welcome email when a user registers

7: An API system so that we can use the functionality of the script in another application


thank you

The script is constantly updating, so if there are any suggestions please do not hesitate to tell me here in the comments or at my email:
I will appreciate your help in making the script better.
Thank you


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