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How can i use this as a Saas service. I want to be able to have mutiple domains all monitored through one admin panel how can i make this possible? I own mutuple domains and i want to monitor all them in one place. I understsnd i would have to buy a license for each but how can i moniter then all in one place.

To use Project SECURITY as a SaaS you will have to add payment system and other tweaks.

Yes, multiple domains / websites can be monitored via one main Admin Panel.

Detailed instructions: https://codecanyon.net/item/project-security-website-security-antivirus-firewall/15487703/faqs/29829


As agreed I have the plugin, I hope to have made the right choice

Thank you

I can add a Contact Form in the future updates but where do you want to use it (on which pages)?


When clients receive the error message? He will be able to contact us and ask us why we are banned on your site etc ….. for example

The wordpress site or is installing the plugin still being tested.

I am talking about a form builder of contact.

integrated into the plugin in the admin panel.

We will be able to Send, Edit, Reply, on the admin panel.

Thank you

Thanks for the idea. Contact Form will be added in the future updates.

In your demo which should be protecting the installed website. i turned on the content protection then went back to the website and it did not protect anything, right click, view page source code ect. Please explain.


Enable “jQuery include” option and Content Protection will be working.

Hi I am using laravel 4, in which file should I put the line : include_once “security/project-security.php”; ?

sent, Thank you

Done, the problem is fixed. :)

wow top notch support and very Fast. Thank you

I like this project. But i am yet to understand the usage. I have a site already, can i use this project to protect my site and other sites

Tell me How: My understanding : you will host this security project separately then integrate intended website to it from the admin section.But i dont see any thing like that in the admin

then . its a mini firewall (mini checkpoint)

Here you can see detailed installation & integration steps and instructions: https://codecanyon.net/item/project-security-website-security-antivirus-firewall/15487703/faqs/27370

The whole process is not hard and I can help you if you are not able to do it.

does it blocks Vulnerability Scanners to scan webservers

Yes, the malicious vulnerability scanners are detected and blocked by Project SECURITY.

Hi Antonov, how to update?


Just download and replace all files. :)

after the lest update i cant login with the password i used.

i will like to reset it from phpmyadmin can you tel what should i use as “Function” on the table?


i dont see SHA256 on the list…The closest ia SHA1 I rather not have to reinstall to, prefer not lose any of the settings

You can use Project SECURITY’s Hash Encoder, too. The easiest way is to visit the Demo website and to navigate to “Hashing” page. :)

hey there nice work but i want to know that percentage vise how much my site will be secured ?


You should be aware that there is no security system that has 100% protection. You’ve probably heard that even big companies, which spends millions on security, got hacked recently. The only way to be 100% secure is to disconnect your website from the internet.

I can’t calculate the protection precentage because every website and its code is different but Project SECURITY will make your website more safer. :)

yes you are right but i mean that after this, an amature hacker that knows little XSS and sql will not be able to attack ?

Yes, Project SECURITY will block such hacking attempts.

I have a question, I have 2 server One I used to host WordPress site and another server to store my video files. I direct link those video files in WordPress video player. Now what I want to know is, Can I install it to my video store server and protect them from being hotlinked and only it can be played on my domain only? Thank you

Project SECURITY can be installed on every domain but it does not offer hotlink protection. You can check the offered features in the Item Description and in the Online Demo.


RyGull Purchased

Do i have to purchase the malware scanner separately after buying this? The link in the admin panel leads to a 404.

No, because Project SECURITY is already integrated with Malware Scanner.


RyGull Purchased

Ok, Thank you. I sent you a message through your support.

Hello, does it protect the full server? Can I use whm / cpanel?

Project SECURITY can protect the whole website (Everything in the “public_html”, “www” root folders). Yes, you can use CPanel / WHM.


My partner has just bought this product via user name “allante5” so installed this on a subdomain as my main installation aka “normal installation” now what issue i’m getting is i have a different domain where i have an webapp running already (mailwizz) now i have created an subfolder and placed all the source folder file to proceed with “Lite Installation” so that i can monitor this webiste / webapp but its not getting installed i getting conflict.

Can you connect with me via skype ? I have sent you an email via your profile please check.


Prove me that you have a valid license and I will be able to help you. Do not use other user’s license.

1 license can be used per 1 domain / installation only.

Sure, Mate my partner will contact you just in a bit !! With all his details.

I replied to his message.

HI, one question: I have a dedicated server and 1 website under Cpanel, does this product conflict with WHM/Cpanel security tools or works in parallel and is additional protection for website?


The script does not mess and can work in a combination with WHM / CPanel security tools without conflicts.

are you making a saas version?

No, because this task is very complex and needs a lot of time and skills.

Project SECURITY by default is not SAAS. You can use is as a SAAS but you will have to add Payment System + other adjustments.

Thanks for your reply. I understand a payment system is required for saas thats easy. Can you indicate or give me a guide of the other adjustments you refer to.

I can’t help you with modifications because Customization Services are not included in my Support.

i just see there is a option force as a secure connection. this is about http works as a https or any other else? please explain this?

The script works good on the both connection types.

hi, this work is very nice, i am testing/try before buy, i installed all good, i see admin is very nice many futures, i installed the include inside main and all good.. but after that in my website all people are redirect into the country banned page, but in admin the black and white list empty, i try to add my location but still made this, please tellme if you know about this issue and if you can fix this o tellme how fix it to buy. very thanks


Buy a valid license + support and I will be able to help you.


Question before purchase

I’m also interested in your plugin, but on the online demo not find any contact form, do you add one?

Is it compatible with any framework

Thank you

Thanks for the idea, I will add a Contact function on the Warning Pages in the next update. :)

Yes, Project SECURITY is compatible with any framework.


slejo Purchased

Bad Bots function blocks some of my users that use mobile company Play (in Poland) and they are not bots.


After activating / deactivating features clear the cache of your browser and website and you won’t have any issues.

If you are using a Proxy, Data Compressions or other web services is possible they to use country different from Poland and this can cause the issues that you see a warning page.


slejo Purchased

After turning off Poland from the whitelist .. and even after switching off the entire script, I checked on a completely different computer, completely different provider. And one that has not seen the page before (so it’s not a browser cache problem). The problem was also on this other computer. In addition, readers have reported me a problem, so it was not just my computer and mobiles. And I’m not connected on any hardware by proxy. The script sees me as IP from Poland. I suggest that there is a problem somewhere in your script

Send me more details about the issue via the Contact Form and I will try to help you. In the message include details like what CMS are you using and which plugins are activated.

Greeting , i have a pre-purchase question :

Is this project can secure a based “Asp.net” website or “Dot .Net web application” ??


You can install Project SECURITY on ASP.Net (.NET) based websites but the default integration methods won’t work because they are only for .PHP based websites.