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1) When do you have a date , For the update,for the contact page

2) Question: why not add an update system automatically

Thank you

1. There is no scheduled date, but this function is done & implemented. (You can see it on the Demo Website. I will wait to improve and add more new things and I will release update. I will improve the UI, too but I am waiting for a stable Bootstrap 4 version. This will make the UI lightweight and more responsive, optimized.

2. This is a very hard task and needs a lot of time and skills. Some customers perefer not to install a specific update and if I add such system they will not like it.

Hello, I am interested in your script. I have few presale questions.

1. In features you have mentioned we can monitor and secure multiple sites from a single remote installation. I have checked your admin demo link. Where we will have to add our domains? Under the tab “Website Monitoring”? or any other tab?

2. In admin panel there is “users” tab. What is the use and purpose to have multiple users in this script? And what are the functions other users can operate?

3. Most of my websites are on wordpress. Hackers and spammers best choice is wordpress websites. Through htaccess we can hide the admin panel from the attackers. I have also used “hide my wp” plugin that works great but sametime it conflicts with few wordpress themes. So can’t use it with every wordpress theme.

Is there any other ways your script can help in wordpress sites that attackers won’t find the exact url of admin panel and also it won’t affect or conflict with our Live wordpress website?

4. Last but an important question. If after installion of your script and if incase it conflicts with our website(s). Then, after uninstallation of your script our websites will work back to normal or we will have to make any changes thereafter? As a user this is an important question to know because i have some bad experiences earlier that after uninstallation of some plugins my site layout and working had affected.

Kindly suggest

Thanks and Regards Sunny

1. The monitored websites should be added on the Website Monitoring page.

2. This is just a multi-account feature that allows many administrators to login and manage the script using different login details. All they have the same privileges.

3. Project SECURITY is not integrated with such feature to hide WP Admin URL but you can use the Bad Bot protection to limit malicious bots to investigate the WP Admin path.

4. Project SECURITY and your website will be connected only via one line of code (Integration Code). You can delete it in case you have issues or you want to disconnect them. Your website will be working just as before the integration after uninstallation.

since the latest update the overall stats on the dashboard do not work. they stay blanco. I’m using this on multiple sites via a light install and use a full install to access them they are all hosted on the same VPS

Send me a screenshot(s) of the issue + more details via the Contact Form and I will help you. Check the error_log file, too and if there are errors connected with Project SECURITY paste them in the message.

Hello! I meet this error, can u help me? Warning: fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/westartn/public_html/security/install/done.php on line 58 Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/westartn/public_html/security/install/done.php on line 61

Buy a valid license and I will be able to help you.

Hi. I’m starting a flat html/css js and jquery shop online as opposed to a database driven site. I’m concerned about xss attacks. May I ask if this plugin would be suitable for my site please?


Yes, Project SECURITY can help you to protect your website from XSS Attacks and will be suitable for your website.

pls can it resolve a hacked website with malicious files?

Yes, Project SECURITY is integrated with Malware Scanner that can scan your website and tell you which files are malicious.

“AdBlocker Detection Detects and block visitors that use the AdBlockers to hide the ads on the website.”

How i can use it …i have install it properly but dashboard AdBlocker Detection no option find me

Buy a valid license and I will be able to help you.

hello partner, I liked the script, I’m interested in buying. well, I wonder if the price / price you are asking for it refers to a definitive license or has some validity? Do you have a file for translation? Or do I have to translate everything? (pt-BR – Brazil here)


License is per lifetime but Support is for a limited time. There is no file for translation but you can translate the script via the Admin Panel or via the .php files.


ciahd Purchased

Greetings, if I buy the license, do you help me integrate the system?

Yes, I will help you if you have a valid license.

How to test it? It show http://prntscr.com/hej6xo when I try to test demo!

Disable all data saving features (data compression services) of your Internet / Device / Browser and try to visit the Demo again.


“AdBlocker Detection Detects and blocks visitors who use AdBlockers to hide ads on the website.”

How can I use it … I installed it correctly but the dashboard AdBlocker Detection no option find me

Thank you

Enable or Disable the “jQuery Include” option, clear the cache of your browser / website and try to visit the website again. (You can find this option on the Content Protection page.)

Quick Question – Where do I add my Google Maps API Key?

There is no need to add Google Maps API key, but you can use this string as an example:

" ... /maps/api/js?key=YOUR_API_KEY& ... "

(This line can be found in the bottom part of the core.php file.

Cloudflare can not find the IP address of attackers on my attached site and shows my server’s IP address.

Buy a valid License + Support and I will be able to help you.


I need to know a date? I am working on the new version of our site To avoid doing the same thing twice,

Thank you

I can’t calculate a date at this point. I am waiting some js and other plugins like Bootstrap to be stable updated.


Salem23 Purchased

Hi, the project seems wonderfull, please can you tell me step by step how to integrate with wordpress? Do i need to code something inside wordpress? Thanks

No, there is no need to put your website’s domain or url on the Website Monitoring page.


Salem23 Purchased

Thanks for help now is all runnig :), but i have a doubt.

Your sistem is blocking google bots? Google spider ? I mean all google ips, bing, yahoo ips are blocked buy defoult or i need to add to whitelist?

Thanks once again

The real and verified popular search engine bots are not being blocked. Only their fake clones are detected and blocked. Yes, you can add them in the Whitelist and they will not be detected.