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Does Project Security work/compatible with all PHP based sites, Like Wordpress or any other custom coded PHP site

Yes, it is compatible with PHP based websites and CMS. If you need any help send me a message via the Contact Form and I will help you.

Does the malware scan Javascript files too?

Yes, it can scan .js files, too.

will this protect a Wordpress site?

Yes, Project SECURITY can protect a WordPress website.

Can I change the blocking page to my own?

Yes, it can be changed.

I wanna to RTL this script and translate it to my own language.
so please help me for RTL the navigation bar and the main page.
and also how I can add my font and language.

Sorry for the mistake, I haven’t seen the badge. Send me temporary FTP Details via the Contact Form and I will make it RTL.

I want to do it by myself,please send the code or file for me,and also contact with me by this email “”. thanks

Done, I sent you a message.

will it work on php 7.2 php fpm nginx?

Yes, it will works.


nielesh Purchased

Hi There,

I have a question.

If i keep the bad bots protection on, will it restrict search engines to crawl my site?


No, it won’t restrict them. Only bad bots are blocked.

Hello, I have built my own custom CMS and I am new to web security. Can this app work with my custom CMS, If so how? Is there any coding involved or after installed does the app secure everything automatically?

Also If my CMS is used on multiple websites, do I purchase a licence per website? Thank you.


Yes, it can work with your custom CMS. After installation you will receive the integration code. Put it in any main .php file that is included in all other .php files (pages) of your CMS. Detailed instructions:

Yes, you need a separate license per each installation / website. Multiuse license is not offered by Envato.

In love with this app.

Can it cover up to every directory and sub-domain under the domain.


Yes, it can cover the whole root directory and its subfolder & files.

I use 2 days, very pleased with the purchase. Clean code, script convenient to use. Program combine, all in one place to protect my site. Just super. Got rid of competitors who are cheating “spamming” my google analytics through proxy. Thank you very much!!!

Good afternoon. Please tell me how to do the script update? Will there be problems with the old database? I have more than 2k IP records. Thank you very much.


To update the script backup your database tables. Delete the config.php file of the script and reupload & replace all files. Then follow the installation instructions. Clean reinstallation is needed due to the modified database tables.

Script updated. I’m watching now. If anything, I will write later. Thank you very much.

how many domains can I install the plugin?

You can install and use the script on multiple domains, there are no limits. A separate license is needed per each domain / installation.

Hi there, thank you for a great script! I just bought it and installed the script in less than 5 minutes. Super easy to set up and get it running. The script has been running for less than 30 minutes and here are some stats – Just one question, do I need to ban all these bad bods and sql attackers, or will the system just prevent the attacks?

There is no need to ban them, the system automatically prevents their malicious actions.

If I have a web server with so many websites, do I have to install this for any website? example: site1 / security site2 / security site3 / security sito4 / security ....

or just install it in a general root for the security of the entire server? Thank you.

You will have to install the script on each website separately only if the websites don’t have access to the main file storage and database. But if they have access to the general database and file storage only one installation is enough.


user101 Purchased

10/10 your script is amazing and anyone thinking of buying.. just go for it – this is the best.

Thanks for the good words!

What’s the difference between this one and the new WP protect? If this can do all websites including WP?

Project SECURITY has a little bitore features than the current version of WP Guard but it has more installation steps than WP Guard. WP Guard is developed especially for WordPress, it is very easy for installation and it is directly integrated with the core to increase the performance. I have plans to add the missing features to WP Guard, too + a few more.

Project SECURITY is universal and is compatible with all php based websites types including WordPress.


d1git Purchased

Seems the Proxy Detection module makes my websites load extremely slow. If I disable that option, they are right back to normal speeds. Any advise?

Increase your website’s PHP Memory Limit and disable the third proxy detection module because it is heavy and there is a chance of affecting the performance of some websites.


d1git Purchased

That works perfectly! Thank you. I really like your software. It has stopped this hacker I have been battling with and now I have won the war with your software.

Thanks for the good words! :)


ianx Purchased

hello sir, i love your works.! suggest feature maybe you can add option block by user agent :)

Thanks for the idea, I will keep it in mind for the future updates. :)


as1974 Purchased

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as1974 Purchased

Like has understood

Delete all files of the script from the root folder. This redirect can be caused due to .htaccess file or cache. Clear the cache of your website, browser and device. Check if the index.php file of the root folder is not replaced with the script’s one. If this happenned restore your files via backup.

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