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Can I install it in a cloud server and then add 2 website to protect them? (hosted in other server) I didn´t see a way to add other websites in your demo… (i have to install it on the same server? )

You can protect multiple website, but if they are hosted on different hosts / servers you should install Project SECURITY on each of them.

New websites can be added via the Website Monitoring page.

I want to purchase your Project SECURITY script But I would like to know from you.

Can I install the Project SECURITY script on a different host and use it to manage website on a different host

To protect multiple websites you must install Project SECURITY on the main website as you choose the Main Installation option at the Installation Wizard.

Then upload and install Project SECURITY as you choose the Lite Installation Option at the Installation Wizard on all other websites. Finally copy the Project SECURITY’s Path URL and add it on the Website Monitoring page at the main Project SECURITY installation.

do you offer installation service and what is the fees?

I will help you with the installation for free if you buy the script.

it apparently does not run in my web, using http, What is no longer setting? just install?

Prove me that you have a valid license (because there is no “Purchased” / “Supported” badge on your comment), so I can help you further with the issue.

i cant install the plugin, then i upload from cpanel. i have warning :

The file you uploaded, codecanyon-15487703-project-security-website-security-antivirus-firewall.zip, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: YARA.r57shell_php_php.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

please help me…


This way of installation is incorrect. Follow the installation instructions or send me FTP / Database details via the Contact Form and I will install Project SECURITY on your website.


lipmusik Purchased

i dont know where to put the last code of the installment. And what it mean change the folder. You guys have to realize some of us new at this stuff, and need point to point details

include_once “XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/project-security.php”;

Put the integration code of Project SECURITY in any main file of your website like a config file or core / functions file (file that is used by all other files of the website). Modify the path according to your website’s paths.

If you need help with the integration send me temporary FTP details via the contact form and I will help you.


lipmusik Purchased

info sent

Is possible to instal this app to protech another folder structure? eg: My site is in /htdocs/my_jobs/my_actual_job/test

I expect to instal in /htdocs/my_tools/protect/antonov

Is possible to use this type of folder structure?

Thanks for fast feedback. You really is amazing.

We try to use with recursive path: ../../my_jobs/my_actual_job/test

We try too using $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’my_jobs/my_actual_job/test’

Not works with the error: Notice: Undefined variable: prefix in …../htdocs/my_tools/protect/antonov/project-security.php on line 6

In my project in CodeIgniter, I include the “include_once” in application/config/config.php .

Can I contribute to your project include another language? In the company where I work, We translate all your project. How can I send to you?

Thanks… Again…

1. Prove me that you have a valid license, so I can help you further with the issue.

2. Yes, correctly.

3. Project SECURITY is not integrated with translations module, for the moment there is no need to send me the translated files.


I will ask my company to get in touch with you. Personally, I do not have a license, but expect to buy; I love the project.

We use the same assumptions that have its installer that is multi-languages, to update all the project.

Best Regards.

I am interested in your product to protect my websites. What admin skin is this using? also what do you charge to install a different style admin theme to this script?

The admin skin is bootstrap based and can be modified / changed easily.

I do not have enough time for customization services.


pavelkey Purchased

Hi, Antonov! I have a problem on step /security/install/database Error “Database connecting error! Please check your connection parameters.”

I used a username and password to log into phpMyAdmin, everything works.

Rewrite_module supports hosting.

The user has full rights to the database.

PHP v7.0

Hosting – nic.ru

What could it be?


pavelkey Purchased

yep. my mail active.pavelk(DOG)gmail.com

I sent the instructions on your email address.


pavelkey Purchased

I answered you

Hi I just sent you an email, please can you give me some advice….

Thanks alot