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Why install on nginx error 404 not found. http://domain.com/install/done

Prove me that you have a valid license (because there is no “Purchased” / “Supported” badge on your comment), so I can help you further with the issue.


krilloil Purchased

I am interested in your Project SECURITY and i have one question: if he can stop the malware to not change the files in website and automatically ban that ip? Thank you.

Project SECURITY is integrated with Malware Scanner that will detect the malicious files and will show them in the table.

The files are not connected with IPs, but if you want to ban any IP Address you can ban it via the Bans page.


krilloil Purchased

He cannot stop the malware to not change the files?He show only where is the modified files.

There is no file modify protection, but the modified with malicious code files will be detected.


xejay Purchased

Some user always get this message on they mobile phones, how to solve this issue? https://ibb.co/fF7urF

This is a false positive and I will fix it, but first send me the logs that identify them as a Bad Bots and I will fix this issue.

Send me the logs via the Contact Form (E-Mail), not here.

Hello can i used this on sites that’s on another hosting account?

Yes, you can use it to protect multiple websites that are hosted on different hosts / servers.

When are you going to update this script again? thanks

I will update the script when I have new ideas and enough time for releasing them.

Do you think it’s possible to use this php script on a social network or dating site with hundreds of people online?

Yes, it can be used to protect a social networks / dating sites.

I am bit confused , how to integrate this system to a currently developed website ?? I understand the steps of Installation and creating database and stuff but how will it link to an already developed website ???


To connect your website with Project SECURITY use the Integration Code which you will see at the end of the Installation Wizard.

The Integration Code should be put in any main php file like config or core file. (PHP file that is used by all other files / pages of the website)

If you buy the script I will help you with the Installation / Integration. :)

So , this script can be used with any already developed cms like ,wordpress , opencart , laravel , codeigniter etc????

Yes, Project SECURITY can be used to protect any type of website.


Nismo88 Purchased

Hello. Supported Prestashop 1.4.8 ? Thank you.

Yes, it is supported. :)

Hi.. great script.

One question… I have a comercial multisite wordpress… Many domains, subdomains and external scripts working in this network.

For example, I have a WHMCS installation that creates the sites for my clients. On another server.

And we have the automatic returns of the payment intermediary.

Would that be a problem for your script, or could it work without affecting the workings of it all?


Project SECURITY can work without affecting the workings of the websites.


zoxee Purchased

Hi. Just installed lite version in a site’s subfolder, inserted the correct infos then i get the confirmation that all was installed correctly. Then i inserted the include line into my index.php. All good.

Then i see “direct access not allowed” which is normal because it is a lite install, but then i see this message:

Failed to connect with MySQL: Access denied for user ‘dbaseuser’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)

I checked the database in phpmyadmin and it was filled correctly with all tables, so why it says that connection failed ??


Send me FTP / Database details via the Contact Form and I will check what causes the problem and I will try to fix it.

To how many websites I can install this script with a Regular License?

From the licensing terms:

You are licensed to use the Item to create one single End Product for yourself or for one client.

That means that for every website that you have Project SECURITY installed on, you need to purchase an individual Regular License. 1 website = 1 license, 2 websites = 2 licenses, 3 websites = 3 licenses, etc.

You can read more about Regular License here: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/terms/regular

Hi, I recently updated to version 15. When I check for updates, it shows I am out of date. http://prntscr.com/el7m9p


Send me FTP Details via the Contact form and I will fix this small bug.


If the websites are located in same path / location you will have to install / run Project SECURITY only once.

The protection modules are described on the Item’s page.


works this script to secure wordpress site on HTTPS and nginx server with php as module 7.1 – and without Apache ? Is .htaccess writen to be accepted on nginx? Thank you very much



Yes, Project SECURITY is compatible with WordPress and will protect it.

If PHP, MySQL and .htaccess mod_rewrite are enabled on your server (hosting) Project SECURITY will work good and without problems.

What is the goal, to buy yours script and dont use free plugin like Wordfence?

The purpose of the product is not to compete with other security products. The goal of Project SECURITY is to help customers and to protect their websites.


The script is not failed. There just was a temporary bug because the demo site was in maintenance yesterday.

How to use Project security in php software

To integrate Project SECURITY with other php script (software) you can use the Integration Code that you will see at the end of the installation wizard.

Shall I purchased – if your script is secured

Any possibility to hack via those

No, because it is very good secured and the protected websites are less vulnerable.

But view source function not working fine