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callrid Purchased

when will you change your code to OOP?

I am not very experienced with PHP OOP and I can’t do it for the next update. I will be improving the code for the future updates but fully migration to PHP OOP will need a lot of free time and skills.


callrid Purchased

thank you for considering, i think only need to update on project-security. php, can leave the backend ui behind. since only that files will be include to other system.

Yes, the part “that is included” is priority and I am improving it with the updates.

will this script blocks people proxing or clone sites to another domains.

Project SECURITY will protect you from proxy visitors.

no what i asked is different will it protect sites being clone or proxying..

There is no such protection module. You can check the offered Features on the Item Page.

can only use in one domain one hsoting or can be multiple server and domain?

can see video instaltaion?


I’m working on accounting system for a company Im good in php but not in security. Can this script protect the the poor coding? and can I disable the proxy security. Bec we always use proxy.

Yes, Project SECURITY can protect your website / script and Proxy Protection Modules can be disabled to fit your needs.

Thats good. I will buy it when I finish the system.


Hi – how does this work? If I have a PHP form that posts to my DB; how does this stop people taking advantage of the form & doing SQL injections?


Each protection module work in different way. For example the SQLi Protection scans each request, post, current url and if something malicious is detected it will be blocked.

Thanks – I have it installed now. If I try to type an SQL query into the text boxes to be passed by PHP or even as a URL parameter, it doesn’t stop anything. Can you advise?

If malicious string is put into a fields it will be automatically sanitized and won’t be marked as SQLi due to the sanitization before that.

hi, is this compatible with prestashop 1.7? Can you help me configure and install?

Yes, it is compatible. Sure, I will help you with installation / configuration if needed.

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I replied to your E-Mail message. There is no need to ask your questions on the both places. The comments section should be used for pre-sale questions only.

hey good work buddy. a question. can it be installed and run on local server xampp?


Yes, Project SECURITY can be installed and runned on localhost (local server).


bigove73 Purchased

Hi I accidentally put US on whitelist and then after I deleted it it’s still blocking US visitors. What can I do to remove it?

Clear your website, browser and computer’s cache.

i have multiple websites, i want monitor all website’s “Project Security” data from one admin panel, how?

Browser is already verified by a few of the protection modules like Bad Bots protection module.

but i want if i enable ddos protection feature then should display broswer verify page to every unique visitor for a 3 to 5 second. I purchased this script only for DDOS protection purpose.

Project SECURITY is integrated with Mass Requests protection, not DDoS. It is not the same. And if such informational page is added this will be annoying for the most visitors to wait 3 to 5 seconds.

Hi, i’ve just noticed that it blocks rss feeds. Url is this kind: /?format=feed&type=rss I think that the plugin considers it as sql injection. Is there any way to exclude it?


Thanks for this information! I will fix this false-positive detection in the next update. :)