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I don’t want to be mean or something, i am sure you put a lot of work into this script, but it’s full of XSS/SQLi vulnerabilities. The way it’s coded is beyond any standards, mixed html and css and js in pages(like 20 years ago), sql queries that select columns never used, etc etc.

Since this is a script that aims to improve security, don’t you think you should be more responsible for the people that will install such vulnerable code on their servers? The way the script looks, it does not fix any issue but it produces new ones, serious issues.

Please don’t take it the wrong way, i really mean all this to be constructive, but think that this is now a free file and hundred of naive people will install it on their servers which will potentially cause issues for them.

Thank you.

The script is quality tested and is not vulnerable. There are only a few small issues that are fixed in the next update.

The next update will be released in the beginning of the next month and will bring a lot of improvements and performance optimizations. New features will be added, too.

Please don’t play this card, your script has serious issues. Please fix them, don’t pretend that all is okay and put all the people that have downloaded it till this point at risk.

All issues are fixed in the next update. If you have ideas or detailed recommendations for improvement of the script you can send me details via the Contact Form.

If this script has issues and its a free file for a month. Once you even fix this issue next month people who got it for free won’t be able to update unless they buy it. this is how file of the month tend to work, no free updates.

Yes, I read it.

Then answer what i asked. I asked how people are going to get the updates without buying? If this is a buggy script you should stop allowing people to get this, even for free.

The script is stable, working and is improved will each update. The next update will be approved in the beginning of the next month. A valid Regular or Extended license is needed to receive support and updates.

Okay, by your own admission this is full issues and therefore does not work correctly, therefore what is the point of anyone downloading and using this? You already admit that if anyone downloads and uses this they will have to pay to get it updated to work correctly.


Does this version have issues? Yes or no answer please, if yes then what are those issues?

The script is quality tested and is stable and working. There are only a few small issue that can appear in some rare cases, but they are fixed in the next update. The update will be approved in the beginning of the next month.

Pre-sales question…: In real world scenario, in a multidomain shared-hosting server, would I have to install the script for each of the domains hosted under the same account? or one installation could be made to monitor all domains hosted? All this domains can call the script simultaneously? What is the recommendation?

On the other hand, I installed the free file and while testing I stumbled upon the following issue… for a domain with a tld 5 chars long, the normal installation cannot display the monitored site (with a lite install), but domains (lite install) with a tld of 2 and 3 chars long, are displayed properly without issues.