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I’m a satisfied client. Very nice script. I suggest new improvements for ban section: 1. block entire range of ip’s 2 .Block all countries except (or whitelist country), 3. Whitelist ip range for spammers ( i had a problem with Orange Mobile clients, blocked by spam script. 4. Setup and Autoban when a visitor try to access a specific page (malware script). 5. Ban visitor with specific referral url. Thx.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will have them in mind! :)

can this script protect from XSS code injection in pages of site like in char or forum threads reply threads etc

Yes, Project SECURITY is integrated with XSS Protection module and will protect your website from XSS Code Injections.

hope you understand what i said internal pages and others places any new update coming sir

Yes, all pages that are integrated with Project SECURITY will be protected. If there are new updates I will notify you.

can script protect against wordpress attacks?

Yes, Project SECURITY can protect WordPress websites from threats / attacks.

Hi. Nice script, please, I need to ask some questions:

1) May be removed the “Protected by Project SECURITY” footer text and link located at the warning pages ?. 2) Is the script dependant or updates (rules,firms…) to keep running ?. 3) Due to local laws, I need to verify that no info are sent to any other server outside of my site. 4) Can you refer me to any info related to installation ?.

Thank you in advance.


1. Yes, this text can be removed / modified.

2. The script is independent and can keep running without the latest updates.

3. There is no data that is sent outside the website. The script is fully clean and you can check the source code after purchase.

4. The installation is very easy. Upload the script and then follow the Installation Wizard. If you need help with the installation I will help you. :)

Hi will it work with shared hosting ? will deduct existing threats in shared hosting and remove ?


Project SECURITY works good on all hosts that support PHP. All detected threats are blocked and logged. The malware scanner scans for evil code and display the results, but do not delete the files because there is a chance of false positives.

so you mean any type of virus, Trojan, or anything Will be point out and then we have to take action ? will it check WordPress sites too ? or any other framework.

Yes, all files are checked regardless of the Framework / CMS and if you verify that they are malicious you can take action.

Few more question, my shared hosting is hit by malware, will this help to handle situation, plus can I restrict cpanel shared hosting login to to only 2 to 3 ips, other cannot able to open cpanel. Thanks

Project SECURITY will help you to clean and protect your website and will detect the infected by the malware files.

Project SECURITY can’t mess up with CPanel’s settings because CPanel is on server level. Ask your hosting provider about CPanel’s security settings.


You can modify it for me as a SAAS service, so I can add in defense of a few of my sites to your project defended a few of my sites (not setting hosting for all of them the engine, and you can just add the file in each of these sites so they could protect this site). This type of SAAS service, it’s easy for me to use than to install on every site(hosting) separately. If it is possible to modify only for me, I would have paid 50$.

I am very busy these days and do not have enough time to modify it for you, but you can hire a 3rd party developer to do the customizations that you want.

You can use Project SECURITY and in this variant for SAAS, but it should be installed on every website.

Okay, thanks for the reply!

Hi I have just purchased script and installed but was surprised to find the script doesn’t have a frontend/homepage from what I can see? I presumed the frontend or homepage shown in demo would be included with the script for editing to suit. The demonstration that’s toward the bottom of your demo homepage where the script defence can be tested I really wanted that bit in my own homepage.

The landing page of the product is not a part of the content of the product and is not offered with it.

It is only for a demonstrational purposes.

why goes the demo go to hostgator ads??? Does this script still work?

The demo website is under maintenance and it not active at the moment. Yes, the script is working.

Hi, your demo is down

The demo website is not down, it is under maintenance.


KhmerRun Purchased

Hi, is there an online guide of integration? I wish to see how easy it is for the integration before ordering.


KhmerRun Purchased



KhmerRun Purchased

Can we integrate more than one website?

Yes, more than one websites can be integrated.

I didn’t understand how it work. If we have 10 website, need to install into that 10 website subdirectories?

Yes, you need to install Project SECURITY on all websites (in subdirectories) to be protected.

Hello sorry I want to try it on a local server but it does not give me the installation screen I am in the path: localhost / security and it shows me nothing but the error.

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at admin@example.com to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

Are there any additional Xamp or Wamp server settings that I need to know?

Check if .htaccess mod_rewrite is enabled and enable it if it is not.

Check if the .htaccess file is not missing or empty and reupload it to be sure that it works.

Apologies that it is so ignorant but this configuration where I find it in the folders of PHP (php.ini, PHP Settings, PHP extensions), MySQL (my.ini) or the Apache server (Apache modules). If it was a little more specific I would appreciate it very much. I use Wamp

Prove me that you have a valid license (because there is no “Purchased” / “Supported” badge on your comment), so I can help you further.

For a support related questions use the Contact Form, not the Comments Section.

Welcome, I have a problem i look a error comunicat ” direct access is no allowed” because i dont know were put code

Maybe you installed the [Lite] version which is developed only to be managed remotely from the main version.

Reinstall the script, but choose the [Normal] (Main) version to be installed and you will be able to login in the Admin Panel.

If you still have problem send me FTP Details via the Contact Form and I will help you.

yes, but i have a now problem were is main file ? ? ... “Now put this code in a main file of your website to enable Project SECURITY (Change “projectsecurity_folder” with the path on which you installed the product) “

Main file of your website is a file that is included in the other files of your website. For example: config file, core file, file for the functions.

If you do not have a file that is used by all pages of the website put the integration code in every file.

suggestion: this is a brilliant script but by adding SAAS ability you can boost your sale.

Thanks for the suggestion. I thought about such option, but it is very difficult to be developed and needs a lot of time and skills.

It seem’s that the plugin do not work well on firefox, for example for hiding code source, when you use ctrl+u you can access the site code source on firefox. is there anything to do to avoid such issue?

The script is quality checked by Envato and is working.

Prove me that you have a valid license (because there is no “Purchased” / “Supported” badge on your comment), so I can help you further.

I like this script and want to buy it. But just for my own clarification: When I make a Wordpress Website, will this plugin NOT interfere with Sucuri or Wordfence? And 2nd, can I whitelist/block visitors from certain countries?


Project SECURITY can works with other security plugins / addons and it doesn’t interfere with them, so you can use it in a combination with other security products.

Yes, you can whitelist / block visitors from certain countries with the Country Ban feature of Project SECURITY.

Hi, I have multiple website in my vps. One website have multiple sub domain, example : domain.com , site.domain.com , site2.domain.com . The sub domain directory is at home, same level as public_html directory . So i would need to install at each directory or at home (same level as public_html) and add all website to protect the website and sub domain?

You can try to install it outside the public_html directory, but I am not sure that it will works properly.

If the subdomains are on the same level as public_html, but not in this directory then you need to install the script for each domain.

Yes, Project SECURITY will protect your website from many types of attacks.

ok, great.

I tested the kproxy on the demo site, i notice the error page is admin : http://project-security.ga/admin/pages/proxy while the mysql attack redirect to : https://project-security.ga/admin/pages/blocked

doesn’t this defect the purpose of protecting by revealing the admin directory?

The admin panel is well protected, but you can change the Warning Pages and their Redirect URLs, so they won’t point to the Admin Panel directory.

i need to buy but before i buy this script can i use laravel application

Yes, you can use Project SECURITY with a Laravel application.