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How to install Project SECURITY?

  1. Upload the files from the “Source” folder on host via FTP
  2. Create a MySQL database (Your hosting provider can assist)
  3. Visit your website where you uploaded the files (eg:
  4. The Installation Wizard will open automatically, just follow the steps.

If you have any problems installing Project SECURITY please send me a message and I can help. Include your license purchase code, a link to your website and your FTP details so I can set the system up for you if needed.

Will Project SECURITY slow down the loading speed of my website?

No, Project SECURITY is very optimized and won’t slow down the loading speed of your website and will not affect the performance of the website.

Content Protection is not working, what to do?

Check if your website has a jquery javascript file included and if not go to the Settings page and enable the “jQuery Include” option.

I am having an Error 404 / Error 500?

If you have Error 404 (Not Found error) or Error 500 this means that .htaccess Mod_Rewrite is not enabled on your hosting / website. You can ask your hosting provider to enable it.

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