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Hy nice i want to purchase but waiting if u update :)


Yes the update is on its way. I had to fix a small bug but I have reuploaded it yesterday.

Is this script have pluging??


Currently it does not have plugins.

ive got a problem on my 3 websites about mail sending and create a ticket 21 days ago.can you check it?


Sorry your ticket was somehow set as resolved and was hidden. I will check it now.

“In 2-4 days, it should available for download. On my side it is complete” Any new infos?


Yesterday, a beta-tester found a small issue with the Stripe subscription module that is charging user twice. I am fixing this tonight and re-submitting.

Hello Before I buy your script one thing that I want to ask. I have bought your simple media script before. So, for this script is it possible to create URLs as simple media creates? Like YouTube videos URL with there ID. So, whenever we store video in database the URL will be YouTube video ID and it’s also fetch few more things from original video like number of views, rating and author of the post. If that all can be possible than I think should have to buy it.


The main difference between this and the simple media script is you have a lot more control. You can import only videos that you want and edit everything from title to thumbnails. By default, it will use the video title as the URL slug however you can easily change that.

Hello, I have some problem seo, after nearly a year my articles do not appear in the search engine google a solution? my robots.txt “User-Agent: * Disallow: Disallow: / admin Disallow: / includes Disallow: / themes Disallow: / embed / Disallow: / user / Disallow: / contact / Disallow: /? Lang “

I also have a display problem in the articles https://imgur.com/a/Evftr

you think this robots.txt file is great for seo on your script User-Agent: * Disallow: Disallow: / admin Disallow: / includes Disallow: / embed / Disallow: / user / Disallow: / contact / Disallow: / content Allow: / content / media Allow: / content / thumbs

my greetings


Yes. That is great. Let me me check the bug for the read more. Send me an email or post a ticket and I will get back to you.

Hello please reply to my support ticket

I answered your ticket.

Please reply to my ticket thx

Is there now a fixed date for the update? Unfortunately, there are always delays


March 15th.

Any news on update?


Now the other script is updated, it this script’s turn.

anyone please tell me which hosting is good for this script thanks


You can host this on almost any host. For a list of good hosts, you can check this page: https://premiumscript.ca/hosting

Personally I recommend DigitalOcean if you are okay with using a terminal.

Thanks hope they not close site bcz of dmca copy rights…. O i try thanks

It is posible the update to come up thins month?


By end of April. I am currently away until the 9th april.

I read “March 15th” and now i get infos about update, “end april”


It was delayed due to the release of my other script that took a bit more time. Now that is out of the way, I can focus on this but I am currently away until April 9th.

Pre-purchase questions:

What happens when you choose MP3 only and disable the video? Will a sticky player at bottom of page appear?

How does it handle MP3? Can users create and share MP3 playlist?

Is the MP3 going through a html5 video player? How do thumbnails work with MP3?

I’m looking for an audio solution platform that can have user created and shared playlists. Preferably ajax with audio player so it is non-stop music.

Thank you


It will use an html5 audio player instead of a video player. That feature is currently not available but it is a good suggestion.

Yes they can create playlists and playlists will be played automatically much like a youtube video playlist. The thumbnails will the thumb uploaded.

It has most of the feature you are looking for with the exception of the ajax player.

will the script be updated to the latest PHP version?


It already works with PHP 7.

well, i am getting http 500 error when trying to add youtube url


That could be due to many things. Please open a ticket and provide FTP info + admin login so I can check this.

Share to unlock after certain period of time…Say 1 min or 2 min possible…..??


Currently this is not there. There is a share to unlock though.

Hi there, Just wondering, when you import Youtube videos, are they uploaded onto the server or from YouTube to our player? If it streams YouTube videos, are the views counted on our YouTube account?

Perfect! I didn’t want to have to store it on my server.

When you share on facebook, you get a small preview image on videos, is there a way to make it a big preview image (maybe have an hidden image on the page you share so that Facebook takes that hidden image and uses it as a preview.)

This could make using this more interesting than using youtube for anyone that has a youtube channel and shares on facebook.


It is sharing the video thumbnail. It is possible to an extra field for a bigger image. I am working on finding a way to actually show the video on facebook.


1.how can i remove the categories panel from the (panel panel-default) very urgent!! ?

2.is there any new update coming on the way ?


You can edit the file includes/App.class.php under sidebar_categories().

Yes an update is on the works.

hello dev,

your forum link is not working http://forums.gempixel.com/ i want to replace the media player. how can i do that ?

thank you viraj thari


The forum has been disabled for now. You can do that by checking the function embed() in the file includes/App.class.php. You will need some PHP knowledge though.

is this script allow more then 1 image upload in one post