Support for Post Status Notifier

Support for Post Status Notifier

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I have created a notification rule, but I do not receive emails. What could it be?

Most of the time the reason is a not matching rule. To be sure that your rule matches, activate the “Log” feature in the rule settings and after a post change check out the log entries. If there is no log entry, your rule did not match. To figure out why your rule does not match refer to Debug rule.

Does PSN support HTML mails?

Yes. Starting with version 1.5 PSN supports HTML mails. You can manage your mail templates for reusability. See Mail templates.

Is PSN compatible with the plugin “Advanced Custom Fields”?

es. PSN can access all custom fields of a post and use them as placeholders in your custom email text. Checkout this screenshot to learn how easy it is:

Can I use PSN to notify about new comments?

No. PSN does not work with comments. Its focus is to react on post status transitions.

Can PSN handle media library items like images?

No. Media items do not have status values like posts have (published, pending and so on). WordPress does not fire the “transition_post_status” event for media item changes on which PSN relies. So PSN cannot treat media library items.

I have a custom script to edit / publish posts. Does PSN support it?

PSN relies on the WordPress internal action “transition_post_status”. This gets triggered whenever a post gets changes. Every custom script with the purpose to change or submit posts should implement this action. If so, PSN will support your custom script. If not, implement the “transition_post_status” action or ask your developer to do it.

You find more information about the “transition_post_status” action on this WordPress codex page:

Can I set a custom FROM? I need to set the FROM name, not the FROM email address. Is it possible?

Yes. You can set the custom FROM either per rule or as a default for all rules in the options.

This is the docs chapter for setting a custom From inside a rule:

And this is the chapter about the default from in the options:

To use a name as From, use this syntax:

Sender Name <>

Like for example:

ifeelweb Support <>

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