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Hi, I am hoping to use PSN to notify the Blog Admin of Community Events & WP Jobs end user submissions. At the moment I am really struggling with the correct “Status before” triggers to use when the post does not exist until a site Subscriber creates the new post(s) from a front end form.

Any direction would be great.

Thanks, Ben

Hi Ben, thanks for your request. It’s always a good start to create a debug rule (see http://docs.ifeelweb.de/post-status-notifier/rules.html#debug-rule) and then check the PSN logs to see what post transitions your use case created. Based on this log data, you can then adjust your rule.

I hope this helps. If you still have questions, please let me know.

Hello, Is it possible to notify a subscriber member (neither author nor adminn) of wordpress for any kind of events of a calendar plugin. exempel:



Thanks for your request. I don’t this plugin in detail, but PSN can only send notifications if a WP (custom) post type gets changed. If that calendar works with WP custom post types for saving single events, PSN would probably work with it. You could try it out with the free trial version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-status-notifier-lite/

Dear Developer, Is this plugin capable of sending new post notification if post are updated linked to a certain group. So the notification is only sent to the group. Post are protected and grouped by this plugin: https://nl.wordpress.org/plugins/groups/ I am looking forward for your answer.

Vielen dank!

Sorry for the late reply. I do not know the groups plugin. You can test your basic use case with PSN’s free version (https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-status-notifier-lite/) and upgrade to the premium version if you need more of its features.

Hello….you have answered as to if this can send Notifications when a post is edited.

I build Websites where I create the posts and only allow clients to update them through a Front End Form (never the backend).

Can I send Notifications to only the Autor of these posts who have edited them?


Thanks for your request. Yes, this is possible if the front end form uses default WP functions to update the post. You can test this with the free version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-status-notifier-lite/

I have a member page where I need to send out notifications to members when the page changes. However the content of the page comes from a plugin, so the page itself is never being edited or changed.

Would your plugin work with this?

Thanks for your request. If the WP custom post type page will never be changed / updated, PSN’s notification rule can not trigger because they rely on WP post transitions. You can check out the free version of PSN here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-status-notifier-lite/

Hi. Plugin was working fine until i created export file. After export file created the plugin does not work. I think the plugin is not fully compatible with my website. I set rule for anything. it did not pick up job listing in pending. It did not pick up post after posting. However when deleting posts it sent mails..?

Because the support is slow. I have been forced to bite the bullett and do a restore on my website to before the export of settings. Guess what?. It works. You have a bug in your plugin that changes something to do with authentication when an export is done. Say what you like. The problem only occoured after the export. Doing a restore to before the export fixes it.

Before you judge PSN that it changes “something” to do with authentication when you do an export (with what?), I would question what exactly this export did. If that export is not able to restore a state exactly, it probably has a bug.

The export is generated by the plugin in its settings. Rules / Created Rule / Export…

Hi, Your plugin looks very potential to any system needs email notifications. I have a simple question: Can it automatically send emails to woocommerce customers whenever a product they bought has just been updated (e.g product’s custom field(s) has been updated)? Thanks.

Theoretically, that is certainly possible. It depends on whether the product’s mail is changed and whether the product’s buyers can be read via SQL. The first thing you can try with the free version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-status-notifier-lite/ The last would only be possible with the premium version’s “Dynamic recipients” feature: http://docs.ifeelweb.de/post-status-notifier/dynamic_recipients.html

Thanks, I’ll try the free version.

Problem with Contact Form 7. When sending a message via the contact form it sends the message and you get the notification. However on the contact form when sending, a circle of arrows appears spinning while sending. This should disapper when sent, and a message saying “Message Sent” should appear. It is stuck in a loop just spinning.

This should be reported to the Contact Form 7 support.

Contact form 7 was working fine. It gets caught in a loop when your plugin is activated?. You seem to shirk responsibility for failings within your plugin. I see many comments on here by you basically saying it’s not the plugins fault. Contact form 7 has been around longer then your plugin. If there is a conflict I’d say it is a failing on compatibility your end.

Did you look into the issue in the above comments with the export that you basically blamed on the way the export was done saying it is not your plugin, forgetting it was YOUR plugin that done it !



The Post Status Notifier plugin is causing a 504 Gateway error message on both the front end and back end of our Wordpress site.

The plugin was active for a while before we started seeing issues. The last option I configured before the site went down was the SMTP option within the plugin.

Our host, Siteground agrees that the problem is with this particular plugin. We’ve moved the plugin into an isolated folder for now, but we’d really like to see this working again, as it is a great plugin!

Thank you!

Thanks for your request. I am glad you like PSN! If nothing else changed but the SMTP settings, then the problem is probably related to the communication with the SMTP server. Have you activated the SMTP debug log or any other server log? Can your support give you an error message that would help us with the analysis, or what is the assumption based on?

Hello, I posted a question about this before and have finally got some time to look deeper into this problem. My previous post is here: https://codecanyon.net/comments/17380913

The problem is when we try to export the rules, the file comes out as 0 bytes. This is only a problem when w3 total cache is enabled. You had stated prior that w3 total cache should not be caching it since it’s an admin page and we should try to exclude it. A co-worker and I have spent 4 or 5 hours now trying to debug this issue.

Even if we disable all of w3 total cache’s caching capabilities, it still comes out as 0 bytes. We have narrowed it down to “post-status-notifier/lib/fwPsn/Wp/ORM/Model.php” within the export function there.

1) the reason the cache is probably being invoked at all is because it’s an ajax call that isn’t necessarily within the admin dashboard. This is an assumption for the most part.

2) the reason the file is being returned as 0 bytes is because there is a fatal error during the “echo $xml->asXML();” line—PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in wp-includes\cache.php on line 123

3) we found that if you first pipe the output of the asXML() function into a var, and then strip the xml version tag out of the string, and THEN echo it to the browser, the file comes out in-tact. e.g.

$asXml = $xml->asXML(); $asXml = str_replace(’<?xml version=”1.0”?>’, ””, $asXml); echo $asXml;

...however, that’s obviously an invalid file.

So we are coming back to you with hopefully some more insight as to help us debug. Do you have any idea why simply having the xml tag in the file is triggering the cache, or even /how/ it’s triggering the cache? Do you have any ideas of an alternate method that may not trigger the cache?

Again, every caching option in w3 total cache is disabled. So we are assuming that simply having the plugin enabled at all is triggering something within the wordpress core to /try/ and see if a cache is available for this file, but the “wp_object_cache” is null at this time and causing the fatal error.

Thanks for your detailed feedback. I will try to reproduce this together with W3 Total Cache and let you know as soon as I have more details.

I’ve seen mentions 4 years and 2 years ago about emails being sent out with HTML tags. I am on Version 1.9.1 and the issue remains. It occurs when sending out from Sendmail and Mailgun. Also occurs for WP blog posts and any Custom Post Type.

Sending HTML mail within PSN works. The cross connections with other installed plugins are not manageable by PSN. Please try it with no other plugin activated.

I’ve just tested this with no other plugins enabled and the emails still show HTML tags.

It might still be an issue regarding the email client. Please create a support ticket at https://www.ifeelweb.de/support/ I would like to test it myself.

Pre Buy question: can this be used to notify subscribers went something is posted on certain categories that they select via ACF fields on their profile? Thanks

That could work, but I haven’t tried it myself. You could try it with the free version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-status-notifier-lite/


is it possible to create rule to send daily report about number of created post’s or if for x hours there was no post in some parent category’s and child cat also.


Hi, thank you for your request. Scheduled digest email are not possible right now.


i have purched post status notifier and installed it on wordpress site, when we create a rule for page update but mails are not coming when page is updated. Please help for rule creation.

Thanks, Bipin Chandra

Thanks for using PSN. Have you tried sending a test email (in section “Service”)? If this does not arrive, there is a general problem with sending e-mails. Otherwise please set up a debug rule to check the environment variables during your use case: http://docs.ifeelweb.de/post-status-notifier/rules.html#debug-rule


I love this plugin, sometime last year the limitations function has stopped working for me. So every time I click save it sends another email. I believe I have the limitations options configured right.

I was wondering if you could assist me please?