Discussion on Post Status Notifier

Discussion on Post Status Notifier

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iRolf Purchased

Is there a possibility to logically combine categories for the rules? Actually it works like OR, if more than one category is selected, but I need it to work like AND.

Ok, good point. I will put this on the feature request list for the next update.

Can I send email 2 days before expiry of a post to user?

thank you for your request. That is not possible. PSN only interacts when a post’s status changes, and a post expiration date isn’t part of that mechanic anyway. This would be better handled by a cronjob that regularly checks your criteria and sends mails if they match.

Hi, When a post is rejected by Admin (reply to draft or delete status), can the plugin allow Admin to send a letter notification after writing the reason for rejection?

This could be possible by creating a proper rule for your status change, for example if the post is set to deleted or even better would be if there would be a dedicated status “rejected”. Additionally, you could set up a custom field (text) for these posts where you write the reason for the rejection and insert this field in the rule via placeholder (see


jpj4 Purchased

Hi, i want bigger pictures in my notification. How change the length and width ‘-150×100’ in [post_featured_image_url], please ? Tx JP

You could use the placeholder filter “replace”:

Like this: {{ “[post_featured_image_url]”|replace({‘-150×100’: ‘-350×200’}) }}


n39659 Purchased

Hello, I am using Post Status Notifier with WP Job Manager. I made a debug rule as described in, because, at first, I could not get any rule to run. The current rules I want are: 1) When a job is submitted, let the poster know it’s submitted for review, 2) in the same case, let the admin know, and 3) when the job is published, let the submitter know. Checking the Log, the only time the _debug rule was matched was the third case, and my rule fired. But the debug rule did not run at all for a newly created job waiting to be approved. Can a rule not run in this case?? Thank you.

I tested PSN with the latest version of WP Job Manager and was able to catch any kind of saving (new, pending, publish) of a job post in the backend with a simple PSN rule that catches all status values. So basically the mechanics still work, as they are built on WordPress internal events.

What sometimes leads to problems with the handling, however, is when posts are saved via the frontend. This is because e.g. custom developments often bypass the WP-internal ways, which leads to the fact that these events are either not triggered at all or delayed.

PSN also has some options on board that address that. First of all option “Late execution” in “Options > General” should be activated. Second please try to play with option “Postponed execution” in “Options > Advanced”. Maybe it helps in your case to set it to “Always”. If that doesn’t help, please create a ticket at so I can take a closer look at your case.

PSN’s core mechanics are based on the WP API for post status changes. As long as these are used correctly by other plugins or custom developments, PSN will work as well.


n39659 Purchased

Hello, our site is supposed to work with front end job submissions. I have made the changes you mentioned, and still not seen notifications, so I submitted a ticket. Please be on the lookout.

Ok, I answered you in the ticket. It is certainly related to the frontend submit. I’ll have to take a closer look at that myself.


saninpe Purchased

Hi, is there a possibility you could implement feature to be able to pull meta fields created by Pods plugin, but using “table storage”, we have tested it and it understandably doesn’t work. It could be useful in many cases. Thank you for great plugin.

Thank you for your request. Do you mean Azure Table Storage? If so, I do not really understand your use case. Could you explain it in a bit more detail, please? Or contact me via ticket at


saninpe Purchased

Hi, sorry for the wait, for example in Pods and some other plugins you have option to create mixed storage CPT with possibility to separate some custom fields to custom table, avoiding wp post_meta. It’s useful because sometimes there are many custom fields needed, and it can be a problem. So if we would use that option we have an issue with pulling that data to templates in your plugin. Hope this helps.

Ok, I’ll have to install the Pods plugin and test it together with PSN. I don’t have any experience with this at the moment. In order to keep a better overview of your request, I would like to ask you to create a ticket on the above address anyway.


m24 Purchased


We bought this plugin today to use for Post Status Notifications. I used the prebuilt settings for this. I also added a HTML template for the email.

Everything works fine but images with captions “breaks” the HTML email. I see the caption shortcode, not HTML. And the paragraph breaks before and after the image are gone.


What do you mean? Please reply to the ticket.


m24 Purchased

I did reply to the ticket 7 days ago. No answer so I asked here 3 days ago.

Ok, found it and answered you.


I would like to know if there is any option to connect to a plugin with tracking states.

thank you for your request. Can you name me a sample plugin so I could take a look and test it?

Is it possible the latest version erased all my clients email templates? I upgraded the plugin normally to Version 1.9.10. I can see parts of the old template in our email log but it would be nicer not to have to rebuild them from scratch. Is there a setting in options that removes plugin data when plugin is removed? I have backup but this is an ecommerce site and would mess up their transactions. Thanks for any help you can provide.


Actually I exported the mail template table from a 2 week old backup and imported it back. I would still like to know why I lost them if you have any info. Thanks !!!

If you removed / deleted the plugin before update, the plugin contents would be deleted too expectably, because that’s what should happens when you delete a plugin. But if you just updated it via the update link in WP plugin section or uploaded it manually to replace the existing one (without deleting it) then the contents should not be changed at all.

However you did it, it’s definitely always a good idea to have a backup! ;-)

Hello, I use the Woffice theme with Post status notifier. The plugin notifies new articles when they are published but it notifies articles again when a new comment is published. Is it possible to avoid that the notification is done in case of publication of a new comment please?

Yes, you could use PSN’s Limitations feature (see with which you can achieve a limit of one notification per post and rule match.

Also, I think your rule could be set more accurately so that this doesn’t happen. E.g. there should not be a notification if “Status before” is set to “Not published”. Because a new article remains published after publishing and the rule would then no longer apply.

Just as relevant I find the question why the article status is changed by the plugin Woffice just because a comment is written. This is unusual and if this were not the case, PSN would not need to be involved at all. You could ask this question to the developers of this plugin.

Hi we have a site that usses this plug in and within the last week, we have not been able to process orders, as the status of orders does not change to completed, instead it stays as pending, therefore not allowing a confirmation email to be sent to the relevant parties?

Thanks, I have already looked at the ticket and will take care of it as soon as possible.

Hi, I have not recieved a reply yet? Have you managed to lok into this issue at all?

Sure, please check your inbox.

Is it possible to send a notification to user via buddpress message instead of email?

Hi, thank you for your request. PSN supports the buddypress custom post types to inform about new contents, but it is not supported to send the notifications via buddypress messages instead of email.

Does this plugin allow notifications when the category changes, or can it be added?

PSN handles post status changes based on WP internal mechanics. For category changes this kind of mechanics (like status before, status after) does not exist, so PSN cannot cover that.

Hi, we have a test site and for some reason the custom fields are not working through the emails :/ is the plugin not compatible with the latest wordpress update? ACF field name etc are correct

Hi and thank you for your request. This has nothing to do with the WP update. Please test if it works better with the option “Postponed execution” set to “Always”.

We have used this plugin with no problem for a long time. However, within the past month, its activation causing a critical error in the admin screen of our website, The front end of the site works fine, but accessing any admin pages causes the error. Strangely, wp-config’s debug error log doesn’t record any errors that we can see, so we’re having a hard time debugging the issue. We only know it was your plugin through an extensive process of turning on and off many plugins.

Hi Dave, thanks for your feedback. Of course, it’s hard to say anything about this without knowing an exact error message. Currently, I do not know of any other cases of this kind. Beyond the WP debug log, have you checked the error logs on your web server? To exchange further details, please create a ticket at:

I just downloaded this plugin after purchasing it from envito. After installing it does not work. it gives a fatal error. I would like have the premium version it just does not work when I upload it,

Many Thanks


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare psn_log_debug() (previously declared in /srv/disk6/279773/www/sitel/wp-content/plugins/post-status-notifier-lite/includes/functions_log.php:2) in /srv/disk6/279773/www/sitel/wp-content/plugins/post-status-notifier/includes/functions_log.php on line 2

Hi Ewoud, thanks for purchasing the premium version. The error message indicates that you have activated the free and the premium version at the same time. It is new to me that it comes to this error and I will check it. In the meantime, please deactivate the free version, I think that should solve the problem.

Hello, I tried the free version of your plugin and I really like it. I would like to purchase the premium version, but first I wanted information. I have a theme that uses custom post types. I tried to insert the placeholders [listing-package] in the body of the mail but it doesn’t work. Is it a supported feature? How come it doesn’t retrieve the placeholders of the custom post type?

Thanks for your request. This may be a timing issue. The pro version has some options to handle this. I’d be happy if you’d try it. If it won’t work for your use case you can get a refund of course.


I activated the dynamic recipients feature.

I’m trying to retrieve the list of emails with the following sql query, but it doesn’t work :

{% set sql = “SELECT * FROM wp_users WHERE ID = (SELECT user_ID FROM wp_usermeta WHERE meta_value LIKE ‘ rhonealpes ’ );” %} {% set users = db.get_results(sql) %} {% for user in users %} {{user.user_email}}, {% endfor %}

Why is this query not working? I did a test of the query in the database, it works fine. Can you help me please ?

Thank you,

Best Regards

I am evaluating the purchase of your plugin.

My use case is as follows:

I use the Toolset plugin. I have a CPT created with Toolset. I have four custom statuses in Wordpress. Can your plugin send an email when the user changes the status of the post within the Wordpress administration panel?


thank you for your request. Yes, this is the core mechanism of PSN. You should be able to test the basic use case with the free version ( If this works, there is no obstacle to buying the extended features. ;-)

hello we are having smtp issues with the new version and need your help. can you let me know what you need?

Sorry, missed this comment. I would suggest you create a ticket ( to discuss the details.


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