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Hello I have a list of 1200 wordpress users would I be able to use this plugin to send message to all of them?

Hi, what kind of list is this? You can use user roles as recipients or create PSN custom recipient lists.

Please check out these manual pages: http://docs.ifeelweb.de/post-status-notifier/rules.html#recipient http://docs.ifeelweb.de/post-status-notifier/recipients_lists.html

Hello there,

Since your plugin supports WP User Frontend Pro and ACF Pro, I have a question to ask regarding what I want to achieve :

I expect to buy your plugin in order to send an automatic eMail directly in my post edit screen, when an admin will approve a user post. I have already added a field which save the author email in a field made with ACF Pro. And now, I want to add another custom field (select) with ACF which will allow the admin to choose between a yes/no option and couple it with a save_post action.

By this way, I’ll be able not only to inform the author of the post’s status , but i’ll be able to mail him the reason in the case the post isn’t approved (conditional field if no is checked in the select field).

That’s why I’m asking you if this is possible with your plugin?


Thanks for your request.

You can access every ACF custom field information with PSN and use it together with the dynamic recipient feature. This way you can use an email address from a custom field as recipient.

You can add the new post status in your notification text or even better a text from a custom field telling the recipient why a post got not approved.

So I guess you can achieve this with PSN.

Hello, I just purchased the PSN Pro version on Code Canyon, but there is no license download available. How do I add my license to the plugin? Thank you.

Please check this documentation page for more details: http://docs.ifeelweb.de/post-status-notifier/licensing.html


DrHariri Purchased

Hello, I am sending new post updates to all users and I am facing an issue as when I publish/update a post, I get blank page or Error 500 probably as a result of sending too many e-mail and server load?

I have enabled the queue option but when I updated the post it still took long and I got a blank page. I thought mail queue was supposed to solve this issue and send e-mail on batches or am I missing something?


Hi, sorry for my late reply. You are right, PSN’s mail queue feature is there to avoid such issues. About how many mails are your talking in this case? To discuss this in more detail, please create a ticket at http://www.ifeelweb.de/support/

Hi, does this plugin support custom hooks? I need to create a hook in order to manage notification managed with oasis workflow plugin.

Thanks for your request. I guess that won’t work, because PSN relies in the WP internal hook transition_post_status (https://codex.wordpress.org/Post_Status_Transitions)

Hello ! Thanks again for this great plugin.

I’m using a custom post field (textarea) to add a note when publishing a new article. As you can see, the content is full of “<p></p>” tags : http://d.pr/i/E5NMQ

The mail template : http://d.pr/i/d3BVN

but the rendering is bad : http://d.pr/i/PWMnS (the red squares are just here to hide the content ahah). As you can seen, there isn’t any “<p></p>” tags in the final email.

Do you know why ? Thanks!


Hi Stéphane, thanks for your request. Please create a debug rule (see http://docs.ifeelweb.de/post-status-notifier/rules.html#debug-rule) and check in the log entries if your placeholder contains the

tags. This will tell us if the HTML tags get removed before PSN reads the custom field contents.