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Teruel Purchased

I have the same problem like “skysolution”... HELP PLEASE

I know of few cases where a webhost limited the time a request may take in your WP admin section. When you save or update a new PSN rule or email template it could take a short time on slower servers which may be blocked by those too strictly configured security options. Please ask your webhost if this might be the case and if so, raise the allowed execution time of admin pages.


Teruel Purchased

not my case, it sends the email to the custom recipient, but not for dynamic recipient… i tried to add a space between curly braces and user.user_email, but doesnt work, i tried to set the code into the email body, the log says EMAIL COULDNT BE SEND. Need help, please.


Teruel Purchased

well, i use this code instead, work very well, I want to send this mail to users who in their metavalue have “si” in the metakey “acepto_notif” inside wp_usermeta. Can I do it with your code?

{% set profile_args = { “post_type”: “wc_user_membership”, “post_status”: “wcm-active”, “post_parent”: “18600” } %} {% set matching_profiles = wp.get_posts(profile_args) %}

{% for profile in matching_profiles %} {% set user_data = wp.get_userdata(profile.post_author) %} {{ user_data.user_email }}, {% endfor %}

I tried the next code but doesnt work…

{% set profile_args = { “post_type”: “wc_user_membership”, “post_status”: “wcm-active”, “post_parent”: “18600”, “acepto_notif”: “si” } %} {% set matching_profiles = wp.get_posts(profile_args) %}

{% for profile in matching_profiles %} {% set user_data = wp.get_userdata(profile.post_author) %} {{ user_data.user_email }}, {% endfor %}

i used this “acepto_notif”: “si”, but doesnt work.

Thanks, Jose.

Hi, I’m looking to use your notifier to forward booking details to reps of different regions. I can get this to work well so the plug in is excellent. However, I would really like to extract the billing address from woocommerce from the purchase and include this in the email. Is there a placeholder or a way of doing this? Many thanks in advance

Pre-Purchase Question: Does this plugin allow for attaching PDFs submitted to the website to the website administrator?

Attachements will not work out of the box. I’ll add this to the feature requests.


Teruel Purchased

can you tell me how I can insert this array into the exclude recipients field by default?

$user_email = array(); $args = array(‘acepto_notif’ => ‘no’); $wp_user_query = new WP_User_Query($args); $authors = $wp_user_query->get_results(); if (!empty($authors)) { foreach ($authors as $author) { array_push($user_email , $author->user_email ); $user_email = array_filter(array_unique($user_email)); } }



Teruel Purchased

YES !, I got it, my goal was to differentiate users who do not want notifications, I modified a function in the file rule.php, this is my code:

public function getExcludeRecipients()
       if ($this->_excludeRecipients === null) {
           $exclude = null;
   $email_list = array();
$users = get_users(
                'meta_key' => 'acepto_notif',
                'meta_value' => 'no',
                'fields' => array( 'user_email', 'ID' ),
foreach ( $users as $user ) {
        if ( null != $exclude ) {
            if ( $user->ID == $exclude ) {
        $email_list[] = $user->user_email;
        $data['post_content'] = implode( ', ', $email_list );
$value = $this->get('exclude_recipients');
$this->_excludeRecipients = array_filter(array_unique(array_map('trim', explode(',',$value))));
$this->_excludeRecipients = array_merge($this->_excludeRecipients, $email_list);
return $this->_excludeRecipients;

Teruel Purchased

I have one more question, how can i set this rule to dynamic recipients:

{% set sql = “SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = ‘wc_user_membership’ AND post_modified > DATE_SUB( NOW , INTERVAL 1 MONTH)” %} {% set users = db.get_results(sql) %} {% for user in users %} {{user.user_email}}, {% endfor %}


Hi, I created a support ticket but haven’t heard anything back yet. I requested support on 23rd Sept. Please can you get back to me as I paid the extra for 6 months support. Many thanks in advance.

Sorry, I was on a trip and had bad internet connection. Now it’s better. I will worry about your ticket asap.

Thanks. Hope you had a good trip. :)

Hi, is it possible to do email digests ? Thanks

Hello, one question. We have a post, suppose the title is ‘Which bike should I purchase?’ this post is in step ‘Unanswered’ a user replied an approvable answer and the post step will be ‘Answered’ right?

here, the steps ‘Unanswered’, and ‘Answered’ are not the wordpress post status, here ‘Unanswered’ and ‘Answered’ are the posts of another CPT. we will link our post ‘Which bike should I purchase’ with the step ‘Unanswered’ or ‘Answered’ using CPT Onomy plugin

now we need an option in the ‘post-status-notifier’ plugin to register our custom rule. so that when our posts change the step we get notification emails.

best regard, H

Hello, I am currently facing an issue with your plugin sending multiple notifications for a single post. Here’s how my rule is working : a notification is sent when the status of the post is changed from anything to published, I have a limititation type set to “By rule + post” and a limit count to 1, limitations are enabled in the plugin configuration page. Everything was working fine until recently when the plugin started sending notifications a random amount of times, sometimes 2, sometimes 4, when it should send only one per post. In the limitation tab a message informing me that a limite has been reached on each post is present but multiple times. I am not sure if it has anything to do with the plugin but all our posts are planified and we almost never publish them manually. We are not using any specific plugin to handle post submission either. If you could help in resolving this issue it would be much appreciated. Regards

Hello ifeelweb, Yes it’s the first article we read and we already made all configuration. But it doesn’t work. Could you please help ? It’ urgent for my team. Many thanks, Hugo

I create a zendesk ticket but it disappear. Thanks fo helping me, I renew my support for that.

I have received your tickets and will answer you soon!

Good evening!

I have a Bulletin Board and I want to make a special status that will be assigned ads will be published only on a paid basis – the status will be called, moderation of completed, awaiting payment – this status I will assign manually and its assignment should be sent an email to the owner of the ad. Status is assigned manually, because only commercial ads will be paid, and free are moderated and are free of charge :))

Now I have made a rule, but I can’t figure out how to make new status and, therefore, the letter requesting payment is sent immediately after contact with the moderation, it should not. Can you tell me how I can make a new status?

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for your purchase. Have you tried to create a new post status with a plugin? How about this one (my first search result that looks reasonable)? https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-status/

Pre-Purchase Question: I’m using SendGrid to send all emails from my WordPress website, does your plugin is compatible with it? I saw that you are compatible with Mandrill but didn’t see anything about Sendgrid.

Thank you.

Thanks for your request. As SendGrid offers SMTP, it should work with PSN’s SMTP settings (see http://docs.ifeelweb.de/post-status-notifier/options.html#smtp). However, PSN does not support the SendGrid API currently. You may try it and get a refund if you wont’ be happy with PSN.

Hello, Congrats for this plugin I am really enjoying it. I have one issue though. I am using it to send confirmation emails to people once their listing is validated (published) on my directory. Problem is that if I edit their listing after and press publish then they receive this email again. How can I avoid this behaviour and make they receive only one email? Thanks