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Hi, I’m looking to purchase your plugin. My only concern is that it hasn’t been updated in a while. Do you have plans to keep supporting this plugin?



Sure, I am supporting and maintaining PSN. The current version is very stable, so there was no update recently. But there will new updates in 2017 ;-)

Hi, okay i am getting crazy! i am using your plugin together with Oasis Workflow Plugin. I create a workflow using Oasis Plugin that needs 2 step approvations. When the post is created the status is “Pending review” and when approved is “pubblished”. By the way no “rules log” are matching after that the post has been approved and so published. but if i change manually the status of the SAME post (from pending review to published) the notification are generated!!! what’s up?

Hi, i alread find the problem on oasis workflow plugin: We are about to release a new version in a week’s time which should have the fix for the same. Essentially, when we transition the post status, we need to explicitly call – wp_transition_post_status(), so that the post status change hooks get called.

Thanks for the update. That is right, the post transition status hook is essential and should also be implemented by plugins which change posts.


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Based on this response received from your team when I was asking pre-purchase questions I purchased the plugin:

Thanks for your request. This is possible with two separate rules and the limitation “Editor restriction” (see http://docs.ifeelweb.de/post-status-notifier/rules.html#editor-restriction). One rule would be set to editor restriction “Administrator” and one to “Author”.

I hope I was able to help you. If you still have questions, please let me know.

You can view and reply to the message at https://codecanyon.net/item/post-status-notifier/4809420/comments?page=16&filter=all#comment_15193923

So far it is working well and I am finding it very easy to learn and navigate.

However, I have run in to a snag today where 2 separate emails have to go out for the same post when edited. Only one is being generated.

Rule 1: Send email to post author confirming post has been edited.

- Send to post author - Status before – Publish - Status after – Publish - One email per TO recipient checked - Recipient – Post Author - Editor restriction – Author, Customer

This rule is working and the post author is receiving the emails with the proper email template.

Rule 2: Send email to site admin when the post author edits the post.

- Send to post site admin - Status before – Publish - Status after – Publish - One email per TO recipient checked - Recipient – Blog admin (and/or members of role administrator) - Editor restriction – Author, Customer

This email is never generated. I have tried changing the TO recipient, the editor restriction, and putting in a custom email. No matter what it seems like this rule is not run at all.

The only way the admin can get notified is if they are a CC or BCC to the email sent to author. Do not want this since the email content is different for author and for admin.

Look forward to your help.

Thank you.



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Thanks for your reply. I was trying out the free version of that plugin and really liked it, but it was the one I mention above that was giving me problems. Admin was not receiving the emails it was supposed to for regular posts. Also, it was conflicting with the code built in to the theme I am using (CouponHut) to post CPTs. The form would hang on submit and not post through.


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Hi again.. As mentioned in my earlier message, I was trying out a free version of what I thought was the same plugin you pointed me to on Code Canyon. Here is the link to what I am using: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-user-frontend. They seem to be similar but have different authors listed. This free plugin works well for blog posts, however no emails are generated for blog admin or admin group for new blog posts. They are generated for edits and deletes no problem. Do you have any knowledge or experience with this particular plugin to know why I have compatibility issues with PSN for new posts? Of course too I am concerned about purchasing the recommended plugin and it not working how I need it to either. The other issue, unrelated to PSN, is with my theme and its coding for posting CPTs. I have messaged the theme author for his comments on that. Thanks!

I do not have experience with this particular plugin, but if the PSN rules work on edits and deletes, I am pretty sure the issue on new posts lies within this plugin. The recommended plugin works with PSN on creating new posts, but of course I can not tell whether it meets your requirements.

Silly question maybe but is it possible with your plugin to sent people who newly registered themselves as an author within wordpress a mail/notification with some info etc?

No, that is not possible because PSN only listens to post status transitions and a user registration does not trigger this event.

Thanks for your reply

1) As me understand this plugin is complete only email notification, where is the place listed notification for user log-in if they don’t check email or they created email of my web to be spam mail. Example i did that with many website because too much mail a day, i just visit website to check info notification when i need. How is your plugin work for this case???

2) Is it have option for user choose what they interested to get notification. Example: I have 3 catalog woocommerce product A , B, C
User 1: Like catalog A, they want to get all new posted product and update in catalog A.
the same with User 2 to 20- Catalog B, User 20 to100 – catalog C
It work like subcrible of forums of bbpress, all update within that forums the user will get notification and user also have listed of what they follow.
Is the plugin have this function???

1) Yes, PSN sends emails on post status transitions. It stores log entries for monitoring issues you can find in the plugin settings, but it does not store notifications on a user basis instead of sending emails.

2) There is no user subscription function as PSN is no classical newsletter tool.

Can you next update for 1) to have shortcode listed all notification which user did not click open it on listed yet?