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I’m experiencing a new conflict with the Enfold theme (not sure if limited to this theme). When the plugin is enabled, all links in the footer do not work, also cannot input data into contact form in footer. When plugin is disabled, everything works fine.

I don’t still have a support plan. Just letting you know about the problem I’m experiencing and that I’ve tested it on several websites just in case others report the same. I always have the latest version of WP, php, plugin, and theme. It’s a great plugin and this is the first time I’ve had an issue. Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! I will have this reported to our devs team so they can check it out.

If anyone else is using ENFOLD theme and Popping Content, I have found the CSS conflict. Popping Content is a great plugin and this is an easy change to plugin CSS so that it works with Enfold on mobile devices.

I purchased this plugin. I entered the product code after installation, but it is not activated. How can I solve this?

Hi, Open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly. :-)

When I use plugin over HTTPS I will get Mixed content error. Problem is in otw_shortcode_social_linkedin_share.class.php when you are loading http://platform.linkedin.com/in.js.

Can you fix this issue?

HI, Open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly. :-)

I’m looking for a plugin that will trigger a popup message immediately a thread in bbpress has been made….can your plugin achieve this?

Hi, if there is a page URL that is being loaded once a thread is made then yes. If it is an ajax posting and no page reloading I am afraid the plugin is not going to work for you.

Hi. I have downloaded this plugin from envato elements. When i activate it, it requires a lincense code that i cant find. If not, i have to use the lite version (which i could have downloaded for free in wordpress.org, so no need to have subscription to envato elements).

Where can i find this license?


What you have downloaded from elements is the full version of the product. To activate automatic updates and access support you need a license which you can purchase on codecanon if you’d like. If not you still have a fully functional product.