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I had been looking for a plugin that would do exactly what Popping Content does, and had tried a few others that were either WAY more expensive, or free, but not supported. None of the ended up meeting our needs, but Popping Content does exactly what we wanted, is well laid out and easy to use.

I ran into a problem that I couldn't figure out on my own and their support was quick to respond and very helpful, pointing me to the one element that I missed to get things working.

for Customer Support

I could only pick one reason for this rating, but wanted to check off two: adding "code flexibility." I needed to change a little of the code for our needs, and the support I received to do this was quick, efficient and reliable . . . so thank you! A great WP Plugin.

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Not really. Part of my repeated question is already from 2016, so within the support period. And this is still not answered.
Whatever, it will be uninstalled and replaced by another plugin.


Author response

I checked the support logs again and I can see that every issue that you had in the support period has been addressed by our support team. After that you have never contacted support again. You last communication with our support team was in April 2016. Since then you haven't open any support ticket!

Use the support tab at the top of the item's page to open a ticket. And yes support is a paid feature like any other plugin here on codecanyon!

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An excellent Plugin that satisfy all my needs and the customer support was excellent, quick and always willing to help to get the job done!

100% Recommended!!!

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This is a really nice plugin. Works well and easy to use.

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