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The demo page goes to one of those “advertised links” placeholder pages. Has the demo moved? Is this project being abandoned?

Hi Crayz,

The demo URL will be updated shortly. And no it is not abandoned. We are working on a new update.

Best Regards.

That’s good to know. I didn’t mean to cast aspersions, I was very interested in your script but frustrated because I couldn’t see it in action.

It should be working fine now!

Hi, I just purchase your product and install it exactly you explained on Documentation. It is only working Home page, but other pages are not working. When you click one of the post, it is showing 404 error please have look at example Could you please help me, how can I fix this? Thanks


Please make sure you uploaded the .htaccess file.

Best Regards.

Oh, Yes, It was hidden .htaccess file. Now I upload it and it works fine. Thanks

You are welcome! :) Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

Hi i purchased and installed the app. I have the .htaccess file uploaded as well and the error i receive is (‘my domain’ redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS)

Hello themailcenter,

We only provide support via our website, Please submit a ticket and I will have a look at it as soon as possible!

Best Regards.

Hi, Where should I put Google analytics code? Thanks

Hey Mardon,

No that’s it, Please delete the cache files to see the update template files!

Best Regards.

Yes, I delete cache, now it is working. Thanks

You are very welcome :) let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

Very good script! The biggest things missing:

RSS Feed—A MUST….Reply on comments…Thumbs up and thumbs down comments

Other than that, this script is perfect! :)

Hi KraZeDStuDioS,

Including RSS Feed in the coming update and replies on comments later :)

Please have a minute to rate the product!

Best Regards.

Awesome! Thanks—I’ll rate it. :)


Where can I change html of the contact page?



look into \includes\lib > template.php replace this line

$twig = new Twig_Environment($loader, array(‘cache’ => ‘cache/’));


$twig = new Twig_Environment($loader);

Best Regards.

How about cache in the administration?

look into \vendor > load.php replace this line

$twig = new Twig_Environment($loader, array(‘cache’ => ‘cache/’));


$twig = new Twig_Environment($loader);


machia Purchased

Please, I need to include a php file in the blog.phtml file, but every attempt I made was rejected and generate errors.

Please, I need to know the exact code to insert

{% include 'footer.php' %}

This is not accepted, causes the page to crash. Could you help me, please?


Hello Machia,

Please submit a support ticket describing the issue and what you need to add and we will look into it.

Best Regards


machia Purchased

Ok, But forgive me, how can I open a ticket? When I click support button I can only go to your website of hosting services. I have to send you an email through your website?



Please open this link and submit the form,


Hi, First of all this is massive template! love it! Small issue: the index.hptml that I edit won’t show the changes online. Tried empty the cache, delete file and upload new one, still no success to see the changes.. I’m using FileZilla. Any guess ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi Harlock,

Would you please submit a support ticket ?


Sure, Thank you!

When you plan to upgrade?


Working on it! Should be ready by the 10th of Jan.

Best Regards.


fuji555 Purchased

Hi! thank’s for your work, i have just two little problems :

1) when i clicked in a category title, i have just the text. The categories pages are not loading the styles and the images. How can i fix it ?

2) I am french, and i want to change the language of the months, how can i change it ?

Hi Fuji,

1)Please make sure you uploaded the .htaccess file, and that you entered the URL in the settings page correctly.

2)It is not possible for the moment, But It will be in the next update!


Looks like this demo has been hacked with terrorist propoganda. You might want to do something about this.


No, He just edited the content. I will upload a fresh copy of the content as soon as possible.

Thank you+

Are you planning to include Author name for posts?

And can you please tell me when an author creates a new post, will the admin get a notification email so that he may make the new article online?

What you say???

All authors(admins) have the same permissions on the portal and there is no primary admin or a user with higher privileges.

You said, “Will include the author name in the posts in the next update”

I will wait for this update to come and then I shall buy

there are some issues testing the latest version. Please let me know when it has been resolved


drozdzbc Purchased

When will the update, because on January 10 it was not.

hi, i am interested in getting your script but i have only one issue with it. the issue is that the blog display on desktop view are very large (image and write up). so can the display be reduced


You can do with CSS, or by cropping the pictures before uploading them.

Anyway you are not limited to the default template and it is easy to customize.


Hello! Great product. WHat is the password for the admin portal demo?

User: Admin Password: Admin

I still like this. I would recommend subscription sign ups and Quick Highlighted Newletters to subscriber’s emails…