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akenoku Purchased

Hi, nice script bro :) I want to buy this script but I want to ask first.

on the embed video whether security can be added so that the link is not easy in the know

Hi Akenoku,

Poly is using tinymce text editor, You can contact them for further information.



Kaya09 Purchased

Hi, would you be able to install it for us? Thanks

Hello Kaya,

Sure thing, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to help you.



Kaya09 Purchased

Okay awesome, we buying it now. Thanks :)

Hello! =)

The demo link is out! could you fix it, please? tks =)

Hi Sonicbr,

It should be working now! Thanks for the heads up.

Best Regards.

Abandoned project? the demo links don’t work :(

Odd, the demo is working fine. You could have your IP blacklisted by the server.

Notice: Use of undefined constant template – assumed ‘template’ in home\htdocs\includes\lib\template.php on line 2

:( I fixed a similar problem with dbc.php. but in template.php I can’t see anything wrong with “line 2”. Help :(

Which version of PHP you are running ? can you submit a support ticket ?

Might I make a small suggestion? On the right sidebar. When you click search or new posts, the plus sign still remains as a plus sign and not a minus sign for minimize. Something small but it bugs me now that I noticed :)

Thank you for your suggestion :) Will fix it in the coming version.

In addition to LorfOfSpoon’s suggestion, another small but useful thing would be the ability to click on blog image for details (especially as the image covers most of the preview section) rather that finding focus on the smaller text header to click.

Still on this note, there is an alternative view which is quite nice. i.e: Preview Image on the left and preview text on the right (Example : scroll down a bit). That would be nice if admin had the option to switch these 2 kinds of views / themes. Thank you so much

Thanks for the quick response.

I have the exact same concern as the question downstairs. I just want the blog embedded in an existing web template. I dont want to have to change everything to become poly header. Just poly blog inside the body of my HTML. And twig is kinda complicated already. I would be glad if you could help me. And I strongly hope there’s no framework waiting to make this more complicated. I just need to clarify these. Thanks again


You mean you got a template and you want to use it on Poly ? Yes you can do so. The template files are pretty easy to edit.

Feel free to submit a ticket on our website and I will send you the default template folder to look at before you purchase!

Plus if you had some problems, you can always send us your template and we will create a template for it to work on Poly for extra 20$.


Yes I bought a template about 18 bucks and I really like it. The top header has video background and there is even an option for photo slider. All I need is for your blog section to show in the body of my template. I dont need the poly logo above, the horizontal menu and the other big wasted spaces above. I just want the blog section in the body.

I noticed in your demo, now readers can click the image to get to the details. Have you implemented that in the download version? I’d like to grab it after that. Thanks

Pre purchase question – Can the blog be embedded in an existing website page?

Yes you can do so, Poly uses a template engine which allows you to modify it easily!

When I click a new post its takes me to 404. Please help

Hello yunusa2k2,

I have tested the demo and there is no such a problem, could you please let me know where do you see the 404 Error ?

Best Regards.

Hello FastHive, Thanks for the quick reply. I get the 404 error whenever I click on my post ‘readmore’ link. here is the link to Regards


What’s your purchase code?

Best Regards.

I can not enter the post, reload de page

i submitted a new ticket, because i can’t enter to the first ticket

Hello Julian,

We have fixed the issue and as mentioned earlier it is related to the htaccess file.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

Have a great day ahead!

thanks a lot, and have a great day too


odnog Purchased

Hi Fast Hive,

first nice script, looks really nice.

Can you help me I would like create in Sidebar a Widget for latest Comments? It should appear as follows: Gravatar image, Comment Author and Post URL.

That would be really nice, thank you!


odnog Purchased

Ticket Created #402425


odnog Purchased

Thanks again, for your great Help!


So far so good. Any plans to allow google adsense? 2. Allow fb and disqus comments on post? 3. Allow one post to be added in more than 1 category? 4. Video posts? Thanks

1)You can add your Google AdSense in the template files 2)There is already a commenting system included. 3)Will be added in the coming update. 4)Considered.

can i only import the news section in my website? i need the news from the backend displayed in my own website and own template

And in i delete the files in Cache directory the Site do Not work anymore

The problem is you are including .php files in twig, try including them in the index.php,category.php,etc in the main directory

Ok i try it thank you

is it possible to remove number from url

and can i do link without .html

You can edit how the post slug works within the code. The current version doesn’t have .html at the end of each URL.

Hi, again the same issue, I can not login to demo with this User: Admin Password: Admin thanks, mateo

This looks just like what I need. Can I get access to the demo back-end? The default user and pass is not working.

It should work now :) Use Admin/Admin