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Poly Blogging Platform

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Poly Blogging Platform

Poly is a multi-use web based software, especially designed to build user-friendly blogs and websites. Poly is a platform for those specialised in blogging and web design, and provides them with simplified and flexible interface, search engine optimisation, easy publishing, installation and upgrades, various publishing tools, easy theme selection, straightforward user management, data ownership and full standards compliance. The software offers multifunctions at a very cheap price, and can also be used as a base for other app developers interested in customisation and further code development.

Select Features:

Post Creation: We have made post creation smooth and accessible, through our easy to use control panel. You will not need to struggle to find icons to create a post, our design is suitable for amateurs.

Template Systems: Our application can be used to create sleek and elegant themes, that can be reused and shared with other users. You can create simple straightforward themes, or complicated stylish ones. You will own the theme you have created, and you have the freedom to share it with others.

Multiple Administrators: Our straightforward design allow for multiple users to use the application. The users are easy to manage, you can provide full or restricted access to users in a trouble-free manner.


We only provide Support Services through our Helpdesk.


Demo access is made available for you to check our application before making any purchases. To access the demo administration panel, click this LINK, and enter Admin as a username, and Admin for the password.


[ Version 2.0.0 ] - June 1, 2017
- Improvement: We updated the Twig Template Engine to the latest version.
- Improvement: Author name passed to database when a new post created.
- Improvement: Author name is now displayed on posts, categories and home.
- Improvement: Category name can be called on the post template.
- Improvement: The number of posts to display on homepage and categories can be changed(Dashboard > Settings).
- Improvement: New minimal clean template.
- Improvement: Better Friendly URL's.
- Improvement: We added an elegant image upload plugin for TinyMCE(Images within posts).
- Fixed: Constant Error - template.php.
- Fixed: Search Results - Links updated.
- Fixed: Comments - Redirects to the correct address after a comment is submitted.
- Database: New fields added - options table > posts_per_page(New Row) / users table > about(New Column).