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Hello i have a little issue, when I “autopost” on Pinterest, there is a blank page and no title / description. But the link is ok.. could you help me please ? thanks

thanks">//remove comment, that's seems to be ok ;) thanks

Hello, great plugin ! do you have the same functions / plugin for Facebook page , google + page business, twitter and tumblr ?

Other question, In plugin setting, how can I add “base post’s category” : Ex: “Title post – Category post” ? thanks

Unfortunately No, only Pinterest right now.

- currently, there is no tag for so but I have just added it at my side for the next update, send me a PM here so I can reply the updated file which contains this new tag

Regards, Atef

How to use the first image of the gallery instead of the image on the Product descriptions? I saw many of pins are using the images in the product descriptions.

since the new update – the items just stay in the “to be checked” and never que up. Is there a new setting I should change? I have deleted all “to be checked” but new items just stay parked there.

I have just tested this feature at my side and it worked just fine so there is no generic issue with the latest version

the “to be checked” items get checked when the cron gets triggered.

If the cron interval has not yet passed, wait until the cron gets triggered

If you have set a time frame for the plugin to pin at, wait until it reaches it.

If you didn’t install an external cron job. Check this for more

Still, have any issue, We have a help desk setup for support, please open a support ticket here

Regards, Atef

hi, is it possible to pin to two different boards from one post? Means 1 picture to Board xyz, second picture to group abc? Or picture one to board xyz AND Group abc?


If you will choose manually, the board can be selected manually so once some selected images get pinned to a board 1

you can then select others and pin them to board 2

but if the post was sent to the queue, all images can only be sent to a single board which is the chosen board or the board after applying the tags to boards option and the category to board option

Regards, Atef

Greetings, I hope that this very well.

I need a Plugin to post photos of Pinterst to Facebook, have it or you know any please


This plugin pins images from WordPress to Pinterest so you can not use it to post from Pinterest to Facebook

If you already have a WordPress site you can use this plugin named WordPress Automatic Plugin which posts from Pinterest to WordPress

and use another free plugin to post WordPress posts to Facebook like SNAP

so you can get Pinterest to Facebook

Regards, Atef

Perfect, and as I do to publish only the image featured on Facebook from WordPress.

I just want to publish the outstanding image of WordPress to Facebook without links.


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Do you plan an update that add option to fetch sections within boards ?

I have noted your suggestion to the plugin development suggestions list so it may be added with future versions of the plugin. Please note that there is no specific ETA or guarantee that it will be implemented. Thanks for your suggestion.

Pin link points to? >> Link from a custom field |

how to use this option? -“name of a custom field containing the link”

do we put this field somewhere in the post?

- If you have the link already stored in a custom field, just place the field name at this option

Some plugins stores a link in a custom field for each created post like plugins that import the content from other sources


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can use with wordpress multisite subdomain sir?


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helo, im waiting reply

Sorry for reply delay that you have experienced. currently subdomains does not work with the same license by default, While I will be allowing subdomains shortly. please open a support ticket to make use of that once done

We have a help desk setup for support. Please open a support ticket here.

Regards, Atef

Supports theme salient wp? it assures me that pinterest does not block the account, you get more traffic with pinterest?

- The plugin works with any WP Theme.

- The plugin does not make Pinterest block your account

- Pinterest is one of the best sources of traffic across social media

ok, so I understand the plugin will do all the work, to combine all the images of posts to increase visits with pinterest?