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Thank you very much!

Ace bit of kit, I just need to be able to pull through a secret board and its perfect!

Thank you very much. You might also be interested in my plugin version for Wordpress, with more features :)

The job i’m working on is a static page so the wordpress one may come in handy on another project. Is there a way i can pull in a board that is secret on Pinterest. We are hiding the board to manage it but still want to pull it through? The official Pinterest API says you can but I dont know how or if you have it available in yours?

The official Pinterest API is not well documented but I believe it cannot retrieve a hidden board – it returns a message with the board not found.

Hello I wanna buy pinterest widget. Is there a possibility to call widget in jQuery?

What do you mean by that? The plugin requires jQuery, its js file has to be included in the head of the html file along with jQuery.

When I put this on my site and load it up in IE 9, the page does not appear to load. Is there something unique that I need to do in order to make it work for IE 9?

I’m not sure what IE 9 doesn’t like but I’m checking into it. There is no problem with IE 10 however.

The widget works great, the only thing I’m not liking is the logging to the console that the widget does.

It would be great if you could remove the console.logs or at least have a debug flag that only logs to the console when enabled.

Thanks for a great widget!

Hello and thank you. If you’re bothered by the console logging you can remove console.log(...); from the pinapiwidget.min.js. Remove it up to and including the semicolon.

Very beautiful

Thank you!