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How to allow multiple website users to check their profile ? Or this website only one account only ?

I mean that do you provide any module for login ?



If you are looking for a multi-user social media management application please, check our other alternative product:

Best Regards.

Do you support Arabic language ?

This program is multi-language support but:

1. The Arabic translation is not currently exist but, you can add the Arabic translation very easily. Translating guide:

2. The app is not completely RTL support so, it may not act well in Arabic and you should do some change in styling files.

Best Regards.


stezi73 Purchased

Hello, i want to buy your script, but i need an information. I need to show a row with only one (last) post for each social, is it possible?


Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, this is only possible with customizing the code.

Best Regards.


one quick question: Is PHP Social Stream compatible with PHP 7?

Best regards.


Yes, it is compatible with PHP 7.

Best Regards.

Very happy with your product, but, this morning, ‘pinterest_id_2’ => array …. is no longer working !!!


Thank you for your interest in this product. We will check the problem and provide you the solution.

Best Regards.

Thank you !!! all is in order With update 2.5.3


Last month, we had a problem with Pinterest board feeds because of some latest changes in Pinterest API but, we resolve that in release v2.5.3. So, great to hear than!

Welcome I bought the script , and extract .rar and copy content to my server and changes config file but the path is on sub domain when i change on config file i put sb_path to ”/” but not work and also test many paths also not work a white page

i think we need .htaccess files , not exist


I am sorry to hear you are running into this problem.

If you have all the requirement needed to run this script, I believe this is only a misconfiguration that can be solved.

Please, send us a message via including a temporary access to your FTP and we will fix your problem.

Best Regards.

Thank you. Very appreciated.

Any checks I need to do on my host (1&1 shared hosting) to ensure this will work prior to purchase?

Install was no problem, just working through the config options. What would be handy is if you could put the config options on your demos


The demo files located here are all included into the package you have downloaded from the CodeCanyon website. Please, check your downloaded package. If you do not have the demo files please, ask us to send you via email.

Best Regards.

Sorry I didn’t even think about checking them.

Hello, we have a problem playing Facebook videos by activating the lightbox effect of ‘iframe’ => ‘slide’, it simply fails to show results by pressing the Play button, the current settings we have to display the Facebook Slide is:

<?php echo social_stream( array( ‘id’ => ‘1’, ‘type’ => ‘feed’, ‘iframe’ => ‘slide’, ‘network’ => array( ?>

'facebook' => array(
                'facebook_id_1' => array(
                'facebook_pagefeed' => 'posts'
    'theme' => 'sb-modern2-light',
    'carousel' => 1,
    'cs_item' => array('4', '3', '2', '2', '1'),
    'cs_width' => 230,
    'cs_controls' => true,
    'cs_auto' => false,
    'cs_pager' => false,
    'slideMargin' => 10,
    'position' => 'normal',
    'debuglog' => 0,
    'add_files' => true,
    'live' => true,
    'live_interval' => 1

Hello Walter,

We have also tried to reply your email on our support desk but, it seems your provided email in incorrect or has a problem and our emails can not be delivered.

Could you please, send us the link to the social stream page on your website? We need to see what is exactly happening there. You can send via

Best Regards.

Hi, I have got back via Support link. Thanks

We will follow up.

Thank you.

Is it possible to display a Twitter or Instagram post if it ONLY has two specific hashtags? So a post with #a and #b, but posts with only #a wouldn’t show up.


1. For Instagram, you can only get result for a tag and can not filter.

2. For Twitter, you can use the search API. Example:
echo social_stream( array( 'id' => '1', 'type' => 'wall', 'network' => array( 'twitter' => array( 'twitter_id_3' => array( // containing both “movie” and “scary”. '#movie #scary', // containing “movie” but not “scary”. '#movie -scary', // sent from Twitter account “envato” containing Design hashtag. 'from:envato #Design', ), 'twitter_images' => 'small', 'twitter_feeds' => '' ), ...

Read Twitter API guide for more details on how to use keywords:

Note: Please consider that, search API can only grab the items that are posted in the last 7 – 9 days.

Best Regards.


pateagar Purchased

Hello, is there a way to turn off showing visitors post/comments on the facebook and twitter stream?


pateagar Purchased

Is this for wordpress? I have the php version for regular websites, not for wordpress


pateagar Purchased

any help on how to remove visitors post for twitter and facebook, non wordpress version?


Really sorry, I though you are using our WordPress alternative. Yes, this is also possible on the PHP standalone version.

for Facebook set:

‘facebook_pagefeed’ => ‘posts’
‘facebook_output’ => ‘title,thumb,text,user,share,info’

Facebook options:

For Twitter set:

‘twitter_feeds’ => “retweets”
‘twitter_feeds’ => ’’
‘twitter_output’ => ‘title,thumb,text,user,share,info’

Twitter options:


<?php echo social_stream( array( 'id' => '1', 'type' => 'wall', 'network' => array( 'facebook' => array( 'facebook_id_1' => array( '80655071208' ), 'facebook_pagefeed' => 'posts' 'facebook_output' => 'title,thumb,text,user,share,info' ), 'twitter' => array( 'twitter_id_3' => array( 'socialmedia' ), 'twitter_images' => 'small', 'twitter_feeds' => '', 'twitter_output' => 'title,thumb,text,user,share,info' ) ), 'theme' => 'sb-flat-light', 'itemwidth' => 250, 'results' => 30, 'filters_order' => 'twitter,facebook', 'breakpoints' => array('4', '4', '3', '3', '2', '1', '1'), 'debuglog' => 0, 'add_files' => true ) ); ?>

Best Regards.