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how many ids in a single social network can it handle? Let’s say I have 200+ Twitter profiles I want to show??


It depends on your server resources limit and Twitter API limits.

We have tested this plugin with at least 50 social accounts loaded at the same time on a shared server but, if you have a high speed dedicated server it may handle more.

BTW, this plugin has an option called “Crawl Per Request” that you can set it depending on your server limits. It is set to 15 by default that means it will get 15 feeds on each request (page load) and loads the rest on the next page loads.

You can also read about the Twitter App API limits here:

Best Regards.

Hello Axentmedia, I truly love this plugin and I am a big big fan of it, sadly it has no intergration/module for drupal CMS, although I managed to integrate it on my own.

However I get issues while rendering content, 1) It doesn’t load twitter feed. 2) How can I load feeds from multiple twitter accounts ? 3) On top of all the masonry grid gaps are not equal and not even the order, I see the latest published at the bottom while old ones at the top,

How do I fix it ?

Preview : Looking forward, Thanks


No worries. We have the solution for all of your problems.

1. The first problem seems to be fixed now.

2. Multiple accounts is possible. Just need to see your social_stream() code.

3. This gap is because of that you have two different instances of jQuery on this page. We give you the solution.

Please, send us your social_stream() code into or paste it here and we provide you the solution.

Best Regards.


kczilla Purchased

For Twitter, there are a lot of tweets where the image is actually a link in the tweet. Does this plugin have an option to convert links to images?


Could you please, send us an example?

Best Regards.


wistex Purchased

Is there any example code for RSS feeds and some of the other social networks you support? Your documentation only has Facebook, Twitter and others with example code.

You do give the parameters, which is nice, but I am not sure what the code is supposed to look like. Example code for RSS feeds and each social network that could be cut and pasted and modified would be a useful addition to the documentation.


Sorry, for our late reply. We are already in vacations.

All the examples you are looking for are already included in the “demos” folder in the package you can download from the CodeCanyon.

if you have not the demos, you can send us a message via and we will send you all.

Here is also an example of using RSS along with some other networks:

<?php echo social_stream( array( 'id' => '1', 'type' => 'wall', 'network' => array( 'rss' => array( 'rss_id_1' => array( '', '', '' ), 'rss_text' => 0 ), 'google' => array( 'google_id_1' => array( '115854344437995415484' ) ), 'vimeo' => array( 'vimeo_id_1' => array( 'bvanpeski' ) ) ), 'theme' => 'sb-modern-light', 'itemwidth' => 250, 'results' => 30, 'breakpoints' => array('4', '4', '3', '3', '2', '1', '1'), 'debuglog' => 1, 'add_files' => true ) ); ?>

Here is also the documentation:

Best Regards.

Does Instagram work? I followed all the steps and I can not get this to work. I need to get this working ASAP. Your demo is not showing any instagram – see

Hello Ken,

We have replied all your messages to our support desk. Your problem is related to your access token.

Best Regards.


I have install your plugin and he is working well for Twitter & Instagram posts but not for Facebook posts. Whan I click on “Load more”, Facebook posts appear twice : Is it possible to not display duplicates?

Thank you for your help.

Best regardes, Cyril.

Hi Cyril,

The problem could be related to using of the same Facebook page in “1. Facebook Page Feed”, “3. Facebook Album/Page Photos” or “4. Facebook Page Videos” in Social Board Configuration page.

If this is not the problem please, send us your website information via

Best Regards.

Sorry, I meant using the same Facebook page value for facebook_id_1 and/or facebook_id_3 and/or facebook_id_4 attributes in your social_stream() function.

Hi, I have this working for some time but suddenly is not updating anymore since may 22. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks.

Hello Matias,

Have you tried regenerating and updating your Facebook access token?

Best Regards.

Yes and this is not the problem, not working anymore with albums, facebook_id_3, everything else works


Could you please, send us the album Id and your Facebook access token to ?

Thank you.

Hi there, I’ve bought your app but doesn’t work on facebook… your guideline on api is outdated, I’ve tried gain my API but doesn’t work. Help please! I notice that is really common… is a problem with Facebook?


I am sorry to hear you are running into this problem. This problem could be related to the following reasons:

1. The Facebook is not displaying anything because your Facebook page has age or country restrictions and you won’t be able to see it when you’re logged out of Facebook. You’ll need to remove all age and country restriction.

2. Your Facebook App token is not correct.

You can send us a message via and provide us with your Facebook ID and other information we will check your problem.

Best Regards.

Hello, I recently buy this plugins and everything works great. I only have one problem, at the wall view (in desktop/tablet size) shows 5 columns of posts and because of this all the block looks so stretch. Is there a way to show less elements per line? I try with the itemwidth property but dont make any changes. Thanks a lot!


Thank you for your purchase.

You most use the “Responsive Breakpoints” option to define different columns on different screens sizes.

The “breakpoints” option documentation can be find here:

An example: <?php echo social_stream( array( 'id' => '1', 'type' => 'wall', 'network' => array( 'twitter' => array( 'twitter_id_1' => array( 'mashable' // Replace with your Twitter username ), 'twitter_images' => 'small', 'twitter_feeds' => '' ), 'instagram' => array( 'instagram_id_1' => array( 'katyperry' // Replace with your Instagram username ) ) ), 'theme' => 'sb-modern-light', 'itemwidth' => 250, 'results' => 30, 'iframe' => 'media', 'breakpoints' => array('4', '4', '3', '3', '2', '1', '1'), // Number of items (columns) shwoing on each row for different viewport sizes 'debuglog' => 1, 'add_files' => true ) ); ?>

You can also find all the demo examples in the zip package you have downloaded from CodeCanyon.

Best Regards.


fkirsten Purchased


Thank you for this fabulous script. I am doing the setup right now and having problems with understandig ‘SB_PATH => Path to script directory (non-relative)’.

Is it something like this, if i have it in a subdirectory called ‘streams’:

define( '', './streams/demos/social-stream/' );

Do I have to change anything else or just the language. What about ‘SB_LOCALE’? No change on that?

define( 'SB_LOCALE', 'de_DE' );

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards


1. You must not remove the SB_PATH in the code! You should only set the value not to change the variable. It most be:

define( ‘SB_PATH’, ‘Path to the social-stream folder on your website’ );

Example (If social-stream is in the same folder you have created your social stream):

define( ‘SB_PATH’, ’./social-stream/’ );

2. And define( ‘SB_LOCALE’, ‘de_DE’ ); is correct if you want to change the stream language to German.

If you still have problem with installation please, contact us via and we will do it for you. It’s free.

Best Regards.


fkirsten Purchased

Thank you very much for your support. I got it and it works now. But Facebook doesn’t seem to work. Your description on that ist not the same anymore. Facebook has changed the settings. Now I’m stuck again .. I don’t know where to write in my Facebook-page for the feed.


Do you have problem with Facebook API Credentials? Do you mans our documentation is outdated about that?

Please, contact us via and we can provide you with an access token.


A presale Q: If one want to setup a system for crawling twitter, instagram, facebook for a specific hashtag to display on a website, is this the software to buy?


Sorry for our delay.

Getting social feeds on your website by hashtag is possible only for Twitter, Instagram and YouTube with this plugin.

Facebook hashtag search is no longer available to all and is limited to its official partners.

So, the answer is YES if, you do not need Facebook.

Best Regards.


So I bought this and managed to get it to work but I have 2 problems

1) I can’t get Facebook to work with the App token, It did work with the user token however user tokens are temporary and break every couple of hours, how do I fix this?

2) When the wall grid first loads, there are gaps and overlaps between the cards, also, the cards load over the load more button, which I’ve removed, this is fixed when you press the 3 dots button at the top, how do you make it fix itself automatically?



1. I’m pretty sure that your problem is related to one of the following reasons:

1.1. Facebook App token is not correct. 1.2. You are using a Facebook private profile instead of a page. 1.3. You have set an age/country restriction on your Facebook page. If you need our help, send us a temporary access or your Facebook page and your app token to

2. Please, send the link to the social stream page on your website to and we take a look. We had the same problem before that is related to other scripts running on your website so, we need to take a look at your page.

Best Regards.