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i have one question before buying, i can make this php social stream one social network? the users login in yours social networks (facebook, insta, twitter, etc) and show only posts they have in their social networks Example in facebook :(posts of friends and posts of pages that they likes ) only transfer the facebook posts to this Strem.

it’s possible? i dont understand much of this . thank you :)


Unfortunately, this is not possible with our current script.

We are uploading our new script with the feature you are asking for in the near future and we will let you know about that.

Best Regards.

you can help me? to do one socialnetwork i need a database but this ‘PHP Social Stream’ use cache, how can I do to people to connect and see the post them? please help me


As we previously mentioned on this conversation, this script is not designed for your purpose. But, if you want to extend it, as an assistant you need to edit the social-stream.php line 3384 the get_feed() function and put the social data into a database instead of caching in files.

Or, you can wait for our future script that has the feature you are looking for.

Best Regards.

Hi to all,

Twitter API has been changed and we have created a fix to resolve displaying of Twitter status images.

We will upload the new release by the next couple of days.

Thanks you all.


r3chn3r Purchased

I’m not sure if my server has the requirements to run this. Might you have a test php file I can use to see if my server will have issues running this?


The script requirements is listed here:

This script requires the PHP version 5.2.4 or higher.
This script requires both PHP’s multibyte string extension AND iconv extension.
PHP’s XML extension is required (enabled by default).
PHP’s cURL extension is recommended (required for Facebook & Twitter feeds)

If you have PHP installed on your server you can check the other requirements by creating a test file with the following code inside:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Best Regards.

I Can register other users on the site?


Could you please, explain your question? This script has not the login/register feature.

Thank you.


We’re facing the problem that the items on our wall are not “floating” and filling up all the available width but are all displayed in one column.

What are we missing?

Thanks and kind regards


It should be a configuration problem.

Please, send us the following information to our support desk at:

1. Your social stream configuration code. (The social_stream() function code you are using).

2. The live link to your social stream page on your website.

We will check your website and give you the solution.

Best Regards.

We figured it out, thanks. It was a problem with the language configuration…



Hesiode Purchased

hi, is script add new posts, tweet without need refresh page ? (in real time or with a little delay) Thank you


This script technically does not use a real-time method to get social media updates as this is not possible at the moment but, you can use the:

‘live’ => true, ‘live_interval’ => 1

options in your social_stream() function to enable Stream Auto Update feature and get your social stream updated automatically without the need to refresh the page.

For an example, please take a look at the “wall-auto-update.php” file located in “demos” folder inside your downloaded package from CodeCanyon.

But, this will also turn social media caching off and if you are added a large number of feeds to your stream it will not work speedy enough.

Best Regards.


Is there a way to add the filter function to the carousel?

Thanks in advance and kind regards


Unfortunately, carousel is not designed in a way that you can filter its items.

Filtering is only available for wall and rotating feed as demonstrated in our live demos.

Best Regards.

Can you only add your own SNS account? or someone else’s too?


You can any type of social networking account/pages that is listed in our feature list even if it’s your account/page or any other person account/page but, all of the accounts/pages should be public. Private social accounts/pages are not supported!

Please, read the supported feeds options to make sure, your feed is supported:

Best Regards.

Hi. I’ll appreciate your help ir order to clarify my doubts:

1. Can I add multiple accounts / profiles belonging to same social media, e.g. two facebook profiles ID and/or three twitter accounts, on one feed?

2. Can I filter content to show based on #hashtags for any social media, e.g. facebook, twitter, instagram?

3. Can I filter RSS blog content, on Wall RSS Aggregator, through keywords / phrases ?

4. Can I preview RSS content before to be published on my website feed?

Thanks in advance and BTW, very nice script.


1. To redraw the social stream via JS and get the result, you should use ajax. You can send an ajax post request to ajax.php file bind with onclick action with your button. Take a look at social-stream.php line 2820.

But, if you need to create a automatic update stream, you just need to use ‘live’ => true, ‘live_interval’ => 1 attributes in your social_stream() function. Take a look at the wall-auto-update.php demo file in your package.

2. To fix your page characters, simply use <meta charset=”utf-8”> line between the <head> tag in your page.

Best Regards.

Hello again,

We tried to use the ajax solution to redraw the social stream, but didn’t work, the real problem that we have is when we try to put your code in a bootstrap tab(not the active one) and when you look at it, it has no format until you resize the page or change the inner tab of your code.

And about the characters we can’t use the charset utf-8, beacuse we are already using iso-8859-1, is there another way to fix this issue?

Best Regards


If you are using the social stream in a tab and the stream doesnt display correctly with changing the tab, we have a solution for this problem. And about your code-page problem, we need to look at your page.

Please, send us a message via and provide us with the link to the social stream page on your website and we will reply you with the solution.

Best Regards.

Hey, great script! By the way, can you assist on installation? I have done so much to make it work but it’s not working. Trying to integrate into a laravel application. Please I require installation assistance. Thanks


Could you please, send us a message including your website information via:

We will help you with installation.

Best Regards.

Sounds very hopeful and great. I have you contacted already.

Hi Victor,

We replied your message. Your email was not containing your website access information! Please, continue on the email.

I’m a bit lost – is there no way to have a feed with multiple twitter user accounts? I read some answers that it’s possible, but twitter_1 seems to take only one, _2 takes a list and _3 takes a string search. Any chance to allow _1 to take an array of usernames?


Yes, this is possible too. Take a look at the following example: <?php echo social_stream( array( 'id' => '1', 'type' => 'wall', 'network' => array( 'twitter' => array( // List of twitter usernames as an array 'twitter_id_1' => array( 'mashable', 'envato', 'axentmedia' ), 'twitter_images' => 'small', 'twitter_feeds' => '' ), 'instagram' => array( 'instagram_id_1' => array( 'katyperry', '500px' ) ), 'pinterest' => array( 'pinterest_id_1' => array( 'glitterguide' ), 'pinterest_id_2' => array( 'katharinamarwi/hampton-style' ) ) ), 'theme' => 'sb-modern-light', 'itemwidth' => 250, 'results' => 30, 'iframe' => 'media', 'breakpoints' => array('4', '4', '3', '3', '2', '1', '1'), 'debuglog' => 1, 'add_files' => true ) ); ?>

Best Regards.

my apologies axent – I did try that before, but it looks like the usernames I was using were incorrect (is there a slap on a forehead emoticon?) – that’s on me. Thanks!

Your welcome. If you needed any other assistant please, let us know.

Hi there,

Video playback, for both facebook and twitter, is not shown in lightboxes. Just audio. I’m not sure, but I think this happens since the last code update.

Please take a look at SOCIAL-TRACKER 2nd tab:

Thanks in advance.


Please, take a look at our demo website:

The Twitter and Facebook lightboxes are working well on our demo.

I think there should be a conflict problem on your page. I will check an let you know that what is making this issue on your side.

Best Regards.

Thank you. I’ll keep an eye on your comments.

Best regards.


You problem is about conflicting with this scripts:

<script src=””></script>

If, it is not required, you can remove it from the page.

Best Regards.

Hi! i have a problem, the company thats i config php-social-stream, we have a restrictions for AGE 18+, so i read on the documentation [“Your Facebook settings restrict the user that may view your page. You have to remove any age/profanity restrictions from your Facebook page.”] We cant remove restrictions from age, but how i can to see the post on the wall? we have a request permission on devolpers facebook? how?

Please help us! Regards!


I am sorry to hear you are running into this problem.

PHP Social Stream can only get feeds from public pages. Restricted private pages require user authentication on Facebook that needs to get permission from each user on Facebook and also publishing Facebook private data in public is illegal to Facebook privacy.

This has been also mentioned in our product description page under Feed Options section: Facebook page/group wall public posts (Facebook personal/private profiles are not accepted!).

The only solution for you is to remove age restriction or create another public page and move your public contents to the another page.

Best Regards.

Pre-purchase question: I want to list and display Instagram posts of a particular hashtag #mycompanyX. Is this possible? I would like any Instagram user that include this hashtag into his/her posts are displayed at my website.


Yes, this is possible on Instagram. You can get Instagram posts by “Search hashtag”, “Username”, “Location ID” or “Geographical location”.

Best Regards.

Hey Team! i love this tool ; i would like to get my copy but is this tool have an user system ? can i make account to my team or clients to manager thier projects?


This tools is not multi-user but I think you are looking for something like our other tools:

Best Regards.


pmedeiro Purchased

Hi! Do you have an example (sample or suggestion) about how to integrate PHP Social Stream and Laravel or Codeigniter? Many thanks in advance!


The PHP standalone integration sample codes are included in the zip package you download from CodeCanyon. Look into the “demos” folder inside your downloaded package. The documentation is also there. The online documentation can be also find here:

But, if you need integration sample codes for Laravel, please read this article:

If you need more assistant with integration in other Framework, you can contact us via

Best Regards.

hi, I just interesting there is a way for users login and they will add their accounts also? And if its possible how many users can join and how many account totally can be in one single site for wall? example 1000 users and each user has 15 account. totally 15000 account can work on that?

by the way I dont mean this: user social dashboard. I mean as this script. open to all visitors a wall and each user added their account and show to visitors in wall all from users accounts feed.


I think you are looking for something like but, as an application.

Unfortunately, PHP Social Stream is a single user product and is designed to be used on one website.

It could be possible to merge it with our other product PHP social dashboard and gain what you need but, requires custom coding.

Best Regards.

Will this work as a plugin for Wordpress?


We already have the WordPress alternative of this script. You can buy here:

Best Regards.


adamzski Purchased

Hi has been working but I now get from instagram “This client has not been approved to access this resource.”, “code”: 400


I think you are using your own Instagram App to get an access token and your App is not approved. And your are adding a different Instagram feed.

The solution is to use the Instagram App that is designed for our plugin, to get your access token. Use this website to get your access token and set in your Social Board Settings page:

If you still have problem, please contact us via:

Best Regards.