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sirdik Purchased

Hello, thank you for the great builder. However, I ran into few problems: 1) Displaying dynamic-elements loaded from DB. Saving into the database is very easy and working. Unfornutaly, loading saved not. Do you have an example of loading dynamic fields from the database? 2) I have trouble getting uploaded filename when validation fails. The form is reloaded with errors and there is no information about the previously uploaded file. Is there a solution?

Thank you, Ladislav


I answered you by email.


Does this require an SQL database…...I prefer to not use a database


Not at all. you only need a PHP Server.


aytheta Purchased


Thanks for BS4!

Your documentation is muddled up (text overlaying other text) at https://www.phpformbuilder.pro/documentation/class-doc.html, from around “Country Select list” to “Print plugins includes”.

Also can you send/ point to instructions on how to use this in wordpress?

I answered you by email

I switched this form to be material, commenting out the nice-check plugin since its incompatible. With that, the “position-applied-for” field no longer shows the options and instead shows “no results found”. Validations also seem to have stopped working.

Select2 plugin can’t be used with material forms; material have its own select and it’s not compatible. I added an error message, it’ll be shown like the others when you try to use 2 incompatibles plugins.

Validation has no “material” config. Just use the default one and it’s ok (I’ve done it in your form.)

the best script I’ve ever encountered !!!!

best support without a doubt !!!

Congratulations on your work.

Thanks so much!

Please rate if you like (if you didn’t yet)!


i have another question. Your Example “Dynamic Fields Form 2”

Is it possible to validate dynamic fields? In your example they are each time filled and not empty


Hi Andi,

There’s an example with jQuery Live Validation: dynamic-fields-form-1.php

When you remove a field, you have to remove it from the validator, same when you add one:

$form.data('formValidation').removeField('job-' + newIndex);
$form.data('formValidation').addField($('#job-' + newIndex));

Does this support multiple forms on the same page without using a modal or popover?


Yes it does.

Wow this looks pretty good, and the reviews are good. Gonna give it a try…

Thanks – you can contact me for help & questions – Have fun!

Hello I’d like to request a refund, I am not using the plugin.


Can you please tell me more? Why did you buy it and why don’t you use it?

Hey I can, we bought it because we thought it would be good to replace machform which we have but after purchase I saw it took more hands on work. We’re not using it because we found a suitable plugin on wp

Thanks for your explainations. You can ask for refund on Codecanyon, I’ll accept it. Please note that authors loose money when we refund, so it’s better to think a bit more about what you need before buying.

Please refund me cause nothing works properly


Thanks for purchase. Please can you get in touch with me: I can help and make all work for you within minutes. Once you’re able to build your forms I hope you’ll appreciate PHP Form Builder. If not, then we’ll talk about refund.

I’m available on chat at https://www.phpformbuilder.pro



Is it possible to insert a separator in same radio/checkbox group? or is it possible to add a css class to certain item?

Hi Sotomedia,

You can use the $attr argument with any form element: input, radio, select, ... to add attributes, which can be css classes or any html attribute. For example:
$form->addInput('text, 'name', '', 'Your name:', 'class=my-class, required');

To insert a separator between radio/checkbox, the best way is to use css, with :after depending on your suits.

2nd question: to show warning message before submit, you can do this with jQuery:

$('#my-form btn[type="submit"]').on('click', function() {
    if (confirm("Are you sure you want to submit this form?")) {
    } else {

thank you

You’re welcome. I’m often available on chat at phpformbuilder.pro if you have other quick questions.

hello migli i want to create account registration form but When creating a new account I want the user to fill just one of the following as a radio button.. Can I do that with script So not one line with several buttons to chose from but I will need several lines and several buttons and user will need to chose only one Can we do this?

Regards Max if you give me your email i can send you the pdf sample of what i want to do


PHP Form Builder can do anything. You can contact me by email at https://www.miglisoft.com/#contact or chat at https://www.phpformbuilder.pro


send you email

I just answered your email


Awesome script! but how do you change the HTML email that is sent? I do not want the default email that shows it came from PHP FORM BUILDER. I cannot find it anywhere in the documentation… Can you please help?


You’re welcome

No matter what i do it makes ALL fields REQUIRED upon validation once form is submitted. How do i manually assign what fields are required? Thanks


migli Author

I answerder you on another comment a few hours ago, did you get it?

Hi, just run into a problem. Im sure its just me.

$validator = Form::validate(‘contact-form-1’);

This seems to make every single text field I create a REQUIRED field? When the form is submitted it comes back with ” This field is required. ” on every single field even though i do not have ‘required’ in the parameters.


$form->addInput(‘number’, ‘bedroom-wardrobe’, ’’, ‘Wardrobe: ’, ‘placeholder=QTY’);

Even this field returns a [ This field is required. ] error when the form is submitted.

Can you please let me know where I’m going wrong?



migli Author


Did you try to clear php session? (or just close and reopen your browser)?

If it doesn’t help you can send me your url & ftp, or just php form code.


KreativeJ Purchased

Hey, thanks for the reply. It may have been the session. It looks like it’s all working now . I will do some tests and make sure its all ok. Thanks for the reply :)


migli Author

Yes, I’m sure it was the session. just clean and all’s ok.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,



KreativeJ Purchased

Hi, wondering if you can help, i can see how you add a CC or BCC in the $email_config = array() and that will send the SAME email / email template to everyone….......but how do you send ONE template to the main recipient ( website admin ) and also a SECOND email using a different template to the user who fills in the form? Thanks


migli Author

Hi, Just call the sendMail function 2 times with 2 different configurations.


KreativeJ Purchased

Would this work?

.... else { $email_config = array( 'sender_email' => 'website@website.com', 'sender_name' => 'My Name', 'recipient_email' => 'me@mycompany.com', 'subject' => 'FORM FILLED IN FROM WEBSITE', 'filter_values' => 'contact-form-1, submit-btn', 'debug' => true ); $email_config2 = array( 'sender_email' => 'website@website.com', 'sender_name' => 'My Name', 'subject' => 'Thanks for the form', 'recipient_email' => addslashes($_POST['user-email']), 'filter_values' => 'contact-form-1, submit-btn', 'template' => 'customer-email.html', 'debug' => true ); $sent_message = Form::sendMail($email_config); $sent_message2 = Form::sendMail($email_config2); Form::clear('contact-form-1');

migli Author

Yes, perfect.

Hi friends

I only come to install the latest version. How to translate words here:

Here is the list:

word (s)
character (s)
Please enter a valid email address
Please enter a value
Recaptcha Error

When you receive an email the fields, are not translated French?

User name:    
User first name:    
User email:    
User phone:    
Subject other:

I change the code here

$sent_message = Form::sendMail($email_config);

by correct code?

$sent_message = '<p class="alert alert-success">Votre message a été envoyé avec succès!</p>';

Use the form 1

Need a hand for code here I have an error?

$form->addHtml('<p class="text-warning">',('Votre adresse IP est:', $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]);'</p>');

Thank you


migli Author


  1. $validator = Form::validate('contact-form-1', 'fr');
  2. Just name your fields in French, there’s no automatic translation for fieldnames. Or use a custom email template with a shortcode for each value (see ‘custom_replacements’ at https://www.phpformbuilder.pro/documentation/class-doc.html#sendMail)
  3. The correct code is:
    $form->addHtml('<p class="text-warning">Votre adresse IP est:' .  $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] . '</p>');


I created a new custom email templates: I save in phpformbuilder/mailer/email-templates-custom/ My question is how to integrate the new custom e-mail templates into the mail function?

When I add french in the form

$form->addPlugin('formvalidation', '#contact-form-1', 'french');
Error in the console:
bs3-contact-form-1.min.js:420 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'default' of undefined
    at Object._setMessage (bs3-contact-form-1.min.js:420)
    at Object.init (bs3-contact-form-1.min.js:420)
    at FormValidation.Framework.Bootstrap._init (bs3-contact-form-1.min.js:414)
    at FormValidation.Framework.Bootstrap.FormValidation.Base [as constructor] (bs3-contact-form-1.min.js:414)
    at new FormValidation.Framework.Bootstrap (bs3-contact-form-1.min.js:418)
    at HTMLFormElement.<anonymous> (bs3-contact-form-1.min.js:415)
    at Function.each (jquery.js:384)
    at m.fn.init.each (jquery.js:136)
    at m.fn.init.t.fn.formValidation (bs3-contact-form-1.min.js:415)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (contact.php:318)

There are still words that remain English, how to put in French? Attached image :https://ibb.co/iSwygS

How to make the captcha field mandatory?

Thanks a lot for your help


migli Author


Please renew your support & I’ll spend time to help. Or read the doc, you’ll find answers to your questions. Thanks.

Is it possible to list the data in a form and filter it by a certain field?


migli Author


Yes, it’s possible. You’ve got to program this with PHP.


mcalleri Purchased

I’m trying to connect the form to a mysql database but I always get error 2002. DB access data must be configured only on the db-connect.php file or even on Mysql.php? In which lines exactly? Thank you


migli Author


Thanks for purchase. DB access has to be configured only in db-connect.php. Double-check your credentials, it should work.