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Hi… I have a pre-sales question. Does php form builder have any accommodations for “repeating sections” aka “repeating fields”? A good example would be an online school enrollment form with a set of fields for a child’s name, birthdate, immunization status, prior school attended, etc. It would be a nice design to have a ”+” button to add another instance of family member (child) on the same enrollment form. Of course, a ”-” button to remove such an instance would be needed, too. The form would then expand or contract accordingly as a set of fields (section) is added or removed. I do have considerable php coding skills but I’m hoping php form builder can do a lot of the heavy lifting here. Thanks!!

Hey I don’t hate you at all!

But truely you gave me a lot of work, really complex sometimes to deal with validation, dynamic fields, plugins, frameworks, ...

The select2 plugin had broken the values transfer process (when you remove a dynamic fieldset, each upper fieldset values are transferred to the previous indexed fields, then the last one is removed.

About the indexing error: I previously added a timeout to solve it, but it was a lazy solution.

Now it really calls the function in a sync way, so you’ll no more encounter this error.

I made the changes in all frameworks, and uploaded the new zip on Codecanyon.

I hope my English is not too bad to explain such complex things …


Your English is pretty good… and definitely good enough to get the message across to your audience. :-)

The BS4 dynamic-fields-form-2.php template, as downloaded in my local environment, is working perfectly now. I’ve been unable to break it.

It looks like since the time I downloaded the zip, you changed the template to have all the dropdown boxes be selectpicker. Is the select2 still problematic (in a way that I haven’t noticed)?


I used select2 only with Bootstrap 4, and no, it’s working well, but I had to set specific code to get & set the select2 values.

Please if you appreciate PHP Form Builder don’t forget to rate it!


What frontendtwiddler reports is a problem for me immediately.

He says ” upon submitting the form if there is a validation error (e.g., bad email address), the additional fields that were added via the button are gone when the form is redisplayed with the error indication (which obviously is bad for usability)”

I was thinking of incorporating this product into a project that has been ongoing. However, the Users expect to see all values previously entered returned if there is an error or ommission in one field.

This is especially important for forms that contain many fields and maybe modal with the form broken up into separate Step 1, Step 2, etc.

Is there a way to re-populate all fields with the current chosen values when it cannot be submitted yet because of a missing or improperly filled-out value?

My purchase is waiting for this answer.

Thanks so much, Gilles!

This might be the problem— the red.png cannot load to mark the selections list

Your website is https secured but this resource is http insecure

Loading mixed (insecure) display content “http://phpformbuilder/phpformbuilder/plugins/icheck/skins/square/red.png” on a secure page

Content Security Policy: Directive ‘child-src’ has been deprecated. Please use directive ‘worker-src’ to control workers, or directive ‘frame-src’ to control frames respectively. is another warning on this page

Thanks for your feedback.

Indeed some of the issues you’re reporting seem a bit strange. Let’s recap:

1/ the red.png loaded via http: you’re right, I made the update (only a sync issue with my localhost, no bug with PHP Form Builder itself)

2/ https://www.phpformbuilder.pro/templates/bootstrap-4-forms/customer-feedback-form.php:

I tested with both BRAVE & Firefox and all's ok for me.
I cleared completely Cloudflare's cache & all the minified compiled css & js plugins files. Maybe it'll solve.
If not, you can try to catch me on chat & show me with Teamviewer.

3/ Content Security Policy: Directive ‘child-src’ – not related to phpformbuilder.pro, I don’t use this directive in any way.


Hello Gilles, sorry for that but, an other time, I have tried to upgrade to the last vers. but receive the following msg: Unfortunately, installation failed because of this reason: An unknown error occurred (probably database failure or unauthorized modification of data). Would you have a look to this problem. Have a nice day.

You registered on www.your-domain.be, but opened your form on your-domained.be (without www).

That’s why you got this message, even if your registration was ok.

I changed the code, now & in future versions it’ll work with or without www.

I also removed “data-fv-intphonenumber=true” in your contact-form-1, it caused a js error because you disabled the validator.

Hey, did you know I recently published this CRUD Generator?:


Perfect. Many thanks. I had a look to your project and I’am very interested about it. Is it fool compatible with Form Builder ? I’ll also send you a request by PM. Thanks for your great job.


I read your PM, I already have a lot of work so I hope you can just wait a bit for this job.

PHP CRUD Generator is based on PHP Form Builder, current version is @version 3.3

PHP Form Builder can be used both for CRUD and thez main website forms.

I’ll answer you with more details about your job in PM.



I would just like to know how to translate this? Attached image


Not found

Thank you

If I see the message “email sent” I speak after sending the mail all the fields I did not change anything on the contact form

Ok. So if you want you can send me your ftp & url & I’ll have a look.

If the problem comes from PHP Form Builder support is free, but as I helped you many times before and spent many hours, if the problem comes from your code or from your server I’ll charge you $50/hour.

If you’re ok for this you can send me your access.

This is our browser that bugue, I test on another browser is it works

Hello. Do the forms provide fallback validation for older browsers that do not support HTML 5? For example if someone is using an iPad 3 with ioS 9.x


Yes they do.

You can use HTML5 validation, but if you look at the templates codes you’ll see that most forms (maybe all) use the attribute ‘novalidate’, ie:

$form = new Form(‘contact-form-1’, ‘horizontal’, ‘novalidate’, ‘bs4’);

This means that the HTML5 validation is disabled.

Instead we use the jQuery validation plugin, + server-side validation.

Details available here: https://www.phpformbuilder.pro/documentation/class-doc.html#validation-overview

Great. Thanks for your fast reply. I’m going to do some testing using the demo page and will probably buy.

Thanks to you. If you need anything else you’re welcome,



I suddenly started getting an error saying my installation of phpformbuilder was not registered. I tried unregistering and re-registering and now I get “Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: The maximum number of allowed PHP Form Builder installations (2 installation(s) total) reached” as a javascript error—even on the template pages (after clicking submit button. Any idea what’s going on? I haven’t changed the domain or underlying directory structure I’ve been using this for in my localhost (dev) environment. It was working yesterday.


Thanks for purchase ; I’m really sorry for this error and apologize a lot. It will not happen again.

I had a specific issue with the licensing system. I suppose that your IP is not a fix IP? Can you please confirm, and send me your purchase code to reset your installation.



Is there a way I can send this to you via private message? I don’t think I have your email address….

No, my IP address is not fixed, unfortunately. In fact, unlike with many providers, my dynamic address really does change all the time. Also, I have to use a VPN periodically (through which all traffic goes), so it will look like I connect from two different countries. I’m in Southeast Asia right now and will eventually deploy my project in USA.


Yes of course. Please contact me with my contact form

I’m available on chat if you’re online at https://www.phpformbuilder.pro/


Hi. Thanks for getting my license issue fixed up. Everything’s working okay now, except I have run into another unrelated issue…

I’m not getting any jQuery error indication/visual feedback (red) after submitting when there are no checked radio buttons in a group and “required” is specified on the printradiogroup method invocation. I started from your sliding step template (bs4). Also, I just noticed that your sliding step template has this behavior, too.

I suspect this issue would affect checkboxes, too. I know both radio buttons and checkboxes are a real pain as far as displaying the visual feedback in a nice way when they are supposed to be “required” and nothing is “checked”.

Interestingly, this is working fine on your car-rental-form (bs4) template (‘car-type’ radio group).

Hopefully it’s just some little oversight in the template itself and of course I’d now suffering from that same oversight.

Thanks for reporting.
I worked on a solution, which will be available in the next version.

I just emailed you with the changes to make it work.


I have problem with error ‘The maximum number of allowed PHP Form Builder installations (2 installation(s) total) reached’ at my dev. server , it’s Local server in my office and use Local IP( Your checking code maybe checked 2 installation if internet IP change.


I’m online now, please connect on chat at https://www.phpformbuilder.pro
Meanwhile I’ll see my logs and try to solve.

The problem should now be solved.

yes, successfully. thank you.


dirk1561 Purchased

Bonjour Gilles. Je devrais implémenter dans un formulaire un date picker basé sur Date Limits: $(’.datepicker’).pickadate({ min: new Date(2018,9,01), max: new Date(2018,11,30) }) J’ai beau mettre le javascript dans mon fichier, il ne passe rien et le calendrier reste “standard”. Pourrais tu me dire vers quoi chercher? La validation Java est-elle automatique dans tes scripts? Merci d’avance. Dirk.

Bonjour Dirk,

Les différentes configurations des plugins sont stockées dans les fichiers xml correspondants. ici, phpformbuilder/plugins-config/pickadate.xml

Chaque noeud est une config. différente: default, custom-date, custom-time, ...

Il te suffit d’ajouter un noeud avec ton code js dans CDATA:

<![CDATA[   $("%selector%").each(function() {
        $(this).attr('data-value', $(this).val()).pickadate({
            // options here

Puis appeler le plugin depuis le formulaire en remplaçant ‘custom-node’ par ta config.:

$form->addPlugin('pickadate', '#fieldname', 'custom-node');

Hi there, I love the form builder. We send all our transactional mail using Mailgun or Sendgrid – how can I update the form to plugin either the API details or SMTP details from these platforms?

Many thanks

Hi Overturelondonbranding,

Thanks for ytour comment;

You can easily setup the SMTP this way:

$email_config = array(
    'sender_email'    => 'contact@phpformbuilder.pro',
    'sender_name'     => 'Php Form Builder',
    'recipient_email' => addslashes($_POST['user-email']),
    'subject'         => 'Contact from Php Form Builder',
    'filter_values'   => 'contact-form-1'

$smtp_settings = array(
    'host'        => $value,       // String      Specify main and backup SMTP servers - i.e: smtp1.example.com, smtp2.example.com
    'smtp_auth'   => $value,       // Boolean     Enable SMTP authentication
    'username'    => $value,       // String      SMTP username
    'password'    => $value,       // String      SMTP password
    'smtp_secure' => $value,       // String      Enable TLS encryption. Accepted values: tls|ssl
    'port'        => $value        // Number      TCP port to connect to (usually 25 or 587)

$sent_message = Form::sendMail($email_config, $smtp_settings);

presales… when i create a form, does it code the backend and stores data in a table? does it use mysql?


Not at all. It builds your forms, validates live & server side.

When data is posted & validated, there’s built-in function & tools to send email, and the great Ultimate Mysql class – is available.

You have to program what you want to record in your db or anything else.


wow , thanks… so , all i have to do is create database tables , and a connection , then the script handles the rest?

Yes, if you create your db & table you just have to build your insert/update query with Ultimate MySQL class.

If you want a complete CRUD generator made with PHP Form Builder you’ll find it here: https://codecanyon.net/item/php-crud-generator/22032357

Hello, I have a question about the license of this script. I am currently converting my homepage and have created a test level for the new version of the homepage. This can be reached via a subdomain. Now, however, I see the form that I should enter the license code for the script. If I now activate the license on the subdomain, will this later also on the main domain when I’m done with the conversion? Many Thanks


migli Author


License is active only on your installation path.

2 things to know:

1. You can have 2 installations with a single license. For example one on localhost & the other on production server, but it can be 1 on domain & the other on subdomain.

2. When you open register.php in your browser, if the script is already installed you can enter your license code to unregister & then register elsewhere if you want.


getafif Purchased

Congrats, really a great and awesome form builder, I already bought many form builders and paid more than 200$, but this is the best one… About help so great your help even bothering you many times still replying and helping at any time… You deserve more than five stars…


migli Author

Thanks a lot, this is a great comment!