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The function groupInputs has 4 options for fields but the function setInputGroup only 3?

     * Allows to group inputs in the same wrapper
     * @param string $input1 The name of the first input of the group
     * @param string $input2 The name of the second input of the group
     * @param string $input3 [optional] The name of the third input of the group
     * @param string $input4 [optional] The name of the fourth input of the group
    public function groupInputs($input1, $input2, $input3 = '', $input4 = '')
     * Allows to group inputs in the same wrapper (3  inputs max.)
     * @param string $name        The input name
     * @param string $wrapper_pos start | end

    protected function setInputGroup($name, $wrapper_pos)

Kind regards David

Hello David,

You’re right, thanks for reporting. I’m working to solve this (add a 4th input to setInputGroup()).

I’ll publish the update once done, but if you contact me I can send you the updated Form.php

Regards, Gilles


I’ll publish this later in next update. Please if you want to get new Form.php just email me.



Does the form builder support a multiple file upload input?

If so, I need to also crop and resize multiple images uploaded. How easy is it to add a custom function in the middle of the processing of that upload?

TIA, Linc


Yes, it does, you can see & test here : http://www.phpformbuilder.pro/templates/bootstrap-forms/fileupload-test-form.php

File upload doc here : http://www.phpformbuilder.pro/documentation/class-doc.html#fileupload

Each input calls the file uploader you defined in options.

PHP form builder includes a pre-built & customizable image uploader.

You can resize each image, automatically rotate images based on EXIF meta data, and generate several thumbnails.

Here is code preview :

$options = array(
    'upload_dir'        => rtrim($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR) . '/phpformbuilder/images/uploads/',
    'upload_url'        => '/phpformbuilder/images/uploads/', // relative path to your form or absolute path without host
    'script_url'        => $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'],
    'max_file_size'       => 5000000, // 5 MB
    'image_versions' => array(
        // The empty image version key defines options for the original image:
        '' => array(
            // Automatically rotate images based on EXIF meta data:
            'auto_orient' => true,
            'max_width' => 800,
            'max_height' => 600
        // Uncomment the following to create medium sized images:

        // 'medium' => array(
        //     'max_width' => 600,
        //     'max_height' => 400
        // ),
        // Uncomment the following to create medium sized images:

        // 'small' => array(
        //     'max_width' => 400,
        //     'max_height' => 300
        // ),

        'thumbnail' => array(
            // Uncomment the following to use a defined directory for the thumbnails
            // instead of a subdirectory based on the version identifier.
            // Make sure that this directory doesn't allow execution of files if you
            // don't pose any restrictions on the type of uploaded files, e.g. by
            // copying the .htaccess file from the files directory for Apache:
            // 'upload_dir'        => rtrim($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR) . '/images/uploads/thumbnail/',
            // 'upload_url'        => '/images/uploads/thumbnail/', // relative path to your form
            // Uncomment the following to force the max
            // dimensions and e.g. create square thumbnails:
            'crop' => true,
            'max_width' => 80,
            'max_height' => 80
$upload_handler = new UploadHandler($options);

halfside Purchased

We have problems to make a modal form with multi pages… can you help me? you can see the problem on www.westservices.es/formularioWest.php

Hi Halfside,

I don’t know what your code looks like, but best way is to use ajax step form in your modal.

This way you can navigate from step to step without closing modal, then post on final step.

If you need more help you’re welcome,


Hello, Thanks for your script. However,I didn’t succeed in installation.

What I did : 1) Upload phpformbuilder in the root of my project. 2) for the file : phpformbuilder/plugins-path.php I changed line 12 (with the URL of the folder) mydomaine.com/folder/phpformbuilder/plugins/ 3) To make a test, I uploaded the contact-form-1-popover.php file to the root of my project. 4) I went online to check the page… Not working…

Error: Warning: include_once(/home/sme41732/public_html/pubpme.com/phpformbuilder/Form.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/sme41732/public_html/pubpme.com/DEV/contact-form-1-popover.php on line 10

Warning: include_once(): Failed opening ’/home/sme41732/public_html/pubpme.com/phpformbuilder/Form.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/sme41732/public_html/pubpme.com/DEV/contact-form-1-popover.php on line 10

Fatal error: Class ‘phpformbuilder\Form’ not found in /home/sme41732/public_html/pubpme.com/DEV/contact-form-1-popover.php on line 48

What I missed ? please help me with that

Hello activeden2011,

Thanks for purchase.

You put your phpformbuilder folder in mydomaine.com/folder/.

When you open contact-form-1-popover.php, it looks for phpformbuilder folder at mydomaine.com/ and doesn’t find it.

You have 2 ways to solve this :

1/ put phpformbuilder folder in mydomaine.com/


2/ replace all includes in template :
include_once rtrim($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR) . '/folder/phpformbuilder

If you need more help feel free to send me your ftp using my contact form


Hello—I need a little help, please. I had the form working ok for a while, but my host recently changed how their servers are configured and now I get: “Mailer Error: Could not instantiate mail function.” when trying to submit the form.

This is what the host says: “our newer servers that run PHP under Apache do not allow PHP to send mail via the mail() function, which is the default for most software. In order for you to be able to send mail you’ll need to configure the software to use SMTP with authentication, similar to how a mail client is set up.”

Is there a way to use SMTP authentication with this script?

Thank you.

Hello Pinkoctopus,

Php Form Builder uses PHP Mailer to send emails.

You can find it here : /phpformbuilder/phpformbuilder/mailer/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php

Just change PHP Mailer default settings this way to use SMTP and it’ll work fine :

public $Mailer = 'smtp'; // L. 161
public $Host = 'smtp.your-yost.com'; // L.224
public $Port = [port number; // L.231
public $SMTPSecure = ''; // L.246, empty, ssl or tls depending on your host
public $SMTPAuth = true; // L. 255
public $Username = '[username]'; // L.261
public $Password = '[pass]'; // L.267

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Thank you very much! This is perfect.

You’re welcome


ec1warc1 Purchased

I would like to use multiple modals or pop-overs on one page. Can you provide an example? Thanks and best wishes! ec1warc1


I just answered to your email.


Good morning,

I wonder if you can help me. I’ve recently purchased your php-form-builder script which looks very impressive.

I need to use your form builder to insert records into a MySQL Database. It has been a while since I had to create my own mysql tables, do you have a sample SQL database that you can send me?

I greatly value any help you can provide.

Kind regards, Mark

Hello Mark,

Thanks for purchase. I can advice you 3 very impressive & useful tools for your database management :

  1. https://www.mockaroo.com/ – I love this one, and it’s perfect for your needs. You can create any table, choose random fields, and Mockaroo will generate rows with mock data for you. Download the generated file in SQL format, then open your phpmyadmin, go to SQL tab and paste your data. It’s magic.
  2. Mysql Workbench : Download & install (free), this soft will communicate with your database, and create/update anything for you. A must-have. You’ll find numerous tutorials about it.
  3. Flyspeed sql : this one will connect to your DB and generate any query for you in a visual way.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Do you use PDO or Mysqli?

Hello Greg,

PHP Form Builder uses Jeff L. Williams’s Mysql class



hyuganz Purchased

Hi I have a quick question on the jquery-file-upload plugin, currently the adding images is fine and i can insert into database with filepath values.

But when i edit my form and want to edit images ,is it possible to only edit certain images currently loaded to that database row. ie show the images already inserted and make edits? and not reupload everything again.


Hello Hyuganz,

Thanks for purchase.

You have to work on a custom script, using your db values.

Here is how I proceed usually :

  1. get your images from db & display them in your form (using $form->addHtml(‘‘)
  2. add a single multiple upload field in your form
  3. once posted, loop to check how many images have been posted, and add them to your update query
  4. get corresponding oldimages in db & unlink them from your server
  5. run your update query
Here is a sample code which may help to start :
/*_______________ delete old images _______________*/

for($f = 0; $f<4; $f++) {
    $image = 'photo' . $f;
    if(isset($_POST[$image])) {    // delete old image
        $qry_image = 'photo_' . $f + 1;
        $qry = "SELECT $qry_image FROM articles WHERE ID='$ID' LIMIT 1";
        $db = new MySQL();
        $row = $db->Row();
        $nb = $db->RowCount();
        if(!empty($nb)) {
            $image_to_delete = $row->$qry_image;
            if(!empty($image_to_delete) && $image_to_delete != $_POST[$image]) {
                @ chmod("../images/articles/small/$image_to_delete", 0777);
                @ unlink("../images/articles/small/$image_to_delete");
                @ chmod("../images/articles/medium/$image_to_delete", 0777);
                @ unlink("../images/articles/medium/$image_to_delete");
                @ chmod("../images/articles/big/$image_to_delete", 0777);
                @ unlink("../images/articles/big/$image_to_delete");
                @ chmod("../images/articles/zoom/$image_to_delete", 0777);
                @ unlink("../images/articles/zoom/$image_to_delete");
}    // end loop

$old_image = array(0 => $_POST['old_image_0'], 1 => $_POST['old_image_1'], 2 => $_POST['old_image_2'], 3 => $_POST['old_image_3']);
$image_field = array(0 => 'photo0', 1 => 'photo1', 2 => 'photo2', 3 => 'photo3');
for($i = 0; $i<4; $i++) {
    $current_image_field = $image_field[$i];
    if(isset($_POST[$current_image_field])) {
        $update['photo_' . ($i + 1)] = MySQL::SQLValue($_POST[$current_image_field]);

$filter["ID"] = MySQL::SQLValue($_POST['ID']);

$db = new MySQL();
$db->UpdateRows("articles", $update, $filter);

texasbiz Purchased

Change log anywhere? Can’t seem to find here on in docs at your site..

So many features. making my head swim:) Not complaining, just like to know before I attempt upgrade. Amy special upgrade instructions?

Thanks for the EXCELLENT form builder!


migli Author

Hello Texasbiz,

Changelog is here : http://www.phpformbuilder.pro/index.html#changelog

and in your index.html at the root of package.

Thanks for reporting : I added a link from Codecanyon item description to make it easier to find.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hello, since the last update on 2.2 I always get the following error message when sending a form. #### Fatal error: require_once (): Failed opening required ‘mailer / phpmailer / extras / htmlfilter.php’ (include_path = ’.: / Usr / lib / php7.0’) in /homepages/..../phpformbuilder/Form. Php on line 1648 ####

The folder “extras” is not available in the script.


migli Author


Thanks for reporting ; it seems the ‘extras’ folder has run out of the ZIP file.

Sorry for this. I’ll upload the right package on Codecanyon immediately.

If you email me I’ll send you the ‘extras’ folder.


Thanks You have a Mail


ole2060 Purchased

your Contact Form looks very interesting.
Before I buy it I have a few more questions:

Is this responsive (for mobil devices)?
Can I edit it on a Mac?
Can i test all the files locally on my server (without load any files from other servers)?
Can I customize the complete form (font weight, font style, font family, color)?
Is this in German?

Best regads


ole2060 Purchased

Have now all files pushed to the server.
Unfortunately, I can not see any templates.
The authorization is set to 755.
Sorry, can you help me?

migli Author

Yes of course I’ll help.

Please first see this : http://www.phpformbuilder.pro/documentation/beginners-guide.html#error500

And if it doesn’t solve your error 500, please send me your ftp, I’ll solve it.


ole2060 Purchased

ok, i have send you a pm ;-)


ole2060 Purchased

Hello migli,
Have you already seen the code?
best regards


migli Author

I answered you : your ftp seems to be wrong.

I need to ask for a refund. I purchased this thinking that I could work on my Mac and some Bootstrap code and put together a modal contact form. I expected some examples, a little php script. Instead I see that I need to be running a server (which I’m not). I only ftp pages to an external server that I have little control over.

I just wrote. Thought you might need this: 41fbb7bb-901e-4b16-8dc9-854046bafe73 – 14 Jan 2017 REGULAR LICENSE


migli Author

Hello Steveiman2,

  1. You can work on mac or pc, no problem, with any code editor.
  2. Any php script will requier a localhost server to test your pages on local, which can be easily installed in 2 minutes (wamp or any other, see quick start guide). Of course, if you don’t want to test on local, you can just drop your pages on ftp without installing anything on local. Any server is ok with PHP5.3 or higher.
  3. PHP Form Builder provides many examples, including 2 Bootstrap modal contact forms

If you just drop PHP Form Builder folder on your server and send me your ftp I can make modal contact form work for you.

If anyway you still want refund, please just explain why and I’ll accept (you have to ask for refund in your Codecanyon account).



Please reimburse. I don’t understand this. I’ve spent not 2 minutes, but several hours installing MAMP. I’m not skilled, as I’ve said. I put in the Htdocs folder a ‘project’ named “formbuilder’ and into this put folder ‘phpformbuilder’ as well as ‘test-form-php’ with suggested code, and I get “cannot find file”. I really can’t do this and am not comfortable sharing passwords. If I had a sample which had the php and resources property arranged so that I could insert code into my project, I’d be ok, but I think I’d best look elsewhere since this is not comprehensible to me. So very sorry. Please reimburse. I have deleted all files.


migli Author

You just should look for a mamp tutorial, then if you succeed to display a ‘hello world’ in a php page then following steps will be easy.

You’ll have the same problem with any other php script (your problem has nothing related to PHP Form Builder).

My best advice would be that you trust me and send me an ftp access, you can delete it once I’ve made it work, and houndreds of people do this. I’m a web professional, and never hacked anything !

If you want refund, I already told you that you have to make your demand on your envato account.

If you trust me I’ll solve your problems and you’ll don’t have to worry.

I don’t care about refund, just try to help you.