Discussion on PHP Form Builder

Discussion on PHP Form Builder

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Good morning,

Hate to bother your again. Everything is working perfectly except the form templates. When I click on Form Templates the menu comes up below for me to select a Template. But when I select one I get an error500. Not sure if I goofed up the install or not. Please advise. Thanks.


Thanks for purchase.

If you turn display_errors On on your server you’ll probably see this error (and you’ll find the solution on this page too):

If you need anything else you’re welcome,



Just bought a new licence for a new project. Install it with register on my localhost, it was successfull, but as soon as i try to update or send form , I get the following error: The maximum number of allowed PHP Form Builder installations (2 installation(s) total) reached

thanks for your help.

Hi John,

It’s difficult for me to understand exactly why this happened, but let’s try.

Did you move the phpformbuilder folder after having registered?

Did you change the project URL?

If found a code on the licensing system that had a wrong callback, it starts with c4d70a82-

2 urls are registered: and localhost/phpformbuilder

I think it’s probably yours, please tell me if you want me to reset 1 or the two registrations


hl1afg Purchased

Hi mate,
Install but can’t use 1) FORM TEMPLATES 2) code samples.
And I can’t use Component Settings.

Please don’t send 3 emails + comments at the same time.

If I don’t answer immediately it means that I’m busy. And we’re sunday.


hl1afg Purchased

Thank you for your help, but to hard to use, I can’t use.

If you send me the url of the form you’re trying to build and tell me your requirements I can help.

You ask me where to put the email sender: that’s the email_sender argument in the sendMail() function.

Hi Gilles,

Is PHP Form Builder compatible or can it be used with MariaDb instead of My SQL?


Yes, MariaDb is perfect too.

Hi, I need to run this on a server with no Internet access. What are the options?


The answer is simple: you can’t.

If it’s a problem for you you can ask for refund, I’ll accept it of course.

Hi I need to make sure that can be installed on my we hosting is there a trial?


There’s no trial, it works on any server with php 5.6+

Hi I can not install the script you can do it for me


Thanks for purchase. Yes I can, please put the phpformbuilder folder on a ftp and email me your ftp access and target url

I sent you the identifiers


Sorry this is very unusual, I generally answer a lot more quickly but as I warned you I got urgent work and had no choice.

The forms can be easily integrated into your Wordpress content with Ajax loading, as explained here:

If you really want the refund please ask here:

else I’ll make it work on the ftp you sent me as soon as I got your answer

Thanks for your understanding,


I have returned the refund request to you

Thanks, refund is done.

Sorry I haven’t been sufficiently reactive, I wish you good luck in your projects

wizard form available ?

migli Author


Go to

Click the “Toggle All” button, then click “Step forms”

in laravel integration easy or any step ?

migli Author

I can’t provide any help with Laravel, but you just have to use Form.php as an external class:

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