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lucasko Purchased

Hi, Your plugin looks fantastic but I just have a little question. I am currently using this theme and as you can see on the demo there is already a little animation when the page loads and I was worried if your plugin would still works. I would like to see only the loading animation from your plugin. Would it be possible ? Many thanks in advance for your help.

Hi there. PageLoader will surely work but you’d have to find a way to disable your existing loading screen or you’ll have two (PageLoader doesn’t interfere with or alter themes itself).



lucasko Purchased

Okay great thanks for your quick reply, and also is it possible to set a minimum time for the loader to appear ? I have a gif and I need it to make at least one full loop. Thanks for your help

Sure thing. There’s an option to display it for an additional x amount of time after the page has loaded.


Hello, I would like a document to see the available icons and settings. It is very bad to have to do this and check for my own site, it loads fast and makes things difficult.

Hi. Please send a message via the contact form on our profile and you’ll be sent examples.


hi, we installed this plugin and configured with our logo and no progress dots or text. just the simple fade and shrink. however, i noticed that it has a negative affect on our pagespeed insignts score due to the call to our google font (even though we’ve opted for no text within the preloader). is there any way to disable that font call? otherwise, nice plugin. thanks.

Hi. Sure, in pageloader.php, just remove the block of code below the ”// ENQUEUE Google WebFonts” marker.


perfect. thanks so much!


lexopa Purchased

Hi—is there a way to detect when the loader animation is done? I have some on page animations that start WHILE the loader is spinning, and therefore I’m delaying them 1s, but ideally I would detect when its done spinning. JS code would be great.

Hi. Can’t really comment much on animating third-party code but PageLoader begins its vanishing animation after the page is finishes loading and lasts for whatever amount you’ve specified in the settings. Your best bet is to initiate your elements’ animations with similar delay after the page is finished loading.


Hi there! Is possible to have different page loader per page. Like put one default one and choose different loading img base on the page? Thx

Hi. PageLoader is sitewide. What you ask can be done via some extra code but something like that would have to be paid custom work. Get in touch via the contact form on our profile if that’s something you’d like to pursue.



slego Purchased

hi! is it possible to disable pageloader on touch devices ? I see there is an option for ONLY visible on touch devices, but I want only desktop.

A resize responsive feature would also be great. My gif loader is quite large, and it is not centered on iphone..

Hi, thanks for the purchase.

That’s not a feature out of the gate but it would be a quick change. I can do this for you. Send me a message via the contact form my profile and I’ll send it over.


again, love the plugin. have a feature request: we’re using an svg for the logo and it would be great if we could dictate the size (by pixel/percentage?) from within the pageloader settings – similar to the icon settings you have. currently it is just displaying the svg at it’s full size. thanks!

Hi, glad you like it :)

That’s totally doable. I might just get it in done as a quick update over the weekend or next week sometime. Stay tuned!


Fix your demo

Hi there. The demo site works fine. Perhaps there was a momentary server side issue.


Hello :)
Is it possible to create multiple page loaders and choose what to be used with each post type automatically ?
If No , Then Please add this featrue if possible :)
Thanks in Advance :)

Hi. PageLoader doesn’t have per-post/page styling at this time. As for adding that functionality in an update, I never say never.


Is there any way to make show the pageloader only once per session?

Hi there. It is possible but an edit like that would have to be paid custom work (please get in touch via the contact form on our profile if that’s something you’d like to pursue).


Hi. Can I do similar effect with personal logo like here?

Hi. There are 3 fade speed settings, the fastest one isn’t quite as fast as that one though. If you decide to purchase PageLoader and find it’s not quite quick enough, you can get in touch via the contact form on our profile and I can say what and where to change to speed it up more; it’s a simple CSS change.


Rain, thanks a lot for your support, now work fine. Nice plugin! Thanks again.

Sure thing :)


I’m an avid supporter of this plugin, and am using it on a large platform that we’re currently building. I’ve actually written in to you once before with the request I’m about to ask again.

This is a very simple feature request, and would be extremely helpful to use cases like my own.

At this moment the only way to select a custom loading image is to select an image from the WordPress media library. This is fine for smaller sites, but on large member sites like the one we’re building the media library is used only for user accounts and their uploads. All of the website’s images are stored directly in our child theme, including our custom loading image for this plugin. Herein lays the problem.

All I need is to be able to specify the custom loading image via a file path (URL), so that I can point it to the image location (and not have to upload the image to the media library). Many other plugins and themes that have fields for custom images allow for them to be entered from both the media library or via a custom file path (URL).

I would greatly appreciate you updating the plugin for this purpose. I could make the changes on my own, but don’t want to have to worry about merging those changes with new versions of this plugin when you release them. I’m sure this minor feature would help other users as well in similar situations.

All my best,

~ Michael

Fair enough… My thanks again for implementing the first request!

I just wanted to say thank you for the updates, and honoring both of my feature requests! I’m actually using all three new features you just introduced, and they are already in place and working perfectly!

My compliments! =)

~ Michael

Good to hear :)



newlich Purchased

What is the new updates? Please update me once the change log uploaded.

Already updated. Cheers.

Hi, is it possible to do a page flip effect with your plugin? like TurnJs does?

Hi there.

No, that’s something quite different.


Hi there i am interested in this plugin, is it possible to add your own custom html and animation and use this plugin to show and hide it the html, i would be looking at doing a custom GSAP loading animation but would like this plugin to control the visibility side of things. One other question is how the page elements animate in is nice. Will this plugin animate the page in automatically after loading? Thanks

Hi there, thanks for the interest.

There’s no html entry. You can choose from a number of included icons, or use your own loading image. As for the page animation, that can be set up via the plugin settings.



assyst Purchased

Hello! Is somehow possible, just enable the loader on content section ? I’m would like to keep header “static”.

Hi. PageLoader’s loading screen is designed to be full-screen.