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Hi….possible to have it open at all times?

Hi. I don’t understand what you mean.

Dear Halfdata,

I have a problem of having installed and activated the opt-in plugin and it does not work; I have looked into everything imaginable that my knowledge allows and did not get far. I would appreciate it that you could take a look at the WP dashboard to identify if there is anything blocking this. Please provide me with a private email address.

Best regards, Homan


Can I give you the detail privately?

Sure. Support tab.

I dont want to use an external autoresponder service. I want the plugin receives the message and autorespond with my custom message, and after that stores the lead. This plugin can do that? If yes… How many custom answers can I use? Regards…

Names and emails are stored in local database. You can send “welcome email” message to each subscriber. Only one.

Any change this plugin will support FreshMail soon?

Hello, please tell me, I need to implement the site, price lists, and whatever the user when downloading a price, Make your email address and the email is stored in the database. Perhaps this is done with the help of your plugin?

Hi. I don’t understand what you need, unfortunately. Please check demo. It’s pretty obvious.

presales question : I have SMTP working on my site. Would that be good enough to be able to send out the thanksgiving, double opt-in email and other email notifications ?

Please notice, plugins never send e-mails by themselves. They delegate this function to WordPress installation by using wp_mail() function. So emails will be sent as you configured it.

aside fromj using regular email, does this have the option to include the option to use facebook/google connect ?

Can I do something like this ( http://www.proctorgallagherinstitute.com ) (The optin in the beginning is 1 step) with this plugin? 2- Can I put it anywhere in the page 3- Can you help do that? If you answer Yes to this, I’ll buy today… my client needs this now.

Sorry. No.

Hi, Everything was working fine for my site www.dealwithautism.com till I created a duplicated panel and then the whole panel disappeared. I went back and deleted the old panel, and ensured that the original panel is still set as default.

I also checked whether the JS code is loading properly on the page and it is. I dont know what happened but the panel has just disappeared now :-(

sorry please ignore. I will repost this in the standalone scripts forum.

Hi, Where do I enter the purchase code, I found nowhere to do so?

You don’t need to enter purchase code for this plugin.

can I use it on multiple domains?

One license per installation. ;-)

love the plugin…question, instead of email & name, can I add another slot for phone number?

Thanks for idea. I’ll think.

BTW, You can consider Layered Popups for WordPress + Side Tabs Add-On. You can see how they work: https://halfdata.com/milkyway/side-tabs-layered-popups-addon.html Layered Popups is more powerful plugin. You can create your fields in popup.

Waoo…I have been looking this for a while….but I bought this already…do you offer refund? I only need one of these product….

:-) Please contact Envato Support regarding refund.

Hi HalfData. I own two licences for Layer Popups and one for Optin-Panel. I love the simplicity of the latter and it works well for me. Any chance of extending Sendgrid integration to it the way you have with Layered Popups?

Hi. At that moment I don’t have such plans. But thank you for idea for further releases.

Let me explain why and maybe that will motivate you :) I have a multisite. One main site and six sub.sites. Both Optin Panel and Layered Popups will only add subscribers to the list on each sub.site. That means I need to export and consolidate all lists and then import them into the main site every time I send a newsletter. That’s a pain :( If I can simply integrate with Sendgrid, it all gets consolidated automagically but with a tag for each site so I can still segment if needed.

Hello, Can I do a redirect after user opt-in with your plugin?


Hi. No. There is no such feature.


1. ) does it “auto open” on “load” of page also? 2.) does it with myMail make double optin (via myMail´s double optin function)?


Hi. Yes. Yes.

Any word on MailPoet integration?

Don’t have such plan yet.


2ng Purchased

In Internet Explorer, input filed is not visible in full. See http://www.roklinka.com/pavla/ In Google chrome, if placed bottom center, button is not vissible. Do you plan update?


2ng Purchased

You can see how it looks in IE 9 and IE 11 on this picture: http://www.roklinka.com/PANEL-IE9-IE11.png


2ng Purchased

Same problem on Lumia 640 Windows Phone

Please edit css/style.css, line #204 which is:
height: auto !important;
Replace it by:
height: 2.7em !important;
Please extend your support period for further assistance.

Please please add the option of adding the phone number field to this plugin. It really needs the option for that additional field.

Hi, Unfortunately, at that moment I don’t have such plans, but thank you for idea – I’ll think about it. At that moment you can get what you need (and even more) with Layered Popups + Side Tabs.

Hey, we bought your plugin. Everything is great so far, but where is the unsub link? Chargin 18$ for an Opt-In without unsub Link seems a bit odd

1. Unsubscribing is a newsletter feature. My plugin is just collect emails. It doesn’t send newsletters, doesn’t handle newsletters, so what are you going to unsubscribe from?

2. I don’t see badge “purchased” near your username.

i see, thanks. We bought it via company account, don’t worry ;) this is my private one

The plugin does not work on my site. It is installed and allows me to access the Design tab, but it will not load the options in any of the other tabs. For example, I cannot click behavior, integration, mailing, or misc tabs. The settings do not load. It stays stuck on the original tab.

This is not a browser issue as I have tested in both firefox and edge. Brand new windows 10 machine. Not a computer issues.

Have disabled all caching and still does not work. Only plugin on my site that does not function. Can you process a refund?

If you don’t want to solve the issue, request refund.



I just want to have a newsletter form on our website. and once every six months sent an e-mail to the subscribers.

1) Can I use my own SMTP?

2) Should I create the unsubscribe page and other page? Or the pages are already: creating

3) Do you have pre-created templates?

4) Do I have to create a mailchimp account? for Sent Campaign or Your plugin is “complete

5) For the plugin to work properly, do you have to buy something else?

6) Do you have a function that displays on the newsletters form, The number of subscribers Example: 1587 subscriber below the button

7) Compatible with all plugins and templates?

Thank you.

Hi. Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t fit your requirements. You need find something else.