Notify Subscribers

Notify Subscribers

  • “Notify Subscribers” plugin gives you an option to send the post notification to the subscribers.
  • You can send the customized email template as a notification using the different post fileds.
  • Plugin provides you shortcode to create custom email template.
  • It allows you to display custom error message.
  • Provides you all details about the subscribers and lets you manage that information.
  • Plugin’s setting theme will be changed as per theme color change.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Offers widget as well as shortcode.
  • Users can enable and disable notification for the custom and standard post types.
  • It lets you export user details via CSV and PDF.
  • It allows you to MailChimp Integration using API Key and List ID.


26 December 2018

"- Added: Gutenberg block." 

18 July 2018

"- Added: Custom thank you page relative path." 
"- Added: MailChimp API v-3.0 integration."

22 March 2018

"- Added: Export users detail with CSV and PDF." 
"- Added: Enable and disable notification for the custom and standard post types."

18 November 2017

"- Initialize release."