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Hello If this script supports a Video MP4 at Normal and HD quality, i will buy it

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our software. :)

By default, the MP3 Converter software (sold exclusively on CodeCanyon) only downloads and/or converts to MP3, and no other audio/video formats are supported. That said, with a little customization and coding savvy, you could force the software to output different MP4 qualities instead. If this interests you, please contact me via my profile page ( ) contact form so that we can discuss your project further.

Alternatively, you might try our YouTube Media Converter software instead ( ). For a few more dollars, this other software will support your general requirements and require significantly less work to do so.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Thanks again!


icynets Purchased

Only Dedicated server supports it

Hi there, and thank you for your purchase. :)

The MP3 Converter software can in fact run on Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting plans.

It will generally always work on VPS and Dedicated plans, as long as you have root user access to the server. (Root user access enables you to do anything you want, including installing FFmpeg.)

The software can be trickier to run on Shared hosting, depending on the restrictions enforced by the plan. It helps if FFmpeg is already installed and supported by your plan (and such plans do exist)—but it’s not always necessary! As long as the default web server “user” ( see ) is able use the PHP exec() function to execute FFmpeg commands, then you can try uploading a static build of FFmpeg ( ) to any location in the filesystem. (Usually, on shared hosting, you can go at least one level above the web root, which is inaccessible to your browser and the ideal place to upload FFmpeg in this case.) Then you set permissions of the FFmpeg binary file to 0755 and set the _FFMPEG constant value in “lib/Config.php” to the absolute path of the binary file on your server (e.g., ’/home/username/ffmpeg’).

That said, you’ll find that most shared hosting plans will relatively quickly run out of CPU resources as you scale up traffic to your site. This is because multiple, concurrent FFmpeg processes require significant resources, and most shared hosting plans simply aren’t powerful enough (and have the dedicated resources) to sustain this for very long.

That is why we generally recommend an inexpensive VPS plan to start with, especially if you have a small site and/or a modest budget. A VPS gives you more, dedicated server resources at a cost that is comparable to many shared hosting plans, and your “virtual” resources can be easily upgraded as needed (as your traffic grows).

If you are looking for quality VPS hosting, then please consider Contabo’s products: . We are an affiliate of this company because they offer superior hardware, and more of it, for a low monthly price. I have several clients using their plans, and we have not been disappointed.

If you need more help choosing the right host, configuring your server, and/or installing the software, then please contact me via my profile page ( ) contact form so that we can discuss your requirements further.

Thanks again!


icynets Purchased

Shared Hosting does not support this script. Do you have any solution ? which shared hosting provider supports the ffmpeg. My hosting does not support it

Please see my response to your related comment above. Thank you!

Hello please i need your help:

i rent a vps for this script i installed CWP in Centos 7.2 and it looks i have dificult on configurating this: FFmpeg location: Not found : i installed : FFMPEG Installer for CWP servers For Video streaming websites, path: /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg

FFMPEG already installed! File Path: /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg

so how to configurate “lib/Config.php” . please take a look to this website and see my problems thank you for helping.

i did i fixed by myselfe , i changed the path to : const _FFMPEG = ’/bin/ffmpeg’;

and i followed instruction and installed this : let me know if i did right ? now i see the converter it works

Hi there,

Thank you for your purchase. :)

Yes, this is another way to install FFmpeg.

In fact, the easiest way to install FFmpeg (for any Linux distribution) is as follows:

  1. Download either the 32- or 64-bit FFmpeg static build from here (depending on your OS architecture):
  2. Uncompress the resulting .tar.xz file on your local computer and find the file named “ffmpeg”
  3. Upload only this file (named “ffmpeg”) to your server.
    • If you upload the file to “/usr/bin”, ”/usr/local/bin”, or ”/bin” (or whichever directory on your server that 1) contains the majority of binary, or executable, files not otherwise needed for booting or repairing the system and 2) is configured to recognize binaries as global, system-wide commands), then all tests will pass in my software’s “Config Check” utility.
    • If you upload the file elsewhere on the server, then ignore the PHP exec() or FFmpeg test results in the “Config Check” utility and manually create an empty “setup.log” file in the software’s root directory to bypass the utility.
  4. Ensure the “ffmpeg” file is chmod to at least 0755 permissions.
  5. Set the _FFMPEG constant value in “lib/Config.php” to the absolute path of the “ffmpeg” file on server.
  6. You’re done!

I do hope that helps, and please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Thanks again!

Hi there, I have installed the script but it doesn’t work, I have ffmpeg and libmp3lame installed on ubuntu server, I have edit the config file as fine, try it:

can you help me please?

If you need I can send you access via FTP or SSH, so we can see why not work.

ffmpeg is on /usr/bin/ffmpeg

and libmp3lame is on


The video conversion bar stay Empty, there isn’t progress … try it with a youtube link please:

in http:// work but not in https://

Problem solved, thanks! The problem was in the ssl certificate.Good Job!

tell friend, does the script work on the linux server?

if so, what modules are needed there additionally?

Hi, our ticket system is email-based, so you must wait for an email response to your open ticket. Thank you.

I sent you two letters yesterday, did not you get it?


Yes, we are getting your emails. I’ve attached your email (that was not sent via our ticket system) to your open ticket.

Please allow us some time to review your open ticket and respond to it. And please only respond to your open ticket. (I.e., it is not necessary to respond here, via email, and via our ticket system. Doing so will only serve to slow down our response time.)

Thank you for your understanding.

Do we have to manually delete the converted mp3s? I see there’s nothing on the video folder but on mp3 folder there are a lot of audio that were uploaded by visitors.

Hi, and thank you for your purchase. :)

This particular software does not automatically delete mp3s, by default. (Our other products do: .) That said, you can create a simple bash script like the following, e.g.:
#!/bin/bash find /var/www/mp3/* -mmin +30 -type f -delete find /var/www/logs/* -mmin +30 -type f -delete find /var/www/videos/* -mmin +30 -type f -delete
...and run this script as a regular cron job (on Linux). (Note: You may need to edit the folder paths to reflect the correct paths on your server.) This will automatically delete all files older than 30 minutes, in the corresponding software folders, every time the cron job runs.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Thanks again!

I have a problem with the script i recently purchased. I have entered everything correct in the config.php but it doesnt work. Please see attached file and test the website for error:

I contaced the Siteground support;

Hello Johnny,

The path was incorrect. It should be just ffmpeg and not ffmpeg.exe.

But for some reason the application still does not recognise it.

ffmpeg works perfectly fine. I verified that I installed it properly.

Here is what the server tells me when I call ffmpeg:

Code: levelbea@us119 [~/ffmpeg/bin]# ./ffmpeg ffmpeg version N-46272-g3a56ade1f-static Copyright© 2000-2018 the FFmpeg developers built with gcc 6.3.0 (Debian 6.3.0-18+deb9u1) 20170516 configuration:—enable-gpl—enable-version3—enable-static—disable-debug—disable-ffplay—disable-indev=sndio—disable-outdev=sndio—cc=gcc-6—enable-fontconfig—enable-frei0r—enable-gnutls—enable-gray—enable-libaom—enable-libfribidi—enable-libass—enable-libvmaf—enable-libfreetype—enable-libmp3lame—enable-libopencore-amrnb—enable-libopencore-amrwb—enable-libopenjpeg—enable-librubberband—enable-libsoxr—enable-libspeex—enable-libvorbis—enable-libopus—enable-libtheora—enable-libvidstab—enable-libvo-amrwbenc—enable-libvpx—enable-libwebp—enable-libx264—enable-libx265—enable-libxml2—enable-libxvid—enable-libzimg libavutil 56. 18.102 / 56. 18.102 libavcodec 58. 20.100 / 58. 20.100 libavformat 58. 17.100 / 58. 17.100 libavdevice 58. 4.100 / 58. 4.100 libavfilter 7. 25.100 / 7. 25.100 libswscale 5. 2.100 / 5. 2.100 libswresample 3. 2.100 / 3. 2.100 libpostproc 55. 2.100 / 55. 2.100 Hyper fast Audio and Video encoder usage: ffmpeg options -i infile]... {[outfile options] outfile}...

Use -h to get full help or, even better, run ‘man ffmpeg’

I am afraid that I cannot tell you why this application still says that there is no ffmpeg.

At this point I can only suggest you to contact the developers / support of that application.

Of course if anything else comes up please let us know.

Best Regards,

Dimitar Ruzhinov Senior Technical Support

What should I do?

Thank you, Johnny

Ok thank you, which software? The MP3 converter script? Or the FFMPEG?

3) Upload setup.log to the software’s root directory

This is referring to the “MP3 Converter” software that you purchased via CodeCanyon.

Yes, now its working! Thanks!