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so can i make this thing smaller and then make it so it’s automaticly enabled ?


Not at this time. Definitely keep an eye on it though, a custom with option is planned, and pretty soon. And always visible is probably in the cards as well as that only makes sense when someone wants to do a slim menu.


Hi, I bought the plugin, I went to my site, I activated, but no option appears to manage the plugin. I please thank a solution.

Hello friend, I sent the email with the questions, the most critical are the 3 and 4:

We continue by mail, thank you very much for your collaboration.

I’m already replying :)

EXCELLENT!! Great job, great service!!

Thanks for the fast and effective solution. All solved.

Good luck!

Great looking menu. Does this have an option to close the menu on click? I want to use it for a single page scroll to anchor menu. So when a link is clicked the page will scroll down and I do not want the slide out menu to still be visible after a link is clicked. Thanks!

No promises but could just happen :)

Haha, no problem, thanks! Really slick plugins, by the way!


Hey BonfireThemes! Simply the best mobile menu designers out there. What a wonderful suite of products. Totally love them all.

Just a quick question on the menu however—it seems that it is not only displaying on my mobile but also on my desktop browser. Is there a simple solution to this?

Cheers, guys!...

Appreciate the kind words! :)

There’s a setting under the Misc section of Morph’s settings that allows you to display the menu on specified resolutions only. There are a few examples there as well as to how to use the setting.


Super thanks guys. Will be trying that out. The best customer support indeed. Goes a long way in cultivating that loyal fanbase! Keep up the good work!!

Will do :) If you have a moment, I’d very much appreciate a quick rating for Morph. Stuff like that is fuel for us :)

Have a good week, cheers.

Hey Bonfire! Just a super quick question. The “Morph” setting is not available under WP Dashboard -> Settings it appears that is missing. Is there a reason why?

Hi there. As of version 2.0, all of Morph’s settings are under “Appearance > Customize > Morph Plugin”.


Found it, great! Thank you, Bonfire!

Oh! my site was using 1.4 but when I updated it to 2.0, it does not work normally. How can I download the version 1.4 again?

Hi there.

Send me an email through the contact form on my profile, I can send you the older version. Do include your site URL as well though with more details about how it’s not working properly, I’d love to have a look and see what you have going on there.


Checked the site, everything was working as should. User had simply not re-entered their customization options which moved to the Live Customer as of version 2.0 for much quicker, real-time preview editing.

I already have a sticky header on my site with a mobile menu. I am able to configure this to replace my current menu but keeping my header?

Hi. Yes indeed, all you need is the class/ID of your theme menu and you can hide it when Morph is set to be active.


Hello! I am using Morph with the Divi theme but for some reason all my images are not appearing on tablets and iphone – worked before. I am also getting errors saying that it is looking for retina versions of all the images and the source says its Morphs code that is searching for this. How do I fix besides adding retina versions and could this be the issue?

Hi there. Please send me your site address via the contact form on my profile and I’ll have a look.


one question before purchase, is possible to change to change submenu icon (arrow) with + and – . thank you

Hi. It is certainly possible but would have to be a paid customization. Send me an email via the contact form on my profile if that’s something you’d like to pursue.


Hello! We installed the Plugin, working great! yet the menu bar overlaps the content of the site. Is there a way to push down the Site below the menu bar of your Plugin?

Hi. Send me a message via the contact form on my profile and include a link to your site so I could have a look.


I have this question. I have a site not based on wordpress. Your menu look nice. My site has already an existing mobile menu that is created on the fly using the original nav bar of the site and changing his css on the fyly over a media query.

Is it possible to use4 for mine menu the css of your menu ? And so style my existing mobile menu to looks like your ?


I saw all your portfolio. My questio so is, can we arrange some of your jobs together and make a custom NAV BAR and MENU for my site ? I dont ask to do a full new design, simply to adapt your works for my needs. i like your menu and nav bar already not necessary to reinvent nothing simnply to adapt to my existing layout.

How much could be a task like this ?

And can you do it as freelance job ?

I do take on custom work, yes. Email me via the contact form on my profile with your site and precisely what you’d like done.


Hello Bonfire, pre sales question: Does this menu support WPML? Thank you.

Thanks for the reply.

Just realize that bonfire is tap tap developer. Great plugin. Works with WPML. Unfortunately conflict with NextGen. Does Morph has any known conflict issue with NextGen?

Neither plugin should have any conflict with NextGen. If you experienced one, get in touch with me via the contact form on my profile, include your site URL and I’ll have a look.


Pre-sale Question, I am using the Listify Theme would this be able to be added to an existing primary menu? Or is the the menu bar seen in the sample separate and would display for example as a “blue colorful bar” on its own? Thank you.


Morph is a stand-alone menu with its own appearance. If you wish, you hide its menu button and header however and use a custom element to activate the Morph menu just by adding Morph’s activator class to your custom element (your own custom menu button for example).


Thank you for the quick response, good to know I can hide the header and menu button and replace it with a different activator. Would there be documentation to do this if I purchase? I admit I am a bit of newbie when it comes to any advanced scripting in Wordpress. Thank you.

The documentation gives you the class name of course but you have to know how to apply it to your custom element. There’s no way to know how or what kind of a custom element you intend to use, so there isn’t actually any further information to give.


Hello, i use “uncode theme 1.4”, is possible hide the default theme’s menu?

Hi. It doesn’t matter what theme you use; if you know the theme menu’s class/ID, then you can hide it.


Where can I see what is the theme menu’s class/id?

If you don’t know how to look that up yourself then that’s something to ask your theme developer. They should be able to tell you off the top of their head.


Hi there, I’d like to have this sort of setup:

menu icon and logo in white, header bar transparent. Then on scroll; menu icon and logo change to gold, header bar change to black.

Is this sort of functionality possible? Can a developer make that happen for me with your plugin?


Excellent, thanks indeed.

One more question: is there a setting for changing the colour for the menu ‘active’ state? I can only see an option for menu hover, but nothing for active..

It’s right below the non active ones: “Button active” and “Button active hover”. If you mean the menu button label though, then no, though you can easily target it via css:

.morph-menu-active .morph-menu-button-label { color:red; }

Have a good one, cheers.

Well, no actually I mean the menu links – like Home, About etc. I want to click on About, and then it must change to an active link colour separate from the default and hover colours..

possible to auto add photo url to each post page (custom post type) and popup automatically? no need to add it everytime a post is added. and filter in functions can add do it?

Hi. I’m extremely confused by what you’re asking. Perhaps you’re commenting on the wrong item. Morph is a menu plugin.


Hello, how can i center the logo on the header? thank you

Hi. Out of the box, you can place it left/right with the rest of the plugin’s elements. If you’d like to get the alternative placement done as quick custom work, plase feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form on our profile.


So basically I have to pay to get a simple logo alignment?

If you’d like to expand upon the advertised functionality of the product, then yes, naturally. If you’d like to make custom edits yourself however, then you’ll find the code well marked just for cases where users wish to make their own customizations.


Hi Does your mobile menu is compatible with WPML?

Hi there. Hasn’t been specifically tested with it. Cheers.


1.Would this work with Divi Themes?

2.Is it possible to the get a different menu design for desktop and smaller screen, something similar to what I have already on my website

3.Does the menu stick as you scroll.

4. I notice you have other menu plugins, if one of those plugins would suite me best please do mention it.


Hi there.

1. No reason it wouldn’t. 2. You can show Morph only at mobile resolutions if you wish. 3. Yeah, the menubar can have fixed or absolute positioning. 4. My other menu plugins also have similar features. All the info is on their respective item pages.