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Hi buddy, actually, I use wordpress to build website but I don’t know about android or IOS. But I really want to make simple android applications especially messaging app. so could you tell me how to use and make app with your product…? please tell me as you can

Messaging System is not for Wordpress. Its a full stack solution with your own server environment and management panel. Not intended to be used with websites.


I am not sure if i have asked this before. Does this include the API server?

It includes backend server script

Is the backend shared or I get my own backend for my own personal server?

You will get your own backend and can install it on your server. We also have possibility to host in our hosting for extra price

Good day. I have a question. Is there an online server status information in the app? And you can also see when people are online?

No unfortunately this feature is not yet implemented

Hello I am a doctor and I wanted to know if you can add online payment systems for online chat, I want to make a medical consultation service online after payment of the same regards German Pace

Hi yes it is possible but should be discussed in more details as there are multiple variations on how to integrate it. You can send a link in chat for paypal or other payment gateway manually. In this case no embed required.

when i put my Number its keep saying ” Looks like there’s a problem with your network connection.try again ’ but my network is okay

Thank you for pointing this out it was due to our internal misconfiguration. Could you try it again please.

For the selling price, this app should also have a way of inviting new users. There is no way of sending an invite for someone to download . I want to purchase but this is the only problem that’s making me reluctant to purchase.

Every modification requires code adjustment. We advise you to hire a freelancer.

Hey there, what you present here looks very promising to me and I am highly interested in purchasing this. I wanted to try the backend with the provided link in your description, but it it sends me to a blank screen with the word “OK” on it. Can you provide me with a updated link to the test backend?

Hello, I want to buy it. Does the communication then only run on my server?

Yes it will be. Please also make sure that you have to be familiar with nodejs environment in order to set up backend.

There should be online offline typing indications

Than r u going to implement this than i have to buy this

Hi Hi

I am currently doing the backend to install on my 16.04 Ubuntu Server …

As soon as I get the two commands with Nohup nodejs Execution nothing happens the backend is not accessible via the port 8080 …

What am I doing wrong?

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In the server.log, this entry appears when it tries to send:

Error: read ECONNRESET At exports._errnoException (util.js: 870: 11) At TCP.onread (net.js: 544: 26)

maybe the problem is with quotes. Sometimes they are autocorrected. Bad: ” Good: “

Hi hi I have found a good solution with crontab.

With the command:

  • / 2 * * * * nohup nodejs /var/www/xmpp/Server.js> Server.log &

Directly in crontab restarts the server.js every 2 minutes and when the request of the sms the server.js crashes starts after 2 minutes again …. The authentication code is not sent but I used the chat for my friends and family, so I get on the dashboard it is displayed and passed it directly via sms or telephone …

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Do you offer encryption? I am looking for encrypted messages. Also can someone join with just an email confirmation or will it need to be text?

No unfortunately these features have to be programmed additionally.