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Does this offer a user login, where they can access let’s say another script in a different directory?

onc user is logged in, you can redirect to a different page or directory, as long as your script is within the same domain.

Thanks for the answer. I just need a way to restrict access to that directory unless they are paid.

You cant restrict access to a directory, only to a page.

Hello, I sent you a message via codecanyon on payment gateway integration, kindly respond. I wanted to buy your script but i need the payment gateway integration with it. Kindly respond to my message or comment back here. The gateway is interswitch nigeria.

Hello, I can share their developer APIs with you if required.

Sure, send it to me.


evian2004 Purchased

Do you plan to integrate 2checkout?

If there is a demand for it, then yes, I will integrate it.


evian2004 Purchased


I created page with PageBuilder then registered the use. After I login and try to reach the new page, I get “Direct access to this location is not allowed.”

After I login as admin, I get the same message.

Please advise, how to allow the registered users to view protected pages?

Thank you

It seems your protected page doesn’t have valid php code. Could you please send me your page to review it?


Parazhit Purchased

Dear, do you offer customization services? I can pay for it

Sure, please email me from my profile,page.


krishnaxz Purchased

I have already purchased it 1 year ago, but want to add a new payment gateway PayUbiz, can you help me & how much need to pay for this…


gewa13 Author

If you have working php API, please send it to me or provide URL, so,I can look into it.

Please advise how to customize the registration form. I need to delete some fields.

I already deleted in register.php also commented lines in class_user.php public function register() method, but I am getting JavaScript error.