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Why have you refused to fix my issue. I have told you over 2 months now that the file type image isnt showing! I gave you all info but no fix. Please fix.. Also it might be good to incorporate where we see a preview of the file rather than just the file type image

The last email I got from you was on March 18, and I have replied the same day
You needed to configure file directory as per install manual, which I specifically asked you if you have configured file directory.

I have done that for you, and file upload is working now.”

Hi! Is it possible to bill Stripe recurring payments on a certain day of the month regardless of when the user subscribed? For example, I’d like to automatically bill all of my subscribers on the 10th of each month. If they subscribed on April 19th, then would be billed again on May 10th. Does that make sense? How can I implement this? Thanks! :)

Not by default, it will require bit of custom coding.


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Offline payment dont show in frontend and paypal payment currency how chanche default currency to mxn ?

Offline payment will just show your bank info, make sure to update it from configuration page. As for currency, change locale and currency from configuration page.

Hi, pre sales question: would like to know about the security of your framework/code. any hacking prevention measurements taken?

encryption, hash, salt?

what database do you use? or better yet: is there any documentation i can read?

Yes, salt/hash. Script uses MySql. I can send you requirements, just email me from my profile page.


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Hello, how are you? I wonder if it’s possible for you to help me with something!

I need to do the following in the script! When a user signs up as a member, instead of just displaying a message, he or she will be redirected to the home page!

Because there is a long delay in sending the emails for confirmation, always leaving the users pending, so I will disable in the configuration sending the confirmation!

I’m still using version 3.0, because its current architecture does not allow me to create the pernalized pages that I need!

Everything looks good. Are you getting success message once registration is completed?


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Yes, I get the confirmation message, it just does not redirect to the page!

Could you please send me a quick email from my profile page, with your ftp access, and I will look into it.

Hi, i cant upload files in downloads folder.

The item shows uploading, finalize It and nothing. If i send other filé, show me “waiting”. And, the First file dont leave de queque.

Pt-br (my language)

Não consigo fazer upload de arquivos na pasta de downloads.

Aparece que está fazendo upload, termina o upload e nada acontece. Se coloco outro arquivo, aparece que está em espera. E o primeiro arquivo não sai da lista.

Forget, i solve the problem. Thanks.

i have installed everything with your setup wizard, but after that i get a 404

its solved

after installing and inserting the config file it says in the browser: Bud1 ‘n.clas ‘admin.class.phpIlocblob;(������ and so on… I don´t know why it don’t work, but i have installed everything like i should.


No Problem.

now the login site appear, but this is the only one.. no contact, no register… nothing beside the login screen is there

the whole directories are missing ?

It seems you’re missing ..htaccess file. Make sure that you have one in from the package, in the same directory as MMP,