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Hi, I have a problem.

When I create a user manually from the Administration Panel and assign a membership, this user does not appear in the “user_memberships” table.

Only users who register and make the payment of the subscription themselves from their customer registration area appear in the table.

How can I do it so that the users that I have imported from Phpmyadmin, can assign them a membership and that it appears in the table “user_memberships”?

Thank you

This will require few lines of code. Please send me an email from my profile page for instructions

Hi, I sent you an email from your profile few days ago and I am waiting you answer. Have you received my mail?

Thank you!

Yes, I have. It seems I have marked your email as red by mistake, I will reply shortly with solution.

Hello, I want to use this plugin for a monthly payment system at a school.

I can make charges with the payment system my local bank? they provide an API

Sure, if your php skills are sufficient, you can add additional payment gateways.


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We would like to make few customization in the script, but we have no idea about the script framework. The initial changed we want to make is that, User will able to select packages (dropdown list) during the registartion and make payment rather than selecting package after the registation.

Replay sent.


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i just bought your membership system but when customer make payment it doesnt return to the customer dashboard and the payment doesnt register in the admin area or in the customer profile account. Please help me fix this issue.

Based on error message, you can’t connect to PayPal via cURL, most likely a firewall, or some type of a security rule is blocking it. Contact your hosting company and have them look into it.


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hosting have done everything for me. but the problem still persist, is there another way to resolve this with the codes please. help me sort this out.

I have replied to your email. The problem is with your hosting certificate.


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Hi, im using the last version but each time i add the code as described to some page to protect i got this error in php logs:

PHP Fatal error:  Using $this when not in object context in /home//view/front/header.tpl.php on line 16

can u help me to solve? Regars

When creating a page using page builder, exclude header and footer option. If you want page to be part of framework, refer to install manual on how to add additional pages.

when is the next update? thanks

Most likely in a month.

Still not able to get transactions saved to the database.

Reply sent.

help Gew13…i will really appreciate if you can do this form me…i need the last file of Membership Manager Pro before the new update with your php HDD crash and i lost all mr work and am familiar with the old struction of you coding.. need to start allover again for my project am working on….i willl really apreciate your help..thanks

Sure, please send me an email from my profile page.

Pre purchase question. I liked your system, but I want to use paypal pro on it, does the system support this integration?

Standard PayPal is included, but if your php skills are good enough, you can integrate any gateway including PayPal pro.


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Hello i’ve problem with “Membership Manager Pro”. I want install MMP on local server and i’ve error “Class ‘Locale’ not found [code: 0]”


gewa13 Author

You need to enable php INTL extension.

Presale question. When you will provide social login feature? How difficult to integrate it self if you have no plan to provide social login?

It will all depend on your coding skills. There is a plan for social login, but as of now I don’t have the date yet.