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I’m unable to login to the admin. I have tried every password I know, and nothing worked. I tried to reset my admin password, but never received an e-mail or anything. I can’t believe I’ve locked myself out of my own website. Help?


First thing. Check your database via phpmyadmin and see if your user exists in database under users table. If it’s ther and you have not changed password since install use pass1234 as default password and username used during install. If you changed your password, then please send me a quick email from my profile page for instructions. As for implementing payment at the same time as registration, that’s bit difficult to explain as it would involve making few good chnages.

Well, I feel like an idiot lol! I thought I had changed the password, but I hadn’t. THANK YOU! I’ll see what I can accomplish on my own for the payment/registration change. If I have more questions, I’ll e-mail you. Thanks for the quick response!

No Problem

library upload file not working

Please respond to my email

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I sent you the email to respond with. Read my message to you. I gave you a hotmail email to respond to.


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what happens when a user cancels recurring payment from stripe? Is the system updated so user can’t access anymore?

If payments is canceled, once membership has expired, user will not be able to access protected content anymore

Hi How much would you charge for integrating the subscription in registration page

Please email me from my profile page with your request.

We are unable to make any css changes. Auto cache folder is being generated and which is not helping our course.

Do not make changes to cached file, instead modify individual css files

We are modifying individual CSS files and its taking at least 12-15 to reflect back on the frontend. Can you please help us?

Changes are visible instantly. Try deleting css file from cache folder. There are two,of them. One in view/admin/and other in view/front


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Hello, how are you? I know my support has expired but if you can answer my question I will thank you very much, I am still using version 3.0 because I can not use custom code in your new version, however my question is, how to use smtp in the version 3.0? Whenever I configure an smpt server, when trying to register, it does not load, it just looks like this:

You would basically need to, implement some type,of validation logic. I’m pretry sure there is already something like that that exists. Do a quick google. Then you will need to modify register function in lib/user_class.php.


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Thank you very much for your answer, I will search on Google! I’m not a programmer, but I like learning!

No problem.


We are looking for bulk SMS integration to this current dashboard. We are facing some issues like unsupported dependencies, modules if we use twilio SMS API etc.,

Can you confirm if this current dashboard support SMS Module integrations if so can you suggest if there is any such feasible APi.

I cant confirm or deny, this is something completely out of my hands, it will be up to your php skills to implement bulk SMS feature.


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i changed the homepage from the login page to a custom page but now on my custom page the header for mmp is still there and is messing with my design! how can i remove it?


So, just revert, the changes you’ve done. I’m not sure what changes you’ve made, so I cant tell you what to do.

Can we see email logs in the admin dashboard?

Sales by membership graph is showing the total price after the end of first graph, can;t we have individual graphs for each membership showcasing amount generated by each membership ?

is there any possibility that we can have 100% discount on the membership, and requires no payment options when applied the coupon code ?

I will try to add those features in next update, the same goes for 100% discount.

Please, check your email. I sent you a few emails. Thanks!!!



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Ok, I see you are referring to file type?

yes, and also cover photo of what i upload

Can we have different pricing for each membership based on the duration? For ex: Plan A #1 Monthly – $2 #2 Yearly – $4 #3 Life Time – $100


gewa13 Author

You will need to create each membership, the name could be the same, but you can change duration as well as price.

Can we use the coupons and recurring option simultaneously? At the moment, if we enable coupon usage, the recurring option is disabled. Can you please explain why this is happening?