Membership Manager Pro

Membership Manager Pro

Fully featured User Management System with six payment options including recurring payments/subscriptions.

Update 14. Sep. 2017.

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Ability to upload files based, on membership acess.
  • Added option to assign default membership during registration
  • All known bugs are fixed

Update 14. Sep. 2016.

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Complete rewrite.
  • Password hashing.
  • New front and backed design.
  • Fully responsive (renders perfectly on any device).
  • New gateways (Off line, Ideal and Single payments.
  • Stripe (recurring payment added).
  • Detailed sales statistics per membership and per user.
  • User history (previously purchased memberships).
  • User permissions assignable admin permissions.

Update 24. Mar. 2015.

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Added Language File
    – You can now easily translate MMP from admin panel
  • Added Discounts/Coupons
    – You can apply discounts/coupons based on membership
  • Added Country Based Tax/VAT
    – Apply VAT/TAX based on user country
  • New Admin Panel/Front End
    – New face lift for admin panel and front end
  • Added Country based/registration User Statistics
    – View chart/map based on user registration/country
  • Invoice Printing
    – Users can print invoices for each transaction record
  • Added PayFast payment gateway

Update 28. Aug. 2014.

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Added custom fields
    – You can assign custom fields to user profile and registration page
  • Added Stripe payment gateway
  • Added sendmail as mailing option
  • All known bugs are fixed.

Update 25. Sep. 2013.

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • MMP is now fully responsive and themable
  • Completely rewritten and 20% faster
  • Added logo upload via admin configuration
  • Added user notes for user profiles
  • Added ssl settings for smtp mailer
  • Mysql driver is replaced with Mysqli
  • Manual user activation notification
  • Code and database optimization

Update 09. Apr. 2013.

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Compatibility for new PayPal api

Update 26. Jul. 2011.

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Fixed: Missing user id when editing user
  • Fixed: Sending newsletter when only user is admin
  • Fixed: User Ajax search wrong url
  • Fixed: Help section
Replace the following files:
all files in /admin/ folder

Update 16. Jul. 2011. (v.2.0)

  • Automated signups and expirations
  • Automated account expiration handling
  • Built in News Manager
  • Built in Newsletter Manager
  • Database Backup/Restore
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Easy Protected Page Builder
  • - Paypal
  • - Moneybookers
  • Subscriptions/One time payments
  • Automated cron jobs
  • Built In Help Section for easy integration
  • Built in contact form
  • Fully Ajax, Powered by jQuery
  • Transaction records – charted
  • Site Maintenance
  • —Delete Inactive users
  • —Delete Banned users
  • Automated install wizard
  • and lot more…
NOTE: Due to a completely rewritten script structure, and membership processing, there is no upgrade option available.
Please note that some features are disabled in demo mode!
Admin area

Admin Login
Username: admin
Password: password

User Login
Username: demo
Password: password