Material Recipe 4.1

Material Recipe 4.1



Material Recipe is android application recipe book with client server scheme. Follow Material Design concept for both side ( Admin side & Android Side )


  • Implement Material Design for Android
  • Cached Image
  • Material Drawer
  • Beauty Cardview
  • Android Parallax Scrollbar
  • Support Multiple Screen
  • integrated with GCM push notification
  • Ads Banner & Interstitial Integrated
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Add Theme Color Chooser
  • Update to latest support library
  • Support large text for push notification
  • Trigger refresh when send notification
  • Normalize SQLite table structure
  • Sort data by last update
  • Using Android Studio
  • Clean Code (relative)
  • Implement Material Design Web Admin
  • Responsive Web Admin
  • Responsive Table Web Admin
  • Using Angular Material Library
  • integrated with GCM push notification
  • Ripple Effect
  • Material Drawer
  • Beauty Cardview
  • Light and Clean Code (relative)




username : user_recipe

password : user

# Version 1.0 ( 29 Jan 2016 )
 -Update Documentation For API configuration

# Version 2.0 ( 21 Feb 2016 )
 -Add GCM push notification
 -Support Multiple Screen
 -Support Javascript Webview (recipe instructions)
 -Auto Load When first Launch
 -Feature add new user
 -Update URL for easy customize

# Version 3.0 ( 14 May 2016 )
 -Add Dialog Permission Android M
 -Add App Config
 -Notifications Settings
 -Bugs Fix

# Version 3.1 ( 26 June 2016 ) 
 -Integrate with Google Analytics
 -Add Theme Color Chooser
 -Update to latest support library
 -Support large text for push notification
 -Trigger refresh when send notification
 -Normalize SQLite table structure
 -Sort data by last update

# Version 3.2 ( 01 July 2016 ) 
 -Bug fix theme color overlap Activity
 -Improvement GCM device registration

# Version 4.0 ( 06 Nov 2016 )
 -Add pagination for recipe, category, and gcm page Panel
 -Add security REST API manipulate data Panel
 -Migrate to retrofit Rest Client Androd
 -Add pagination request and display for large data Androd
 -Improve dialog request permission Androd
 -Improve Setting page Androd
 -Fix multiple notification Androd
 -Advance Search for Android

 # Version 4.1 ( 09 Nov 2016 )
 -Fix crash when request Android
 -Fix missing data from panel
 -Support more than 1000 gcm notif

Extended License

For buyers who may be confused between “Material Recipe 4.1” with “Cookbook – Recipe App for Android” is a different item. as well Dreamspace with Robotemplates is different author.

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