Koran - Wordpress App with Push Notification 3.2

Koran - Wordpress App with Push Notification 3.2


Koran is Wordpress app template for Android. Loads all your blog posts, images, and pages and show in a well designed layout. This app is suitable to promote Wordpress or blog on Mobile platform. Koran template is best choice to keep in touch with your user on mobile.

Develop with native language makes app run smooth and fast. Follow the latest design Google Material Design and beautiful animations effect.

Koran in Indonesian means newspapers, therefore we design this application as a reader platform for your website.


  • Implement Material Design for Android
  • Offline Mode Support (Read Later)
  • Hide on scroll actionbar
  • Well Designed Material Drawer
  • Integrated With FCM push notification
  • Included WP-FCM plugin
  • Menu Read Later Post
  • Search history suggestion
  • Image on notification
  • Scheduler post notification
  • full screen video
  • Page menu
  • Easy color customize
  • Animated Enter App
  • Animation transition effect
  • Fast search post
  • Share post
  • Beauty Splash Screen
  • Support Android ICS 4.0 and up
  • Rate App
  • About Dialog
  • Easy configuration
  • Swipe to refresh
  • Android Parallax Scrollbar
  • Dynamic Profile Name
  • Dynamic Profile Email
  • Lazy load
  • Send Comment
  • Realm database for store offline data
  • Support for high-resolution displays (xxxhdpi)
  • Ripple Effect
  • Open post to browser
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Ads Banner & Interstitial Integrated
  • Using Android Studio & Build Gradle
  • Clean & Neat Code (Relative)
  1. Full Android Source Code
  2. WP-FCM plugin
  3. Project Documentation

REQUIRED WP-PLUGIN : We use JSON API plugin to make this app works, before you buy make sure your wordpress can install this plugin




# UPDATE 3.2 - ( 04 Oct 2017 ) 
- Fix crash on search result page 
- Improve RTL mode 
- Fix notification with html render

# UPDATE 3.1 - ( 16 May 2017 )
 -Bug fix read later
 -Open link in browser

# UPDATE 3.0 - ( 27 April 2017 )
 -Increase thumb image quality
 -Add history search
 -Support image notification
 -Support scheduler post notification
 -Support full screen video
 -Add page menu
 -Bug fix & improvement

# UPDATE 2.0 - ( 18 Sept 2016 )
 -Integrated with FCM push notification
 -Add WP-FCM plugin for wordpress
 -Support multi notification
 -Add notification setting
 -Fix not display thumbnail image

# UPDATE 1.1 - ( 22 Aug 2016 )
 -Fix Bug and Crash for post without image
 -Fix Category with special character
 -Add default image placeholder


Extended License


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