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can you update change GCM to FCM ?

msh ngk bisa mas sya gunain asus zenfone 6 os lollipop

kok webnya nggakbisa saya buka ya mas? saya mau cek gcmnya soalnya

Hi, I want to purchase this. Hope you provide good support..Thanks!

Hi, we cannot guarantee that.

Thanks :)

Not asking for gaurantee bro, just app should start/work properly. thanks!

Sir, i want to know whether the app works offline just like “the city” – I mean does it sync for offline use..

Yes this app works offline like the city, after load from server the data saved local device

How can I disable Ads.

Hi, you can found configuration at data/AppConfig.java

Hi i have presale questions,

Do users need internet connection all time to view the recipes. If i update an recipe it will be automatically loaded in app when users connect to internet or they need to updated the app to view newly added recipes or categories.

Does it support UTF.

You can view image from details

fine fine, got it! Is there any preview in the column itself can be customised by changing codes instead of clicking and viewing the images. (just a question)

thank you

Yes you can customize as you want its only html and js code, you can edit it as yout requirement.


Before i buy, can i change the google analytic to ibm bluemix analytic? Thanks

Hi, we only provide analitycs from google, if you want to use other analitycs you can implement by your own self.

Thanks :)


When i try to build APK file its showing like this – http://prntscr.com/djdibv http://prntscr.com/djdiml

how to fix this gradle error? even i had downloaded all sdk’s includes for API 25.


hi, make sure your internet connections is stable.


its not supporting multi language. i tried to add recipe in tamil, arabic and some other language. nothing will work. after added everything showing like “??????”.

is there is anything need to do for multi language support?

Hi, try open file api.php then CTRL + F and remove this code
$this->mysqli->query('SET CHARACTER SET utf8');

ok. also how to search recipes in webadmin.


I am still developing feature search, hope include in next update.

Thanks :)

gan, ketika resep di remove dari favorite, kemudian back, kenapa kog di fragment favorite tidak otomatis terhapus daftar resep yang sudah di remove? mohon solusinya.

mantab jiwa gan, works.. terimakasih gan, 5 rate.. :)

gan, ada 2 bugs yang saya temukan.

1. masalah pada load more / pagination, ketika saya scroll ke bawah, kemudian saya klik salah satu recipe nya menuju detail, kemudian saya back kembali, posisi list recipe nya selalu kembali ke paling atas, seharusnya posisinya seperti sebelum saya mengklik recipe. analoginya, misal ada 20 list recipe, dengan limit paginationnya saya set 6, ketika saya scroll kebawah menuju list ke 20, dan saya klik ke recipe detail, kemudian saya back, tiba2 langsung kembali ke posisi list 1, itu masalahnya gan.
video capture : http://sendvid.com/mzrpgvto
error log : http://pastebin.com/4F03pCh9

2. konten tidak bisa ter update otomatis ketika aplikasi dibuka untuk ke 2, 3 kali dan seterusnya, harus ditekan tombol refresh dulu agan konten bisa terupdate, apakah ada solusinya untuk update konten secara otomatis tanpa harus menekan tombol refresh? karena pada umumnya aplikasi akan me load atau merefresh konten terbaru secara otomatis ketika terhubung internet.

mohon solusinya gan. :)


Oke gan mkasih infonya, tak tampung dulu ya bug nya. Semoga di next update bisa solve

Hi There, i have a problem with login dashboard, it always shows “Login Failed” i changed access infos but its still shows me that error how can i fix this issue ?

Hi, can I know your web url?

hi man i want ask you about your update, i have problem in my photos is not display in my application and my admin panel

Hi, can I know your web url? I want to make sure your image file is exist at your web.

Hi, does it use mysql database stored on a server ? cause I want to add macros beside cooking time. and I want to know if you are still willing to add more stuff to it, it would be nice to have users adding their own recipes

Yes this app user mysql database. and we have no plan to add feature submit recipe from android.

Thanks :)