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hello again, sorry for that, i change package name and i got this error “Error:(14, 50) error: cannot find symbol class CallbackDevice”. how i can fix this problem? thanks a lot.

i get errors from this files: app\connection\API.java app\connection\RestAdapter.java app\ActivitySplash.java

app\connection\API.java and app\connection\RestAdapter.java and app\ActivitySplash.java

I not recommended to change package folder, change pplicationId at app/build.gradle.

Please contact me on google hangout dev.dream.space[at]gmail.com

mas saya dah ikutin panduan yg disini untuk ngerubah packagename, apa hanya application id nya saja ato sampe bikin folder baru utk packagename nya. soalnya sy sampe bikin folder baru dan dimove packagename lama fungsi GCM nya jadi gak bisa. klo coba sc asli dan sy cuma rubah pake gcm id saya bisa berfungsi. baiknya apa cuma application id nya aja yg dirubah? ato sampe bikin folder packagename baru. makasih

Kalau buat kebutuhan google play cukup aplicationId nya aja gan gak perlu rename package foldernya juga, kalau buat GCM agan harus ganti PROJECT_API_NUMBER yang di Constant.java dengan punya agan. Yang itu sudah belum?

saya pertama tes pake sc asli terus saya cuma rubah project api number nya pake punya saya, sy export apk dan gcm nya bisa. sc nya dah works. nah yang kedua saya sy ganti project apinya sama aplication id nya aja trus sy export apk. ditest gcmnya eror/ gak berfungsi. oh iya tadi saya email juga yah mas, makasih banyak

Yaudah lanjut email aja ya :)


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Hello Developer,

Before 10 days, I follow all instructions in your document and install the admin panel in server. And it all working fine on server side.

But Today, Category is not display on our panel and i am not able to create the new recipes because category selection is visible nothing

I check with DB in the category table had values as i create before but it not show in admin panel as well as android app JSON (didn’t receive the category values)

how i can fix this problem? thanks a lot.

are you insert non-alphabetical character like hindi, or other?


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yes i insert the non alphabetical like hindi,telugu and tamil

please contact on my email dev.dream.space@gmail.com, I need to know more :)

How to remove ads banner?

I already add intent, but stuck at here. How to edit this code?:- et_search.setHint(type.equals(TYPE_RECIPE) ? R.string.hint_input_recipe : R.string.hint_input_category);

Already solve. Just learning the ternary condition. Thank very much.

Nice again :)


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In the last version, from the admin panel we can´t delete any category nor recipe, nothing happens :-/ ...

can I know your url?


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ok, it is perfect now…thx for the help !

When i add a recipe form the backend and click save a message comes saying UNAUTHORIZED. What does that mean, why is it not working?

try to logout from panel and login again

When I try to send a push notification, it never arrives on the device. http://prntscr.com/fu26g1

Can I know your web url and credential, I will help to check it.

please send to my email,

in the first menu when you press the back button, drawer opens instead of exit.please fix it

Its feature not bugs :)

I received an email with a new update. What’s new?

Okay, it’s dated 2016. What files can I change? Thanks

Oh sorry I am wrong, your can see at new documentation menu changelog which file updated

Perfect, thank you!

Hello this recipe app v 1.0 is not working below marshmallow why ?

Sorry I can’t do that.

Please send me your email address

You can check my email on my profile page

When I log in to the panel it shows me this error in the browser console.

POST http://URL/app/services/login 404 (Not Found)

please contact me on email

DEMO app doesn’t work!! It shows me error as “Refresh failed”. Why? (Android Version 4.4.2)

you can check at recipe “Chicken Lettuce”, I add video iframe and image

Thank you! I can see that Youtube video now. But there is no image in “Instruction” area. Can you add an image too?

OK. Now It is fine. I have to clear the cache.

Hello dear, when you using app without internet connection some recipes cant open. I click recipes which is in categories but cant open. Can you solve this issue? I will buy app if you can. Thanks.

Hi, I already test it and it work on offline mode

Dear, please check tomato-basil salad, ultimate greek, pasta salad… Some recipes cant open without internet connection.

Yes sure, please check your email

I am unable to add recipes and Category. It does not saves it. Also on my app it says refresh failed.

Please chat me on google hangout, I need to validate some information