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I want to have a grid of ads. So I have an html block ... for each element. Most grid plugins do not have a way for me to handle this type of grid content. Can your plugin handle this, and how would it be done?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. The entries will require an image to display. You can add HTML content for the description that displays below the image, but an image needs to exist, otherwise it won’t display in the grid. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

Hi there, I’m curious if you addon allows for me to create a grid with the greyscale effect, with a function that allows users to click on it and have it popup with text and information in a box that can be closed via X. I have a lot of people that represent specific clients and want to be able to have information appear when you click on the logos. Thanks!

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. You can have a grid of logos with a grayscale effect, but the plugin doesn’t include a lightbox feature to display more info like you mention. You could display more info with a tooltip, but it would display on hover. Using an extra lightbox plugin you could trigger an iframe to open in a lightbox. This could be done, but it’s outside the direct scope of the plugin. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos


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Is it possible for the carousel to sit outside the post content? ie on the background. Thanks

Hi! Not sure I understood what you mean by ‘background’, but this will depend on your theme also I guess. If you’re able to place the shortcode to render in the background, then it will render there. You can also edit your theme files and place a PHP function to render the carousel where you need it to. Greetings, Carlos


Shonari Purchased


I bought this plugin under the impression that it can do vertical scrolling. Well, it does vertical scrolling but only shows one image at a time? is there anyway to increase that number? Thanks

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin and I’m sorry for this limitation. The plugin originally didn’t support vertical transition, so the implentation was gradual. You should be able to have more than one slide by settings a minimum slides to display to be bigger than 1 and set a maximum number also. The plugin will tell you those settings will be ignored, but it should still work. Give it a try. You can also contact me via the contact form on the support tab and we can follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos

Hi! Are you asking if there is a limit of entries? Theoretically, there isn’t a limit of entries that you can have. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

hello, any idea how to change the carousel/slide move direction ? default is from right to left … i want to change from left to right.

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. You’ll need to make a small change on one of the plugin files. Write me a message via the contact form on the support tab and I’ll provide instructions. Greetings, Carlos

already sent you an email … it will be great if you add the slide direction on plugin settings on upcoming update

Yes, could be a good idea. We’ll follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos


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Hi, is there a way to put multiple showcases in one site? For example: Logos that belongs to group1. Another set of logos to group2..?

Hi! Yes, you can have the logos associated with different categories and then have different shortcodes that filter each of the categories, displaying only logos from that category. You can have as many as you want. Greetings, Carlos

We’ve been very happy with this plugin. Just updated to 1.8.4 and was trying to fix so some of our logo links open NEW windows, while others stay in CURRENT window. Got that fixed for the images thanks to prompt support from Carlos: • Went to the Shortcode Generator, chose option for URL to “open in SAME window” made sure this updated code was used on our page. • Then went to the logos that needed to open in a NEW window, halfway down the page under ‘Custom URL Parameters’ field, I added >>> target=”_blank”

Now it WORKS! Some of my logos are able to open the existing window to keep them in the SAME window while others are set to open a NEW (blank) tab/page.

Now, only problem is the Title/links that fall below each logo – we used “Custom Fields” that say what the link is for below the images. These hyperlinks still open in the SAME window across the board. I tried to change the pathname to ”#” so they’d have to click on the image link which works how we want, but when I click SAVE/UPDATE, it puts the link back like it was before. Is there a way to fix these links too?

Hi! Thank you for sharing the instructions, it might be useful for others also indeed :)

About the title links, seems there’s a bug and the custom url parameters are not being added to the title link below the image. I will fix this in the next update. I can send the updated version to you via email. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, first of all, I love your plugin. I’m wondering if it will be ever possible to have logos with the same heights and different widths? I use hcarousel and between some logos there are a lot of white spaces. łThanks

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin! The script currently used to build the carousel needs each ‘slide’ to have the same width, in order to properly calculate the transitions. This might change in the future, but it might take time. What you can do to improve the space issue, would be to set custom margins or paddings for some logos, so the space between them seem more similar. For example, adding padding to the logos that are more vertical, should reduce them and give more space. Might not work perfectly, but it’s something you can try to explore. Sorry for the current limitations. Greetings, Carlos


I have a problem with horizontal carousel. When the page is loaded everything is OK, but if I change the size of window te logos vertical position change. They are all aligned on top, but should have been on center. On mobile this happens when I scroll. If I refresh the page logos are shown correctly, but if I change the size of Chrome window, they are again all top aligned. Here’s the link to the page:

Hi! I believe this is related with a block of code that regenerates the carousel when the window size changes, for responsive purposes. Write me a message via the contact form on the support tab and I can provide instructions on how to disable this and hopefully fix the issue. Greetings, Carlos

Hello good day!

I just purchased the Logo Showcase, I do the installation, but at the time of activation, the following error message appears: The plugin does not have a valid header.

Hi! Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Make sure you’re uploading the zip file downloaded from codecanyon, not the unzipped folder or any of the unzipped files. Some browsers might unzip the file automatically. If this is the case, try downloading the file from another browser and uploading it using a different browser. Hope the info helps. Greetings, Carlos

I tried several times! Installed normally, the problem is Enable Plugin! I activated it after the installation and apparently it is working. I’ll try it now!

The ‘plugin does not have a valid header’ usually refers to the wrong files being uploaded. But if you managed to activate it, that’s good news :) If you come across any other issue let me know. Greetings, Carlos

Good evening, I write because I have problem with the horizontal carousel since it is not displayed correctly in the Safari browser, in the desktop version the client side is loaded to the left and the controls appear double arrows.


You could help me leave the link for you to review. I wait for your early reply Thank you

Hi! Write me via the contact form on the support tab, providing the purchase code for the plugin. I’ll provide instructions to make a small code change in the plugin files to correct this. Greetings, Carlos

Hello, I wrote you on Friday afternoon to help me with the topic that I mentioned in the previous comment I sent you my purchase code but I still do not receive a response.

Good morning! We are probably in different timezones and your email arrived late at night on friday and I was away for the weekend. I am sorry for the delay, I will start answering the emails from the weekend on the next hours. Greetings, Carlos

Hi Sir, great plugin, just one question, is it possible to randomize the logos in order to show in a different order everytime you refresh the page? Many thanks in advance

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Yes, it’s possible to set the logos to load in a random order each time the page is opened. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

Hi sir, just purchased the plugin, how do you set the logos to load in a random orcer every time? Many thanks.

Hi! Thank you for purchasing the plugin! Once you have added your logos, in the widget or shortcode generator, just set the ‘order by’ option to random, and the option ‘limit’ to the number of entries you want to display. Then choose the layout you want and that’s it, the logos should display in a random order each time you load the page. Greetings, Carlos

Amazing plugin – thank you! It’s exactly what I needed. Question: how do I increase the width of the carousel? url: (all the way at the bottom: Currently it looks about 500 pixels wide, but I’d like it to be 1000 pixels wide, or even better, to be 1920 pixels wide and span the width of the entire screen.

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin! In your site the logos slider is inside a container that has 920px, so the slider won’t be bigger than that. Currently you can set a different number as the min/max number of slides (try setting the max to 5 or 6) to display and it might take a bit more space, but to make it full width, you’ll need to add the shortcode or php code to a container that takes the full width of the page. Hope the info helps! Greetings, Carlos

Hi. VisualComposer element does not have any setting to activate URLs, have to use shortcode to enable links on images

Hi! That’s strange, it should have. The option ‘URL’ of the Visual Composer element should allow you to enable links in images. Is that setting not displaying for you? Greetings, Carlos

Fantastic and quick support. Good plugin too, particularly the ‘nofollow’ aspect!

Thank you for the positive feedback!

Hi, i use the Layer Slider Version 6.4 and the plugin is not compatible. is see the problem existed already times.

Hi! The plugin should work well with Layer Slider. The problems reported so far where not directly related with a layer slider conflict and all where possible to solve. Write me a message via the contact form on the support tab with a link to your page and I’ll check what could be happening. Greetings, Carlos


rubya Purchased

your plugin stops my gravityforms form from working. very frustrating.

Hi! The plugin should work fine with gravity forms. Is everything up to date? If you send me a message via the contact form on the support tab I can check what could be wrong. Greetings, Carlos

I wanted to know if I can use the Infinite Loop Ticker Carousel vertically. I saw previous comments asking if the plugin can be used in a vertical manner and you gave a few workarounds. Do we still need to use the workarounds? I would like to know before I purchase the plugin. Thank you.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin! Now the plugin includes options to generate a vertical carousel, no need for workarounds. You’ll find that option in the plugin settings page. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

Hello Carlos,
When purchasing, the Logos showcase worked well for front end posting of logos with combination of plugins: Gravity Forms & Gravity Forms+Custom post types. I selected the Custom post type Ishowcase. Since few updates, I don’t know if it comes from GF or Logos plugin, Can’t see Ishowcase custom post in GF anymore, all logos posted as Media posts. Have you had similar cases and a solution how to link Logos posts in GF to the plugin? Thank you in adavance, Mini.

Hi Mini! I didn’t change anything related with this in the plugin, so most likely something changed in Gravity Forms. Probably it’s related with way the custom post type ‘lshowcase’ is registred and the fact it doesn’t have an ‘archive’/public pages. In the lshowcase.php file of the plugin look for these lines:
'public' => false,
'publicly_queryable' => false,
Check if changing them to ‘true’ makes any difference. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos

Thanks for your rapid answer, proceeded as described. Modification of the plugin file Worked well ! Frontend logos posting with GF works well now. However putting the modified file in child theme doesn’t work, i will sort it out. Just in case, will you include this small modification in the next update ? Thank you.

Glad it worked! Not sure I can include these modifications in the plugin, since this would make each logo have it’s own single page, automatically created, and this is not necessary. What I might do is add a filter/hook, so this could be changed easily by adding a filter to child themes, like you mention. Write me via the contact form on the support tab and I can provide some instructions on how to do this. Cheers, Carlos