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tommyr Purchased

Hello, ther’s a problem. Link works only if i set “open in a new windows”. Why? I want to open page in the same windows. Can you help me? Thanks

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. Write me via the option ‘contact author’ in the support tab, sharing the link to the page where you have the logos set to open on the same page, so I can check what could be happening. Greetings, Carlos


tommyr Purchased

ok i’ve do it


Coming from a client site and thinking to choose this one for my own site. But, I have question. I am thinking if you plugin can be change the permalink. Like this one: change to

Looking forward for your response.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin! That URL/permalink format with the ‘category’ slug would be generated automatically by the theme taxonomy archive page and the layout would not be controlled by the plugin. It would be much better to build your own page with the permalink you want and place a shortcode with a plugin generated layout, so you have control of how the page looks. But if you really plan to use the automatically created taxonomy archive page and want to have a custom permalink, you can do it easily by changing one line in the plugin’s code. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, I just got the plugin, there is no setting option. I need to set the slider to Infinite Loop

sorry about that, wrong

Hi! No problem.

In case someone is looking for that option in my plugin, you can find it in the plugin settings page or on the shortcode generator, choosing the ‘custom’ carousel settings. Greetings, Carlos

Hello, do you have a replacement for the Automatic Featured Image Posts that runs concurrent with your plugin? It has not been updated in 2 years?

Hi! I currently don’t have a replacement, but I just tested it on the last version of WordPress and everything still worked well. You can still use it to bulk upload/set logo entries. Greetings, Carlos

Do you provide support for this module?

Thanks Carlos

Sent you a message. Please have a look.

Just replied. Greetings, Carlos


This plugin can set Carousel Direction different shortcode (left, right) ?

Please help me. I need to use it.

Hi! In the current version of the plugin, in the settings page you should see the option ‘Default Carousel Auto Direction’ where you’ll find the option to set it to ‘next (left)’ or ‘previous (right)’. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, I have a problem with my logo slider. In a shortcode generator everything looks nice but after inserting the shortcode into my webpage black bordes appear around each logo :( The slider is located just above the footer at the bottom part of the page…

The shortcode in html view looks following: [show-logos orderby=’none’ category=’0’ activeurl=’inactive’ style=’hgrayscale2’ interface=’hcarousel’ tooltip=’false’ description=’false’ limit=’0’ filter=’false’]

Hi! I just visited the page and I don’t see the slider generated by my plugin. There’s another logos grid, but it’s generated by another plugin. Did you change it in the meantime? If you apply the shortcode to a test page and share the link with me I can check what could be happening. If it’s just the extra black borders, then it’s something that can be easily fixed with some CSS. Greetings, Carlos

Hi! How do I install the plugin when there’s no .zip file? Probably gonna have to return it because I have no idea how to upload it to WP. Thanks in advance!

Hi! Thank you for purchasing the plugin. The file you download from codecanyon is already a .zip file. If you’re not getting a zip, it might be that your browser is automatically unzipping the folder. If that’s the case you can just zip the folder again and upload it to wordpress that way. If the problem persists, write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and I’ll send you a zip file via email. Greetings, Carlos


RadCon Purchased


Is there a way to force the nofollow attribute on the links without editing the plugin’s code? I’m asking this question because if we edit the plugin’s code, it will be lost at next update, as you know. I tried adding rel=’nofollow’ at the end of the shortcode without any success.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Hi Florence! The plugin already provides some options to have nofollow links. If you want to apply the nofollow to all links in a layout, in the shortcode generator, you can select the option ‘URL’:’Open Links in new window (No Follow)’. This will apply the rel=’nofollow’ to all links. If you want to apply the nofollow only to some entries, when you edit those entries, you can add custom url paramaters, on the ‘URL parameters’ box, so you could add the rel attribute there also. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos


RadCon Purchased


Is there a known issue between your plugin and Visual Composer? When I add the shortcode in a page built with VC, the carousel generated by your plugin is not displaying properly on smartphones.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards, Florence.

Hi! There is no known issue and the plugin should also include a visual composer component. Make sure you have the latest version installed, just to double check. When the carousel doesn’t display it’s usually a javascript conflict somewhere. Contact me through the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab sharing the link to your page. Greetings, Carlos

Is there a specific amount of logos, that can be showed? It all works pwrferctly for the first 14 logos, but now the logos suddenly doesn’t appear, og appear with the image as a broken link??

Hi! There isn’t any limit. Write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab sharing the link to your page and I can check what could be happening. Greetings, Carlos


thank you for a swift reply. We figured it out using at shortcode, though! Thanks anyay – love your plugin!!


efini Purchased

hi cmoreria, nice plugin! is it possible to completely hide items that are filtered out? not just make them smaller and grey but completely hide them? thanks


efini Purchased

ah great. how can i set this option? can’t find it in the settings tab or in the shorcode generator


efini Purchased

its filter type hide (isotope) thank you!

Correct, you can use ‘Hide Filter’ or ‘Hide (Isotope Script) options in the ‘Show Category Filter’ option of the shortcode generator. Greetings, Carlos

Hi sir, I downloaded your plugin from envato elements ! I installed it on a local server. All page are working instead of ADD NEW LOGO. I got an error : ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.

My server is using Port 8888 instead of 80. Do you think it could be the reason why ?

Thank you very much !

Hi! Thank you for trying out my plugin. The port shouldn’t be an issue. Do the other pages like ‘add new post’ or ‘add new page’ work well? I would first try disabling other plugins to see if any other plugin might be interfeering. Also, check your php error log file to see if there’s any error related with that page being logged. Write me using the ‘contact author’ option on the support tab to follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos

how can i make this work for mobile? I made a horizontal carousel but on mobile only shows 1 main image and 1/4 of the images next to it on the left and right, so only 3 slides almost visible on mobile but i have it set to show 5 at a time on desktop.

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. In the carousel options you should set the minimum slides to 1 and the maximum to 0 which will allow the plugin to calculate the amount of logos that correctly fits the screen size without being cropped, hopefully displaying one at a time on mobile screens and the 5 on desktop. Hope it helps. If you still have problems with the way it displays, write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab. Greetings, Carlos

hello, presale.. its possible to write a description for each brand? i need that

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Yes, it’s possible to write a description and have it display above or below the image or even in the tooltip. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

I need help//// can u help me make partners link….

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. I can help, yes. If you’re still having issues, you can send me a message using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab. Greetings, Carlos

I add partners and some time show me vertical after I use F5 come regular what u think why?

Hi! Thank you once again for using the plugin. Just visited the page and it seemed to work well. But it could be because of the way your page loads when going to another page. For the radio not to stop, the content is loaded with ajax and it might not load the necessary CSS. If the problem still happens, one solution could be to add the necessary css in the custom css field in the settings. If this still happens, write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and I’ll provide instructions. Greetings, Carlos

now I see everything go to on post…. this is not good…I was thinking from library upload into page and with setting change how u like display…

thanks…..I think now working

now working… can u tell me can I set up different name partner and different banner … or this is just for single

Hi! You can associate each logo with a category. Then in the shortcode or widget chose the category of logos you want to display. This way you can have different groups of logos displaying. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos


hitelnet Purchased

Hello! Where can i find the “php code”, what i want insert to the theme directly? I see only the shortcode, the php function code not.

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. I recently removed that from the shortcode generator because not many people where using it nowadays. Maybe I’ll add it again in a hidden tab, so it doesn’t take much screen space for the preview. Basically you just need to use the generated shortcode with this php syntax:
<?php echo do_shortcode(" [show-logos ...] "); ?>
Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos

Carnbrand Purchased


Thanks for a great plugin! However, for some reason my website became more slow when activating it. I saw in other comments that it could interfere with other plugins and therefore make the website slow. But I tried to deactivate some plugins that I thought might interfere but the page was still a bit slow, even on pages where no other plugins were used. Could it be an interference with the theme? Or could it be something else? Otherwise, it’s amazing!

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. Strange that it would slow down the website, it’s a very lightweight plugin, it doesn’t do any heavy operations and it doesn’t load any files when there’s no shortcode being used. Do you have access to your server’s error log? Maybe there’s some clue to what might be happening? If it’s indeed my plugin that’s causing the speed issue, I am very interested in finding out what could be happening. Write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and we can follow up using email. Greetings, Carlos