Loginstyle WordPress Login Page Styler

Loginstyle WordPress Login Page Styler

Loginstyle WordPress Login Page Styler

Brand, beautify and style your WordPress login page without any coding knowledge!

Lightweight and fast, this plugin ships with 12 unique templates that installs with one click to immediately transform your login page.

Add stunning effects to your login page such as realistic raindrops or interactive molecules.

With over 150 options in the settings, the possibilities are endless!

Now with improved security with Google reCAPTCHA !


  • Set Content Width (in px, , em, rem, vw, vh)
  • Change Font Family: 600+ Google Fonts
  • Unlimited Font Color (with transparency)
  • Link and Link Hover Color (with transparency)
  • Login Redirect URL
  • Remove Lost Password Link
  • Remove Back To Link
  • Remove Error Shake
  • Custom Error Message
  • Logo Style: Default Logo | Custom Logo | No Logo
  • Logo URL
  • Logo URL Title
  • Logo Margins: Set different top, right, bottom, left margins
  • Custom Logo Source: File or URL
  • Custom Logo Width x%x Height


  • Solid Color
    • Solid Background Color (with transparency)
  • Gradient Color Background
    • Gradient Direction: Top to bottom, left to right, top left to bottom right, radial
    • Gradient Colors: 2 Colors (with transparency)
  • Image Background
    • Background Image Source: File or URL
    • Background Position
    • Background Repeat
  • Slider Background
    • Slide Animation: Fade | Zoom In + Fade | Blur + Fade
    • Animation Time in seconds
    • Background Slides Source: File or URL
    • Unlimited Image Slides
  • Video Background
    • Video Source: HTML5 Video | YouTube
    • Placeholder Image for HTML5 Video
    • HTML5 Video Source: File or URL
    • HTML5 Video File for formats: webm, mp4, ogg
    • YouTube Video ID
    • YouTube Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3, custom ratio
  • Background Effects
    • Color Overlay: Unlimited colors with transparency
    • Dotted Overlay
    • Blurry Image or Video
    • Blur Value in px
    • Realistic Rain Effect: Light Rain | Heavy Rain
    • Interactive Molecules Effect: White Molecules | Dark Molecules


  • Form Padding: Set different top, right, bottom, left paddings
  • Form Background Image Source: File or URL
  • Form Background Color (with transparency)
  • Form Background Position
  • Form Background Repeat
  • Form Border: Set Border Style, Size and Color
  • Form Border Radius (in px)
  • Google reCAPTCHA with light or dark theme


  • Username and Password Label
    • Show / Hide Username and Password Label
    • Change Username and Password Label
    • Set Label Color
  • Username and Password Placeholder
    • Set Username and Password Placeholder
    • Set Placeholder Color
  • Input Font
    • Set Input Font Color
    • Change Input Font Size
  • Input Text Alignment: left, center, right
  • Input Padding: Set different top, right, bottom, left paddings
  • Input Background Color (with transparency)
  • Input Border
    • Set Input Border Style
    • Set Input Border Color
    • Input Border Width: Set different widths for top, right, bottom, left border
    • Input Border Radius (in px)
  • Input Icons
    • Show / Hide Input Icons
    • Built In Icon Picker: 14 Username Icons, 15 Password Icons
    • Icon Position: left or right of input field
    • Icon Alignment: left, center, right
    • Icon Font Color
    • Icon Background Color
    • Icon Border Size & Color
    • Icon Container Width (in px)
  • Remember Me Checkbox Settings
    • Remove Remember Me
    • Change Remember Me For Custom Period
    • Checked by Default
    • Change Remember Me Label
    • Checkbox Label Color
    • Checkbox Background Color
    • Checkbox Check Color
    • Checkbox Border Color
    • Checkbox Border Radius


  • Change Submit Button Label
  • Submit Button Padding: Set different top, right, bottom, left paddings
  • Submit Button Font Size
  • Submit Button Move Row: Do not move | Move to Next Row | Move to Previous Row
  • Submit Button Alignment: Left | Center | Right | Full Width
  • Submit Background & Hover Color
  • Submit Font & Hover Color
  • Submit Button Border: Style, Size, Color & Hover Color
  • Submit Button Border Radius (in px)
  • Submit Hover Transition Time (in seconds)
  • Footer Text Alignment: left, right, center
  • Footer Text Content
  • Unlimited Social Buttons
  • Built In Icon Picker with 100+ Social Icons
  • Social Icon Size (in px)
  • Social Icon Color & Hover Color


  • Custom CSS Input
  • 12 One-Click Install Templates
  • Developer Friendly Export Option for Creating Your Own Template


Version 1.1 (22 Sep 2017)
    - Added Google reCAPTCHA option

Version 1.0.7 (8 Sep 2017)
    - Added max width to login form to fix not responsive problem

Version 1.0.6 (19 Jun 2017)
    - Fixed particles blocking back to link
    - Fixed javascript error for username input field

Version 1.0.5 (14 Jan 2017)
    - Fix particles blocking password reset form and links

Version 1.0.4 (13 Jan 2017)
    - Fix username label removal for WP 4.7

Version 1.0.3 (20 Oct 2016)
    - Added support for registration forms

Version 1.0.2 (24 Sep 2016)
    - Fix Google fonts loading over http

Version 1.0.1 (12 Jul 2016)
    - WP plugin repository false update bugfix
    - Fixed template does not load on first install bug
    - New feature: Hide "Remember Me" check box,
    - New feature: Change "Remember Me" time
    - New feature: Customize login error messages

Version 1.0.0 (16 June 2016)
    - Initial release