LinkedIn Plus

LinkedIn Plus

LinkedIn plugin is a useful social tool which adds Follow and Share buttons to your Wordpress website posts, pages or widgets. This is a great way to drop the whole LinkedIn functionality in your website and consumer validation for your brand.

Customize the appearance, configure settings, and enable other advanced options to promote your public profile!


If you have a feature suggestion or idea you’d like to see in the plugin, we’d love to hear about it! Suggest a Feature

  • Add LinkedIn buttons such as:
    • Share
    • Follow
  • Choose the necessary post types where buttons will be displayed
  • Select the button position:
    • Before content
    • After content
    • Before and after content
    • Custom position (using shortcode)
  • Compatible with Multilanguage (current website language detection)
  • Choose the count mode for Share and Follow buttons:
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
    • No-count
  • Add LinkedIn widgets:
    • Member profile
    • Company profile
    • Company insider
    • Jobs You May Be Interested In
    • Alumni tool
  • Customize Member and Company profile widgets:
    • Title
    • URL/ID
    • Display mode
      • Inline
      • Icon
    • Show/hide connections
  • Customize Jobs You May Be Interested In widget:
    • Title
    • Display mode
      • Your jobs
      • All jobs
    • Company ID
  • Customize Company insider and Alumni tool widgets:
    • Title
    • ID
  • Add custom code via plugin settings page
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version
  • Incredibly simple settings for fast setup without modifying code
  • Detailed step-by-step documentation and videos

Documentation & Videos

Help & Support

Visit our Help Center if you have any questions, our friendly Support Team is happy to help


  • Czech (cs_CZ) (thanks to Michal Kučera,
  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Ukrainian (uk)
If you would like to create your own language pack or update the existing one, you can send the text of PO and MO files to BestWebSoft, and we’ll add it to the plugin. You can download the latest version of the program for working with PO and MO files Poedit.
  • Updater – Automatically check and update WordPress website core with all installed plugins and themes to the latest versions.
  • Google +1 – Add Google +1 Share, Follow, Hangout buttons and profile badge to WordPress posts, pages and widgets.
  • Facebook Button – Add Facebook Like, Share and Profile buttons to WordPress posts, pages and widgets.
  • Multilanguage – Translate WordPress website content to other languages manually. Create multilingual pages, posts, widgets, menus, etc.
  • Pinterest – Add Pinterest Follow, Pin It buttons and profile widgets (Pin, Board, Profile) to WordPress posts, pages and widgets.
  • Twitter – Add Twitter Follow, Tweet, Hashtag, and Mention buttons to WordPress posts, pages and widgets.


Update 1.0.9 – 18.12.2018

* Update : All functionality was updated for WordPress 5.0.1.
* Update : The counter for share button has been removed.
* Bugfix : Fixed small bugs. 

Update 1.0.8 – 28.03.2018

* Bugfix : LinkedIn Widgets menu has been fixed.
* Update : Czech language file has been updated.

Update 1.0.7 – 21.12.2017

* Bugfix : Options removal from the database when working on a multisite network has been fixed.
* Bugfix : Compatibility with Multilanguage plugin by BestWebSoft has been fixed.
* Update : Czech language file has been updated.

Update 1.0.6 – 12.07.2017

* Update : The plugin settings page has been updated.
* NEW : Ability to set custom URL for Share button was added.

Update 1.0.5 – 17.04.2017

* Bugfix : Multiple Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability was fixed.
* NEW : Czech language file is added.

Update 1.0.4 – 21.11.2016

* Update : Compatibility with Pagination plugin was added.

Update 1.0.3 – 10.08.2016

* Update : All functionality for WordPress 4.6 was updated.

Update 1.0.2 – 21.06.2016

* Update : Instruction link was added.
* Update : BWS plugins section is updated.

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