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doesn’t support mysql?

Hello luisfranjoso,

the data for the tables generated with League Table can be imported from any spreadsheet software. So you can first export the data of a mysql database in a spreadsheet software and then copy the data in League Table.

Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.

the thing is that the data is always updating, are you thinking to suport in the future mysql?

Hello luisfranjoso,

I saved your suggestion and will be considered for future update but I can’t guarantee about an actual implementation.

Another products here in CodeCanyon has more features related with importing data from MySql (but I don’t know if it includes the specific feature you are looking for). If you want that I link it to you privately please contact me via the “Support” tab. (I can’t link competing products in this comments area)


Bmntg Purchased

hi there, I ave couple of issues with my tables, how can I submit the support ticket?

Hello Bmntg,

please contact me with the “Support” tab (above in this page) for technical support.

Love the plugin so far…exactly what I was looking for. However, one tiny thing? Is there a way to adjust the column width. My columns have the same amount of information but for some reason, the first column is wider than the other two.

Hello holtcreative,

All the tables generated with League Table make use of the table-layout: auto CSS property (the width of the table and its cells depends on the content inside).

I don’t recommend you to alter the default algorithm used to determine the width of the columns, you might end up with responsiveness problem.

Anyway, if you are interested in a different algorithm to determine the width of the columns you can change line 12 in the league-table/public/assets/css/general.css file and set:

table-layout: fixed !important;

With this rules you can target specific columns and assign a custom size: (you have to replace “xx” with the id of the table and 2 with the actual number of the column for which you want to set a custom width.

#dalt-table-xx td:nth-child(2), #dalt-table-xx th:nth-child(2) { width: 200px !important; }

Here you can find more information on the table-layout CSS property and its values:


Hope this helps, if you need more info feel free to ask.