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Hi,users subscribed on my website.but the users doesn’t get any posts when i published new posts.how to do that

Hi. 1. I dont see that you purchased the plugin. 2. This is not newsletter plugin.

Hi, On this page www.bistrobardebolder.nl the popup i created is not appearing…Can you see what’s wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. I’ve just checked and I see the popup. So, everything works. For any further support assistance, please extend support period.

Hi, I can not change font color.

In “TEXT AND FONT” where appears “Color :” and “Color:hover” both are empty. There are no colors to choose from.

How can I fix it?


Please, let me know if it can be fixed

Thanks for details. The problem is not with my plugin. My plugin uses WP native color picker. Your problem is “CF7 Customizer” plugin. It overrides WP native color picker by obsolete version and breaks WP native color picker. It is not allowed. Disable or fix it and everything will work perfectly!

Fixed! Thank you Excelent plugin and support!


oliveo Purchased

Hi, I’m trying to add collapsible toggle section in the modal popup. can you please let me know what class to target to get the modal height to automatically expand with the collapsible content with vertical scrolling. I selected the scrollbar option in settings, but the modal still doesn’t scroll at all. Please help!

There is no modal body. Each popup is a set of separate layers positioned relatevly each other.


oliveo Purchased

alright. how can i get the perfect scrollbar to work? I’ve activated it, but there’s still no scrollbar on the frontend

To enable Perfect Scrollbar please do the following:

1. Tick checkbox “Enable Perfect Scrollbar”.
2. For layer, where you want to see Perfect Scrollbar, set checkbox “Add scrollbar” (on Layer Properties panel).
3. Set layer height parameter to fixed value.

Please notice Perfect Scrollbar doesn’t support dynamically changed height of content, so if your accordion has different heights, then you can’t use Perfect Scrollbar.

You also can use standard browser scrollbar.
How to do it?
1. Disable Perfect Scrollbar.
2. Set layer height for layer which contains long content.
3. For this layer add the following string to “Custom CSS” parameter:

overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: scroll;

akash666 Purchased

Hello! These two tabs are not working in my site- http://prntscr.com/hjpjit

Hi. Please extend support period and provide access to wp dashbord. I’ll check what’s wrong there.


akash666 Purchased

I didn’t know I have to extend support period for a not working plugin! Nice!

Plugin is working. Thousands people use it. To get support and resolve problem on your site you need extend support period.

Hi I am thinking of buying this plugin, but I cannot figure out if it is possible to have a popup in the bottom right corner or if it is “just” a regular popup, that takes over the page? Can anyone help with an answer? Kind regards Stine

Hi. Yes. It has such feature.

Thank you so much for your quick response.


azmi Purchased

Hi, i bought it. Just asking, if u guys have a support forum cause i have some questions to ask.

Hi. Ask.


kobisahar Purchased

Hi Does this plugin support the new WordPress version 4.9.1?

Yes. Of course!


kobisahar Purchased

Ok, so why does not work for me After I upgraded WordPress to the newest version?

Please extend support period and provide access to WP dashboard. Also describe what exactly doesn’t work. I’ll check and let you know.


oliveo Purchased

can i possibly have multiple sign up forms on the same popup? i tried adding multiple instance of the form, but trying to submit one form triggers validation error in the second form fields. is there a way to differentiate the forms, or the subscribe buttons so the two forms function separately? Thanks

No. There is no such feature. One popup – one form.

Hi. How do i get this to work with WPML? I’d like different popups to show depending on the user’s language settings. I’d also like to write to the database the language setting at the time of submission (so i know which email submissions prefer which language). Thank you.

Hi. Just create 2 separate popups (one for each language). Then, when you create target, switch language on top admin bar and create target for this language.

Hi. With Sendy Integration it only submits name and e-mail? Can i create other Custom Fields as Mailchimp integration does?

Hi. Unfortunately, no. Only name and email can be submitted to Sendy.


aovivo Purchased

Hi there, is there an option to exclude text and links of the popup from search engine? When I look up the result/snippet, first thing I see is the text of the pop up, instead of the one of my home page…

Hi. Click “Do not pre-load popups” checkbox on General Settings page.


aovivo Purchased

Its checked by default. Any other suggestion? btw, I am using Yoast SEO to adjust snippets…

If it’s checked, then popup content is not included into page content. Open source code of the page and check it. ;-)


SirNight Purchased

Hi, Great app first of all. Can you please add Extended email verification for BulkEmailChecker.com , it is also well recognised service. Thanks.


SirNight Purchased

Amazing! You already released an update and made it… Thanks a lot.. Also I activated it from settings but later where does is appear? How to set up? Thanks..

1. Activate it on Advanced Settings page. 2. Configure extended email validation on General Settings page.


SirNight Purchased

Halfdata, you are the wise man. You completed a request less than 24 hours and released a new update!!! AMAZING….!!!! Thank you so much, everything works flawlessly!!!


r0bnhood Purchased

Hey I have been using your product for about a year & a half and all I can say is it’s FANTASTIC!

I would like to make one small request – could you please add integration support for MarketHero CRM! Thanks.

Hi. Thanks for idea. I’ll learn more about this system, when I have time.

Hey guys.

Getting a 400 error in google webmaster tools since installing the plugin located here wp-admin/admin-ajax.php.

Just got off the phone with hosting and they said this was the culprit. Any ideas?

var ulp_ajax_url = “https://www.notputtingactualsite.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php”; var ulp_css3_enable = “on”; var ulp_ga_tracking = “off”; var ulp_km_tracking = “off”; var ulp_onexit_limits = “off”; var ulp_no_preload = “off”; var ulp_campaigns = {ab-ndgBh4ePLgwcFtZW var ulp_overlays = {RYKjdBjTQBXNNrxI”, “0.8”, “off”, “middle-center”, “fadeIn”, “classic”, ”#ffffff”],none””, ””, ””, ””, ””]}; if (typeof ulp_inline_open "function" && typeof ulp_init “function”) { ulp_prepare_ids(); ulp_inline_open(false); ulp_init(); jQuery(document).ready(function() {ulp_ready();}); } else { jQuery(document).ready(function(){ulp_prepare_ids(); ulp_inline_open(false); ulp_init(); ulp_ready();}); }

I didn’t catch what you mean. Please show me the problem and explain.

SendinBlue which fields are transmitted? is not in the documentation!

Didn’t catch what you mean. All fields that you configured. 1. Enable Sendinblue module on Advanced Settings page. 2. Go to Popup Editor >> Integration tab and configure integration.

Can you change the colors of the font awesome icons that appear when you select ‘Add icons to input fields’?