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Borisla Purchased

I have seen a comment that the plugin allow to save the information not locally ? What that means ? Where could be saved ?

this is part of one of your answers .

¨to not save users data locally ¨

Please feel the difference: “Not save locally” and “Save not locally”. ;-) I meant the first one. You can disable saving data locally, and submit it for example to MailChimp or any other supported newsletter systems.

Do you plugin show popup on exit intent in mobile? It can be done when user press back button

Nope. OnExtit intent works on desktop/laptops only.


I’d like to open a pop-up on page load based on user’s meta datas (for example 5 days after registration or who visited 5 times during this last 10 days…). So I can not use the targeting system and I need to create my own conditions. Is there a way to dit by code ? I tried without success : <script>ulp_onload_popup = ‘MyID’;</script>


There is no such feature. Please read documentation. It explain how to raise popup using javascript (method #1): https://layeredpopups.com/documentation/#using-popups

Thank you. I managed to make it work using this snippet conditionally inserted : jQuery(document).ready(function(){ulp_open(“MyId”);});

I found another way, probably better, by “Using Popup with non-WP pages”. Thank you for this great plugin.

Quick presale questions

What is the issue with all the coding i see,i thought there was a drag and drop or click and replace? Does it have targeting by categories, new visitors different from returning visitors? Can i place popups in widgets? Can i create social share popup and simply say “share this post” on exit intent using any link or graphic as buttons? Can i create full screen popups or scroll mat? Lastly, is there referral detection like if a user is coming from facebook or any domain, a specific popup will show?

My mind is already made up to buy this plugin but i would prefer to know answers to these questions so i don’t have expectations.

1. There is drag and drop popup builder.

2. It has targeting by categories, but not for new/returning visitors.

3. You can put popup as widget.

4. You can create social popup with standard buttons.

Thank you for the swift response.


Gilles24 Purchased

Hi, After automatic update to 6.36 all my pop-ups are broken… I deactivated then reactivate the plugin and empty the caches. See for exemple here : https://www.un-jardin-bio.com/ebooks-jardinage-gratuit/ ; Thank you for your help.


Gilles24 Purchased

Thank you, Best regards

Hi. Please update plugin to version 6.37.


Gilles24 Purchased

It’s ok. Thank you !


Does your plugin allow for non-rectangular popups (as in any shape defined as a trasparent png for example)?

Thank you

Excellent. Thank you very much.


collex Purchased

37 update is very cool! Thank you!

Thanks. ;-)


mufaddalz Purchased

After successful submit.. how can we open URL in new window i am not able to find the option

It’s impossible. Browsers don’t allow that using JavaScript.

is it possible to raise a popup by clicking a link in a pdf file embedded on website?


SOLVED i can’t open any pop-up (anymore) with the target #ulp-ObjectID. also preview of a pop-up is not working…..do I need to activate something with targeting?

Clear all cached that you have (caching plugin, CloudFlare, CDN, etc.). If it doesn’t help, please extend support period (your support expired unfortunately) and explain how to see the problem.


Monarts Purchased

Hi, I installed the plugin and after that, the images are not seen in my shop page, the cokies and another popup that comes with my theme doesn’t work When I uninstall the plugin again, everything works fine. I need you to help me solve this problem As soon as possible. Thanks in advance

Hi. Please provide access to WP dashboard and explain how to see the problem.

Is it possible to make the block (layer) visible at certain times of the day?

For example: when the working time was over, a layer appeared in which I can write that the office is not working now, we will contact you tomorrow from 9 to 6 pm.


Nope. There is no such feature.