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Hi, you write it works with wpml. I can’t find any option in settings and documentation so select one popup for German and another for English.

Switch language to German (on top admin menu) and create target for German. Switch language to English (on top admin menu) and create target for English.

Wow, very fast reply. Easy! You should add this to documentation.

I’ve got some questions/suggestions:

- Is it possible to add custom CSS class (not code!) to the popup form? This is a requirement of many smart automation software in order to track guest emails.

- If not, what would you suggest me to solve this problem? This is a must for me as I’ve chosen AutomateWoo for my websites.

- until I found a sensible solution. In which PHP file I can add the custom CSS class to the pop-up form?


I thought that you’de be kind enough, to answer my actual questions…

I managed to this on my previous site with your plugin without problems. I just edited one the php files, I can’t remember which one though. The only drawback is that I can’t update your plugins as it will overwrite it my changes.

As a weekend frontend developer I would find your plugin much more usel if there was the possibility to add custom CSS classes, as It would make our lives much easier.

Hi. Unfortunately, you asked about html-form, but my popup doesn’t have html-form. So I don’t know how to help you.

I will solve this by inserting CF7 form into the popup.


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Hello, Are you planning to add instagram button support? Would be useful! :)

Best Regards!

Hi. Thanks for idea. I’ll learn more about it when I have time.

Hi! One more question. The plugin is now WPML compatible. How can I set popups for specific languages?

www.example.com—> English Popup www.example.com/it—> Italian Popup www.example.com/de—> German Popup

When I go targeting settings I can choose just between ‘all pages’ or specific english ones. There are no language variations listed.

Hi. You can switch language on top admin panel and create target. It will work for that language only.

Does your plugin work wirh the german provider newsletter2go? (https://www.newsletter2go.com/)

Nope. Lat time when I tried to integrate it, their API didn’t work properly. I’ll check it again when I have time.

Hello support team,
nice plugin, i wondering that i used ([ulp id=’POPUP_ID’]) this short-code for a page to show popup and nothing happend any advise?

Hi. Please provide access to WP dashboard and URL of the page where you inserted shortcode. I’ll check.

Hi. Thanks for details. Everything works. Just scroll down and you will see your inline popup.

Does this plug-in support Intercom? Will it send all email subscriptions to Intercom automatically?

Nope. Their support team is not really supportive and API documentation is not adequate.

Are you planning to do it anytime soon? I really would appreciate the integration. I will write Intercom and tell them, that they should consider helping you make this integration. :)

Nope. I won’t do it. My plugin had integration with Intercom. But I removed one because of disagreements with their support team.


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I have 3 license, is there a way to tell which is hooked up to which sites?


jshapan Purchased

OK … so I have one I have not installed and one I just purchased which is great! Thank you so much for the quick reply and >>> I love this popup, it is fabulous! Thanks for the terrific work. I will only be doing biz with you for my clients


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I am taking the plant science off …


jshapan Purchased

Uninstalling off his site.

Layered Popups> Create Popup> Integration   I have a question about Integration. List ID is not displayed. Last time it was displayed. It suddenly disappeared. What should I do?I took some time to solve it. I do not know the cause at all.

Please extend your support period (your current support expired, unfortunately), provide access to WP dashboard and let me know ID of popup where I can see the problem.

We just bought this plugin and are using it on www.tabletshablet.com but the popup does not close after the submission. Whats the problem ?

Man how should I tell you, the plugin is installed already on the site www.tabletshablet.com/beta

It has been set to rise on OnLoad through targetting. But it was not closing, so I removed the code you told me to.

After removing that code the pop is not even appearing now.

Even on documentation it is mentioned to put it through targeting.

Please tell me properly what to do. You can have a look on website.

Create target and show me the problem. Also provide access to wp dashboard.

It has been setup successfully now. I just deleted the popup and reset it again. And then added the code mentioned above back to footer. And it worked.

Hello :) I have installed your plugin / put in my licence code. I am still having trouble when updating from the WordPress dashboard though, just download failed is the error. Tried pretty much everything this side – no luck. Any thoughts on what could be done to fix it? Thanks a lot

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t see that you purchased the item. For any support assistance, please use account that you used to purchase the item. If your server can’t connect to my update server, the only way for you is to use manual update. https://layeredpopups.com/documentation/#288

I see I bought the wrong one – purchasing the general one as opposed to the WordPress version. I have bought the WordPress one now – sorry for the misunderstanding

Hey Guys, I bought the Plugin and tried to integrate my Mailpoet Software. I read i should ipen the tab integration on the popup site… But if i try to open, nothing happens… I dont use a popup blocker, etc… But i cannot let my Mailsoftware get access to the form of the plugin…

site is https://boxen-training.com if it helps.

Hi. Please provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check.