Discussion on Popup Plugin for WordPress - Green Popups (formerly Layered Popups)

Discussion on Popup Plugin for WordPress - Green Popups (formerly Layered Popups)

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There is no support. Plugin not work and author do not answer by 2 weeks

Please provide URL and access to dashboard where I can see the problem.

can I write you to e-mail?

Please use Support tab here.


nflyers Purchased

Man, i struggled to display that popup. Sometimes it shows sometimes it doesn’t shows up. I did all the targeting rules right and nothing works well. I need further support !!!!!

Please provide URL and explain how to replaicete the problem.


nflyers Purchased

Well please provide an email and we can talk about this through email

Please use Support tab here.


Frank1011 Purchased

Hello, mailchimp integration is on and enabled, I see my lists, but it won’t send information. What’s going on? Version 7.41

Hi. Please extend support period (it’s expired unfortunately) and provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check what’s wrong.

Is Icontact intergration available?

Unfortuntley, no.

Can you make it possible for $

Unfortunately, I’m not available for freelance/customization work.


eflamein Purchased


I sent you message & email 15 days ago. If you have seen them?


Please provide access to WP dashboard and explain how to see the problem.


eflamein Purchased

Can you send me your email to provide you an acess in securty?


Please use Support tab here.

Hey Team, Our website – has Green popup plugin installed. It appears when user clicks on “Download Brochure” button on desktop – but since last few days – It fails to load on mobile devices. kindly resolve the issue

This is not related to type of devices. The reason is different. You protected access to the wp-admin folder with Due to WP architecture, this is not allowed, because WP native ajax handler is located in this folder (/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php). As a result all requests to ajax handler are blocked by So, please disable for this folder and everything will work.

Hi Halfdata!

Love your work!!

Is there a way to make everyone add their email address and not allow them to simply click outside of the box and the pop goes away? I want to force people to enter their email if they want to access the website. Is this a current setting with this plugin? If so, how would I enable this feature?

Thanks, Winners!

Sure. Disable closing on popup settings.

According to your documentation, I can enter a URL that users will be sent to following successful form completion.

Is it possible to append a parameter to the URL that will correspond to some variable that will identify the user that just filled out the form?

For instance, if each user that completes the form is given a user ID, can this plugin append that user ID as a parameter to the URL I end them to?

Unfortunately, no.

Unfortunately, no.

Hello, is it possible for the form to be sent to my e-mail address when it is filled?


markxkr Purchased

Are there any plans to integrate with SalesForce?

Unfortunately, at that moment I don’t have such plans.


markxkr Purchased

OK thx

I have tried to contact about an issue through Support “contact author” option and the Email halfdata form located here: but have had no response. I would like to send the issue along with screenshots to you for fix/solution of issue. Can you please send a direct email that I can contact you at with this issue and attach our screenshots. Neither support or email form on main page has responded.

Please extend support period and contact me through support tab here.

I have filled in support form regarding using the link locker feature and the fact that it appears to work intermittently (well once and then only after refresh). No response so far!

It works correctly, according to feature design. There is no reason to ask user to submit popup’s form again if he/she did it earlier. This is the logic of this feature.

It most certainly does not work correctly. I know that the popup only fires once to collect user details. The main issue is that unless the user refreshed the page, which is not likely to happen, then they are unable to download any of the files that are protected by the popup. I have a support ticket outstanding on this matter so you should have been able to replicate the problem using the details I supplied.

Still waiting for a proper reponse to the above and my support request. As I previously stated, the popup works once as expected but after the link is used to download a file it will not allow the file to be downloaded again until the page is refreshed. This cannot be correct behaviour.

Hi I want to allow only business emails etc and block|||||| Is this possible?

Unfortunatley, threre is no such feture.

Hello, does green popups has an integration with salesmanago? Layered Popups had but I can’t see if new version of Green Popups has it? If not, is it possible to integrate Green Popups with salesmanago?

Currently, it doesn’t have. But thanks for idea.

Do you have any plans to integrate new version of GreenPopups with salesmanago? Why Layered Popups had integration with SM and GreenPopups doesn’t? I have many clients who would love to use Green Popups but they can’t because of lack of integration with salesmanago

When trying to us the inline shotcode its just blank on the page

Please provide URL where I can see the problem.

Got it to work

When selecting to have an email confirmed before adding to any integrations, can you make it so the emails are captured and stored in a Pending Confirmation list? With ability to resend confirmation email?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

These email addresses get trapped and apparently can’t be used again, if they signup and try to use the new link thye receive it never works, because of the previous confirmation attempt, only the link from that original confirmation email send works.

Can you put on todo list? this is important.

Plugin is really awesome btw, if you added that it would kickass even more not letting any signups slip through the cracks.

If I subscribe an email address in the system from a popup, and then I delete the user, and if I try to join again with the same email address, the confirmation links do not work. Most likely because of the previous registration. Can you fix this conflict? So we could delete a user from WP, and resign them up from popup with confirmation email link working to add them instead of saying “Invalid confirmation URL.”.

Also getting “Email address already confirmed.” for a new join attempt, which is for an email address tha was previously confirmed but deleted.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll include it into todo list.

Hi there, I believe the Sendy plugin is not working anymore with the latest Sendy release.

1. Unfortunately, I don’t see that you purchased the plugin. For any support assistance please contact me through account that you used to purchase the plugin.

2. I didn’t get any support requests related to Sendy.

Hi there, I’ve made a mistake. I meant the standalone version.

How to make the popup page specific? The Targeting does not let you fully do this. For example, I want it to show on all posts, and all pages, but not the checkout page. There appears to be no way to do that with the targeting. Able to put this in an update?


Why not? Lets say I have 22 popups, Age Verification + Newsletter. I want the agever popup to popup first, and after thats completed, the newsletter popup load up or on the next page load. Why not add this capability to have popups load one after another?

The only way I got it to work, is to load the age verification OnLoad, and set the newsletter to load on Scroll… After I completed age vverification it closed, and after scrolling down the other popup came up.

Hello, we need to change the link of the access button to the popup to a specific url of the website, inside wp where can I change it?

I didn’t catch what you mean. Sounds like you are asking something that is not related to my plugin. It doesn’t come with any buttons to raise popups. If I’m wrong, please extend support period (it’s expired) and provide more details.


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