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Pakito85 Purchased

Hi! I had a question ….

How can I see the pages in which there is a popup ??

That is, if I show the popup in the whole site is visible in all the sites, but if I have 15 popups each on a different page, how can I locate them? I have to go page by page Or is there a list where all are visible?

Thank you.

Hi. You have to go to page editor and check what popup is activated for this page. But thanks for idea. I’ll consider how to implement this kind of info.


Pakito85 Purchased

Hi, Ok,

that’s what I mean, not having to go page by page, if not a list where popups appear with the page …

if we have 800 products, pages and 40 popups is impossible to remember or manage.

Thanks for your work really is a very good plugin and would be the only one with that option. a greeting


Is it possible to download previous versions of the plugin? The latest versions work improperly on my website.


1. Seems you use really old version of WordPress – 3.8.x. Please notice, my plugin works with WP 4.0 and higher.

2. Your theme is not WP ready. As I can see it loads it’s own version of jQuery (which is even elder than native version) which is prohibited. All themes and plugin must use jQuery which goes with WordPress, and must not use something else. In such situation you can’t use any plugin’s which works with jQuery (huge number of plugins) at all.

So, the problem is not related to my plugin. But, if you provide access to WP dashboard, I can check what I can do for you.

Thanks for the explanation!

You are right, I use old version of WP, because the theme creator stopped updating the theme long ago. I mean, the theme doesn’t work properly when I update WP to version 4.0 or higher.

To tell the truth, I’m not good at website building stuff, so your help would be much appreciated.

How can I send you the access to WP?

Through Support tab. ;-)

But anyway I recommend you to keep your WP up to date. Version 3.8 was released 3 years ago. Since that moment many security holes were fixed.

Hi. Can you tell me how I add my popup as a link onto a visual composer element. We have a visual composer “advanced button” element. Can you tell me how I make that popup open by clicking that button?

Looking at the button options it looks like the only way I may be able to this is by way of a link for the button. Is it possible to adda link from the form to the button? Thank you.

No problem. Just updated the support. The page is at 74e.1a6.myftpupload.com. The button is the “Contact Us” button (it is only setup for desktop widths at the moment). Thanks for the help.

Please make sure that popup with ID REh9UvfygBMK3xee in not blocked. It seems it is.

perfect. thanks so much for the help. excellent plugin btw.

dang, was really hoping you’d have infusionsoft intergration :(

Unfortunately, I dont have InfusionSoft account to test integration. But some of my customers use 3rd party form integration module for this system.

wanna test on my infusionsoft? i think this would be a great feature…

Many thanks. I’ll contact you when I’ll be ready to do that.


abow Purchased

A nice plugin! Thanks. Is there some way I can set it to display only on certain page types? For example posts not pages and not custom post types?

The site I am working on has a lot of pages/custom posts. I hope I don’t have to go through and manually change all of them. Is there some quick way to do this from the front without raw database query? Thank you

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature. But thank you for idea. I’ll think about it and add into todo list.


stanus74 Purchased

I have setup to show every time. i clear the cookies but it dont show more as one – URL: https://www.holgerfreier.de/3-fehler-facebook-anzeigen/


stanus74 Purchased

I have cleared cookies. i mean onload, onexit and onscroll – only works onetime a popup. if i scroll and it shows popup, but when i want exit the page it doesnt show the exit popup

Look at your close X. You make it to close popup forever. Change it. https://layeredpopups.com/documentation/#content

For any further support assistance please extend your support period. Yours already expired. ;-)


stanus74 Purchased

many thanks – ok i will extend


Pakito85 Purchased


The last day when performing the last update the configuration of all the popups were erased …

In upcoming updates will this happen again?

Thank you

Are you sure? What means erased? Already thousand people updated the plugin and nobody has such issue.


Pakito85 Purchased

The only thing I did was change from http to https and I deleted the settings (colors, letters, etc.)

Update can not affect on popups and settings. Popups and settings are located in DB, but update only replaces plugin files. So, I don’t think that update can break something!

You said that you replaced http by https. How did you do that? Did you run any SQL-query in your database? If so, it’s incorrect. You can’t do it, because some tables contains serialized objects. If you simply replace one substring by another, you will break object integrity.


cucma Purchased

Do your plugin supports the newest php 7.1? I have some problems with showing mobile popups using this php version

Yes. Its fully compatible and works properly. I’ve just checked on my demo website. So, find the reason somewhere else.

Hi guys, any way to contact you directly? (It’s not a support request :P) I am trying to get in touch for some time…

Kind regards, Kuba

Got it. Sounds good. ;-)

Great, could you replay to the comment so we can keep the conversation there?


hello can y choose target link. example , I want one popup on page http://www.mysite.fr/region/california/ . One other different popup on http://www.mysite.fr/region/newyork/ etc.. thanks

Hi. You can’t chose target link, but if this page is editable through standard “Pages” menu (in WP dashboard), you can set desired popup on page editor.