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I keep getting a message saying “Something went wrong. We got unexpected server response.” on saving. Can someone please tell me what the issue is. I can’t seem to continue building my popup until this is resolved.

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Hi. This is public thread. NEVER SHARE YOUR DETAILS HERE! If authors ask for access, please send it through private messages. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD ASAP!!!!!

Probably you or somebody else removed user “Halfdata” from your WP (hope it’s you). When I try to enter credentials that you provided, I get message “ERROR: Invalid username.”.

I have removed the details from the site. Can you tell me how we proceed in fixing the issue?

Please provide access to WP dashboard (not here) and explain how to see the problem.

Where do I provide it then?

Hello, I recently bought the Wordpress File Upload plugin in order to use it as Shortcode on your Popup plugin. It doesn’t seem to be working at all. Would you mind to check this issue for me? I have been trying to fix it the whole day with no luck. If I try to upload files outside the modal window, it work perfectly buy If I include the shortcode inside the modal, it doesn’t do anything. It looks like a compatibility issue for me.

The website’s url is https://www.myprofessionalguide.com and the modal windows pop out when you click on upload resume. There, you will see your plugin in action.

Thanks in advance

Sebastian Rodriguez sebastian@squaredraft.com

Hi. I assume that this plugin uses JavaScript. Please notice, that JS-code is not allowed inside of layer content.

I checked that already and the plugin only uses HTML5 (not JavaScript) in order to upload files to the site. Would you mind taking a look on it?

OK. Please show me. But I’m sure that JS is used too. Also, please try to untick checkbox “Do not pre-load popups” on General Settinsg page.

Hi! the pop up message does not pop. https://goo.gl/fNahdK Please let me know what shoud I do?

Hi. I don’t see any active targets on your site. Make sure that you create OnLoad target and activated it (drag and drop it from Passive to Active area.)

Hi. I’ve created a popup and clicked “Save Popup Details” but the popup isn’t there. Was my work all for nothing? :(

Hi. Please provide access to WP dashboard and explain how to replicate the problem.

I have send you a PM / Email.

Replied. ;-)


I am interested in buying this plugin. I have a pre-order question.

Is it possible to use any code in pop ups or bars ?. For example, instead of using it to get subscribers. Is it possible to put AdSense advertising code to show ads?

Thank you.

Hi. You can put any HTML inside of layers, bit not JavaScript. JavaScript is no allowed.

Hi guys. Is the 40% off price coming back? Just asking because I cannot afford your awesome plugin at another price (my fault, not yours).

Hi. This was Monstrous March sale. Unfortunately, it’s finished.

Thank you for the prompt reply. Darn! Quite unfortunate!


WpFASTER Purchased


How to add a field to subscription or contact pop ups asking for the user’s website URL?

Hello, I have 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to close a popup on scroll down (after some pixels i.e. 400px)?

2. I have 2 popups that I want to open on page load. I use targeting but only one of them will open (always the first one in the Active Targets section) even if I swap them (the first become second).

Thank you


1. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

2. Only one OnLoad popup can be opened for each page.


collex Purchased

Question. Is it possible to extract google analytics ID user and assign it to a value {}, similar to {ip} or {popup}? Provided that the GA code is present on the page. Thanks!

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.


MarjanR Purchased

Hi, when i try to put the pop into a buttom (onclick) I get ” title=””> before the text.

For example: ” title=””>Order now

What can i do to remove this ” title=””>?

Thank you

I don’t understand what exactly you mean (my plugin doesn’t add any title), but it seems you insert incorrect code into your button. You must insert only #ulp-POPUP_ID, but not <a href="#ulp-POPUP_ID">Open popup</a>.


MarjanR Purchased

Where to insert #ulp-POPUP_ID (in URL form?)

ulp-POPUP_ID is an URL. So,insert it where you insert URL for your button.


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I purchased your great plugin. But now I have problems showing up the popups on macbook and tablets. Very strange. I cleared all cache, disabled caching plugins but still they don’t show up on some devices.

Also, your last update results in strange behaviour when saving settings. The button disappeared. So I installed the previous version.

Do you know what might cause this problems?



ALCOR Purchased

Hi, I think it’s a caching-problem. What file triggers the popup + tabs? Then I can disable caching for these file(s).

Plugin is fully compatible with any caching plugins. Just make sure that you cleared the cache. Please extend support period (your support expired unfortunately), provide access to WP dashboard and explain how to replicate the problem.

Feature request:

Since you already have a module for SendPulse, can you extent the integration so that it passes the subscribers’ variables of Name & Email to their web push notification service?


It allows us to link the subscriber data with people that have agreed to receive web push notifications.

Thanks for idea. I’ll learn more about it when I have time.

I wrote already above about this function. Add please such function, as hidden fields in which it is possible to enter such values: ga(function(tracker) { var clientId = tracker.get(‘clientId’); }); Thanks!

Thanks for idea. I’ll think about it.