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Hi, are you guys compatible with Infusionsoft? Any plans to be?

Unfortunately, no. At that moment I don’t have such plans. It’s necessary to have IS account to test integration, but I don’t have one (and couldn’t find the way to get it).


mldavis08 Purchased

Fyi, I used the custom HTML form, embedded an Infusionsoft web form and it pulled in all the correct fields and it works with Infusionsoft!


trexya Purchased

MailUp, professional newsletter cloud service. Thank you

Thanks. I’ll learn more about MailUp when I have time.

For some reason my Popups are corrupt when trying to use them or preview them. Not all the elements show.

Could you please have a look to see what the problem might be.


I will PM you log in details.

Thanks, Chad

Hi. Please remember, WordPress core goes with certain jQuery version. You can’t replace it by different one, because front side of certain WP version is based on certain jQuery version. It’s just bad practice and ruins compatibility. So, disable jQuery Updater plugin and everything will work. ;-)

Moreover my plugin is compatible with jQuery version which jQuery Updater uses (3.1.1, I’ve just checked). The problem is that your theme is not compatible with jQuery 3.1.1. There is error inside of jQuery.ready cycle (in file http://www.albanyflorist.co.nz/wp-content/themes/essential/js/custom.js).

Hi – We use Pardot for our Email Marketing System, does this or can it integrate with that system?

Hi. There is no integration with this system. But thank for letting me know about it. I’ll learn more when I have time.

Hello, the latest version makes my site very slow..

Hi. I don’t think that you configured plugin properly, because my plugin is page speed optimized. 1. Disable modules that you don’t use (on Advanced Settings page). 2. Tick checkbox “Do not pre-load popups” on General Settings page. 3. Enjoy the plugin. ;-)

Not sure if this is a WP update issue, but when trying to set up a new popup, when i preview from the popup page, it shows ok. When i try to preview my post (which has the popup set up to display on scroll), the popup that is set to appear in the middle or on the bottom right of the screen, always shows on top. Since the popup is also set to on-click, that is displaying in the correct position.

It never happened before (although the last popup i created was a month ago). It now happens on other blog posts, if i use the “preview” from the blog post. It also happens on another computer. It SEEMS that the live version is showing correctly so it is not really a problem for me.

Is there something that might have happened with the latest WP update that might affect others? Just thought of letting you know.

This is a bug of Sumome panel that you have on your website. It tries to manipulate by DOM-elements and do it incorrectly. To override its influence just add the following line into any layer content:
.ulp-window-middle-right {top: 50% !important;}

Oh thanks. Must have been some update then because it was not doing that before. That would have to be added on all popups then?

Yes. Or into some common stylesheet file.