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Jmantis Purchased

Hey is it possible to make button flash/glow? I’m browsing through popup library but don’t see any examples of this.

Hi. No, there is no such feature, unfortunately.


Jmantis Purchased

I see. Not a big problem anyway.

One more question: I’m looking for a function to that would open contact form after visitor click a button in the popup. Like this one: https://i.gyazo.com/b01535e1f9a08dca3d15bb0757604c47.png . I need Contact form to appear in the same popup window after visitor clicks “Yes.” Is there a way to do it? Or maybe there is already a template for this that I could use to see how it’s done?

Just create to separate popups: one with “yes” button and second one with subscription form. For “yes” button add onclick handler which opens second popup. https://layeredpopups.com/documentation/#using-popups (method #1)


tommyr Purchased

Hello, i’ve a problem with autoclose delay. I’ve do a simple popup only image. In targeting setting page i put 5 second autoclose, but it doesn’t works. Why?

Hi. URL please.

Thanks. This bug is fixed in version 6.24 (will be available in several days). For now you can untick checkbox “Do not pre-load popups” on General Settings page. ;-)


How this plugin will work with video? also, I have the video in shortcode?


I meant if I have video and want it to be popup video is it supported video popup or shortcodes? I have the plugin which is video player customize and have a shortcode. Can I put this shortcode to be popup video?

Hope it makes sense.


Hi. You can put shortcodes into popup, BUT make sure that it doesnt generate javascript. Javascript is not allowed inside of layers.

You can insert youtube and vimeo videos. Demo page has several popups with youtube video.

Thanks for this info… I will check that.


Before purchasing this plugin, I would like to know if it supports WPML. ? I have a website in both languages, French and English, and I would like to put a newsletter signup form that shows up when someone visits the website. This popup must be in English when the visitors chooses the English language of the website, and in French when he visits in French.

Can you please let me know? Thank you :)

Hi. Yes, it support WPML.

Hi – I have this plugin integrated with mailchimp and it sometimes loads the data into mail chimp and sometimes it doesn’t which is obviously not ideal. I don’t have “double opt-in” enabled anywhere and everything else seems in order. The “Log” shows all signups but doesn’t match what’s being loaded into mail chimp. Sometimes the admin email that is being sent on signup also doesn’t come through. Help please!

Hi. The only explanation I can suggest is that your server works unstable. I have thousands clients and nobody has this issue. I recommend you to contact your hosting provider and check their log.

Also, for any support assistance, please don’t forget to extend support period. Your current support period expired half a year ago.

Hey guys, i need to purchase this plugin. If you guys provide any free trial then please let me know. I am already using a purchased popup on my site but it is not doing what i need properly. I found your popup which looks really nice. i need to test it before i purchase. Thank you. Please contact me on my email id khalsawebsitedesigners at gmail dot com

Hi. Thanks for interest in the plugin. Unfortunately we don’t have trial version.


sahartal Purchased

Hi, awesome plugin !

i have a question – i would like to add phone column to the table in Logs page… possible?

Hi. Unfortunately, no. But you can see all fields by clicking “details” icon for appropriate log record.

Hello, Is it possible to add a file loading field in the popup? If possible, can you tell me what to do next? Regards, Nicolas

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.