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How to disable spinner for certain popups? GUI does not allow selecting “none” for AJAX spinner…


maevapn Purchased

I hope you will consider providing an option not to use a spinner on per-popup level.

If you mean OnLoad popups, you can tick both “Do not pre-load popups” and “Pre-load event popups”.


maevapn Purchased

By the way, these settings have most confusing names as on click and on load are both javascript events, really. Ok, so what exactly would this confusing setting achieve and is it available on third party sites (I think not, and in which case, as well as for general clarity, I still see simply providing an option to select NO SPINNER as far better.

Hi, It won’t let me update the plugin? I click update plugin and it spins for a bit and then says: Update Failed: Download failed. Also when i click ‘View Details’ it comes up saying ‘An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with WordPress.org or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.’ please help.

Hi. Seems your server can’t connect to mine (or something like that). So, the only way for you is to update it manually. There are 2 ways:

1. Delete plugin and install it again. You won’t lose your settings and popups, because they are stored in database.

2. Overwrite existing files by new ones using FTP.


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Hey Guys

Something rather strange happened yesterday while working on the Layered Popup. I have previously used this plugin successfully many time using the #OBJECT_ID.

I am using the latest update of the plugin and I noticed that I can no longer raise the popup using the #OBJECT_ID (in my case #shH6u8o6W23eSUuh)

I tried using: #ulp-OBJECT_ID (in my case #ulp-shH6u8o6W23eSUuh) on a button or piece of text and it has not worked. However upon clicking i notice that the Object_ID gets added to my URL, (e.g: mydomain.com/#ulp-OBJECT_ID) and only raises up the desired popup when refreshing the page and not on clicking the button to which I have linked the popup. I tested this repeatedly with the same result.

Previously the popup would just raise without adding the #OBJECT_ID to the URL. I have deactivated and even rolled the plugin back to its earlier version and has not worked yet I’m afraid.

Could there be something I am missing? What is the best way to troubleshoot this issue?

Regards Lebo

Hi. Please provide URL where I can see the problem. Also, make sure that your website doesn’t have any JS errors.


myattooh Purchased


Thanks for the feedback. Please visit http://www.club35.co.a. As you scroll down. The buttons linking to poup: “Launch Your Future Now” “Learn More” – This is the navy blue button under the “How does it work?” section “Subscribe Now” button at the podcast section as well as the “Get a Free Will” button.

You will notice that I resorted to linking the buttons to the “Preview URL”i have taken from the address bar every time I previewed every pop up form.

Even with that it takes long to load and doesn’t happen as fast and natural as i know it should.

Thanks in advance



1. What is exact url of your website. 2. Using preview url is not correct. It reloads webpage. U must use url like #ulp-POPUPID. If it doesnt work, pleasw show me this.

a client has this installed on their site, and I’ve set it up, but it’s not working on any browser except Chrome. What could be the issue if it’s only working in Chrome browser?

It works with any browser (try my demo). Please contact me through account that you or your client used to purchase the plugin.


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You should give an option to be able to track CTR on button links for A/B testing purposes, not only for “subscribe” buttons. Also an option to make popups appears after the visitors navigates an X quantity of pages, that would be very useful.

Thanks for ideas. I’ll think about them.

Hi, I just bought the plugin and I wonder if there are any possibility to not send a Confirmation E-mail, I am having problems with the sender email, cant get it to work.

Hi halfdata. I have tried to get the confirmation email to work but I have been having problems to get my domain host to deal with it. What I meen is that after you subscribe normaly an email is sent to confirm the subscription, that email I would like to bypass, thats to say that they only subscribe on the popup and thats it, where can I disable it in the editor?

If you don’t want double opt-in, just disable it on Mailing tab on popup editor.

Thx halfdata, its done. I do have another question, I have choosed the option: Activate Subscribe2 Integration module, but how should it work, I cant see the new subscribers added to the subscribers list in Subscribe2?

Bug report. Looks like social media buttons module twitter and linked-in share mess up the shared url by attaching ajax callback to the URL when used on non-wp pages.

Thanks for info. I’ll check.

While you’re at it, you could update the javascript SDKs. Current version for Facebook for example is 2.8. Version 2.0 is no longer supported. Adding a share on WhatsApp button would be great, too. WhatsApp is much more popular now than Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. Also, for many years Facebook has had multiple layouts for its like button. They would be a great addition to the plugin’s shortcode, like so: {social-facebook-like-button_count} {social-facebook-like-button} {social-facebook-like_box_count} {social-facebook-recommend-button_count} {social-facebook-recommend-button} {social-facebook-recommend_box_count}. With appropriate javascript, sharing could be tracked with Google Analytics, too. Ah, please allow customizing the SDK language as well. Right now en_US is hard-coded.

Thanks for ideas.