Discussion on Popup Plugin for WordPress - Green Popups (formerly Layered Popups)

Discussion on Popup Plugin for WordPress - Green Popups (formerly Layered Popups)

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can I use it with contact 7 form?

Just curious why can’t you use native forms built into popups?

Can i use for Related posts? Thanks

How. You want to publish. When and where it must be displayed. Chapter describes everything.

Forget it – I’m not going to ask for my money back because for sure, I’m going to have more headaches.

If you are not going to use plugin, you can request refund (if it was purchased not long time ago)

Como publica esses pop.up?


wphappy Purchased

Is it possible to make a pop-up with exit intent and put a shortcode of this pop-up on a page so it only works on that page?

I will use custom lay-out to put them on the right pages and load them in the footer.

If it is possible from the plugin to target Homepage, specific posttype and posts all at once that is also fine.

Kind regards

You can use targeting feature to select parts of the site where to display popups.


homme143 Purchased

Hi, five pre-sale questions: 1. It works on multisite? 2. One purchase/license is needed for the multisite network? 3. Is there any known conflict with others themes or plugins? 4. After I install, and I have tried but failed – your support will include helping me correct this plugin to work in my multisite? 5. If this does not work after multiple effort – you have no issue to accpe refund request? Thank you.

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Don’t know.
4. Please read what included into support.


homme143 Purchased

Excellent, thank you.

Hi, Awesome plugin! Do you have a countdown timer in the pop-up? (ex: for a limited time offer)

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

turner2f Purchased

Hello Halfdata,

I think in the older version of the plugin ( Layered Popups ) there was an option where we could block a SPECIFIC pop-up from showing up on SPECIFIC pages.


I am aware of the function where you can go to . . .

Target – - > Site area – - > Active Targets – - > Target Properties – - > Pages.


BUT . . .

Our website has 130+ pages, which means we have to meticulously scroll and find all the pages that we DO NOT want to have a specific pop-up displayed.

And if we need to go back to RE-activate a page, then we have to scroll through the long list again.


I think there was a function in the older version of the plugin ( Layered Popups ) where on the bottom of EACH page we could choose what specific pop-up to “block” or “activate”.

Which is much easier for making quick changes to allow or to not allow the display of specific pop-ups


Is that same function, that was in the older version, also in ” Green Pop-Ups ” ?

Is this function located at the bottom of EACH page ?

This feature was in old version, but I removed it as inconvenient. If you have 130 pages it is too difficult to go to each page editor and change parameter. Much easier to choose desired pages in one place.

turner2f Purchased

Hello Halfdata,

It was actually easier the other way ( ie – the OLD way ) .



1) - The plugin had a “Universal Pop-Up” setting for ALL pages.

2) - But then you could OVERRIDE ( or bypass ) that “Universal” setting on the INDIVIDUAL pages if necessary.


Please let us know if you will be adding that feature back into the plugin.



It is better to have it and not need it, rather than to need it but not have it.

If someone does not need that function, then they can merely choose not to use it.

We really NEED that function again, please .


Look forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, I dont plan to add this function. My view – it is not necessary, and not do easy to use as targets.

Were can i find the function “CSV Export for log”?

If you use Green Popups, go to Popups page. You can export records for selected popup.


ldehmer Purchased


Does this cost cover several sites as we own a few or does each site needs a sperate license?


Hi. Unfortunately Envato doesnt have multisite license. Each item here: one license – one site.


ldehmer Purchased

Thanks! Will pick up one to use on our test site and all goes well will snag a few more then.

Thanks. :-)


exp1red Purchased

I have created popup & added in targeting active targets but still the popup doesnt show up.

Please extend support period (your support expired unfortunately) and provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check what’s wrong there.

Hello Halfdata.

OPTION 1 - Does this plugin allow us to insert shortcodes from other contact form plugins into it without any problems ?

FOR EXAMPLE : Super Forms found at . . .

If yes, how ?


OPTION 2 - IF not, is there a way to create a contact from through the plugin that does NOT require a connection to a newsletter system ?

Is there a way to get the plugin to merely send to a ” TO ” email address from a ” FROM ” email address ?

FOR EXAMPLE :Something like the ” phpmail ” function ?


We are just looking to have visitors to fill-out the form within a pop-up, and for the pop-up to send out an email with the information that was filled-in within the form.


If options 1 or 2 will not work, then do you have any advice ?

Yes. Why not. Just use Notifications. You can find this chapter in documentation.

hello 1. pre sales question , can i use OnExit for three different post? say i create 3 popup, and would like to use each popup for 3 different post with OnExit can i do that? 2. is it compatible with wpml? thanks

Yes and yes.

Detail not update sendinblue. But its working mailchimp. what is the problem?

Please extend support petiod (your support expired, unfortunately) and provide access to wp dashboard. I’ll check what’s wrong there.