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artharp Purchased

Just wondering if I used the Mailster signup form on a widget for the footer (it has a transparent background), can I still use your Popup plugin form signup without conflict and subscribers to my list from both forms would be entered to my default Mailster list?



EN2011 Purchased

This is a great plugin. However, due to recent changes by Google, we need a welcome ad plugin that adheres to the new Google Ad Experience guidelines for interstitial ads.

The requirements state that no content can be visible to a user before your interstitial appears, that means even if your content flashes for a split second before your ad shows your site will not pass.

Currently, any DFP ad tags that are used with this plugin are flagged by Google as a violation and will not serve the creative. Do you plan to release an update to fix this?

What you need is not popup plugin. If you still want popup, just set several seconds (for example, 5) delay for popup. The popup will appears after 5 seconds. Or don’t use OnLoad popups and use OnScroll popups.


EN2011 Purchased

No. I don’t think you understand the issue. I need a popup plugin that adheres to Google’s new Ad Experience Guidelines. Yours does not. That is the point.

Your suggestions will not fix the Google violation when serving DFP tags in your plugin.

Please notice, this plugin is to show popups. What you need is NOT a popup. You need welcome screen which appears before loading main content of the page (main content must be loaded behind welcome screen). Right? You can not achieve this by plugin (not mine, not any other plugin), but only by modifying your theme, because WP doesn’t have hook to insert anything at the beginning of <body/> section, but only at the end of this section. It means that firstly the main content of the page is loaded and rendered by browser and all additional content inserted by plugin is loaded and rendered a “milliseconds” later.

From my opinion it’s not correct to say that plugin is not compliant with guidlines, because it has a lot scenarios of using which are compliant with guidlines. ;-)


simonmc Purchased

I designed a popup for exit intent with a linked button that goes to an anchor link on page like #booking …. the popup launches correctly on exit but when the button is pressed the popup remains in view and does not close and go to the link. Am I doing something wrong?

Add the following onclick handler to your button:

simonmc Purchased

Where do I add it? I can’t see any place in the property of the button to add code like that.


simonmc Purchased

Ignore that. I see you just add it to the link code for the button.


Pakito85 Purchased

Hi, what are the ideal measurements for a mobile version popup?

Thank you

Try something like 480×480.

is your system having validation handler?

like name have only text not numeric?

It has email validation only.

can i use it in an Arabic language

As I know, some of my customers use it with RTL languages. ;-)

Hi, Does the opt-in can be made in multiple steps using Mautic ? Example : first step, Name + email next step (window) other fields

Thank you for your help JM

Hi. Nope.

viewing demo on my phone and its not responsive. Everything is just, smaller.. text is tiny. Please check this cause i want to buy your plugin but now im not sure…

You can create separate popups for desktops and for mobiles and make them looking perfect on different devices. ;-)


CameronRP Purchased

Привет! У меня проблема.

Письма не приходят на почту из форм. Домент кирилический домдетсад.рф.

Электронную почту отправителя указываю client@домдетсад.рф. Форма не разрешает такую почту. А если указываю почту например заявки на почту не приходят.

Что делать теперь?

Please read this chapter: For Cyrillic domains use standard punycode. For domain домдетсад.рф it will be


CameronRP Purchased


Hi. Sorry for not asking it during support time, but, i am trying to integrate my mautic instalation and it is saying “Invalid username or password.”, but the both are correct. I already set basic auth to yes. Any idea about what is happening? I using Mautic v2.15.0. Again, sorry for not asking it during the support time, but i finish my site just now.

Hi. Please extend support period, provide access to WP dashboard and explain how to see the problem.

Support was renewed.


oddu22 Purchased

Can I add javascript trigger from a push notification system in JavaScript Handlers? ex: I want to add the javascript trigger push notification on AfterSubmitSuccess

I didn’t catch exactly what you mean. You can add your own JS-code. Please read:

In your demo popups there is a “Yes/No” pop up.

I want to know if there is analytics on what is selected, like a count, 36 clicked YES, 59 clicked NO

I cant see this in any screen shots, thank you

Unfortunately, there is no such feature. But thanks for idea. I’ll think about it.

Please add the function to also track clicks on Links. Similar like tracking submissions. In connection with A/B testing. It’s not a big deal I think! I really need it. And I see other buyers also asked for this feature. Please??